70th Birthday Gifts for Him

Updated on February 12th, 2021
By Louise
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Whether he is your Husband, Partner, Dad, Grandad, Uncle, Brother or a dear friend, his seventieth birthday needs special thought. Not always easy to buy for, we have compiled a list of birthday present suggestions to help you and to take the stress away from you. We have put forward a selection to appeal to the seventy-year-old man whatever their hobbies and likes such as bowling and cricket, drinking ale or wine to name just a few. There is also a selection of gifts that you can customise to ensure your gift marks the special day and is always remembered and to send your very best wishes to the recipient.

70th Birthday Present Ideas for a Man

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This seventy themed game will be a complete winner for the seventy year old birthday boy! Whether for the seventieth birthday party or just for fun at home, seventy-two cards are included with a seventieth based facts and of course information on how to play the game. This game comes packaged in a smart box with the following text: ’70 – The Game,’ and ‘Fun for seventieths,’ and lastly ‘specially made for 70th birthdays.’

This attractive artisan box for wine will complement any bottle of the good stuff that you gift the seventy-year-old in your life. Pre-personalised the wording on this box is ‘1951 vintage year; Happy 70th Birthday; Aged to perfection.’ The box is made from a timber product with soft fabric lining in the box to protect the glass bottle. A great gift to personalise your gift.

For the seventy-year-old gentleman who loves to cook or may even partake in creative activities such as painting. This black apron is made using natural fibres and has fabric fasteners. There is some personalised text on the front of the apron in white which says, ‘It took me 70 years to look this good,’ with an illustration of a thumbs up on either side of the text.

This coaster will make a great add on, novelty gift. The coaster is made from timber and is easy to keep clean due to the material used for the coaster. On the coaster there are the words ‘Happy 70th Birthday; You are now … but who’s counting.’ In the gaps is the age of the seventy old man in days, hours, minutes and seconds. A bit of fun for the seventieth birthday.

This is a brilliant gift for the seventy-year-old man with a sense of humour. This black T-shirt is also available in other colours, grey, white and yellow. On the front of the T-shirt is the text ‘I’m not 70, I’m 28 with 42 years experience.’ This very cool T-shirt is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large. The T-shirt is made completely from natural fibres.

A lovely cheerful mug to remind the seventy-year-old of their birthday. With a white base made from ceramic, this mug is busy with lots of celebratory words such as ‘Happy Birthday to you 70,’ and ‘Wishing you a wonderful day that’s perfect in every way.’ The text is in a mix of gold and black with some birthday styled artwork such as balloons and birthday cake.

One for the whiskey drinker, this gift suggestion is as much refined as elegant. This set comes in a wooden presentation box with the brand name on top of the box. Also included is a decadent container to drink the whiskey from, a protective table mat specifically made for drinks made using a quality stone material, stones in the same material as the coaster that are used like ice cubes but without compromising the whisky and a tong to manoeuvre the stones.

This artwork display will make a lovely gift for the seventy-year-old man. With an outer white frame and cream coloured inner frame, the word ‘seventy’ is spelt out using Scrabble formation on white background. Underneath are the words ‘Seventy is only 13 in Scrabble. This gift measures 25 cm length by 20 cm height with a depth of 5 cm. A lovely gift that can be unwrapped and displayed.

Slightly different to the other coaster we have suggested, this one is made from glass giving an elegance to this product. The words on the front, start with birthday wishes then go on to provide a breakdown of 70 years into different time units. The dimensions of this coaster are 13 cm by 11 cm with a depth of 1 cm. A lovely novelty gift that can be used on a daily basis by the birthday gentleman.

This is fabulous artwork gift for the seventy-year-old gentleman taking them back to the good ole’ days. This personalised gift really is heartfelt with the details including the recipients date of birth, place of birthday, day born, star sign and even cost of a stamp at the year of their birthday. Measuring thirty cm length by twenty one cm width, you can choose this item as it is or with a frame.

These really cool stickers for wine bottles aimed at the seventy-year-old gentleman will put a smile on his face. A novelty gift that includes four stickers with words and illustrations. Text includes ‘Seventy – Never looked this good,’ and ’70 – Age improves with wine – Happy Birthday.’ Each label measures 28 cm length by 23 cm width and are a perfect fit to replace the original label.

A helpful gift to help the seventy-year-old remember things that might otherwise get forgotten. The notebook contains a whopping one hundred sheets to record useful ‘to-do lists,’ ‘shopping lists,’ and maybe even a meal planner. The list and notes opportunities are endless. The front of the notepad is black with white text depicting ‘Vintage 1935, Aged to Perfection.’ Just make sure you remind your loved one not to write down personal information!

This bottle cooler is a thoughtful gift for the loved one who enjoys a beer at the end of the day. Perfect for those summer evenings or days, this bottle cooler is a popular novelty yet innovative gift. The cooler is black with the words ‘Damn, I make 70 look good.’ Made from soft and quality material this cooler will enhance the seventy-year old’s drinking experience.

One for the golfing fanatic who is due to turn seventy! This gift is designed to hold stationary items whilst on the front there is a device to tell the time. Also, included in this set are three tools for writing in different shades. The main part of this gift replicates a golf bag whereas the pens are shaped in the way that make them look like equipment for playing golf. This will make a great feature on the seventy-year old’s desk.

