34 Gift Ideas for a 4th Wedding Anniversary

By Eve
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A 4th wedding anniversary can often be an occasion to celebrate. It is not always easy though to know what gift to buy. We have therefore put together a list of suggestions for gifts so that you can get some ideas as to what you might like to buy. We have chosen a range of different things which should make it easier for you to be able to find something that you feel will work as well as an item that will fit in with your budget. Hopefully, you will find it inspirational and you will be able to find a gift that will suit the couple you are buying for or your spouse if you are buying for them.

4th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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A mug and coaster can be a really useful gift and this set has a pair of mugs and a pair of coasters. They are both white with black writing on and one says ‘4 years of being Mr Right’ and the other says ‘4 years of being Mrs always right’. They make a fun gift for a couple with a sense of humour and will also be useful items as well.

Personalised gifts can be a good idea and this card can have the names of the couple and wedding date on it. It is white with four red hearts on the top which says the number of days months, hours and seconds they have been married and underneath says ‘Since that Wonderful day Happy 4th Anniversary’ in red and black writing. It is 15 x 15cm in size and comes with a white envelope.

Novelty gifts can be good fun and this is ‘Our 4th Anniversary Survival Kit’. It is an organza bag which contains a selection of small gifts each with a significance to the 4th anniversary. There is a laminated label attached to it which explains the significance of each of the gifts. It is 13 x 18cm and a budget gift which will be a lot of fun for the couple to share.

Cards can be a lovely way to show someone or a couple that you are thinking of them. This one is specifically for a 4th anniversary and says on it ‘Flowers Anniversary 4 with love on a special day’ It has a picture of two champagne flutes and a cork on it with a floral design on it as well. The card has been hand finished with glitter and sequins so looks really special. It is 16 x 16cm in size and comes with an envelope.

T-shirts can make good gifts as they are useful and they can also be fun. This one has a cartoon of a figure with a bow and arrow shooting towards another figure leaning on a tree with a heart on their head. Under it is the words ‘4 years 1460 days 35040 hours & still happy together’. It comes in a choice of colours and fits for men and women in various sizes.

Romantic gifts can be a lovely gesture and this wooden hanging heart is cute. It has ‘happy anniversary’ in the corner and says ‘1460 days together … But who’s counting?’ and there is a picture of a bride and groom and two puzzle pieces holding hands. It is 4 x 4 inches in size and comes with a hole in and some hessian twine so that it can be hung up or attached to something.

Poems can be lovely sentiments and this wooden heart keepsake has a poem on it addressed to a husband. It is 10 x 1cm in size and has a hole in the centre with a cord through so that it can be hung around the neck of a bottle, attached to a gift or it could be slipped in an envelope with a card. It is made from RSC certified wood and has blue and red writing on it with a hearts and is in a rustic style.

Cushions can be useful gifts and this one has a lovely sentiment on it as well. It is white and has black and grey writing on which can be personalised. It has a ‘4’ at the top and says ‘Mr and Mrs [surname] sharing the sofa for 4 years’ with a space for a date below. It is a 45 x 45cm square cushion and comes with an infill, so it is all ready to use.

A t-shirt can be a great gift and this one is short-sleeved and says ‘level 04 complete’ on it with a picture from a gaming handset. It comes in a choice of colours and is a great gift for a gamer to celebrate four years of marriage. It is available in fits for men and women and in various sizes. Made from polycotton, it is soft and comfortable and will not stretch out of shape.

If you have a wife with a sense of humour then she might like this funny card. It says on it ‘You are pretty much my favourite wife…’ and it has a red heart on it. It is 14 x 14cxm in size and comes with a brown envelope. It is blank inside so you can put your own message inside – perhaps another cheeky message or something more sentimental. Made from FSC certified cardstock.

Husbands with a good sense of humour will have a good laugh at this anniversary card. It is white with black writing and says on it ‘You are pretty much my favourite husband…’ in black writing with a little red heart. It is 14 x 14cm in size and comes with a brown envelope. It is blank inside so that you can put any message in that you wish.

Keyrings can be good gifts to give. They are useful to help you more easily find your keys and they can be decorative and perhaps used as a keepsake or bag charm. This one has a silver-coloured pendant which says ‘4 year anniversary, 48 months, 1,460 days, 35.040 hours, 2,102,400 minutes and forever more! It is made from stainless steel which is shiny and will not tarnish or bend.

A plaque can make a lovely keepsake gift. This wooden one says ‘Happy 4th anniversary 1460 days together but who’s counting’. The plaque is made from sustainable and high-quality MDF and is 10 x 10cm and cut into a heart shape. It has a hole with some black waxed cotton robe through it so that it can be hung up, looped around a bottle, attached to a gift etc.

Ornamental items are things that some couples really like to treasure. This one is a glass paperweight keepsake. It has a tree engraved on it and says ‘4 years of marriage’ with a fruit basket which says ‘four years down forever to go’ and in the tree there are apples and they have different stats on as well. It is 4 inches square and 1 inch thick and is free-standing.

A husband might like to flatter his wife with this fun mug. It says ‘other wives after 4 years’ and below it has a picture of a horse. Then it has a picture of a multicoloured unicorn and says ‘you’ above it. The mug is mainly white and is crafted using high-quality ceramic which is durable and is microwavable and dishwasher safe as well as stain-resistant and so is convenient as well.

A t-shirt can be just a practical gift but this one is sentimental as well. It says on it ‘Married 4 years and looking forward to forever’. The t-shirt has short sleeves and it is available in fits to suit men and women and in a selection of different sizes. It comes in a mix of colours as well all with white writing on. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is soft and comfortable and also washed easily.

