5th Wedding Anniversary Presents

Updated on September 13th, 2021
By Eve
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A 5th wedding anniversary is a lovely occasion to celebrate. It may not be a milestone year, but the wood anniversary is still a nice one to remember. If you want to buy a gift, then you may find it difficult though as you may not be sure what sort of item will be appropriate. We, therefore, decided to help out and have put together a list of items that we think will be suitable for this occasion. They vary a lot, which means that you should be able to find something that will work well to celebrate this occasion.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Coasters can be useful gifts to give as they will protect the surfaces that they are on from heat or cold. This set of two wooden coasters have an oak veneer and are particularly suitable for a wood anniversary and they can be personalised with the couples name and year of marriage. They are 9 x 9 x 0.3cm in size and therefore just the right size for a mug or glass.

Cards can be a lovely way to send a message to someone and this is an elegant white card with gold on it. It says ‘5 years together wood symbolises strength wisdom love’. It has a wooden heart on it as well. Inside it just says ‘Happy Anniversary’, so there is plenty of room for you to write your own message. The card is 127mm x 178mm and it comes with an envelope.

Customised gifts can be really touching and this wooden jewellery organiser box can be a great gift. It can have any name and personal message on the lid underneath a metal banner which says ‘wedding anniversary’ on it. Inside the box is an internal mirror in the lid and there are sections for different items as well as a drawer in the bottom. It measures 18 x 14 x 11cm in size.

Humorous gifts can suit some people and this t-shirt says ‘5 years in and I haven’t killed him’ and will appeal to those with a good sense of humour. It is available in fits for men and women and various sizes as well as a choice of colours. It is short-sleeved with a round neck and has a classic fit. Is easy to keep clean as it is machine washable.

For the wooden anniversary, this wooden keyring could be a lovely gesture for a wife or husband to gift their spouse. It is circular shape and has been engraved with ‘I love you to the moon and back 5th wedding anniversary’. It has a moon and stars design on it as well. It is 40 x 5 x 40mm in size and will look good with keys or make a nice bag charm or collectable keepsake.

A couple that wants some new ideas for their date nights will enjoy these dice. They are metal dice and silver in colour and really shiny so that they look really special and on each face is a different activity. They come with instructions on how to use them which says ‘5th anniversary’ on it. They are packed in wooden straw with a velvet gift bag so ready to give away.

Wood items are just right for a 5th wedding anniversary. This wooden ornament is sentimental as well because it has all sorts of things engraved on it about a 5th wedding anniversary. It includes a picture of a couple and the words ‘cherish each other every day’, ‘adore’, ‘five years together’, kiss’ and ‘smile’. It Is 27 x 145 x 145m in size and made from solid beech and is free-standing.

Notebooks are really handy and this one is black with ‘5th wedding anniversary’ on it and a couple on it. It is 6 x 9 inches in size so is easily portable and has 120 pages which are lined. The paper is good enough quality to use with ink, pencil or gel pens. It can be used for a diary or journal, lists and planning or just as a general notebook.

Keyrings can be a useful gift and this is a pair in black which have been specially designed to give as a 5th-anniversary gift. One says ‘five years down’ and the other says ‘forever to go’. They are shaped like jigsaw pieces and fit together. Each keyring also has a second pendant which is small and round and has two hearts on. All the print is white so it really stands out.

Wood is the item traditionally bought for a 5th wedding anniversary so this wooden anniversary card would be a fitting gift. It has heart shapes cut out of it and inside there is a special message and picture for a husband on your anniversary with plenty of room to write your own message too. It is 5.9 x 4.3 x 0.2 inches in size and comes with a red envelope.

It may not seem romantic but if your spouse keeps losing their specs then this wooden spectacle holder could make a great anniversary present, especially for the 5th year as wood is the traditional gift for that year. The glasses holder is 12.5cm and shaped like a nose to create an amusing sculpture when the glasses are on it. It is made from durable Indian rosewood which has a rich hue and has been smoothed and polished for a lovely finish.

A wooden music box could be a lovely gift to give for a 5th-anniversary present. This one plays ‘You are my Sunshine’ when it is hand-cranked. The box is ornate and inside the lid, there is an engraving which says ‘To my gorgeous wife I loved you then I love you still Always have always will’ with a picture of rings, hearts and an arrow. There is also an alternative option of a box with just ‘you are my sunshine’ engraved.

Wooden spoons may not seem that romantic but this one can be personalised. It has a heart and swirl design on the back of the handle and it can be engraved on the handle with a message of your choice, so names or anniversary greetings or both. It is made from sustainably sourced solid beech wood and has a hole in the end of the handle to hang it up.

Romance is always a nice theme for a gift for a wedding anniversary and this wooden card is certainly that. It is laser cut with a design of two birds with a heard. At the bottom, there is a space to have names of your choice put on it and below it says ‘Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary’. The bottom of the card has slots in and there are some feet you can attach in them so that it is free-standing. You can write your message on the back easily in biro.

Wooden cards can be a great idea for a 5th wedding anniversary. This one is made of sustainable bamboo and it says ‘I love you’ on the bottom and has two heart shapes cut out of it with some red hearts as well. It is 6 x 4.3 inches in size and inside it has paper with hearts all over it with a heart shaped gap for you to write your message.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this wall clock can be useful as well. It can be printed with ‘Happy 5th Anniversary’ then names and a date under it. It has a picture of a tree in the middle above the writing to symbolise the wood anniversary. The face is white with black Roman numerals and black hands so it is really easy to tell the time. Has glass-like clear acrylic over the front.

