Gifts for a 35th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on August 17th, 2021
By Eve
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A 35th wedding anniversary is one worth celebrating and if you are celebrating yours or know someone that is, then you might be after a gift to buy. It is not always easy to find something for the 35th anniversary though and so we have decided to help out. We have put together a list of things that we think will be appropriate for this anniversary which vary a lot and have different prices in the hope that there will be something for everyone to buy and enjoy. We hope that you will have fun looking at them all and will find it easier to choose something to buy as a result.

35th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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If the couple that you are buying for has a garden then they might like this coral wedding sundial. It has an anniversary message on it as well as bell design and the times marked on it. It is silver and red in colour. It is made from cast aluminium and is lacquered so it will last a long time. It is 6 ¼ inches in diameter and ¼ inch thick and you can buy a personalised version and one with a plinth if you wish.

Roses can make lovely gifts as they have a romantic association. This one is appropriately called ‘coral wedding’ and has delicate peach blooms which stand out from the glossy green leaves. It will flower all summer as well. It includes a personalised gift card which you can complete before you hand it over or get the seller to complete if they are sending out directly to the recipient for you.

Mugs and coasters can be very useful and this gift includes a mug and coaster for each of the couple. The one says ’35 years of being Mr Right’ and the other says ’35 years of being Mrs Always Right’. The printing is black and stands out on the white background but the 35 is in a peach colour. The mugs are printed on both sides, are 9.5cm x 8cm in size and come in gift boxes.

A necklace can make a special gift from a husband to his wife. This one has a silver pod with two fossilised coral peas inside. It is on a 925 sterling silver chain which is 18 inches long. The two peas in the pod represent the couple and the fact that they are coral makes them ideal as a gift for a coral wedding anniversary gift. Comes in a gift box.

A special card can mean a lot and this one says ‘coral anniversary 35 with love on a special day’. It has peach coloured text and a picture of two champagne flutes with a cork beside them. The card has a faint floral design in the background and the picture is hand finished with glitter and diamantes. The card is 16 x 16cm in size and comes with an envelope.

Anniversary cards can often be rare, especially for milestone celebrations and a couple may even end up getting lots the same. Therefore getting one that is a bit different can make yours stand out. This one says ‘wishing you a happy coral anniversary 35 years together’. It has a heart and champagne glass design with coral coloured features on it with some sequin details. It is 6 inches square and comes with a light brown envelope.

A husband may like to buy his wife something coral coloured to celebrate their special anniversary. These stud earrings are round and have a 9ct gold base with a coral button in the centre of them. They are 7mm in diameter and could be a welcome gift for the occasion. They come in a luxury gift box so they will not even need to be wrapped up before giving away.

Mugs made useful gifts and this one is a funny one for a spouse to give their partner. It says on it ‘Holy sh*t 35 years and we’re still married’ on it, although it can be customised. The writing is black and there are a couple of red hearts on the white background. It is made of sturdy ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe so a practical gift too.

A wife might like to buy her husband some cufflinks for the anniversary. These are unusual as they are made of green coral and they have a square design with lots of tiny green squares in different shades of green. They are made from brass which has been plated with rhodium to make them more durable and they are a shiny silver colour. They come in a box so they are ready to gift or easy to wrap up.

Cufflinks can make a lovely keepsake gift for a wife to buy for her husband. These have a vintage style which he might like and a coral on them as well which is appropriate for the 35th wedding anniversary. They are made from sterling silver and with an ornate frame design around a shiny coral which is 7mm and is thought to have healing properties. They come in a gift box, so all ready to hand over.

A husband might like to buy his wife this necklace, bracelet and earrings set. It is made from pink coral and cultured pearls. The pearls are 7-8mm in size and the coral beads are 10mm. The necklace is 48cm, bracelet 18.5cm and the stud earrings are 8mm. They come in a beautiful jewellery gift box so there is not even any need to wrap them up before handing them over.

Buying a gift for a couple that have been married for a long time is not easy. However, this small sentiment could really mean a lot. It is a heart-shaped wooden plaque which says ‘Nanna and Grandad 35 happy years together xx’ on it with a heart underneath. It has two holes with some twine through so that it can be hung up. It is 12cm in size and handcrafted in the UK.

T-shirts can make useful gifts and this short-sleeved one says ‘level 35 complete’ on it and has a gaming handset pictured on it. It would make a great gift for someone that loves gaming. It comes in sizes for men and women from small – 3XL as well as in a selection of different colours. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which makes it really comfortable to wear.

A hanging snowflake may not seem like the obvious gift choice but this could make a great gift idea. It says ‘35th anniversary’ in the centre of it. It is made from white ceramic and has a really glossy surface with the text printed on both sides in gold. It is about 3 inches in size with a hanging loop so that it can be placed on a Christmas tree or hung up elsewhere.

Many people will celebrate their anniversary with a glass of wine and therefore giving them a glass could be a great idea. This one is laser engraved with ’35 years happy anniversary’ on it and has a floral design around the words. It is a long-stemmed glass and therefore has an elegant look to it. There is only one, so if you are buying as a gift for the couple, you will need to order two.

A t-shirt can be useful and it can also be a humorous gift like this one which says ‘I survived 35 years of marriage holy sh*t I am killing it!’ on the front with hearts, stars and rings on it too. It is available in fits for men and women and various sizes and colours as well. It is made from a polyester and cotton mix which means that it will keep its shape well and will wash easily too.

A wife might like to buy her husband this t-shirt which says on it ’35 years in and I haven’t killed her yet’ in bold white writing. It is short-sleeved and comes in sizes small – 3XL and in black, navy, asphalt or brown. It is made from cotton and so will be soft and comfortable to wear and washes easily in the washing machine and can even be tumble dried.

