34 Gifts for a 7th Wedding Anniversary

By Eve
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All wedding anniversaries should be special, especially to the couple themselves. Buying gifts can be a lovely way to celebrate. The seventh anniversary is considered to either be copper or wool and so you can choose which you feel will make the best gift. It can be a bit tricky to find something though as this is not a milestone anniversary it means that there are fewer gifts available. This is why we have put together a list to help you find something more easily. We have picked a range of items, some wool and some copper so you will be able to pick between them.

7th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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A necklace can be a lovely gift to buy as it should last and be a lovely keepsake as well as something that can be worn. This one has a pendant on it with seven intertwined rings to symbolise the seven years of marriage. It is on a chain and there are lots of options of lengths so you can pick the most appropriate. You can also choose the type of clasp that you would like as well.

Mugs can always be useful and this is a pair which say ‘7 years of being Mr Right’ and ‘7 years of being Mrs Always Right’ on them. The pair are both white with black handles, writing and rim but the number 7 is in a copper colour. The mugs are 9.5 x 8cm in size and are dishwasher proof so very convenient as well. They come in a gift box.

Roses symbolise love and so they can make lovely anniversary gifts. This one is a metal rose that has been hand forged in steel and it is copper stained which means that it is ideal for using for a 7th-anniversary present. It comes in a cardboard box with wood wool and wrapped in craft paper so is all ready to hand over. It will look good in a vase or just lying down on a shelf as a statement piece.

A cute card can be a lovely thing to give as an anniversary present. This one has two lambs holding hands with hearts between them with some flowers in front and a blue background. It says ‘7 years together! Happy wool anniversary!’ on it. It is 148 x 148mm in size and is blank inside for your own message. It is unusual to find a card as specific as this so it will be a lovely gesture.

It is common to celebrate an anniversary with a drink and this pair of copper champagne flutes means that a 7th wedding anniversary will be celebrated in style. They are made from hammered copper so look really interesting texture-wise and catch the light. They are lacquered though so they will not tarnish. They are 9.8 inches tall and the stem is brass with copper plating so heat from your hand does not go up to the drink.

Keyrings make cute gifts and this one is specially designed to celebrate a 7th wedding anniversary. It has a copper pendant which has ‘2.555 days happy 7th’ written on it. The pendant is 2 inches long and ½ inch wide with a ring attaching it to a large keyring. It makes a fun gift which could be used with keys or it could be used as a bag charm or just put away as a keepsake.

As the seventh anniversary is a wool one, then a cute sheep could make a suitable gift. This one is ceramic and has a woolly fleece. It is 10 x 12cm in size so very cute and looks lovely with a cartoon smiley face and bow. Only one is supplied so if you are buying for a couple, you might want to buy them one each to represent each of them!

Personalised gifts can be really thoughtful and this framed picture is simple but elegant. It has a copper heart in the middle and space above for the names of the couple. Underneath it says ‘Happy 7th Anniversary’ and then the anniversary date can go underneath that. It is in black text on white paper and the hammered copper heart really stands out in the middle. It is 20 x 20cm in size and has a mount and frame so is finished and ready to give away.

Choosing where to go on a date is not always easy, especially after seven years of marriage. These dice could be handy for just this as they have different date suggestions on them. The idea is that you roll one for a short date and two for a longer one. The dice are silver in colour and come in a wooden straw filled box and velvet gift bag. They come with directions on a card headed with 7th anniversary.

Copper gifts are ideal for a 7th wedding anniversary. These copper wine glasses look really good too. They have long stems so they look elegant and they are made from hammered copper so they have an interesting texture too. They are 11oz in size and 17.8 x 17.5 x 9.7cm in size and they are lacquered so they will not tarnish. They are pretty to use but also look good when they are displayed as well.

A copper gift set would be a great gift for a 7th wedding anniversary. This one has two copper cups with handles, a jigger and two copper straws. They are made from hammered copper so have a lovely texture and they also help to keep the drinks cool. They come in 16oz or 18oz sizes and packed in a gift box together with a bottle opener and a recipe booklet so they make a lovely gift.

A t-shirt can make a great gift because it is useful and can be worn a lot, this one also celebrates seven years as it says on it ‘Level 07 complete’ and has a picture of a games handset underneath. This is a short-sleeved t-shirt and it comes in fits and sizes suitable for men, women and children. It comes in a choice of different colours as well. It is machine washable so easy to look after.

Cufflinks can make a lovely keepsake gift and these are suitable for a 7th anniversary. They are made from hammered metal which gives an interesting effect and says on it in black ‘7th wedding anniversary’. They are round and the words go around the edge in a circle. They come in a presentation tin and are therefore they have something to be stored in when not being used and they are all ready to give away.

A copper bar is an unusual gift and this keyring has one on it and so will be something that will look different. It is 4cm long and 6mm wide and deep. It can be customised with a message stamped on it with 12 characters each side. You can choose what to put on there, perhaps a date anniversary wish, names or something else. It is hand stamped and machine tumble polished.

Pens are handy gifts and this one is a 3 in 1 pen tool which means it is even better and it is copper so a great 7th-anniversary gift. The pen has a built-in spirit level as well as a screwdriver and so it is handy for DIY projects. It measures 5.6 inches and writes in black ink. Would add an elegant touch to any desk and is a convenient and handy tool as well.

Fans of whisky will appreciate this 70cl bottle of malt Scotch whisky. It is a Copper Dog brand which makes it very fitting for a 7th wedding anniversary gift due to the mention of copper and it is also a coppery colour. It has a vanilla, chocolate and orange flavour and is a blended malt. It also has tones of spice and fruit so is a complex and interesting flavour.