If you are looking for an extra special gift for the seventy-year-old in your life, look no further. This smart looking watch is produced by the well-known brand Fossil. The face of the watch features a traditional clock with additional three counters. This gift comes in a presentation metal box alongside the guarantee, a battery that is required to operate this watch and instructions.

This bottle opener can be personalised to include the name of the person you are gifting the opener and their age. The part that is held is made using a timber product whilst the part that has the opening device is made from metal. This device is a good size at fourteen centimetres long. A lovely gift to accompany the seventy-year-old with their first beer on their seventieth birthday.

Another catchy T-shirt for the avid cricketer or fan. This white T-shirt has black text ’70 Not Out,’ with an illustration of a cricketer with their bat waiting for the ball to be bowled. This T-shirt is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large. You can also choose to gift this T-shirt with a black background colour and a white illustration and text.

For the seventy-year-old who likes a sneaky roll-up or is even a regular smoker! This tin is made wholly from a shiny metal material and measures ten centimetres long by seven centimetres wide with a depth of two centimetres. There is room to store their papers and tobacco pouch securely and together reducing risk of loss. This item can be personalised with a personal message.

One for the Guinness drinker this set includes a glass and a classic bottle of Guinness. The glass features the Guinness logo and can be personalised with a birthday message. This set is presented beautifully in a gift container with a soft fabric liner to keep the item secure. The glass is eighteen centimetres tall and eight centimetres in width. A fantastic gift for the seventy year old in your life who enjoys a Guinness.

This gorgeous photo album will make an absolutely wonderful keepsake. Whether you choose to fill it up with photos that you know will be loved by your loved one or plan on spending time with them choosing photos whilst reminiscing, this gift will make the recipient very happy. One the front of the album are different phrases wishing the seventy-year-old a happy birthday in black and gold text with a white background.

If your loved one who is coming up to their seventieth birthday enjoys a whiskey, this is another gift to consider. With a two hundred and eighty five millilitre capacity this whiskey glass is made from crystalline type material and can be customised for that personal touch and to recognise the seventieth birthday. This gift comes in its own blue presentation box with a soft fabric lining in a different shade of blue.

A great looking and quality wallet is an item that will always be close to the seventy-year-old in your life. Made from a premium animal product, this wallet is available in a dark grey colour, or black or brown. There are different areas for keeping cards and notes and coins, secure and well organised. The length of the wallet is 115 millimetres with a width of 95 millimetres when closed.

This prestigious looking rollerball pen from the British brand Scriveiner. This pen is a black coloured metal type material with a gold finish and contains black ink. It comes in a lovely black presentation box with a foam type material where the pen sits. The presentation box also includes a refill and the warranty. You can also choose this pen in blue, green or red.

The sixpence is traditionally known as a good luck charm. A gift to remind the seventy-year-old of the good old days! You will receive this lucky sixpence that will be originate from any year from 1948 to 1961. This coin comes in a quirky presentation box with the words ’70’ and ‘Happy Birthday,’ featuring on the top of the box alongside a bright red birthday cake with balloons.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This bar of chocolate Galaxy milk chocolate has been repackaged in retro packaging with a customisation option meaning a personal message can appear on the packaging. With one hundred and ten grams of delicious chocolate this gift will be sure to make the seventy year old man happy, whether he chooses to share or not. This chocolate is suitable for vegetarians.

A lovely pocket watch and keepsake for the gentleman in your life who is a keen bowler or fan and who is turning seventy! Made from a silver metal type material the watch face is made from a gorgeous light coloured iridescent material. The traditional clock face features Roman numerals and comes in a presentation container. This pocket watch has a design of a bowler bowling his bowl with two bowlers onlooking.

This humorous and trendy T-shirt comes for the well-known brand ‘Old Guys Rule,’ which of course we know they do whether it’s our Dad, Grandad or other male relative or friend. This T-shirt is black with the brand name on the front. Underneath is an illustration of a shed with multicolour rays coming from it and the words ‘The dark side of the shed – Plank Floored!’ This top comes in multiple sizes to fit all shapes.

This superior wash bag will make a wonderful seventieth birthday present. This item comes in either a dark brown or light brown coloured quality material, that is vegan friendly. With multiple sections to separate different items this bag measures two hundred and eighty millimetres length by two hundred and twenty millimetres with a depth of one hundred and twenty millimetres.

The perfect gift for your seventy-year-old male relative or friend. These comfortable and soft cushioned slippers are available in a tan colour or black or grey. Whilst there is a lace these slippers can easily be slipped on and are available in Men’s UK sizes eight right through to thirteen. With a supportive and solid sole these slippers can be used inside and outside.

A perfect gift for the seventy-year old’s birthday featuring drinks and nibbles which could quite easily be lunch for this special day. In this set are 3 standard size specialist ales along with artisan cheese, foods to put cheese on, potato chips and a chutney. Thoughtfully packaged you can personalise the enclosed gift card which is helpful if you are unable to deliver to your loved one, yourself.

This hipflask can be customised for that personal touch. Made from a silver type material with a capacity of one hundred and seventy millilitres. The front of the flask has the words ‘Limited Edition’ with the year of birth of the recipient and then room for your personal message. Whether you gift this on its own or alongside a bottle of their favourite tipple, you will have one happy relative or friend.

A novelty gift with a special message to be displayed in a prime location in the birthday gentleman’s lounge. This plaque is made using a glassy type of material and features a base and display part. You can choose whatever lovely message you want to the trophy to display on the face of the plaque to mark the special day and year. Measuring just under six inches width by length.

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