80th Birthday Presents for Her

Updated on February 10th, 2021
By Louise
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We have compiled a diverse and incredible range of gifts for you to choose from whether you are acquiring a gift for your eighty-year-old mum, grandmother, sister, aunt or dear friend. You cannot go wrong choosing a gift from our suggestions. We have gifts for the glamourous eighty year old, heartfelt customised gifts, gifts to wear whether clothes or gorgeous jewellery, gifts to drink from whether alcohol based or first coffee of the day, gifts to hang up or display on the dresser, divinely scented gifts, elegant trinket boxes to put precious items, books to write in with even a pen suggestion too!

34 Gift Ideas for her 80th Birthday

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This uber cool shopping bag will add style to their shopping outfit. Be 80 and proud. The words on the front of the bag refer to how amazing the 80-year-old looks in comparison to other things that are 80 years old in a mix of red and black text. This bag will be a welcome accessory when popping out to the shops or going to the market to pick up a few things.

This gorgeous trinket box is the place where you will want to store the pretty little things that you have such as rings. This grey metal covered trinket box is seven centimetres in width and four centimetres in height. Inside the trinket box is cloth fabric lining. On the outside of the trinket box, the number ’80’ has been engraved. Easy to open for the dainty hands.

Wow! This multicoloured mug with blues, pinks, black and gold on a white background, will not fail to put a smile on the eighty-year-old on her birthday. The words on the front of the mug depict ‘Happy Birthday to you 80,’ ‘Happy 80th birthday,’ ‘Wishing you a fantastic day filled with fun and happiness, you deserve it.’ The words are surrounded by illustrations of butterflies, hearts and even a birthday cake.

A perfect gift for the perfect birthday cake for the eighty-year-old. This birthday cake topper features the words ‘Happy 80th Birthday,’ in stylish joined up gold coloured sparkly writing. For perspective, the height of the birthday cake topper is one hundred and eighty millimetres. This will bring life to the birthday cake whilst making the birthday girl feel special.

This stylish photo frame with a silver chrome like finish will make a lovely gift for the eighty-year-old. Under the area where the photo will be displayed are the words ‘Happy 80th Birthday,’ in black text using a mix of joined up and disjointed writing. The size of the photo that can be inserted into this frame is the slightly less than standard size of five inches length by three and half inches wide.

This amazing, trendy looking wall art in poster style will make a great aspect for the living room of the eight-year-old, friend or relative. The text is black and breaks down the age of the eighty-year-old into months, weeks, days, hours and minutes, with the words ‘and counting’ at the end. You can affix it to the wall for the purpose of the birthday or have it framed as a permanent fixture.

This cute keyring set is made from a grey metal composite. Coming off the main rings are three small rings each with a small charm attached. The first is glass to drink wine out of and in this case red wine, the second features words of how amazing it is to be eighty, whilst the last is the traditional cake to celebrate the birthday in a textured design. This item comes in a soft material pouch.

Wow these shocking pair of socks will never get lost but will also keep the eighty-year old’s tootsies warm and toasty. Made from a mix of fibres but primarily natural fibre, these socks are super easy to wash and snug to wear. On the side of these socks are words in white text say how splendid the birthday girl looks at eighty in comparison to other eighty-year olds.

This amazing and brightly coloured t-shirt will give the wow factor to the eighty-year-olds birthday celebrations. This T-shirt can be purchased in sizes eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen and eighteen. There are also nine other colour options in addition to the bright red, such as greens, greys, blues, pink, black and white. The text on the T-shirt says ‘Fit 80 and fabulous,’ in a white joined up writing style.

A gorgeous piece of jewellery for the birthday loved one to cherish. This necklace contains eight rings on the pendant with each ring representing one decade of the eighty-year-old lady’s life. The necklace and pendant are made using a silver alloy. The necklace is presented on a piece of coloured and illustrated card that is then placed in a grey stylishly designed box. This truly is a wonderful present to gift the eighty year old loved one.

