70th Birthday Present Ideas for a Lady

By Louise
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So if 60 is the new 40, that has to make 70 the new 50! A range of personalised and non personalised gifts feature in this compilation of gift suggestions for your friend, sister, aunt, mum or grandmother or friend who is coming up to their 70th birthday. We have suggested gifts to display, gifts to wear, gifts to smell, gifts to switch on, gifts to drink wine or coffee from, gifts to put your drink on and of course novelty gifts. We have lamps, jewellery, food stuffs from olive oil to confectionary, lamps and so much more. If you are looking for a gift for your loved one’s 70th birthday look no further.

33 Presents for a 70th Birthday Female

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This is a unique and special gift of a necklace featuring the recipient’s birth year which for the 70 year old lady is 1951. Made using a metal alloy, this silver-coloured chain measures 50 cm long. The pendant is a big heart that captures the year, with a smaller heart underneath the year. This necklace is packaged in beautiful grey soft cloth fabric bag and baby pink presentation box with the brand name and logo on the top of the box.

This beautiful photo frame is a thoughtful gift to give your loved one for their seventieth birthday. With a reflective glass type background. the frame is glittery with the number ’70’ at the bottom of the photo in sparkly silver text. The gap for the photo measures the standard size at just over fifteen centimetres high by just over ten centimetres wide. This gift also comes beautifully packaged in a neutrally coloured packaging.

A fabulous gift for the seventy-year-old foodie who knows their stuff. There are two types of exceptionally quality oils included in this set, a white truffle oil and a black truffle oil with each one containing 100 millilitres. Originating from the United Kingdom, these oils come in a tastefully packaged black box. The package measures 18 cm length by 16.89 cm width with a depth of 5.59 cm. millilitres

This pack of four sweet smelling candles feature a beautiful pattern on each one. Made using essential oil scents including Lavender, Winter Jasmin and Musk, and Lemon and Ginger Drizzle Cake plus one other surprise scent. These candles burn well and presented beautifully, the scents are strong but not overpowering. For perspective, the sizing of the packaging is 27 long by 15 cm wide with a depth of 8 cm.

A salt lamp is known for its many healing qualities and calming effects. The orange-coloured lamp comes with a lead that has an easy switch on and switch off button. You can choose from a very low light to a bright light. Aside from its traditional qualities it can also be used as a light overnight. You can choose from two different sizes, either 2 to 3 kilos or 5 to 7 kilos.

This gorgeous vase is made from quality glass type material and is sturdy and strong. On the front of the vase inside of the floral design, you can choose the words you want to make the gift personalised. Whether it is a recognition of the relationship you have with the recipient and/or of their birthday or some special words or even a poem. The two floral designs feature yellow, blue, red and purple flowerheads and two multi coloured butterflies.

This stylish and timeless pen made by the reputable brand Parker can be easily personalised. This blue ink pen is made from a traditional iron-based alloy and there is a replenishment ink included. There is help with personalisation with some guidance given with regards to font and style of letters. You can choose up to eighteen letters, numbers, and punctuation. This gift will be long-lasting and can be customised to make the gift even more special.

This sweet gift will take your seventy year old loved one back to their younger days! A massive selection of confectionary are included such as Drumsticks, Freshers, Parma Violets and Love Hearts to name just a few. Each packet of sweets are invidually and packaged in a brown cardboard box. A whopping one and quarter kilos of sweeties for them to get through.

This novelty gift is a coaster with a seventy-year-old birthday theme. The coaster is made from a natural timber product with a treated surface so it will not be phased by drink spillages. On the coaster are the words ‘Happy 70th Birthday’ in a mix of blue and black and a breakdown of their age into days, hours, minutes and seconds. This coaster measure ninety millimetres by ninety millimetres.

