50th Birthday Present Ideas for Her

Updated on August 17th, 2021
By Louise
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A fiftieth birthday is an occasion that many people like to celebrate in style and so you may want to make sure that you make it an occasion to remember. This means that you will be likely to want to make sure that you find a really good gift for them. This could include all sorts of items and it can be a little overwhelming and you may not know where to start or you may just not have any ideas as to what to get. Hopefully, you will find the list that we have put together useful as it has a good selection of things to choose from.

32 Presents for a Womans 50th Birthday

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Scrabble is a fun game that a lot of people have heard of and many enjoy. Most people will know it and therefore should enjoy this picture. It says on it ‘fifty is only 14 in Scrabble’ and above has the word ‘fifty’ spelt out in Scrabble letters. It is a fun idea and it comes in a white frame so it is all ready to hang up on the wall.

A good tote shopping bag can be extremely useful, whether for using for shopping or just storing things in the home. The bag has ‘not everyone looks this good at 50’ printed on it which makes it a great idea for a 50th birthday gift. The bag is a large 21 litres and is 42 x 33 x 19cm in size with carrying handles that are long enough to be used on the shoulder but not too long to not be able to be held in the hand.

Many people enjoy having keepsakes to look at and this is a pretty one. It is a glass bottle which is pink with ’50 shine and be fabulous’ printed on it. Inside there are battery-powered LED lights which will make it glow with a soft light which also gives a starry effect. The bottle has a gift tag tied around the neck which means that you can write a personal message on it.

A cute accessory can make a really big difference when you give a gift and you may like this one. It is a wooden heart with a hanging cord on it which can be hung around the neck of a bottle or attached to a parcel to make present special. It says on it ‘you’re not 50 you’re 21 with 29 years experience’. The text is blue and yellow printed onto FSC certified wood.

Tatty Teddies are really cute and lots of people really like them. This one is a traditional one which is grey with a blue nose but it is holding the number ‘50’ which is made from gold fabric. This means that it is a great gift for someone that likes teddies and who is celebrating their 50th. It is an official Me to You product and comes on a cardboard base.

Games can be great fun because they can bring everyone together of all ages. This one is specially designed for a 50th birthday as the questions all relate to the number 50. However, it is designed for all of the family to enjoy. There are cards in the box with multiple choice questions on and this means that it can be easily played by everyone whatever age and even during a video call.

Photos are something that many people treasure and having a nice frame to put them in means that they can be displayed. This frame is a satin silver colour and says ‘Happy 50th Birthday at the bottom with some stars. Above is a space to take a 5 x 3.5 landscape sized photo. The back slides off easily to put a photo inside and you can choose to pop one in or leave it for them to choose one.

Many people enjoy a drink to celebrate their birthday. This tumbler can be a great way to do so as it is suitable for all types of drinks whether they are soft drinks or alcoholic. It is 17oz in size and is a stemless tumbler. On it is a foiled gold and black print which reads ‘Cheers to 50 years’ and there are dots around the words. It is dishwasher safe and the print will not fade or wash off.

If the person you are buying for likes jewellery then this charm could make a great gift. It is suitable for putting on a necklace chain or charm bracelet and has a pendant with the number 50 on it hanging off a hoop bead. It is sterling silver and has cubic zirconium embellishments on it so that it will sparkle in the light. It is 0.063 x 0.378 x 0.382 inches in size.

A makeup bag can be a very handy gift for keeping cosmetics and toiletries tidy or for carry them around. This one makes a statement as it says ’50 and fabulous’ on it with a picture of a crown. The bag is made from 100% cotton canvas and it is durable and feels high quality. It is 9 x 7 inches and 2.6 inches in depth and has a heavy-duty zipper.

A poster could make an interesting keepsake present. This one is white with black print so it stands out and it says ‘You have been loved 50 years that is 600 months, 2609 weeks, 18262 days, 438,291 hours, 26,297,460 minutes and counting’. It is 11 x 14 inches and printed on thick cardstock and can therefore be hung as a poster or framed. It is a nice sentimental piece without being too over the top.

Bracelets can make great gifts and this one is unusual as well. It has beads on it which spell out fifty in morse code. The beads are circular and tubes to represent dots and dashes. It comes on a card in a gift box which explains that it is morse code. The beads are sterling silver and come on a black cord which can be altered to fit most wrist sizes.

If the person you are buying for enjoys gin then they may really like this long-stemmed glass, It has ’50 let the party beGIN’ printed on it with a fancy design. It comes in a gift box as well, with a see-through panel which shows the printing on the glass through it. It makes a fun gift which will also be useful and it could be used for other drinks as well as gin.

Jewellery makes a good gift and this sterling silver necklace has been designed specifically as a 50th birthday gift. It has 5 rings on it one for each decade It comes in a gift box on a pretty card which says ‘Happy 50th Birthday five rings…one for each fabulous decades’. The chain is delicate and it is 17 inches with an extra 2 inches available to make it longer if needed.

Celebrating a milestone can often be celebrated with a drink. This means that buying a glass to have the drink in can be a good idea. This champagne flute has ’50 woooo’ printed on it with a dot pattern all over it. It also has a gold-coloured stem and base and gold writing with black dots. It makes it really stand out.  It is 250mm tall, 70mm wide and 70mm deep and comes in a gift box.