A perfect place to keep their coffee mug or tea cup close. This coaster celebrates the eighty-year-olds birthday not just in years but also divisions of days, hours, minutes and seconds. With a mix of black and purple text on a white background. This novelty gift will bring a smile to the eighty-year old’s face, we are quite sure. This durable, long lasting gift has been made using quality materials.

A photo frame with a difference. This photo frame looking item is not a photo frame but actually some super cool artwork which will look perfect on the coffee table of the eighty-year-old. This art work features the letters used to create the word ‘eighty; and corresponding Scrabble values. Added up to make the message, ‘Eighty is only 13 in Scrabble.’ This lightly coloured frame with white background, cream letters and black text is stunning.

This cap is certain to keep the eighty-year-old down with the grandkids or to keep the sun off her face! In a navy or black base colour, the words ‘Not everyone looks this good at 80,’ are illustrated in a mix of white and yellow type on the front of the cap. The cap measures thirty cm length by nineteen cm width and twelve cm height and is made from cotton.

The gorgeous keepsake is gifted from the heart. This piece of art sits on a black background with a white base. You can choose from a variety of colours, such as blues, pinks and purple, and whether you prefer the one colour option or two tone colour option. You will also need to choose the words to fill the numbers ’80.’ This can be anything that is cherished by the eighty-year-old.

These scented candles definitely look good enough to eat and when received smell good enough to eat. With one fruit scented and two floral scented candles, each candle has pretty dolly mixture looking toppers. Each candle is contained in an absolutely stunning metallic styled container in various tones of pink with a gold coloured floral design. A beautiful presentaiton box finishes off this gorgeous gift.

Everyone should have a six pence piece for luck. This six pence can go back as far as ninety forty seven, and although used has been cleaned and tidied up with words engraved onto it. The coin in presented on a card which has the following words typed: ‘Happy 80th Birthday,’ and ‘A lucky sixpence is a gift just for you, is a traditionally symbol of good luck to always bring you luck in anything you do.’

A beautiful glass for that large red wine whilst curled up on the sofa watching TV or chatting with friends. This glass can be customised with, for example, the birthday girls name, their age and a message. You can not only choose the wording but also the font type and or choose to add clip art from the options given, such as a butterfly or different styled hearts.

This is a lovely squidgy cushion for the eighty-year-old lady in your life to snuggle up to when watching TV, reading or for that afternoon snooze on the sofa. Measuring just under forty six centimetres length and width, this is a sizeable cushion. You can customise this cushion to put personalised wording on the front of the cushion inside the floral design.

This cute little bracelet will make a lovely gift. Styled in Morse code this bracelet is displayed on a cork like presentation card with birthday greetings, description of the item and brand details. The actual Morse element of the bracelet is made from a silver composite whilst the fastening is in black and made from a natural fibre. A great way to celebrate this impressive birthday without giving the age away in public.

This gorgeous glass for bubbly of the birthday girl’s choice is a must have for that glass cabinet in the eighty year old’s home. This glass has the wording ‘Happy 80th Birthday,’ on the front alongside some outline of stars and filled black stars. The height of this glass is just over nine inches with a diameter of just over two inches. This gift is beautifully packaged in a grey box with fabric insert to keep the glass intact.

This is a truly fabulous present to gift your loved one who is turning eighty. Moreover, you can personalise this jewellery box with a choice of words up to fifty characters. The measurements for this jewellery trinket box are 80 millimetres long by 50 millimetres wide and a depth of 30 millimetres. Not only is this trinket box gorgeous but it is also beautifully and securely packaged.

This pretty coaster will make the loveliest place for the birthday girl to put her glass of birthday bubbly! Made from wood with a treated surface to ensure any spillages can be easily cleaned up, the front of this coaster has a gorgeous design. At the top is a birthday banner in blue with the words ‘Happy Birthday.’ Above is some multi coloured bunting. Finally the number ’70’ is featured in pink with space for your personal message.

