32 Presents for a 40th Birthday Female

By Louise
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When someone reaches their 40th birthday then they often want to make it an occasion to remember. If this is the case with someone that you know, then you might want to make sure that the gift that you buy for them will be really good. This is not always easy to achieve though as it can be difficult to know what sorts of things to choose. We have therefore put together a list of items that we feel will make great 40th birthday gifts to help you to be able to more easily select the best present that you can.

40th Birthday Gifts for Her

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A bracelet can be a lovely idea for a keepsake present that can be enjoyed and this one is quite unique. It has sterling silver beads in round or long shapes to represent dots and dashes and it spells out forty on it. It is attached to a card which explains what the meaning is and comes in a branded gift box. The bracelet is made from waxed cord and can be adjusted to fit wrists size 16-28cm in size.

It can be great fun to play a game on your birthday and this one is themed as well. The game has cards with multiple choice questions on them to answer and they are all on the theme of 40. They vary and there are 150 trivia questions in total so plenty to have a go at. It can be played with friends or family, whether in person or on a video call.

It can be lovely to give a person a bottle of their favourite wine as a present, but you may want it to look extra special when it is their 40th birthday. With this wooden wine case, you will be able to give them the bottle in a keepsake box. It is engraved with a 40th birthday message and comes with satin in the base to protect the bottle that you choose to place inside.

If you are celebrating a birthday with a drink or two, then you will need a glass. This one is special as it says ‘Happy 40th’ on it in a gold colour. It also has a gold base. The glass has a long stem and is 23cm tall and 9cm deep and wide. It is printed on both sides. It comes in a matching presentation box so it will look really special when it arrives.

Candles can create a lovely relaxing atmosphere in the home and can also be useful at times as well. This one is special as it comes in a tin which says ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ on it and it also has a pattern in pink and gold foil. It is 8cm in diameter and 6.5cm tall. It has a sea breeze scent to it and burns for 35 hours so it will last a long time and the tin could always be kept afterwards.

If the person you are buying for likes ornaments then they may like this purple bottle. It says on it ’40 sparkle and be fabulous’ and has LED lights inside which have star shapes so looks pretty when they are switched on and create a starry effect. The bottle is 29.5cm high and 6.7cm deep so it will really stand out. It comes with a gift tag around the neck so you can fill it out with a personal message.

Keychains can be useful and decorative and this one will also make a great keepsake. It has three different pendants on it, one is a red wine glass, one is a cake with ‘Happy Birthday’ on it and the other is a round pendant which has ’40 and fabulous’ written on it. They are all silver coloured and shiny as they are made from stainless steel which also means that they are strong and will not tarnish or rust.

Many people enjoy a glass of gin and they could be drinking it from this very special glass if you choose to buy it. It has a long stem and on the top, it says ’40 let the party beGIN’. It is also decorated with some details as well. It even comes packed in a gin themed gift box so it is easy to wrap up before giving away as a 40th birthday gift, perhaps with a bottle of gin to go with it.

A useful bag can be a great gift and although this one is designed for makeup it could also be used for toiletries, nail polish, collectables or art and craft materials. It is made from 100% cotton canvas which is soft and durable and printed on it is a crown and it says ’40 and fabulous’ on it. It is 9 x 7 x 2.6 inches in size and has a heavy-duty zipper.

Jewellery can often make a welcome gift and this unusual necklace would be a lovely idea. It has four interlocking rings on the delicate chain which represent each decade. The card in the gift explains the meaning of them and also says ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ on it. The card is really pretty with pink flowers on. The necklace is made of sterling silver and has a spring-ring clasp and it measures 20 – 22 inches long.

Often people would like to have a drink to celebrate their birthday and if you buy them a bottle, then it could be fun to get them a glass as well. This stemless wine glass has ‘cheers to 40 years’ on it so would be a great idea. The words are in gold foil and black and there are decorative dots on it as well. It holds 17oz and comes in a decorated box so ready to give away.

A lot of people enjoy looking at photos to remember a special occasion and this photo frame could therefore be a great gift. It has a silver glitter mirror effect to it and it has ‘Happy 40th’on it at the bottom. The frame measures 18 x 22cm in size and it holds a 4 x 6 inch photograph in a landscape orientation. It could be given with a special photo in it or left empty for the recipient to fill.

A bangle can be a really special gift and this one has a series of charms on it to make it even more so. It has a pearl, a birthday cake, and two round engraved pendants saying ‘live laugh love’ and ’40 and fabulous’ on them. The bracelet can be adjusted to fit any wrist and it is made from stainless steel so it is durable and will not rust. Comes in a gift bag.

Sweets can make a really tasty gift for someone with a sweet tooth. These have been made extra special though as the jar that they come in has a label which says ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ on it. You can choose a large or medium jar and there are lots of different types of sweet that you can choose for it to be filled with. These include jellies, toffees, sours, boiled sweets and chocolate.

Shopping bags can be extremely useful, both for the supermarket and for storing things at home such as crafting items. This one is a sturdy cotton bag which has fuchsia handles and side with natural panels with ‘Not everyone looks this good at 40’ printed on them. It has a 21 litre capacity so it a good size and it has a 60cm handle which means that it can be carried on the shoulder if required.

