40th Birthday Presents - Suitable For All

Updated on February 2nd, 2021
By Louise
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When someone reaches the age of 40 it can be really nice to buy them a very special present. However, it can be difficult to know what to get them. You will not want to get them the same thing that everyone else does, but it will need to be something that they will really like and is within your budget. Therefore, we have put together a list of items that we feel will work for many people aged 40. Hopefully, you will find it really handy as it has a big range of items that we feel will be really special for someone celebrating their fortieth year.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

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A mug can make a really useful gift as most people use them and this one will make the person using it feel really special as well. It has gold print on it which says ‘Fabulous at 40 Happy Birthday’ on it and also has a gold rim. It has a crystal diamante charm heart on it as well so it looks really pretty. It comes in a matching gift box so looks even more special.

Wearing a necklace is something that can make a person feel great and this necklace is designed to not only do that but to also celebrate the 40th birthday. It has four interlinked rings on it – to represent each decade and comes in a very pretty gift box which says ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ on it. The necklace is made from 925 sterling silver so looks pretty and is very strong.

A bottle of champagne or wine can be a fitting gift for any birthday but to make it more special it could be presented in this wooden box, It says on it ‘1981 vintage year Happy 40th Birthday Aged to Perfection’. The box has a hinged lid and in the bottom half is some satin fabric so the bottle stays protected and looks really classy as well. Fits a standard-sized bottle.

If you are looking for a novelty gift then this can be an interesting item to give. It is a tin which contains all sorts of small items put together as a survival kit. The can comes with a laminated card which explains the significance of each of the items inside. It is a fun gift to give which is low in cost but high in sentimentality and is likely to be something that they will not get from anyone else.

A shopping bag is always a handy gift to give as most of us now use them instead of paying for carrier bags. This one is extra special as not only is it made of heavyweight cotton canvas and 38 x 42 x 12cm in size It has a special 40th birthday message printed on it. It would make a great gift bag which they could then reuse for many different purposes.

Most people would find a notebook to be an acceptable and useful gift and this one will be even more special. It says on the front of it ‘It took me 40 years to create this masterpiece’. It is black with white writing so it really stands out. It is 6 x9 inches in size which means that it is a useful size for carrying about and storing easily. It has 120 pages which are lined so can be used for lots of purposes such as diary, journal or general notes.

If you want to give a keepsake present to celebrate a 40th birthday then this mini heart-shaped dish could be just the thing. It has ‘forty’ printed on it with a small heart and is itself heart shaped. It is a cute 4.5cm in size so small enough to place a ring or two on and comes in a gift box which also has ‘40’ on it. It is ceramic and made by East of India and a really low price too.

Many people like to carry a compact mirror around with them or even have one handy around the house and this one could serve this purpose and be a special gift too. It has ‘40th birthday’ engraved on it with a pretty butterfly pattern as well. It is a cute 6 x 1.6 x 6cm in size and is round with a mirror on both sides inside. It is nickel-plated and comes in a jewellery gift bag.

A trinket box can make a lovely gift and this heart-shaped one is suitable for a 40th birthday as it has ’40 Happy Birthday xxx’ engraved on the lid with a swirl and heart pattern underneath. It is silver in colour and so will look really special as well as being a useful box, It is 6.5 x 7 x 3cm in size and comes in a pretty silver gift box with a star design.

If you know someone that plays the guitar or other stringed instrument then this guitar plectrum could make a fitting gift. It can be engraved with text of your choice so you can put a 40th birthday message on it. It is 45 x 45 x 45mm in size and a classic shape. It is made from polished stainless steel so has a lovely silver colour and comes in a faux leather gift box.

A t-shirt can always make a handy gift and this short-sleeved one is fun as well. It says on it ‘Level 40 unlocked’ and has a picture of a games console handset on it with a rainbow background. It comes in lots of sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 and adults’ sizes S-3XL. It comes in a selection of colours as well and is made from a cotton and polyester mix so is soft and comfortable to wear.

A poem can be a lovely way to express your feelings and that is why this jumbo fridge magnet can be a great gift. It is a poem especially to celebrate a daughter’s 40th birthday and is 9cm x 6cm in size. It is a sentimental poem expressing how proud the parent is, how they are there for each other and how special the daughter is. It is pink with balloons printed on it.

If you are looking for a really unusual, novelty present that is also funny, then this roll of toilet paper could be the perfect thing. It is white with ‘Happy Birthday. The Big 40’ written on it in red lettering. It is likely to bring a smile to the recipient’s face and it could also be useful for them as well! Could also be used as party streamers or to be displayed in a bathroom if it is not going to be used.

A pair of socks is often scoffed at when considering them as a birthday gift but these are well worth giving. Not only are they soft and comfortable as they are made from 80% cotton, 18% nylon and 2% lycra but they also have a nice message on them. They are black and in white is printed ’Not Everyone looks this good at 40’. A practical and funny gift to give.

If you know someone that likes to drink pints, then this glass could make a great birthday gift for them. Not only is a great pint glass it has ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ printed on it with a star pattern underneath. They will be able to see your birthday greeting when they are having a drink whether it is on the big day itself or afterwards. It comes in a silver gift box.

You may be looking for a special birthday keepsake and if so, this will be a good idea for you. It is a special sign which is white and is number 40 in white. The idea is that people will sign it when they visit you for your birthday. It comes with a pen so it is all ready to use. I can be displayed at a birthday party for people to sign. Another idea is that the recipient could just doodle on it if they are not having a party.