Candles can bring romance to any room and so buying a couple of candle holders would seem very apt for a wedding anniversary gift. This pair of candleholders are copper inside and black outside which means that they really shine when there is a candle inside and have an elegant look. They are 7 x 7.5cm in size and therefore fit a tealight candle. Buying them as a pair means that the couple has one each.

Anything copper coloured could make a good gift for a 7th wedding anniversary. These matching salt and pepper mills have a copper coloured finish although they are made from stainless steel. They are electric and so they just need to be touched for them to work. A fun novelty and also makes it easier to get a good grind from your condiments. They are 23cm x 5.5cm and take batteries with a light to show the seasoning so you can easily see when it is running out.

Tumblers are a useful gift and these stainless steel ones look great, especially as they are copper coloured and have an etched design on them. The 305 stainless steel tumblers have a baroque style pattern on them. They are durable and will not break if dropped and they keep drinks really cool. They come in an elegant black gift box so they are ready to give away as a gift.

Photo frames make great gifts as they are a great way for people to display their precious photos. This one is copper plated and therefore is suitable for a 7th wedding anniversary gift. It is 27 x 22 x 1cm in size and takes 10 x8 inch photo although there are other sizes. The picture comes with a fold out stand so that it can be easily put on a desk or shelf.

Money clips can be a handy item to have and this one is copper and so great for a 7th wedding anniversary gift. It has a fun moustache hand stamped on it and it is 60mm x 25mm and 1mm thick. It has hammered edges to give an industrial look but it is also polished to give a good shine and has a coat of wax on it. Comes boxed and ready to give away.

This pretty copper flower would look lovely in any garden or on a balcony and doubles as a bee bath. It is flat with small dips in it so that water will accumulate after the rain and will provide places where bees can drink without there being so much water they will drown. It is 12 x 5 inches in size and it has been lacquered to protect the copper.

A pen can make a really useful gift and this one looks really lovely in its gift box. It is black and copper in colour and is a rollerball which writes in black ink. It is a solid and weighty pen which is a good weight to write with but comfortable to use as well. It would make a fitting 7th wedding anniversary gift due to the copper colouring but would also be a welcome and handy gift.

Reusable drinking straws are becoming a lot more popular as they are not so wasteful as plastic. This one is made from copper and not only does it look stylish but it would also make a great gift for the copper anniversary. It is made from 100% copper but covered in a food-grade lacquer to prevent it from tarnishing. It comes in a black box so easy to gift wrap.

Sixpences are known to be lucky and this one is designed to be given as a 7th wedding anniversary gift. It comes in an acrylic keepsake box which can be personalised. It has a heart on it with ‘7th wedding anniversary’ on it and it says ‘lucky sixpence’ and ‘woollen’ underneath it. At the top, there is room for you to have names put on it. The case is 50mm x 50mm and it can easily be opened to take out and inspect the sixpence.

T-shirts can be a handy item to have and this one is funny as well. It is short-sleeved and says on it ‘7 years in and I haven’t killed him yet’. It is available in sizes small – 3XL and in a selection of different colours. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and it washes easily in a washing machine.

A copper gift can be a thoughtful item to hive for a 7th wedding anniversary. This set of three lilies are made of copper and flame-coloured. They are hand made and are 34cm tall. They could be put into a vase inside but even put in the garden. They will really stand out with their flame orange colour and will look unique as they are hand made and therefore unusual.

A wallet insert can be a lovely way that a keepsake can be carried about all of the time. This is a copper one and it says on it ‘7 years, 84 months, 265 weeks and the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds on it. It has a hammered edge which gives it a pretty and rustic feel to it. You can also customise it by asking for initials and a heart to be stamped on it.

A t-shirt can be a handy gift to buy for a husband and this one is funny as well. It says on it ‘seven years of marriage and countless beers’ with a beer picture on it. These have short-sleeves and they come in sizes small – 3XL. It comes in a cotton and polyester mixed fabric which will be comfortable to wear and not stretch out of shape. It is also easy to clean as it is machine washable.

If the couple you are buying for like ornaments then they might appreciate this glass plaque. It can be customised with the couples name at the top and who it is from at the bottom. In the middle, it says ‘congratulations on your 7th wedding anniversary’ and has a picture of a ball of wool with knitting needles in it to show that it is a wool anniversary. It is 15 x 15cm in size and is professionally laser engraved.

If the person you are buying for plays a stringed instrument such as a guitar, banjo or ukulele then they might like this plectrum as a gift. It is copper in colour and therefore great for a 7th wedding anniversary. On it is stamped ‘I’ll always pick you’ with a little heart underneath. It will darken as it ages but can be cleaned with brass polish to keep it shining and looking like new.

A personalised card can be a lovely item to give as it shows that you are being really thoughtful. This white card has a copper coloured heart on it and says ‘Copper wedding anniversary at the top and 7 years at the bottom. There is also room to have names put on the front of it. It is 5 x 7 inches in size and the inside is blank, but you can choose a message if you wish.

Cushions can be useful and look good and this one can be given as a 7th-anniversary gift. It can be personalised and so has a 7 at the top and then says ‘Mr and Mrs [name] sharing the sofa for 7 years’ with a date below. It is white with black and grey writing. It is 45cm x 45cm and comes with an insert so is ready for them to put straight on the sofa.

A teddy can make a really cute gift. The teddy bear is brown and cute and is wearing a white t-shirt which really stands out from the brown body. The t-shirt says on it ‘Happy 7th Anniversary’ in black and has a red heart. The bear is 25 x 20 x 15 centimetres and has really soft fur and is therefore soft and cuddly.

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