40th Wedding Anniversary Presents

By Louise
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When someone celebrates a wedding anniversary it can be nice to get them a gift, especially when they reach a milestone one such as forty years. This is a ruby wedding and although most of us will not be able to afford to buy them rubies, there are many other choices available for us to consider which will also be special. We have decided to make it easier for you by putting together a list of items. These are all different items so that you will be able to find something that is suitable for the couple as well as matching your budget too.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Garden gifts can be great for anyone that loves to be outside and this sundial can be a unique item to give. It is made from recycled brass and is red and gold in colour. It says ‘Happy Anniversary 40 wonderful years together ruby wedding anniversary 1981 – 2021’. It has numbers on it to tell the time on but also a bell design. It is 3 inches tall including the gnomon.

A clock can be a useful gift and having a personalised one can make it into a unique gift. This one has a white background with black Roman numerals on it and has a tree design in the middle with red hearts. It has a personal message underneath saying ‘Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary’ with names and date below. It is covered with acrylic and has black hands. It is 30cm and powered by a battery.

Giving a bottle can be a great way to help a couple celebrate but if you want to make it even more special then you can put it inside this hinged wooden box. On the top, it says ‘1981 vintage year aged to perfection on your 40th anniversary’. The bottom of the box has a satin lining so the bottle can nestle in and not get damaged. You just need to choose their favourite drink to put in it!

Keepsake gifts can be treasured by some couples and this cut-glass presentation piece could be something that couple will love. It can be personalised with any message for a 40th Anniversary couple with their names and date and it has a heart-shaped balloon picture on it too. It measures 12 x 12cm in size and comes with a glass stand. It will be sent in a burgundy gift box which is satin lined.

Photo frames can make good gifts as couples can put special pictures in them that they can enjoy every day. This one says ’40 years together’ at the top and is cream with red writing. It has two oval-shaped frames one which says ‘our wedding day and one ‘our ruby anniversary’ so they will be able to put two photos in it. Takes a 3 x 4 and a 4 x 6 photo.

Cufflinks can be a present that a wife might like to buy for her husband and these ruby red ones are fitting for a 40th anniversary gift. They are silver in colour with a front domed shape which holds a red stone and come in an elegant presentation box which is purple and has a plush lining with a tray to keep the cufflinks carefully in place when stored or in transit.

A ruby coloured item can be a fitting choice for a 40th-anniversary present. This tealight holder is made from glass and has ruby and gold colouring to. It has a mosaic pattern intermingles with plain glass and is handcrafted with an unusual ellipse style shape. It measures 12cm and once a tealight is added will create a pretty looking peace that will throw different coloured light around a room.

T-shirts can be handy gifts as they are useful and this one is funny as well. It comes in cuts suitable for men and women and in sizes small – 3XL and in a few colour options. On the front it says ‘I survived 40 years of marriage and all I got was this t-shirt’. It also has some hearts on it. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and so is comfortable to wear and will not stretch out of shape. It is suitable for machine washing.

If the couple you are buying for like their garden then this rose bush called ‘Ruby Wedding’ could be a great gift. It has lovely red blooms and will flower throughout the summer months. It will be a gift that will last a long time. It includes a personal gift card and if you are sending the item direct then it can be completed on your behalf. Comes with care instructions.

Couples will often toast their anniversary particularly if it is a milestone celebration. They will therefore like this pair of champagne flutes which have been personalised. They have a pair of red hearts incorporated into the stem, making them fitting for a ruby wedding and on the top part, they have a heart and can be engraved with the names of the couple. They are 24cm x 6cm and come in a red gift box.

Vases can make great gifts as they can be pretty on their own or filled with flowers. This one is an unusual and contemporary square shape and has a red leaf tendril design which makes it fitting for a ruby anniversary gift. It is a column vase and is 23cm high. It is flared at the top so it can accommodate a spray of flowers but the design also looks nice without anything inside.

Ornaments can make nice keepsakes and this one would appeal to those that like roses. It has a silver base and the main part of the rose is silver coloured as well (silver plated) and it says ‘40th anniversary’ at the bottom. The centre of the rose is a ruby red coloured Swarovski crystal. The whole thing measures 4 x 4 x 9cm in size. It comes in a gift box.

A simple gift can still stand out and this wooden plaque is sweet. It is heart-shaped and a natural wood colour. On it says ‘Happy Anniversary 14600 days together….but who’s counting??’ It has a picture of a bride and groom on it and two jigsaw pieces. It is 4.1 x 4.1 inches in size and could be given as it is or attached to a gift or bottle as an additional present.

Glass baubles are getting quite fashionable now and they can look really pretty hung in a window either on a stand or on the curtain rail. This one has a red base colour to it and so is ideal for a ruby wedding anniversary gift. It is 10cm in diameter and comes with a hanging ribbon. It comes in a branded box and there is an explanation too of what the best way to display it is.