This lovely, handcrafted bracelet is made of a treated black material and a metal alloy of different shaped beads. The beads spell out ’70’ in Morse code. The black presentation box contains a greeting card, a list of the alphabet with corresponding Morse code and a piece of card that the bracelet is attached to with the words ‘Happy 70th Birthday.’ On the front of the box is the brand name and logo in gold text.

A stunning and customised candle, that will make a fabulous gift. The design of the candle container is a black base colour, with gold-coloured fireworks and a gold-coloured city scene. In the centre of the candle, you can customise with your own message, such as ‘Happy 70th Birthday with their name.’ The fragrance of this candle is divine with a fruity undertone. This candle will burn for over a day and a half.

An elegant clock that can be customised. Made from a timber product this neutrally coloured clock is apporoxmiately six inches high with a width of seven inches at the base of the clock and depth of just over one and half inches. The clock face is traditional using Roman numerals for the number. Around the clock face there is a gold coloured rim. Underneath is where you can write the message to your loved one. One AA battery is required for this clock.

This gorgeous cushion is a cream type of colour with a black floral design and black text for your personal message. Instructions of how to customise can be found in the photos within the product information. Measuring just under eighteen inches width and length you can easily clean this cushion as it comes with a zipper. This cushion will make your seventy-year loved one happy.

This incredibly pretty charm bracelet will be absolutely adored by your loved one. This metal covered bracelet features seven different charms such as a cupcake, two flowers, birthday cake and two cut glass designed charms. The last charm is the text ’70.’ This gift is presented in an exquisite cloth pouch and box. The length of this chain goes up to seven and a half inches.

This is a unique choice of present to gift the seventy-year-old for her birthday, but no less charming. From the outside it looks like any other book, but when switched on it turns into a light emitting soft rays of light in a range of colours. Made from a timber product, there is a device to change the settings and colours. It can also be pre-set to switch on at a time to suit.

This lovely glass will be your loved one’s favourite wine glass. It is so very pretty with a pink gold base and stem. A patterned design is featured on the cup part along with the words ’70 hooray’ on the face of the wine glass. This wine glass is packaged in a white and pink box with a see through top so that the recipient can immediately see the gift.

Another pretty wine glass with a notable difference or two. The shape of this wine glass is not traditional and is a tumbler style. The transparent wine glass has a gold type lip on the top of the wine glass. This wine glass has a massive five hundred and thirty millilitres capacity. All that you have to do is to customise the glass with the first initial of your loved one to be printed on the front of the wine glass alongside a floral design.

These uber cool and fun novelty stickers are perfect for decorating wine bottles. Within this set are four different patterns. The first is ‘Sip Sip Hooray, Happy 70th’ then ‘Seventy never looked this good,’ ’70 age improves with wine, Happy Birthday,’ and ’70 isnt old, if you’re a tree!’ Measuring 12.7 cm length by 10.2 cm width, these fun stickers are sure to put a smile on the birthday girl’s face!

A stunning jewellery box that can be personalised with a message of your choice. With a timeless design, this metal box has a pretty design of Roses on the top and sides of the box. Inside the box is a soft fabric insert. The measurements of the box are 13.1 cm long by 8.7 cm wide and a depth of 5.3 cm. You can choose the precious words you want displayed on the front of the box.

This tiara will most definitely make the seventy-year-old feel special on her birthday. The tiara features a floral design with the number ’70,’ right at the front of the tiara. Made from metal, the tiara is decorated using diamante pieces. There are fasteners included in the design to ensure your loved one doesn’t lose their crown. The length of the crown is approximately fourteen and a half cm.

This oriental styled cup is truly stunning and will make a marvellous 70th birthday gift. With a gold base and handle, the glass cup features a beautiful floral pattern of dark pink and light pink flowers with green stems and sequins. The butterfly is of the same design as the flowers. A lovely matching spoon completes this set. This gift is presently nicely but most importantly securely.

