50th Wedding Anniversary Presents

Updated on September 6th, 2021
By Louise
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A 50th wedding anniversary is very special as not everyone manages to reach this milestone. Many people like to have a big celebration and even if they do not, it can still be an opportunity to send them a lovely gift. It is not easy to know what to buy though, as a couple that has been married this long normally have everything that they need or want already. We have therefore put together a list of items that we feel they might like so that you will be able to get some inspiration and choose the right gift for them.

32 Gift Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

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A clock can be useful and this one is decorative as well. From the roman numerals to the black hands, the clear acrylic front and leafy pattern it looks great. It is also personalised with a message ‘Happy 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary’ above a picture of two gold wedding rings with names and date underneath. It is hard-wearing and will not scratch when it is being cleaned. Takes batteries and is 30cm in size.

Many couples enjoy their garden and this keepsake sundial could be something that would look good in most gardens. It says on it ‘Happy Anniversary 50 wonderful years together 1971-2021 Golden Wedding Anniversary’. The lettering is in a gold colour on a black background. There is the option of choosing personalised text and you can even order a pedestal stand for it. It is made from cast, recycled brass. It is 6 ¼ inches in diameter.

Flower pots can make lovely gifts, especially if you pop a plant in it before giving it. This one can be personalised as there is a heart-shaped photo frame in it. It is really special to put a photo of the couple in it. It also says ‘Happy Anniversary’ and states 50 years in hours, minutes and seconds. It is 16cm in diameter and 14cm high and the printed area has a gold coloured background.

If the couple has a fun sense of humour then they may enjoy this pair of mugs. Not only are they useful but they are fun as they say on them ’50 years of being Mr right’ on one and ’50 years of being Mrs always right’ on the other one. The mugs are cream coloured and made of ceramic and they measure 10 x 10 x 7cm and come in a gift box.

Ornamental items can make great gifts and this clock could be a useful item to have. It has a very clear black and white display which is set in an egg-shaped, mirrored setting which is ornately decorated with roses and says ‘50th Anniversary’ on it. It is freestanding to go on a shelf or desk and measures 17 x 13cm in size. Takes one battery and comes in a white gift box.

A gold ornament can be a fitting gift for a golden wedding anniversary present. This is a ring which says ‘50th Anniversary’ on it and has two hearts hanging in the middle with crystals in the centre of them. It is 3 x 7 x 9 cm and has a felt base so it can be easily displayed on a shelf without scratching it. It is made from chrome-plated metal and the crystals and gold coloured Swarovski ones.

A couple ornament can be fitting for any occasion and this romantic figurine is lovely for a golden wedding celebration. The couple is sitting together and embracing. The ornament is made of resin and measures 7.6 x 3.8 x 15.2cm in size and is ready to stand on a shelf or desk. It is hand-painted in delicate earth tones. The figures are cast from moulds made from wooden carvings by Susan Lordi.

A rose can be a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary and this plated one will last forever. It has ‘50th Anniversary’ at the bottom and a holden Swarovski crystal in the centre. It is 4 x 4 x 9 cm in size. The flower is silver plated so the golden crystal stands out. It comes in a presentation gift box so is ready to hand over or to send directly.

Sienna Glass has made this special bauble to celebrate 50 years of marriage. It is handcrafted from glass and has a golden colour to it. It is 10cm in diameter and has a hanging ribbon. The idea is to hand it from a curtain pole or buy a frame to hang it from and place it on a window sill so that it catches the light. It comes in a branded box.

Photo frames make good gifts as it gives the recipient an opportunity to choose a photo to place inside it to bring back happy memories. This frame has two oval spaces in it in for photographs. One says under it ‘Our Wedding Day’ and the other says ‘Our Golden Anniversary’. The frame is also decorated with birds, bells and ribbons. It is silver plated and has a two-tone silver colour.

Keepsake gifts can be a great idea for a 50th anniversary. This tea light holder is made from glass and is square in shape. It has a sparkly gold heart on the front of it which says ’50 anniversary’ on it. It measures 10 x 10 x 6 in size so is cute and would easily fit on a shelf or table. It is a simple design that will fit in with any household décor and will celebrate the important milestone.

Family themed items can be really special and this family tree framed print can be personalised. It has a golden tree in the middle and then a golden wedding anniversary wish at the bottom with names and dates. Above the tree are 3D butterflies and they can represent family members as their names can be put underneath so could include children and/or grandchildren up to 20.  Measures 23.2 x 23.2 x 3.6cm.

If you are making a cake to celebrate a 50th anniversary then this cake topper will be really useful. It is made from glittery golden paper which measures 3.3 x 6.3 inches in size. It has a long stick so that it can be easily placed into the complete cake or on the top of a pile of cupcakes or dessert. It will make for an impressive finishing touch to a cake to celebrate a very special occasion.

A commemorative coin makes an interesting and original gift idea for a wedding anniversary. The coin is gold in colour and has different messages printed on each side. One says ‘For you on our golden wedding anniversary 50 years together’ with some ornate hearts. On the other side, it says ’50 years’ and then how many decades, months, weeks, days and minutes that has been. Great for one of the couple to give to the other.

Cushion covers can be an interesting and original way to celebrate and this white cover is printed with a message in gold, It can be personalised with a name and the date with ‘Golden Wedding Anniversary’ on it and has a swirly floral crest pattern on it. It is made with woven polyester and has an infill pad as well. It measures 46 square centimetres. Will look good on a bed or sofa.

