33 Suitable Presents for an 80th Birthday

Updated on February 7th, 2021
By Louise
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When someone reaches their 80th birthday there is bound to be some sort of celebration. It is very likely that you will want to get some sort of gift as well but it is not easy to know what to choose. When someone reaches this age, they have got most of the things that they want and so you may wonder what you should get for them. We have come to the rescue with this list of items. There are different things, both practical items as well as funny ones and keepsakes as well. They are different prices so you should find something that will suit your budget.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Shopping bags can be extremely useful and this one is a strong 14-litre jute bag which has a fun message printed on it ‘Not everyone looks this good at 80’. It is 30 x 30 x 19cm in size and has 40cm handles which are really strong. It can be folded up for storage and has an open top so it is easy to pop things in. Can be used for groceries or other shopping or for storing things like craft items at home.

Mugs are very handy and this one has a lovely sentiment on it as well, which will cheer up the person using it. It says on it ‘Happy Birthday to you 80, Happy 80th Birthday wishing you a fantastic day filled with fun laughter and happiness you deserve it!’ It is white in colour with pink, blue and gold print on it and is made from ceramic. It comes in a matching presentation box.

An apron can be handy for all sorts of uses such and cooking, baking, crafting and barbecues as this one is fully machine washable so can be easily cleaned. It comes in black, red, pink or blue and says ‘It took me 80 years to look this good on it’. It is 33 inches in height and 23 inches wide but has a tie cord on the waist so that it can easily fit most people.

A picture can make a great gift that can be kept and enjoyed every day. This was is fun as it says ‘eighty’ spelt out in Scrabble tiles and underneath is written ‘eighty is only 13 in Scrabble’. It is a fun picture and it looks neat as it comes framed with a mount and is all ready to hang on the wall. It would be particularly good for Scrabble lovers.

Many people enjoy displaying photographs and they can do so easily with this frame which says ‘Happy 80th birthday’ on it. It is 5 x 3.5 inches in size and silver in colour. It takes 6 x 4 inch photograph and you can decide whether you want to put a photograph inside it or give it without one so the recipient can choose the photograph that they would like in it.

A novelty gift can be a lot of fun, such as this birthday survival kit. It is a small organza bag which contains a selection of small gifts. Each gift has a significance to the 80th birthday and there is a card attached which explains why it will be useful. It also comes with a keyring that has a birthday cake pendant on it. Ideal for the person that has everything.

Socks can be a great gift as they will be comfortable and warm and this pair are not only that but they are a pretty pink colour and have ‘not everyone looks this good at 80’ printed on the outside leg of each sock in a bold white colour. They are 4-7 so should fit most ladies feet and are machine washable so they are really easy to keep clean.

Trinket boxes can be a good gift to give those people that collect boxes or need somewhere to store small items. This one is silver plated with ‘80’ on the lid so it will also be a keepsake as well as useful. It is 70mm in diameter with a domed lid. It has soft touch velour inside so it keeps the items inside protected and they will not scratch. Comes in a simple, white gift box.

Baseball caps can be useful for keeping the sun out of the eyes and off the face. This one is a smart navy blue colour and has ‘not everyone looks this good at 80’ written on it. It has a size adjuster at the back so that it can fit most sizes of head. It is made from 100% cotton and has five panels with a small button on the top in the middle.

Anyone coming up to the age of eighty will have used sixpences when they were younger and they may even know that they are traditionally believed to be lucky. This one is provided in a 50 x 50mm collectors case and has a picture of a cake with ‘80’ on it with ‘lucky sixpence’ written underneath. It is nestled on a black cushion but can be removed if required. A collector’s item.

Necklaces can make great gifts and this one has been designed to be given for an 80th birthday. It has eight rings on it and each is to represent a decade. The necklace is attached to a pretty card which says on it ‘Happy 80th Birthday! Eight rings for eight fabulous decades’. It is made from sterling silver. It comes in a gift box with a polishing cloth and gift bag.

If you are looking for something special to decorate your gift with then this personalised acrylic gift tag will be of interest to you. It can be personalised using laser engraving with a message and who it is a to and from. It is made from clear acrylic and has a hole in so that you can thread a ribbon or cord through it to attach it to a gift.

Morse code is something that most eighty-year-olds will have heard of and they may appreciate this morse code bracelet. It has round and long silver beads on it which spell out the number 80. They come on a waxed cord which can be adjusted to fit different sizes of wrist. The bracelet is on a card which explains the morse code and it is in a gift box.

Keyrings can be a useful and fun gift to give. This one is a metal ring with two pendants on it. There is a small pendant which says ’80 & fabulous’ on it and a larger one which says ‘it took 80 years to become this awesome and almost perfect’. It comes in velvet cloth jewellery pouch so looks really good when you hand it over as a gift. They are made of stainless steel.

If it is your Mum that is celebrating her 80th birthday then this mug and coaster set could be a great gift for her. They are matching and have ‘Happy 80th Birthday Mum’ on them and a floral picture as well. The design is on both sides of the mug which is 9.5 x 8cm in size. The coaster is rigid MDF with a wipe-clean glossy finish. They come boxed.

