32 Gift Ideas for a 40th Birthday Male

By Louise
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A fortieth birthday is a milestone that generally gets celebrated in style. If you know someone that is coming up to theirs then you may want to make sure that you get them a memorable present. It is not always easy to find something that will work and therefore we have put together a list which we hope that you will find useful. It has a range of different items in the hope that there will be something that will suit everyone. We have also picked things that vary in price which should help you to be able to find something that fits in with your budget.

32 Birthday Present Ideas for His 40th Birthday

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A game can be a lot of fun and this one is specifically on the theme of 40 having been designed for a 40th birthday. It is a trivia game with over 150 questions. The game has lots of cards with fun multiple choice questions on. They can be great for a birthday party or gathering or even for a zoom party or just fun within a household. They even come with some forty themed wrapping paper.

Giving a bottle of wine may not seem that special for a 40th gift but if you pair it together with this box, then it can make it extremely special. This is because it is a smart-looking wooden box which has an inscription on the top of the lid which commemorates the special milestone birthday, so it will make a special keepsake even after they have drunk the wine inside.

Buying a personalised gift can make a present really special and this whiskey hip flask set has a silver plate on it so that you can have a special message put onto it. The plate is on a Spanish leather case which the 8oz stainless steel hipflask slips into. There is an additional zipped pouch which has four stainless steel cups in it to drink from. A great looking set which would make a lovely gift.

A picture can make a great keepsake and this is a lovely one is for a parent to give to their child when they turn 40. It says ‘You have been loved for 40 years and counting’ on it with other stats in months, weeks, days and minutes. It is printed in a bold black colour over a white background and is 11 x 14 inches in size. It is printed on thick cardstock.

Aprons can be very handy and this one is not only useful but has a fun message on it. It comes in black, red, pink or blue and says on it ‘It took me 40 years to look this good’ with some thumbs pointing upwards. It is 33 inches long and 23 inches wide with a tie waist that can be hand-tied to fit most sizes. It is machine washable so easy to clean after those kitchen, BBQ or art and craft spills!

Buying a mug can be a good idea because it is something that most people use and this one also has a fun message on it. It is white and printed in black it says ‘vintage smooth & rare aged 40 years full strength well matured mellow and pleasant with an unexpected kick’ on it. The mug is made from ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe and the message is printed on both sides.

Coasters are handy things to have around the home as they protect surfaces from hot or cold and stop cups and mugs from scratching them. This one is a special one to celebrate a 40th birthday and is white with black and blue writing on it saying ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ with other facts on it. It has a wipe-clean surface and is rigid as it has an MDF back. It measures 9cm x 9cm in size.

If the person who is celebrating their birthday enjoys a drink then this engraved pint glass could be a really good gift for them. It says ‘Happy 40th birthday’ with a star pattern below it. It is 9 x 16cm in size and the print is in silver. The glass comes in a silver gift box so it will look really special when given as a present or sent in the post.

Socks are a gift that some people do not like to give but these are really great. Not only are they really useful but they come in a plain black colour but have a lovely message on them saying ‘not everyone looks this good at 40’. A nice sentiment for anyone to receive. The socks are size 6-11 and they are made of 80% cotton so they are soft and comfortable but also have stretchy nylon and lycra in them.

A customised gift can make a really special present and this print could be a great idea. It is a word art print of the number ‘40’ which is made out of customised words and phrases. You just have to send in the words that you want to be included and the print will be made for you. It is A4 in size and so it will be easy to find a frame to put it in.

If a gathering or party is being planned for a 40th birthday then this wooden freestanding sign could be a great gift. It is the number ‘40’ in white and comes with a pen. The idea is that all of the guests sign it or put messages on it. If no gathering is taking place then just the sender and their family could put messages on it and perhaps pictures and doodles to make it special.

Star Wars fans will enjoy this short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘May the forties be with you’ professionally printed on to it. The top comes in a selection of colours, all with yellow writing and in sizes S-3XL with a regular fit. It is made from 100% cotton and is therefore soft to wear and it is pre-shrunk so it can be washed in a washing machine without worry.

A cap can be a useful gift especially for wearing in hot weather. This one is black and in bright white lettering says ’40 never looked so good’ on it. It has a mesh back which means that the head is cool when it is being worn and it has a large peak to shade the face. It has an adjustable strap on the back which means that one size is suitable to fit all.

If it is your son that will be celebrating their 40th birthday then this fridge magnet could make a touching gift. It is 9 x 6cm in size and has a birthday wish as well as a special sentimental poem on it. It explains how proud the parent is of them and how there are there for them. It has a blue background with a balloon design. It will look good displayed and could be useful as well.

If you are looking for an unusual present then you have found it here. It is a small tin with a selection of small presents in it. With it comes a card which explains the significance of each of the items in the can. They have been specially selected for their relevance to a 40th birthday and include things such as a ‘balloon – to start your birthday off with a bang’ and a ‘marker pen – to mark your special day’.