If the couple celebrating has a sweet tooth, then this section of sweets could make a great gift idea. They are 16 small packets of love heart sweets which are wrapped in gold foil with a label that says ‘50th anniversary’ on them. They come in other sized packs as well so If they are having a party they may want more but if it is just them celebrating then they may want less.

A gift with a gold theme can work well for a golden wedding anniversary gift. This vase, for example, has a gold leaf design. It is square in shape and is made from hand-blown glass. The design is of leaf tendrils which are gold. It is 22.5cm in size and therefore is great for a rosebud or small bunch of flowers such as freesias or left empty as a decorative stand-alone piece.

Personalised gifts can be special and this coaster has ‘celebration limited edition’ at the top with a crown. Then names can be added and below it says ’50 years’ with the ‘0’ having interlocked gold wedding rings and 1971-2021 underneath. It has a gold border and a white leaf patterned background. It is wooden backed so durable and has a glossy finish so that it can be wiped clean. It is 90 x 90 mm in size.

You may feel that reaching a 50th anniversary is worthy of receiving an award and if this is the case you will be pleased to know that you can do this. This is a cut-glass award it an octagonal shape and can be personalised with an engraving with names and date as well as who it is from. The award is 12cm x 12cm in size and comes with a glass stand. It comes in a gift box.

Photo albums can be great gifts as people can fill them with pictures and produce a memory book for their special occasion. This book is white and has ‘golden anniversary’ on the front in gold and a jewelled heart stuck on above it. Inside there is space for 50 photos with slip in places for pictures that are 6 x 4 inches in size. There is a blank page for notes.

This personalised teapot can make a lovely gift. It says on it ‘Celebrating your golden anniversary’ with a date and name underneath. It is white so the bold black writing and gold decorations will stand out. It is 9 x 10 x 20cm in size and so will be big enough to brew tea for two people but could also be used as a display item if they prefer not to use it.

Many people will enjoy celebrating their anniversary with some bubbly. It can therefore be great to give them some special glasses like these to drink it out of. This pair of Dartington Crystal flutes will be really special. They are gold tinted with Swarovski crystal elements so they look really pretty and special. They are long-stemmed and elegant at 260mm high and come together in a gift box.

Horseshoes are well known to bring luck and good fortune and so this keepsake one could be a welcome gift. It says ‘Mum & Dad’ on it with a personalised date at the bottom. It is made of acrylic with a gold mirrored finish to it. It has a gold ribbon on it so that it can be hung up. It is 120mm wide and 129mm high and 3mm thick and the message can be changed if required.

Golden coloured gifts are always appropriate for a golden wedding anniversary present. This 24k golden rose makes for an interesting gift. It is a plastic rose and stem which has been dipped in gold foil and then plated. It will therefore be everlasting, unlike real flowers. It is 8 x 8 x 24cm in size and comes in an elegant purple gift box. It will really stand out in a simple vase.

A rose is a symbol of love and this means that any rose gift can be a very special item for an anniversary. This gift is a galaxy rose gift which is made from crystals and is in a glass dome. It has glowing Led lights which creates a romantic glow from the globe. It runs on batteries and has a switch on the base. It will create a warming and welcoming light.

Word art prints can be really special and this one has two love birds on it with two names displayed. It can be customised to work for any anniversary with words and phrases relevant to this and to the couple. It is printed on photo paper and comes in an 8 x 10 inch aluminium photo frame. It will make a unique gift that no one else will have and therefore a great way to celebrate an important milestone.

Bottles of bubbly are fun to give as presents for important occasions and what way to make it more special than to present it in a wooden gift box. This one can be personalised on the lid with names, an occasion or message so it becomes a keepsake. It is made of oak and stained and has a hinged lid with a metal clip on it and will make a useful box for putting things in afterwards.

Funny gifts can be a great idea for a couple with a good sense of humour. This is a survival kit in a can ha been specially picked for an anniversary. It is a small can filled with tiny items and there is a card with it to explain the significance of each of the items. There are five different tin colours to choose from and they are 10 x 6cm in size.

A print can make a long-lasting gift and this one is really interesting. It is in the shape of a vinyl record and in the middle space for a personal message and printed in a circle on the black part are the song words of the song of your choice. It is printed on 230gsm white photo paper which is 32 x 32cm in size and there are options to have it framed as well.

Plants can be a lovely gift as they fill a house with greenery and they last a long time. This one is a Golden Wedding peace lily. These plants help to purify the air and they also have shiny green leaves and elegant white flowers. This plant comes potted and with a label that has care instructions. It also has a gift card so you can write on a message.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this photo frame not only says ‘50th Anniversary’ at the top but it has a stainless steel plate on the bottom which can be engraved with a personal message. The frame is 25 x 20cm in size and holds a 5 x 7 inch photo and is mirrored on the edges with a jewel crystal border in a gold colour. It comes in a silver coloured gift box.

Candles can make a great gift and this one is in a glass that can be personalised with the number of years they have been married, their name and who it is from. The candle has a 35 hour burn time and is white. The holder measures 90 x 890mm and the candle is unscented. It can be enjoyed and burned or just kept as it is to display as a keepsake. Comes in a quality presentation box.

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