Scented candles can provide a great atmosphere in the home and this one will provide that as well as giving a birthday greeting as it says ‘happy 70th birthday’ on the outside of the tin. The tin is pretty as it is metallic with a smart looking white label with teal text. The candle itself is a Fresh White Linen scent and the tin is 7.6 x 6.5cm in size with a lid.

This shopping bag will be the Bag for Life choice of your loved one. Made from a rattan type material, this square bag measures just under twelve inches by twelve inches. The wording on the front of the bag says, ‘Not everyone looks this good at 70.’ All the writing is in black aside from the ‘at’ which is in red. There are two carry handles for comfortable carrying of the bag.

This stunning and delicate Rose will, unlike the real thing, last a lifetime! What a wonderful gift to give your loved one on their 70th birthday. A gift they can keep and treasure for evermore. This Rose was once growing in the soil but with careful and clever preservation techniques, this flower has once more been brought to life. With dainty gold plating on the edge of each petal and a gold plated stem, this truly will make a perfect 70th gift.

This gift will be given to the birthday girl from the heart. The two tone art work features the words and phrases that mean the most to the recipient within the structure of a ‘7’ and ‘0.’ This could be their partner, children, and grandchildren, their qualities such as kindness, what they enjoy doing in their spare time, countries they love etc the choices are endless. You can even choose the two-tone colours from a list of 16 choices.

The lucky recipient of these funky and striking hot pink socks will never lose their socks, not even one of them. These socks are available in one size only to fit shoe size four to seven. Made from primarily natural fibres these uber comfy socks will make a great add on or gimmicky gift for your loving friend, mum or grandma. The wording on the sock is ‘Not everyone looks this good at 70,’ in white text.

A perfect accompaniment to a bottle of quality wine or bottle of fizz that are of a standard shape. This box is made from a timber material with a soft fabric inner covering, to protect the bottle and keep it snug. On the front of this quality item are the year that the recipient was born with the words ‘Vintage Year,’ and then ‘Happy 70th Birthday,’ and ‘Aged to Perfection.’

This adorable figurine from the well-known range of Willow Tree. This particular figurine is called ‘Birthday Girl,’ featuring a young girl knelt down with both her hands in the air and her right hand clutching onto a balloon. In the balloon are the words, ‘Birthday Girl.’ As with all items in this range, the figurine is packaged carefully in a style brown box with a little card included.

What a wonderful wine glass for your loved one to drink their birthday drinks from. With a tall stem this wine glass is of a great design with a personalisation option where you can choose to have the recipient’s name engraved onto the glass along with the words ‘on your 70th birthday.’ The birthday lady needs this wine glass in their glass collection to mark her special day.

The cute keyring will add some colour and glamour to a set of keys. The key ring features three attachment that are like charms. One is a glass with red wine and another a birthday cake with candles and the words ‘Happy Birthday,’ whilst the last one is of solid material and has the words ’70 and fabulous’ with some swirls. This gift is presented in a soft fabric pouch.

This gift is the mug that the 70 year old birthday Queen should be drinking her birthday coffee from. A beautifully designed mug with the words ‘Fabulous at 70, Happy Birthday,’ on the front of the cup in gold coloured writing. Above the wording is a sparkly pave heart and around the top of the mug a gold coloured rim. This box comes delivered in standard packaging.

A gorgeous little trinket box for the seventieth birthday lady, could be used to store earrings, tablets, rings and will look beautiful on any dressing table. The trinket box is in the shape of a heart with the words ’70 Happy Birthday.’ Three kisses follow and a swirl design with hearts, in between the ’70’ and birthday message. To give an indication on size the package dimensions are 79 mm by 78 mm.

This precious necklace has seven rings to represent the seventieth birthday. The rings are in different colours and textures. The presentation card is exquisite, pink coloured with a floral design. The words ‘Happy 70th birthday’ and ‘six rings plus one gold ring for seven decades fabulous’ are typed onto the card. Alongside the necklace and presentation card is a gift card and gorgeous gift bag.

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