80th birthdays are often celebrated with a drink and so having a new glass to drink out of could be a great gift. This glass is a champagne glass with a long stem and narrow body and has ‘Happy 80th Birthday’ on it with some stars underneath printed in a silver colour. It will make a lovely touch to the big day and will make a great keepsake as well.

A funny book can be a welcome gift, especially if someone is feeling a bit apprehensive about reaching the age of 80. This book is called ‘So you’re 80!’ and is a selection of charming cartoons and funny observations which will help the recipient to see the funny side of things. Things like ‘on the bright side, you can now lie back and take it east – just not so far back you can’t get up again!

A t-shirt can be a great gift for a person at any age. This short-sleeved black one says on it ‘it took me 80 years to look this good’ and is available in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it feels soft and it can also go in the washing machine so is easy to keep clean. It would make a fun and useful gift.

Many people enjoy a pint and the person you are buying for does then they may like this glass. It is no ordinary pint glass as it says on it ‘Happy 80th Birthday’ with some starts underneath. It will therefore be a great thing to use on the day but also a keepsake or reminder for afterwards. It comes in a grey presentation box so you will not even need to wrap it up!

If someone is having a party for their 80th birthday then this gift could be a great addition. It is a wooden stand up sign which says ‘80’ and it comes with a pen. The idea is that each guest will write a message or sign it so that the person then has a keepsake of the occasion. It is made from wood and could be used just by close family members too if a party is not being planned.

An eightieth birthday is likely to be an occasion to remember and keeping those memories can be a lovely thing to do. Therefore, this album can be very handy as it can be used for photos or as a scrapbook and the recipient could use it to put in their cards and photos. It has ‘80’ on the front with 20 pages and is A4 in size. More pages can be added if required.

A cushion cover can be handy and also make a room look pretty. This one can be personalised with a name and ’Happy 80th Birthday’ and it also has a floral design too. It is made from cotton and is 45 x 45cm in size so is a standard size. It has a zipper closure which is hidden so it is easy to put an insert inside which you could buy as well if you wish.

Coasters can be useful and this one is pretty and can be personalised as well. It says on it ‘Happy Birthday 80’ and there is space for a name of your choice and love from with another name. It is 9 x 9 cm and is high gloss so can easily be wiped clean. It has a wooden back so protects the surface it on from heat or cold without scratching it.

Notebooks can be handy for all sorts of things such as using as a journal, diary or for general notes. This one is fun as it says on the cover ‘look at you turning 80 and sh*t’ and the cover is black with unicorns on it. The book is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 120 pages of high-quality paper which is white and lined. Each page has a space to write the date and subject at the top.

Candles make useful and decorative gifts and this one is fun because you can put a personalised message on it. It is a white block candle that is 5.5 x 11.5cm in size and can stand up. It has ‘Happy 80th Birthday’ on it and then you can add a name underneath and who it is from. It is printed in pretty pastel colours. It has a burn time of approximately 40 hours, although they may prefer to keep it.

A keepsake gift can be something that some people will really treasure. This is a glass award and will really stand out as it can be personalised with a name and who it is from underneath a birthday message. It is 12 x 12 x 10cm in size and comes with a glass stand to put it on. It comes in a satin lined presentation box which is burgundy and so is ready to give away.

A wish jar can be a lovely gift to give to someone particularly if they are having a party. Inside the Kilner jar are wooden hearts and the idea is that each guest writes some sort of message on one for the person whose birthday it is. The top of the jar can be personalised with the person’s name and occasion. Leave it handy with a biro and people will be able to fill them in.

Mugs can be lovely items to give as they are useful and can have a good message on them. This one is made from bone china and is a crisp, white colour and has ’80 eighty’ on it in silver. It is 12.5 x 10 x 8cm in size and has a 310ml volume. It comes in a matching gift box which means that it makes a great gift and you will not even have to wrap it!

Hoodies can be a great gift as they are warm and cosy. This one is black and says ‘the first 80 years of your childhood are always the hardest’ in bright white print. It is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and is therefore soft and light to wear. It has a kangaroo pouch pocket and drawstring around the hood in a matching black colour. It is machine washable.

Haynes are well known for their car manuals but recently a set of spoof manuals in their style have been written. This was is on the subject of pensioners and still written in a car theme with pictures from the original books, it makes for a really funny read. Great for any eighty-year old that has a good sense of humour. This is a compact-sized book by Boris Starling.

Relaxing gifts can be really welcome at any age and these candles will offer just that. They are a set of four candles each in their own pretty tin with a lid. There are four different scents which are jasmine, lotus, lilac and white gardenia. They are made from natural soy wax which is suitable for vegans and produces very little smoke. Once the candle has burned the tin can be reused.

Slippers can make a really great gift and these will be warm and cosy. They are memory foam which means that they are soft on the feet and they also have a faux fur lining that is really soft. They have an anti-slip base which is rubber and so they can be worn inside or outside. They are available in size 4-9 and in a few colour choices so you should be able to get a pair to suit the recipient.

A warm and fluffy dressing gown can be a welcome gift for anyone and even more so as you get older. This one is thick and comes in blue, pink or grey. This robe is made from 100% polyester and it is lightweight and durable, with two large pockets on the front to keep the hands warm or to carry things in. It is suitable for machine washing so easy to keep clean.

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