A lovely looking gift jar which can be personalised on the top of the lid, with the recipient’s name and age. Hanging from the jar is a cute little heart with the words ‘Add your well wishes and messages to the wish jar.’ This is the ultimate present gifted straight from the heart. Whether for the eightieth birthday party or remotely sent and compiled by a loved one this is just the best birthday present ever.

This super classy pyjama or loungewear top dependant on the recipient’s preference will make a super gift. Available in either pink or ivory, this top has buttons down the front and features an imprint design of a rose on the top left, and is made from a soft synthetic fibre. This top is available in sizes ten to twelve, fourteen to sixteen, eighteen to twenty and twenty two to twenty four.

Perfect for the vintage feet that need extra warmth and snugness. This gorgeous easy to open up and put on, slippers are available in pink, red, black or grey but we have to say the pink ones are our favourite. With thick soles, these slippers can be used in the house and the garden. These slippers can also help support the foot easing some health issues with the foot. Practical, beautiful and comfortable equals a winning combination.

Whether you are buying a gift for your wife or partner, sister, aunty, mum or grandma or even a friend, this gift will be treasured for always. This beautiful rose, once alive has been through an extensive preservation process to capture its beauty. All parts of the rose have been gold plated whilst the petals and leaves maintain their natural colour. A truly wonderful gift.

This candle is white and quite large standing at four and half inches tall. The candle can burn up to nearly two days. Better still it can be customised for that personal touch, such as their name and a personal message. You do not even have to gift wrap this present as it has already been done for you in a lovely bag. A gift that can be used and cherished.

This exquisite glass cup is suitable for your morning coffee and what a cup to drink out of. In a daisy design the base and handle of this cup is brown with light and dark pink daisies coming off the handle and base. The height of the cup is twelve and a half centimetres with a diameter of thirteen centimetres (including the handle). And if that was not enough a matching spoon completes this set. True elegance at its best and a memorable gift.

This refined ball pen in silver is just one option. You can also choose from a black, blue or silver pen with a gold finish. This pen can be personalised with words and fonts with helpful instructions amongst the photos. This pen writes in black ink and is a high quality pen that is presented in a lovely gift box. Whether this pen will be used for doing crosswords, making notes or updating the diary it will make a lovely gift.

This gorgeous necklace is a mix of golds and Swarovski crystals with a stunning pink stone in a heart shape. The length of the chain is forty five centimetres but it can be extended up to fifty centimetres. The pendant is approximately the size of a pound coin. The necklace comes in a blue gift box. A truly wonderful gift that your loved one will wear with pride.

This gorgeous yet classic glass tea pot is embellished with beautiful blue rose and blue and yellow butterflies. The base and handle are gold coloured whilst the opener is in the shape and colour of a blue rose. You can also choose to order this teapot with six glass cups in the same design. Whether is it traditional black tea or a herbal tea, loose leaf or tea bags this is the only teapot you should choose.

For the active eighty-year-old with green fingers, this is lovely set of gardening tools. Included in this set are two different sizes trowels, a planter, water spray, gloves and other helpful aids and all presented in a useful gardening bag. This is a sturdy and quality set of tools. You cannot go wrong gifting this set whether it is to a full-on green fingers or someone who likes to potter in the garden.

This is an uber funny item to you gift your eighty-year-old friend or relative. The book is black with white writing on the front. The age of eighty is according to this book made up of thirty five years of how they look, thirty years of what age they feel and fifteen years of what age they act, which accumulatively totals ’80,’ which will no doubt please the eight-year-old on their birthday. There are fifty-five pages in the blank note book ready to be filled with shopping lists or to do lists.

Every pensioner needs this Guide! Traditionally known for their extensive car guides for car owners, these Haynes guide outlines everything the owner should know about the pensioner in their life. This guide with over forty pages, gives not only humorous but ‘advice’ on important parts of life. This novelty guide will provide its eighty-year-old owner with plenty of giggles.

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