Keepsakes can be a nice idea to give to someone on a milestone birthday. These commemorative coins could work well as they have a 40 years theme on them with ‘Happy Birthday’ on one side as well. There are two coins and one is silver and the other 24ct gold and they are 7 sided and 27mm in diameter. A fun idea for a gift that they will be able to treasure.

Many people enjoy a drink of gin and if the person you are buying for does, then they may enjoy this gin glass. It is a long-stemmed glass so looks really elegant. On the bowl part is printed ‘forty aged to perfection’ with a picture of some lemons underneath. The style has a vintage look to it. It comes in a gift box so all ready to give away.

It can be a good idea to give someone this fun print for their milestone birthday as it has lots of information about things that happened on the day that they were born such as the UK number one, house price, stamp cost, prime minister etc. It is A4 sized and printed on 250gsm card. It can be bought as just the print or if you want to pay a bit more, you can choose a frame to go with it.

If the person you are buying for enjoys a pint or two then this strobing beer glass could be a great gift. It is in the shape of a slim Pilsner glass and has four light functions. There is an on/off button on the base so it can be easily controlled. It is actually made from hardened plastic so can be used outside for BBQ’s etc. It is a fun novelty gift idea and the lights are really bright.

A whiskey lover will really appreciate this very special set. It has a globe style decanter with a ship in a bottle design that is very unusual and comes with two glasses that have a frosted world map pattern on them which matches the decanter and 8 premium whiskey stones. The decanter holds 850ml and oxygenates aromas from the whiskey to make it taste better. It all comes in a gift box.

Wash bags are not normally stylish but this one would not look out of place in the classiest of hotels. It is made of faux leather in a tan or brown colour and can be hung up on a bathroom door. It has plenty of compartments for keeping different items. It has a touch swivel hook which is made of metal to hang it up for ease. They are lots of strong mesh pockets inside.

Giving a bottle as a present may not seem that special but if you attach this funny label the recipient will know that you have not forgotten that it is their milestone birthday. It says on it ’40 how the f*ck did that happen’ on it. It is self-adhesive so you just need to pick their favourite drink and then attach the label to the bottle to give them a good laugh!

It can be very special to find a gift that is personalised and looks good and these cufflinks could be the answer. They have a square front and they can be engraved with initials. They are made from brushed silver and look good too and they are nice and shiny. They come in a stylish gift box too which means that they are ready to give away or to be sent directly to the recipient.

Stylish presents can be really special and this elegant journal certainly is. It is tied in a brown leather case which is recycled and inside there are plain ivory coloured pages which are suitable for all ink. They are A5 inside and have 200 pages. The journal can be embossed as well perhaps with a name or personal message. It comes in a white gift box so no need to even wrap it up.

Having an item engraved can turn it into a very special gift. This silver coloured guitar plectrum can be engraved with whatever message you wish so you could put a sentimental or motivating message on it and you can have it on one or both sides. It is 30mm x 25mm and is made from stainless steel with a high polish. It comes in a faux leather box with a magnetic clasp.

Finding a good bedside lamp is not always easy but this one should please everyone. Not only does it have a dimmable and colour changing LED light function but it is also a Bluetooth stereo speaker with crisp treble and robust base and a radio. It has a rechargeable battery which can support up to 18 hours of medium brightness light on a full charge which takes just three hours to achieve.

Owning a smart accessories set can be really useful and so this tie, pocket square, cufflinks and tie clip set could be a very useful gift. The items all match each other and come in a gift box. There are different colours and styles to choose from so it will be easy to find one that will suit the person that you have in mind. The items together make for a very elegant look.

This wooden plaque makes for a fun gift for someone with a sense of humour. On it is printed ‘If you haven’t grown up by 40 you don’t have to’. It is printed on the wood and there are two holes drilled in it with some twine threaded through so that it can be hung up. It is 10cm x 10cm so it could also be attached to a gift as part of the wrap or hung around the neck of a bottle.

A stylish watch can make a very elegant and welcome gift. This Lige watch comes in a selection of colour options, each with a leather bracelet which is soft and comfortable. It has a quartz movement which is very accurate and has a calendar and week display as well as the time. There is a stopwatch function and it is splash-proof and has a battery that will last for up to two years.

Many men like to look after their skin and this L’Oreal Men Expert kit will provide them with items to do so. It has a shower gel which cleanses and revitalises. There is a face wash to energise and boost. There is an anti-fatigue moisturiser to hydrate skin for up to 24 hours. Lastly, there is a recharging tissue mask to recharge the skin. Comes with a handy wash bag.

A set of whisky glasses can be a really special gift for someone that enjoys drinking. This is a set of six and they are crystal glasses so they look really special as well. It will make the drink feel even better if it can be swirled and zipped from a fine piece of glassware. These can hold up to 310ml and are 8.4 x 9.4cm in size, They are dishwasher safe too, so very convenient to clean.

Celebrate in style with this tumbler which says on it ‘cheers to 40 years’. It has a foiled effect on the printing which is gold and makes it look really special and it can be used for any drink. The glass itself is 17oz and 4.72 x 2.9 inches with an elegant tapered base. It can go in the dishwasher and the print will not easily wash off or fade. It comes in a box.

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