A man may like to buy his wife a pair of earrings for her anniversary. This pair of coral ones are really appropriate for a 35th-anniversary gift. They have a gold setting and a drop style with a post and butterfly fixing so they stay securely in place. They have a crimped gold effect frame to the coral stone in the centre. They have an 18mm drop in total. They come in a luxury gift box.

A funny card could make a great gift for a couple that have a good sense of humour. This one says ’35 years together calm seas all the way! Happy Coral Anniversary!’ and it has a picture of two corals, one handing the other a red heart. It is 145mm x 145mm in size and is blank inside so you can write your own message and comes with an envelope.

A scrapbook can make a great gift as it can be used to display pictures, cards and other mementoes. This one comes in a choice of colours and has a space in the cover to put a photograph. It is 12.4 x 8.27 inches in size with 80 pages and can store 160 photos that are 4 x6 inches in size. There is room to write around them as well. It has a hard cover which is durable, a handy spiral binding and a black ribbon to tie it shut.

Glasses can make useful gifts and this one is special because it is engraved with ’35 years together forever to go’ on it with some hearts and weddings on it. It is 15oz and so great for all sorts of drinks such as wine, whiskey or even soft drinks. The stemless design means that it is really stable and easy to grip as well. The white design stands out well with a dark drink in the glass.

Mugs can make great gifts because they are so useful. This pair has been specifically designed for a coral anniversary gift as they say ‘coral anniversary’ on them and they have an orange colour design with hearts. The design is on both sides of the mug and they are both the same. They are 9.5cm x 8cm in size and come in boxes so they are easy to wrap up before handing over as a 35th-anniversary gift.

A husband might like to buy this t-shirt for his wife which says ‘just married 35 years ago’ on it. It comes in a choice of six colours and is available in sizes small – XXL and has a classic fit. It has a v neck and is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which means that it is soft to touch but will not stretch out of shape even in the washing machine.

Romantic hearts can make lovely anniversary gifts. This one is wooden and says on it ‘Happy Anniversary 12,775 days together but who’s counting??’. It is made from 3mm plywood which is sustainable and high quality and has black and red print with a picture of a cartoon couple, a winking face and some hearts on it. Comes in a transparent sleeve ready to give away or it could be used as a gift tag.

A wife might like to buy this special boxed set for her husband if he likes whiskey. It is a hinged wooden box and inside is a pair of crystal glass whiskey tumblers, 4 stainless steel whiskey stones, two slate coasters and a pair of stainless steel tweezers. The lid of the box is engraved with ‘To my husband – I loved you then, I love you still, always have, always will’ with some rings underneath.

If you are buying for your parents then you will want a special card to go with the gift you choose. This one says ‘coral anniversary with love Mum and Dad 35’ on it and it has a heart hanging from a ribbon. The writing is black and orange and the heart is orange with glitter on it and there is some silver glitter in places too. It is 16 x 16cm in size and comes with an envelope. The inside is left blank for your own message.

A sixpence is considered to be lucky and so it makes a great gift. This one comes in a special presentation case which measures 50 x 50mm in size, with an insert that says ‘35th coral wedding anniversary lucky sixpence’. They are supposed to bring wealth and good fortune to the owner and so make a great gift. The coins are on a black cushion and can be easily removed.

A picture frame can make a great gift as the couple can choose a photo to put in it. This one has a mirrored glass frame which has been painted with the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ in gold with a flower and heart design that has ‘35’ on it. It holds a 6 x 4 photo and comes gift boxed so it is all ready to give away as a gift and you can choose whether to put a photo in it or not.

A personalised card can be really special and can be a way to make your card stand out. This one says ‘Congratulations [names] on your coral wedding anniversary [date]’. It has a heart design with a coral coloured ribbon and heart shaped pendant on it. It is printed on 300gsm textured paper and is 150mm x 150mm and is blank inside so you can put in your own message. Includes an envelope.

Coral beads could be really appropriate for a 35th wedding anniversary gift. This necklace is made from 4-7mm pink coral beads with a brass lobster claw clip, It is 18 inches long and so should be a good length for most women. It comes in a jewellery gift box and so it will look lovely when given as a gift and there will not even be a need to wrap it up.

Personalised gifts can be really thoughtful. This cushion cover can be printed with names, the occasion and dates with a personal message on it. It is 16 inches square and made from a strong and heavy fabric. The print is black and is put on using the dye sublimation method which means that it will never crack or fade and will remain vibrant and sharp. Comes without an insert so you can buy one to go in it if you wish.

Candles can be romantic and this white pillar candle has a personalised message on it. It says ‘coral anniversary’ at the top with a picture of coral below and then has the names of the couple the date they were married and a personal message underneath. It is all printed in a coral colour too. It is 5.5 x 11.5cm tall so it is sturdy and it will burn for up to 40 hours, so will last a long time.

Most couples would appreciate this gift set which includes two glasses and a photo frame. They all have ‘happy anniversary 35 years’ on them in paint and have been hand-painted. Personalised text can be added if you wish. The glasses are long-stemmed and 8 inches high and can hold up to 36cl. The photo frame holds a 6 x 4-inch photo. They come gift boxed so are ready to give away.

Unusual cards can be very thoughtful and this is a cross-stitch one. You can add the date, occasion and names and they will be sewn onto the card with coral coloured flowers and hearts using all of the items included in this kit. There is even a metallic thread used to make it shine. The card is 15 x 10.5cm in size and is blank inside for your own message and has an envelope.

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