A keyring can make a great present which can be placed with keys, be used as a bag charm or just put by as a keepsake. This one has three charms on it. One is a glass of red wine, one is a cake with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it and the other is a circular pendant which says ’40 and fabulous’ on it. They are made from stainless steel so have a nice silver colour and will not tarnish or rust.

Most people will celebrate a milestone birthday with a glass of bubbly and so this glass could be a great thing to put it in. It is engraved with ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ and has stars underneath with silver print on it. The glass has a long stem and is 5.5 x 23cm in size. It looks elegant and will be a special gift and comes in a silver gift box.

A candle can make a great gift as it is relaxing as well as useful. This candle comes in a tin which says on it ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ and the tin has pretty metallic colouring in pink and foil. It is 8cm in diameter and 6.5cm tall. It has a sea breeze scent which will provide a relaxing and pleasant perfume. It has a 35 hour burn time so will last a long time.

Funny gifts can be a great idea for people with a sense of humour and this t-shirt is funny and useful. It has short-sleeves and says on it ‘I’m not 40 I’m 18 with 22 years experience’. It comes in black, grey, white and yellow and sizes S-XXL. It is made from 100% cotton and has a club-style collar so it is comfortable to wear. It also has a high-quality finish and will make a fun gift.

When drinking a bottle of wine, we often have some left in the bottle and so having a bottle stopper can be really handy to make sure that you keep the wine that is left nice and fresh. This bottle stopper is special because it has an engraved walnut insert on it which says ‘Wine improves with age I improve with wine 40’ on it. It comes in a gift box.

Often it can be nice to give a keepsake gift for a special birthday. This picture will be just that. It has the word ‘Forty’ spelt out in scrabble letters and underneath it says ‘Forty is only 11 in scrabble’. It comes framed as well so it is all ready to hang up on the wall. It is also made by a small company so you will be supporting a small business when you buy it as well.

This is a stainless steel insulated wine tumbler and comes in rose gold or metallic blue. It says on it #40 and fabulous’ and comes in a gift box which says ‘Happy Birthday’ on it so it is ready to give away as a useful and great gift. It is 12oz in size and will keep drinks hot or cold. It has a non-spill lid as well so great for carrying around.

Gin is something that a lot of people drink these days and this glass could therefore be a useful gift for many people. The glass has a long stem and the top says ’40 let the party beGIN. It comes in a pretty gift box which says ‘Chin! Chin! It’s time for gin’ on it. It makes a great statement piece for anyone that is 40 and likes to drink gin.

Coasters can be really handy to protect surfaces around the home from heat or cold cups or glasses. It can be great to make them statement pieces as this one is. It has a white, glossy surface which can be wiped clean and a message about being 40 on it. The back is MDF which means that it is strong and will last a long time. It is 9cm x 9cm in size.

Useful and special is a great way to describe this makeup bag. It is made from durable cotton canvas so is strong and measures 9 x 7 x 2.6 inches with a heavy-duty zipper. On it is printed ’40 and fabulous’ with a crown and a heart design on it. The image is bright and clear and will make someone feel special every time they use it. Could also be used for small toiletries, nail polish, hair accessories or even art materials.

Stemless wine glasses can be very useful for people who tend to be clumsy and want something more sturdy and they can look stylish too. This glass is 17oz and it has ‘cheers to 40 years’ on it in black and foiled writing with foiled dots on it. Comes in a plain box which you can decorate before giving away or wrap up with paper and a ribbon. A great gift for any wine lover.

Most people enjoy sweets and so this special jar of sweets will go down well with most people. There is a special label on the jar saying ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ which will make it really special. It comes in two sizes and there are lots of different sweet options to pick from so you are apple to choose for it to be filled with the sweets that you feel they will like the best such as jellies, boiled sweets, retro sweets or chocolate.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this print fits that category. It can have a name on it as well as their date of birth and other information with facts and events that happened on that day. Things like the day they were born, star sign, the price of a stamp and average house price, birthstone and moon cycle. It is an interesting thing to read and the A4 size means that it is easy to frame.

Whimsical gifts can be really special and this light-up wine bottle fits the bill. It is purple in colour with LED lights inside which will create a pretty starry effect when switched on. The bottle is printed with a message ’40 sparkle and be fabulous’ on it. It is a lovely motivational message which will boost the recipient and the pretty bottle will also make them feel spoilt and special. It measures 6.7 x 29.5cm.

An apron is a gift that many people will find useful. However, they do not have to be plain or boring. This apron, for example, comes in four colour options and on the front says ‘It took me 40 years to look this good’. It comes in one size which is 33 inches height and 23 inches waist. It ties on the waist so can be altered to fit different sizes.

Games can be great fun and this is ‘The 40th Birthday Game’ which is brain-teasing fun on the theme of 40. It contains 150 trivia questions which are light-hearted but intriguing and amazing. The box contains lots of question cards and the idea is that players can form teams and then teams take in turns in asking the other team questions until someone gets 7 right. Simple rules and fun to play.

Most people like the idea of giving a really special gift on a milestone birthday and this charm could be the answer. It is a pure silver heart charm on a 5mm beaded stretch bracelet. It comes in a luxury gift box and ‘You are 40 Happy Birthday’ is written on the card. It makes a special gift and is coated so that it will not tarnish so it will keep looking good for a long time.

Slippers can make a very welcome gift as they keep the feet relaxed and warm. This pair is easy to slip on and are white in colour with sparkling red print that says ‘40’ on one slipper and ‘& fabulous’ on the other. They come in two size options – 3-6 and 7-9. They have a velour outer so they will be soft and comfortable to wear and they are hand washable so easy to keep clean.

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