There are a pair of pears on this t-shirt which says on it ‘4 years later and we’re still a great pear’ underneath. It has a cute design. It is short-sleeved and has styles suitable for men and women and comes in different sizes and in a choice of five different colours. It is made from cotton and polyester and is therefore comfortable to wear and will not easily stretch out of shape.

Aprons can be a useful gift and this pair will be suitable for a couple. One says on it ‘Mrs.’ and the other says on it ‘Mr.’ they also have a picture of some utensils on them. They are black with white print on them. They are made from polyester so are soft to touch and they are 27 x 28 inches in size. They should be able to fit everyone as they have an adjustable neck strap and a tie waist.

It can be lovely to give a keepsake gift for an anniversary present. This snow globe style Christmas ornament can be a lovely one. It is made of metal and is silver in colour. It has a picture with a pair of snowmen in front of some pine trees with a sleigh and snow in the sky. At the bottom, it says ‘4 years’ on it. It is free-standing and so can go on a shelf or under a Christmas tree.

A keyring may seem a little plain but this sentimental one would make a lovely gift. It has one pendant on which says ‘I[heart]you’ and the other one says ‘four years down forever to go’ and it has a heart shape cut out of it. Both are made of stainless steel and so they are durable and will not rust or tarnish and so will last a long time whether used with keys, as a bag charm or a keepsake.

A print can be a lovely gift for an anniversary as it can be hung up and will last a long time. This one is on white paper and says ‘Mr Right and Mr Always Right Est 2017’. It can be customised with the relevant year. The print is black and bold so will stand out. It comes with a choice of a black or white frame. It is 12 x 10 inches in size and also has a mount.

Chocolate is something that most people enjoy and this bar is customised to have details on the wrapper to show what it is celebrating. It says on it ‘Happy Anniversary Limited Edition [names] celebrating [number] years’ so it could be used for any anniversary. The chocolate is a 110g bar of Galaxy chocolate and so there is plenty for a couple to share. It would make a delicious gift and is especially good for chocolate lovers.

A cute t-shirt can make a great gift. This one says on it ‘still monkeying around after 4 years’ and has a picture of two cartoon monkeys hanging from a tree and hugging. It comes in fits for men and women and it a selection of colours as well as different sizes as well. It is made from polyester and cotton so is soft to the touch but will not stretch out of shape when machine washed.

Christmas decorations can be a lovely way to form memories and this one is for an anniversary. It is heart-shaped with holly decorating it and says ‘Our 4th Christmas together’ on it. It has a hole in with red ribbon threaded through so it can be hung on a Christmas tree. It is a lovely way to remember an anniversary and could become a tradition where you give an ornament each year.

Gaming t-shirts can be great fun for anyone that is a gamer and this one says on it ‘Level 04 complete’ with a picture of a handset beneath it. It is, therefore, a great gift for a gamer on their 4th anniversary. It comes in sizes for men and women from small – 3XL and in a selection of different colours. It is short-sleeved and has a classic fit with a round neck.

Personalised gifts can look really thoughtful and this one is a candle which has the couples name and years of marriage as well as a personal message on it. Candles can be romantic as well. This one is white and is 13 x 7cm and comes in an organza bag. It could be burned and provide a romantic atmosphere but it could also be kept and displayed as a keepsake ornament.

Ornaments are something that some couples really like and this one is extra special. It is a beech block which says on it ‘celebrating 4 years of memories’. It is engraved and therefore the writing will never wear off. It even has a frame around it. It is 19.5 x 2.7 x 7cm in size and is therefore freestanding and can easily be displayed on a shelf or a desk.

Scrapbooking is a great way to keep precious memories in one place. This scrapbook has a contemporary wooden cover (made from polish plywood with a woodgrain finish) and says ‘4 years of memories’ on the front of it. It has a laser-cut number which looks good. Inside there are 25 recycled pages so room to stick in photos, cards, tickets, love letters and other memories.  It is 22 x 14.5 x 2 cm in size.

When couples start to get through the marriage years, they might want to start planning for the future. This book could help. It is called ‘Our Bucket List’ and inside the pages are set out so it can be used for planning. It has space for a title, why you want to do this, how it will happen, when and where it took place and a description of it and what the best part was and what was learned from the experience. Makes for a great journal.

If it is tricky to know what to do on date nights then these metal dice could help. Each face has a different suggestion and so they could help to provide some extra entertainment. They come with a card which has ‘4th anniversary’ on it and also instructions on how to use them. They come in a velvet bag and packed in a box with wood straw so they look really special.

Novelty and token gifts can be great for anniversaries and this one is a little drawstring bag 12 x 13 x 4 cm which has a card on it that says ‘The Anniversary Recipe’. Inside there are six items and a card which explains the significance of each of them and how they will make the anniversary special. It could be used for any year and perhaps even reused. It is cute and fun.

Romantic ornaments can make great wedding anniversary gifts. This one is a metal sculpture of a couple embracing. It is heavy and made from cast iron and is 6.7 inches tall and 2.1 inches wide. It has a small plinth so it is free standing so can easily be placed on a shelf or desk. It will be a lovely gift to give to a couple or for a spouse to give to their spouse as a romantic gift.

His and Hers items can be a lot of fun and this item is a set of guest towels. As well as says his and hers on them they also have a picture of lips and a moustache. They are 30 x 50cm in size and they are white in colour. They are 100% cotton and 500gsm. They make a lovely gift for a couple and they will look nice sitting together on a towel rail in a bathroom.

Tea towels can be useful gifts and this one can be personalised with names and a wedding date. It also has a recipe for a happy marriage on it with lots of cute romantic ideas. It also has a lot of red hearts on it which stand out with the black writing on the white background. The towel is 100% cotton and measures 50 x 34cm. A useful but also a romantic gift.

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