33 Gift Ideas for a 60th Birthday Female

Updated on February 12th, 2021
By Louise
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Sixty is the new forty, right? We have an array of gift suggestions to take the load off you trying to find the best gift for your loved one. A lot of customised gifts for that personal touch and a lot of celebratory drink related gifts. But we have also put forward suggestions which include a lamp, jewellery, novelty gifts, wall art, photo frames, soft furnishings, signs, candles, socks, slippers, a game, a mug and coaster and even a survival bag to get the birthday girl through the day. You will absolutely be able to find the perfect gift amongst our suggestions for your friend or family member to honour their special birthday.

60th Birthday Present Ideas for Her

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This stylish charm-based keyring will make a lovely gift. Made from a silver metal, the main piece has the text ’60 and fabulous,’ whilst the other two charms are an illustration of a glass of red wine and a cake with the words ‘Happy Birthday.’ This gift is also presented in a pretty soft material pouch. An unobtrusive size, this keyring is built to last.

This gorgeous box can be used to store all types of gorgeous things such as earrings or rings. Made from a silver-plated material, this box measures 8 cm long by 5 cm width with a depth of 3 cm. On the top of the box, you can personalise with your own message to your dear friend and family member up to a total of fifty letters, spaces, punctuation or numbers.

Everyone should have a salt lamp in their bedroom. Known for its restorative and healing qualities and its ability to cleanse the air whilst with the dimmer the lamp will also provide perfect night time lighting to fall asleep to. This orange lamp derives from salt originating in the Himalayans. There are three sizes available and this item comes delivered in a stylish looking presentation box.

For the rum drinker in your life, this glass can be personalised with the recipient’s name and their choice of rum to coke ratio in black type! Above the personalised section features an illustration of a skull and two swords again in black. This tumbler style glass comes in a black presentation box with see through front. This sturdy glass is great quality and will make on rum drinker incredibly happy.

Every Queen should have a tiara and this one is very pretty! This party pack includes the Tiara with the number ’60’ featured at the top with some swirls all in a diamante type material. At the back are two combs on either side so that the birthday girl can securely fix the tiara. A gorgeous black sash in soft material with the wording ’60 and fabulous’ in pink text, comes with this tiara.

This sparkly wine glass will go down a treat with the 60th Birthday girl especially with a bottle of her favourite vino as an accompaniment. The base of the glass is gold with a red-pink coloured flower head featured on it. Whilst the stem is gold with purple at the top of the stem adjoining another flower head in the red-pink colour. This glass is beautiful with the same quality and functionality as a ‘normal’ wine glass.

This sticker will fit perfectly on the bottle of wine you gift to your friend or family member who turns 60! the gold sticker, features the black text, ’60 How the f*** did that happen?’ This gift will put a smile on the birthday girl’s face along with a knowing look. The sticker measures twelve cm height and nine cm wide, so you’ll need to gift a standard sized bottle of wine. No miniatures!

This personalised wall art will make a really thoughtful and meaningful gift. In the shape of the numbers ‘6’ and ‘0,’ the expressions that most commonly relate to the birthday girl which may include, names of those dear to her, hobbies, animals and literally anything else will be featured is different sizes and colours. The size of this piece of art is thirty cm width by twenty-one cm height.

Just in case your fabulous sixty-year-old friend or family member wanted reminding of their age, this coaster can do this, not only in age but also, days, hours, minutes and seconds. In black type alongside ‘Happy Birthday, the rest of the text in in a gorgeous purple colour. This coaster is square measuring 90 millimetres by 90 millimetres and is made from a quality wood product.

This lovely neutral coloured square cushion can be personalised for the 60-year old’s birthday present. The personalisation can include, the name of the recipient, birthday age and date of birth by following the customisation instructions in the photos. Measuring 450 millimetres by 450 millimetres, the cushion is made using natural fibres and polyester. Great quality, this cushion will become a firm fixture on their sofa.

This cool sign will make a great little gift. With the words ‘if you haven’t grown up 60, you don’t have to,’ on the front of the sign. The background colour is grey, with most of the text in black aside from the ’60’ which is highlighted in red. This size of this plaque is 100 millimetres by 100 millimetres so will fill that little gap on their kitchen wall.

This truly beguiling travel tumbler is so pretty. In a gorgeous rose-pink colour with white text and illustrations on the front of the tumbler saying, ‘This Queen makes 60 looks fabulous,’ alongside a crown and lots of little hearts. On the back the wording ‘Hello Sixty’ and a crown. With an impressive capacity of 350 ml, this tumbler measure 11.5 cm tall with a diameter of 8 cm. This lovely gift comes in an attractive grey box.

Every woman should carry a compact mirror in their handbag, and this will make a lovely 60th birthday gift. With a grey metal material, one the front of the mirror are the words ’60th Birthday,’ with four butterflies depicted in a darker grey. Inside the compact are two mirrors, one on each side. The diameter of this compact mirror is six centimetres with a depth of just over one and a half centimetres.

This flower was once living but after an intensive and lengthy preservation process, this real rose will live forever, well, an exceptionally long time. The outline of the petals has a border made from a gold composite. This rose is twenty-eight centimetres long with a width of seven centimetres at the flower head. Presented in a beautiful presentation box this rose will make a romantic gift.

This classic sixpence dating back to ninety sixty-one is the same age as your 60-year-old friend or family member. On the outer box the following wording, ‘On your 60th Birthday,’ is depicted, whilst inside on a purple soft material, the sixpence sits alongside the wording ‘This little sixpence is the same age as you, may it bring you good luck in all that you do. Included with this gift is a card about the sixpence.