An insulated tumbler like this can be useful for all types of drinks. This one is rose gold in colour and says ’40 not a day over fabulous’ on it. It can keep drinks cold for up to 9 hours and warm for up to 3 hours. It has a lid which has a small hole in for a straw or to sip through so the drink will not easily be spilt. It is 12oz and so will hold a normal-sized drink.

Tatty Teddies are really cute and make a great gift for anyone that likes cuddly things. They are grey with a blue nose and this one is holding a gold coloured ‘40’. It is an official ‘Me to You’ product and comes in a card base which says ‘with love from me to you’ on it. It is 16 x 10 x 10 cm in size and would make a lovely keepsake or addition to a teddy bear collection.

If you are looking for a different way to present a gift then this wooden heart could be it. It is 10 x 10 cm and comes with a string on so that it can be hung around the neck of a bottle or attached to a gift. It says on it ‘You’re not 40 You’re 4 perfect 10’s! Great for a strictly fan or anyone that you think highly of. It has streamers and stars on it and a shabby chic appearance.

Slippers can be a really useful gift and these will make the wearer feel special as well. They are white slip-on style with no toe or heel. They are made of white velour so are really soft to wear. They have ’40 & fabulous’ printed on them in a sparkling red so it will really show up. They have a medium fit and are available in different sizes. They can be hand washed if necessary.

A print can be something that is great to give as a present as it will last a long time. This one is white with black writing and states on it ‘you have been loved for 40 years’ and then has other stats on it as well. It is a fun print and it is 11 x 14 inches in size and made from high-quality card stock. It could be stuck to the wall as it is using the glue points included or put in a frame.

Giving a bottle of wine can be a really good idea for a gift to someone that enjoys a drink. However, you might want a way to make it look more special and these labels could be it. There are four different wine labels in the pack and they all have a 40th birthday theme. The idea is to stick them over the top of the original label to show a fun message. These can be peeled and stuck on a standard-sized bottle.

If you are buying for someone with a good sense of humour then this mug could be ideal. It is white and printed it on it is a picture of horse which says above it ‘other 40 year olds’. Next to it is a picture of a unicorn pole dancing and above it says ‘me’. It is 330ml and made of ceramic so is durable and it has a good grip ‘C’ handle. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

This special bracelet has 40 beads on it to represent the 40 years the person has lived for. It comes on a very pretty card which has a birthday message and explains the significance of the 40 beads and the card is in a gift box. The beads are made from 925 sterling silver and they are on a cord which can be adjusted to fit wrists that are 7 – 9.4 inches in size.

If you are looking for a budget 40th birthday gift for your daughter then this could be worth checking out. It is a jumbo fridge magnet which measures 9 x 6cm and has a special birthday poem on for a 40-year-old daughter. It explains how proud the parent is and how they are there for them. It has a pink background and some pictures of balloons are around the words.

Wordart is a fun way to display a message or sentiment. This word art print is in the shape of the number ‘40’ and it can be personalised, You can choose words to be put into it including the name of the person. You can also choose whether it is just an A4 print or whether it is to be framed and you can pick the colour of the frame as well.

A keepsake can be a lovely thing to buy for a 40th birthday and this one is unusual. It is a wooden number 40 which stands on a base with a hole in that has a pen slotted in it. The idea is that people can write messages and/or sign it so that it can be kept as a reminder of that milestone birthday. It would work well at a party but could also be used for one person to write or doodle on and give as a gift.

A personalised gift can be really special and this telephone address book not only had the number 40 on it with a plaque on it which can be engraved with a message of your choice. It comes in a choice of colours – burgundy, black or brown in PU leather and has a padded look to it. Inside it has pages already set out ready to put in address and telephone details in alphabetical order.

Novelty gifts can be fun to give and they are likely to be a bit different from other things that people buy. This one is a tin of small gifts which are all included because they have some significance that will help the recipient to survive their 40th birthday. The tin is 10cm x 6vcm and has 15 items in it with a card to explain each of their significance.

Commemorative coins can be an interesting way to make a significant birthday. This is a pair which are designed specifically for a 40-year-old. One is .999 silver and the other 24ct gold and they both have the same ‘Happy Birthday’ on one side and 40 years information on the other. They are seven sides with a diameter of 27mm. They make a great gift for a coin collector.

Some people collect boxes or just like trinket boxes and so this could be a fitting gift for someone that falls into this category and is turning 40. This is a small heart-shaped box which says ’40 Happy Birthday xxxx’ on the lid with a swirl and heart design underneath. It is 6.5 x 7 x 3cm in size and is silver in colour and made from metal. It is velour-lined to stop items inside getting scratched. It comes in a star design gift box.

Charms can make lovely gifts especially for people who have a charm bracelet or want to wear them on a chain. This one is 21mm x 10mm and made from sterling silver. It has 40 on it and is decorated with cubic zirconium gems. There is also a gold heart charm too. The size will fit with most brands of charm bracelet. It comes with a polishing cloth in a jewellery pouch.

Scrabble lovers will like this picture which has the word ‘forty’ spelt out with Scrabble tiles. Underneath it says ‘Forty is only 11 in Scrabble’. It comes with an ivory mount and in a white frame so is ready to hand up on the wall or to prop up on a shelf. Makes a fun gift but also an item that will be treasured and serve as a memento of the special birthday.

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