These keyrings form a heart shape when joined together and can be personalised. They say a name on each of them with a date and at the bottom, they say ‘you complete me’. They are made from wood and laser engraved. They have an oak veneer so look really pretty and they are 8cm x 4cm in size. They come in an organza bag so are all ready for gifting to the lucky couple.

Plaques can make lovely keepsakes and this one has interlocking hearts and can be personalised with names and a date that are laser engraved on. It is a great gift idea for a 5th wedding anniversary as it is made of sustainable wood. It is A5 size and comes with sticky pads so that it can be stuck on the wall. There are other designs available too. Comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

Chopsticks might not come immediately to mind as an anniversary present but these wooden ones could be great for a 5th wedding anniversary. There are actually five pairs of 9-inch chopsticks in this set which are different colours and they are reusable. They have an ergonomic design to make them easy to use with a comfortable grip. They come in an elegant black box which will be lovely to present them in.

Clocks can make good gifts and they are useful and can also be decorative. This free-standing clock is set into a glass panel which is engraved. It says ‘5 wood anniversary’ on it and you can add a personal message underneath if you wish in between some swirled embellishments. It is clear optical glass and measures 11cm x 7cm in size. It comes in a black, silk-lined box.

Scrapbooks can be useful books to put in cards, photographs and other items that create memories. This scrapbook has a wooden cover and has a red heart design and says ‘five years, our story so far’ on it. It has recycled craft card paper inside and it has 26 pages to fill full of sentimental items. It is A5 size so should be big enough to fit everything you want in.

Wooden items are just right for a fifth wedding anniversary and this carved wooden keepsake box could really impress. It has a floral pattern on the lid and sides and a hinged lid with a red velvet interior. It is 10cm x 10cm x 7cm in size so it is really cute. The rosewood carving still stands out and it could be used to keep all sorts of trinkets, jewellery and collectables inside.

Although not wood, this Christmas tree ornament still makes for a very special gift. It is round with a snowflake design and has ‘5 years’ stamped on it. It has a red ribbon to hang it up and comes it a velvet bag so it is all ready to give away as a gift. It is a shiny silver colour so it will look really special on a Christmas tree or hung elsewhere in the home.

A personalised hammer is certainly no ordinary gift but it could be extremely useful. With its wooden handle, it could be ideal for a 5th wedding anniversary present. It is a 16oz claw hammer and it can be personalised with names, date, a message etc. The engraving is designed to last a long time and will never peel or fade, so will be a good memory every time it is used.

Hip flasks can be useful gifts and this one is made with stainless steel but has a wood effect vinyl wrap on it which says ‘5th Anniversary I still love you as much as the day we met’ on it. It is a 6oz size and would make a really different, interesting and relevant gift. It comes in a plain white box, so you can just tie a ribbon around it or it will be easy to wrap.

Wooden signs will be a great idea for the 5th wedding anniversary. This is a rustic one that can be personalised with up to five lines of text. It means that you can put on their names, the occasion, date and/or a personal message. You can get different shapes and sizes such as squares and hearts and so you can get exactly the right thing. You can even choose if you want a wooden indoor one or outdoor plastic one.

Heart-shaped items can be lovely to give and this wooden chopping board is made of the right material for a 5th wedding anniversary gift. It can also be personalised with the names of the couple. It is 28cm x 28cm in size and it is made from beech wood which is very durable. It can be used for chopping veggies or for serving food such as cheese or starters.

Keepsake gifts can be fun to give and this one can be framed and hung up. It is parchment style scroll with anniversary information on it. It is customised and will state things that happened on the day that the couple were married which means that it can be used for different anniversaries including the 5th year. It comes in a choice of designs. It is a very personal gift which comes at a budget price.

It is lovely to give a special anniversary card especially if it is for your daughter. This card is specially addressed ‘To a special Daughter and Son in Law on Your Anniversary’. It has a design of champagne roses and hearts. It is printed onto textured board which means that it is a good idea for a 5th anniversary as it is wood. It has an insert page inside with a sentimental poem.

Pens are always useful and as this is made from bamboo wood, it could work very well for a 5th-anniversary gift. It has a smooth rollerball nib which is gold in colour and a click-off cap. The pen comes in a bamboo case so it looks really special and it will also be easy to wrap up or you could just tie a ribbon around it and hand it over.

These keyrings are made from wood so great for a wedding anniversary gift after five years. They are jigsaw puzzle piece shaped and fit together. They will have the names of the couple engraved on them and also the date that they were married and have a heart design. They come in a cherry or maple wood colour so you can choose which you think will be the best for them.

If the couple that you are buying for likes ornaments then they may really like this cut glass gift. It is an engraved ornamental piece which can have the anniversary year, name and a short message on it for the couple. It is 12cm x 12cm in size and comes with a glass stand so that it can be displayed really easily. It comes in a red, silk lined gift box.

Flowerpots are always useful gifts to give and this one is a special one with a 5th wedding anniversary text on it explaining how many hours, minutes and seconds the couple has been married. There is also a space to slot in a photo of them so that it can be customised. It is a beige colour so looks a bit like wood as well. It is 16cm diameter and 14cm high and takes a 6 x 4 inch photo.

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