This stunning charm will fit a Pandora bracelet or necklace. Attached to the silver diamante charm, is a ’60’ pendant in the same material with another small gold heart outlined pendant. The whole charm measures just over two centimetres long with a width of just under one centimetre. Good quality, this charm comes in a gift soft material pouch. This very pretty charm will make a wonderful gift for the special lady in your life for her 60th birthday.

This beautiful, sweet smelling set of candles are such a lovely gift to give the 60-year-old on her birthday. Four candles are included in this set that not only smell divine but look gorgeous too. The scents included in this gift set are Black Cherry, Sweet Pea, Jasmine and Watermelon. The outer of the candles is a stylish floral design and are delivered in an elegant gift box.

This sophisticated cup and spoon set is exquisite. The glass cup is made of transparent glass with a gold handle with a blue rose at the top where it adjoins to the body of the cup and green flower at the bottom. Around the outside edge of the cup is a floral pattern of blue rose and green foliage. Whilst further up the cup a blue, yellow and diamante butterfly. This normal sized cup is perfect for all types of drinks throughout the day.

A wonderfully thoughtful gift, this metal coated bracelet has a diamante circular shaped add on. The presentation features a card with the words ‘A little 60th happy birthday’ above the bracelet along with the brand name. Below the bracelet are the words ‘this special bracelet is just to say have a very happy 60th birthday.’ Perhaps another feature of this bracelet for the recipient, is that there is nothing that refers to 60 on the bracelet!

This sparkly silver coloured photo frame will fit the standard photo size 10.2 cm height by 15.2 cm length. At the bottom of the frame are the words ‘Happy 60th.’ The back of the frame is black with four fasteners to fix the photo in place and a stand for putting the frame on a surface securely. A lovely touch with this photo frame could be for you to put a photo of the two of you together in the frame.

What lady does not enjoy a gin and tonic? This personalised gin glass will make a great addition to the birthday girl’s range of drinks glasses. The glass is nearly twenty cm high with a diameter of nearly eleven and a half cm. On the front of the glass, you can choose the name of the person, the occasion, and a message and you can even choose the font of the text.

This gorgeous fine china mug with a white base has a cute diamante heart on the front of and lots of gold coloured circles. The word ‘Glamorous at’ is depicted in gold under the heart, with the number ’60’ in black. The last text is at the bottom of the mug is gold and says ‘Happy Birthday.’ This gift comes in a lovely presentation box that features the same words as on the mug and more gold-coloured circles.

These hot pink socks will go down a treat!  On the side of the sock, you will find this text ‘not everything looks this good at 60.’ Made primarily from natural fibres these socks are available in women sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7. Good quality and comfy to wear, your friend, sister, mum, grandma or other 60 year old female in your life can wear these socks with pride.

This lovely little make up bag will make a handy travel bag or to keep all the beauty essentials together in the right place. The black text on the front of the bag makes reference to the age and how amazing that age is, of the recipient and headwear suitable for a Queen in gold. The base colour of the bag is white. The length of the bag is 23 cm and height just under 18 cm.

This lovely looking art work is featured in what looks like a photo frame. The word sixty is laid out in a Scrabble format with the words ‘sixty is only 15 in Scrabble’ below. Handcrafted and to give an idea of the size of the frame, the package is just under 24 cm wide, with a length of approximately 19 cm and a depth of just over four and a half cm.

These irresistible satin type slippers made are a must have! The slippers are white, and on the top of the right slipper in red diamantes is ’60,’ whilst on the left slipper is ‘& Fabulous. With a standard breadth, you can choose from sizes three to six and seven to nine. These slip-on slippers do not have a back so are easy to put on. These slippers are comfy and snug.

This multi-layered necklace will be loved by the 60th Birthday girl. Made from a silver type metal, the pendant consists of six attached rings to represent the sixtieth birthday. This necklace comes with a stunning presentation card featuring a red rose with the words ‘Especially for you,’ and a placard to display the necklace as a photo. The necklace comes in a pretty purple cloth pouch.

For the wine drinking sixty-year-old, this unusually shaped wine glass features the words ‘Cheers to 60 years’ in a mix of black and gold coloured text on the front of the glass. The width of the glass at its base is 7.4 cm and height 12 cm with a volume capacity of up to 483 ml. The gift is packaged in a white presentation box. This glass will make a lovely birthday present.

This interesting survival kit bag for the sixty-year-old would make a great add-on birthday present. Within the kit are items such as a candle, stickers, straw, pen, note pad, each with a meaning relevant to the sixty-year-old birthday. A list of the items and meaning are included on a pink backing card with white insert and the list of items and meanings in black text with three pink balloons.

This classy glass should be the glass your dear friend is supping fizz from on her special day. The glass has a type of gold-plated base and stem whilst the transparent cup past features a pretty pattern of what looks like gold and black leaves. In the centre of the glass the number ’60’ in written in black text. Of course, we are quite sure a bottle of Prosecco will make a welcome addition with this gorgeous gift.

This lovely bag for life is made from a rattan type Jute material and its square shape measures thirty cm length by width with a depth of 12 cm. On the front of the bag are the words, ‘Not everyone looks this good at 60,’ in a mixture of black and red text. Good quality, sturdy and presented well. This novelty yet useful gift will be perfect for taking out on small shopping trips.

Perfect for the sixtieth birthday party in person or via Zoom, this game will challenge the grey matter. Easy to play, expect to learn stuff! The theme of this game is of course ‘sixty,’ with included questions such as ‘A person in their sixties is known as a sexagenarian? ‘ We won’t ruin it by telling you the answer! There is a humongous one hundred and forty nine other questions!

This impressive bottle container for grape juice or drinks of the fizzy variety is made from natural timber products. Inside the box is a soft, expensive type fabric in grey which is fitted throughout the bottom part of the box. We should add that the wooden container does not include bottle when delivered to you but of course it may be when delivered to your sixty old friend or family member.

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