Mugs can be a lovely gift to give as they are useful and also can be fun. This mug set has ’40 years of being Mr Right’ on one and ’40 years of being Mrs always Right’. The mugs are white with black writing apart from the 40 which is red. They are made from ceramic and are 10cm high and 9cm in diameter. They come in an open-fronted box.

A pillow can make a good gift as it looks good on a sofa or a bed. This one can be personalised with the name of the couple and says underneath ‘Mr and Mrs Always Right Est 2012’. You can choose the year as well so it works for any anniversary. The pillow is a beige colour which has bold black print on it. It is 45cm x 45cm and comes with an inner pad so is all ready to use.

Ruby jewellery can be a lovely gift to give your partner to celebrate a ruby anniversary. This necklace has a heart-shaped ruby red gemstone which is surrounded by clear gemstones so it will really sparkle. The necklace is 925 sterling silver and plated with white gold. The pendant is 1.2 x 1.9cm in size and the chain is 18 inches. Comes in a gift box with a polishing cloth.

Word art prints can be really special as they can be personalised. This one is in the shape of a heart and has black and red writing on it. The idea is that you supply names, dates, the occasion and other relevant words so that it can be made up and you can also have a personal message at the bottom. It comes in a choice of A5, A4 or A3 size and you can order just the print or a framed version.

Commemorative coins can make great keepsakes, particularly for collectors. This pair of coins is in a silver and 24ct gold and they both have a ruby-coloured gemstone in a heart shape on them. They say on then ‘On your ruby wedding anniversary 40 years together’ with a heart design on one side and has a sentimental poem on the back. They are 8 x 6 x 0.5cm in size.

Photo frames can make great gifts and this one says ‘40th Anniversary’ on it with a floral pattern on the corners. There are two spaces for pictures and under one it says ‘then’ and the other it says ‘now’. It has a mirror finish and the spaces are for 4 x 4 inch photographs. It is lacquer coated so that it will not tarnish. The back is velvet and has an eyelet to allow for wall handing.

Personalised gifts can be really thoughtful and this light-up bottle says ’40 years 2 hearts 1 love Happy Ruby Anniversary’ with room for two names below. The bottle is 70cl size and there are LED lights on a copper wire inside which light it up. They are powered by batteries which sit in the cork where the on/off switch also is. Would brighten up a dark corner or make a lovely centrepiece.

Glasses can be a good gift to give for a special occasion as it is likely that there will be a toast. These tumblers come in a pair and one says ‘Mr Right’ on it and the other says ‘Mrs Always Right’ on it. The printing is in a gold colour. They will make a great gift for a couple at any stage in their relationship including for a ruby wedding anniversary. They come in a box which has a white lid with an elegant black bow on it.

Welsh love spoons make for a really traditional gift. This one is hand-carved and includes a design of two balls trapped in a cage of eternal love. It also has other meaningful symbols such as a heart and links and there is a card to explain the significance of them. It is 26cm long and carved from Lime Wood from Monmouthshire. It is a dark rich colour so will stand out.

Sixpences are known to be lucky and this one comes in a special protective case with a ruby wedding greeting. It has a white card with a ruby heart printed on it and says ‘Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Wedding Lucky Sixpence’. The coin itself is set in black foam and can be removed if required. Makes a cute and unique gift to attract wealth and good fortune towards the keepers of it.

If you are buying a bottle for the anniversary couple then this bottle sticker could be something you would like to get to go with it. It can be personalised as it says ‘Celebration vintage 1981 [names] 40 years. At the bottom ‘congratulations on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary with love from [names]. It can be used to cover the existing label or just stuck over the top. It is glossy and 9 x 13cm in size.

Novelty gifts can be a lot of fun and this ruby wedding survival kit would suit couples who have everything. There are lots of small items in a red organza bag. The bag has a card attached which explains the significance of each of the items in it. Is a great budget gift which will stand out as it is something a bit different and will hopefully give them a laugh as well.

Bathrobes make a useful gift and this pair are white and have ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ on the left-hand chest or you can choose from ‘His’ and ‘Hers’. They do come in other colour options with various embroidery colours. They are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and so are soft and comfortable to wear. They are one size and 122cm long with a 140cm chest size and a tie waist fastening.

Earrings can be a great gift to give to a wife on an anniversary. This pair of made from white gold at a weight of 0.97 and have a created solitaire ruby stone in each of them which measures 6mm x 6mm. They have a simple and elegant design and come with a certificate showing that they are authentic and high quality. They come in a jewellery gift box so all ready to give away.

Michaels Kors has produced a perfume called Sexy Ruby which could make a good gift from a husband to his wife for an anniversary gift. It is a 100ml bottle which is red and comes in a box with a ruby picture on the front of it. The scent has top notes of freesia, incense and tamarind with middle notes of iris, peony and arum lily and has base notes of musk and cashmere wood.

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