Socks can be a handy gift to give and these pink socks would make quite a statement. They have ‘not everyone looks this good at 50’ printed on the outside of the leg. They are size 4-7 so should fit most women and they are made from a cotton blend so they are soft to wear but have some stretch as well. They are machine washable too so convenient to keep clean.

Slippers are something that many women wear and these will make them feel very special. They are white slip-ons with open toe and heel. On the tops, they say ’50 & fabulous’ and it is written with a silver sparkly effect. They have a velour fabric outside which is soft to the touch and comfortable on the feet. They are medium width with a flat heel so will be comfortable to wear.

Keychains can make good gifts as they can be handy to put with keys and they also can be used as a bag charm or kept and treasured. This one has three pendants on it. One is a red wine glass, one a birthday cake with ‘happy birthday’ on it and the other is a round silver pendant with ’50 and fabulous’ written on it. They are made from stainless steel so are silver in colour and shiny.

If you are looking for a unique gift then you may have found it here This novelty survival gift in a can has a selection of small items which are all useful to cope with a 50th birthday. They come with a card which explains the significance of each of the items and why it will help them to celebrate in style. The tin is 10 x 6 cm in size and comes in a choice of five colours.

A birthday badge can be a fun thing to give to someone when they reach a milestone birthday. This one is white with ‘50’ on it in a rose gold colour with some confetti in the background. It is 3 inches in diameter and will stand out against dark clothing. It has a pin on the back to keep it attached to a jacket, jumper, hat, scarf, bag or other item.

It can be useful to have a photo album for a milestone birthday so that pictures that were taken on the big day can be kept in it. This album could be ideal as it has ‘50th happy birthday’ on a silver coloured plaque on the front of it. It is white in colour so looks smart and elegant. It measures 7.5 x 7 inches and holds 60 6 x 4-inch photos. There are three lines under each photo to write a caption.

An apron can be a handy gift and this one is great for someone that is good at cooking. It says on it ‘It’s been 50 years in the making to get this good at baking’ with a picture of two hands holding whisks. It is black with white writing and made from 100% cotton. It is 78cm long and has an adjustable neck loop and a tie waist belt so that it can fit most sizes of waist.

It can be fun to buy a hanging plaque to display in the home or to put on a gift. The one is 10cm squared so small enough to hang around the neck of a bottle or attach to a gift and can be kept and hung up. It says on it ‘It took 50 years to look this good’ on it. It is made from wood and has some twine threaded through it so that it can easily be hung up or over something.

Scented candles are something which many people like and this is a special box with three of them. Each candle is in a tin and they have different fragrances of pink peony pamper, plush berries and sweet pea sensation. The tins and gift box look really pretty and the box is tied with a ribbon so you do not even need to wrap it up. The box is 20 x 8 x 6cm.

When you buy someone a bottle for their birthday you may want something to make it look more special. This wooden gift box could work really well. It says on it ‘1971 vintage year happy 50th birthday aged to perfection’. The box has a hinged lid and fits a standard bottle. The bottom half of the box is stain lined so it looks great with a bottle nestled inside it.

Many people drink wine but they will not always finish the whole bottle. To keep the wine fresh, it needs a stopper and this could therefore be a useful gift. It is a metal stopper which is high quality and has a walnut wood insert engraved with ‘Happy 50th Birthday’. The wood is sustainably sourced and hand finished with wood oils to bring out the colour and grain so it looks really good. It comes in a gift box.

Engraving an item can make it feel a lot more special and so this compact mirror could be just the gift you are looking for. It is round and engraved on the top it says ‘50th birthday’ and has four butterflies flying around. When opened there is a mirror on each side. It is 6 x 6 x 1.6cm in size so fits nicely in a bag or pocket. It comes in a gift bag.

A charm can be a great gift and this one is heart-shaped and opens out to reveal another heart with 50th on it. It is made from sterling silver and on the outside of one side of the heart there are pink cubic zirconia gemstones. The charm fits on a Pandora Moments snake chain or any other similar-sized bracelet or it could otherwise be used on a necklace.

A kimono robe can make a really lovely gift and these come in a selection of colours and patterns. It is lightweight and loose-fitting so great for warmer weather. It is has a V-neck, comes with a matching belt and has inside ties too and loose flowing sleeves. It can be used instead of a dressing gown or for other uses. It is made from rayon and is machine washable so easy to keep clean.

If the person you buy for likes whimsical ornaments then they may enjoy this forever rose in an angel glass figurine which is 10.5cm high. It comes in a choice of colours and styles so you can pick the right flower that will be kept clean and preserved for about five years inside the special angel figure which is made of glass. It comes in a white gift box which looks very elegant.

It can be a lovely treat for someone to be able to pamper themselves on their birthday. If they cannot go to the spa then why not give them this Sanctuary set so they can spoil themselves at home. It contains a body scrub, body wash, liquid gold bath elixir, wet skin moisture miracle and heel balm. They all come in a pretty gift box which means that they are ready to give away.

A candle can be a lovely gift as it can be burned to create a relaxing environment or just enjoyed. This one comes in a glass and it says on the outside ‘wishing you a Happy 50th Birthday’ and there is a ribbon on it. The candle is ivory in colour and has a delicate vanilla fragrance. It is 75mm x 75mm x 75mm in size. It would make a lovely, cute gift.

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