35 Gifts for an 8th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on February 17th, 2021
By Eve
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The traditional theme for the eight-year wedding anniversary is bronze and pottery. We have compiled a list of present suggestions that you can gift to your other half, parents, children, friends or whomever is special to you and celebrating their eight-year wedding anniversary. We have beautiful gifts, novelty gifts, keepsake gifts, items for the garden and even cards! Our gift suggestions include ornaments, clothing, jewellery, stationery items, drinks openers and even a Dr Who themed pocket watch. Whatever you think the couple or your other half would love in celebration of their eighth wedding anniversary, we have no doubt you will find the perfect gift here.

8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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A signature gift for the married couple celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary. A take on the word by a renowned Sculptor, this art work imitates the joining of hands in a material known as a traditional theme of the eighth wedding anniversary. For perspective, this sculpture sits two hundred and thirty millimetres high. Packaged in a presentation box for secure and safe delivery.

A similar theme but with a different subject material. This bronze plated figurine features two hares sat next to each other in a loving stance. With a height of two hundred and ten millimetres, width of one hundred and thirteen millimetres and a depth of one hundred and twenty millimetres, this item is delivered in box ready for wrapping. An absolutely gorgeous gift in celebration of the eighth wedding anniversary.

There is so much beauty in the sound of the windchime and this one is no different. Keeping in with the bronze theme, this wind chime is produced by the well-known company, Woodstock Chimes who are synonymous with quality. With a length of just under thirty-six centimetres, this wind chime weighs approximately four hundred and fifty grammes. This is the gift that just keeps on giving.

One for the husband! These attractive looking cufflinks are in the shape of a knot. These hard wearing and quality cufflinks are made from a silver type metal, that has been treated to reduce any risk of discolouring from water and toned in a bronze colour. Presented in an attractive black presentation box with the brand name, Urban Jewelry, depicted on the top of the box.

A cute card again keeping in with the bronze theme. This card is square and approximately fifteen centimetres width by length. On the front of the card are the words ‘8 years together,’ with an illustration of two bars of bronze with a face and red hearts on the periphery. At the bottom of the card are the words ‘Happy Bronze Anniversary!’ Inside the card is room for you to write your personal message.

A novelty gift to give each other on your special day or from loved one to the happy couple. These white mugs made from ceramic have the words ‘8’ that is in bronze type colour of writing, alongside ‘years of being together,’ in black. On one mug it says, ‘Mr Perfect’ and the other ‘Mrs Perfect,’ with bronze coloured two hearts on each mug. With a height of ninety-five millimetres and a diameter of eighty millimetres, these mugs come securely packaged.

A gift for you to gift your wife! This necklace consists of a textured pendant in the shape of a heart. The pendant is made wholly from bronze and handcrafted giving this gift an artisan feel. The pendant has a length of ten centimetres, with a width of six centimetres and a depth of two centimetres. The chain is a good size at nearly forty-six centimetres in length.

A gorgeous gift for your wife, this bronze-coloured jewellery stand is in the shape of a tree. On some of the branches three birds are featured with meticulous detail. This gift comes in two parts with the base and tree separate but are easy to put together with the screw that is included. Carefully packaged for safe transportation, this item stands at three hundred millimetres high.

For the hero or brave partner in crime? With a choice of five colours, either black, navy, grey, blue or purple, this T-shirt is available in styles for both women and men, and in a wide range of sizes from small to triple extra-large. On the front of the T-shirt is a white swirly design with the words ‘I survived the 8th year of marriage, what’s your superpower, inside this design, also in white text.

A pair of keyrings that are a perfect fit. These keyrings are made from a bronze-coloured material known to be of a high quality. One of the key rings is in the design of a key whilst the other a lock. When put together they form the perfect fit. The length of these key rings are approximately one hundred millimetres with a width of twenty millimetres and a depth of ten millimetres. A lovely and very practical gift.

This quirky ballpoint pen will make a great gift that is also functional. The pen from the reputable pen manufacturer Parker, is primarily a silver coloured metal with an eye catching design. However, on the top part of the pen is an unpatterned area in a bronze type colour. This pen writes in blue ink qne comes packaged in a black box with the London skyline in the background.

A textured bracelet to match the necklace already covered in this list or as a gift on its own. This bangle type bracelet is made from a copper alloy that is in the tradition of the 8th wedding anniversary theme. The width of the material is just over half a centimetre with the diameter of the bangle being six centimetres. This bracelet comes ready presented in a lovely soft fabric pouch.

A gift for your loved ones to enjoy in the garden. The watering can in the design of baby duck. Handmade with some materials originating from Indian producers, there is an artisan and meaningful feel to this gift. With a height of two hundred and seventy millimetres, this resilient watering can be used inside or outside and is also suitable to be stored outside in all weathers.

You can never have enough bottle openers, but this multifaceted bottle opener set will take pride of place. In the continuing bronze theme, this set includes a bottle opener that can also remove tops from beer bottles, a tool for aiding the opening of the material at the top of the bottle and a tool that not only helps with the flow of wine from the bottle but that is also a bottle stopper.

For the beer drinker in the house, this cool bottle opener will be a great little asset to the kitchen or man cave. Made from a timber product, this bottle opener should be fixed to a structure like a wall. It is black with white text originating with the acronym ‘B.E.E.R.’ This is then broken down into ‘Brew, Enjoy, Empty, Repeat.’ Above the text is the actual tool for opening bottles.

On a matching theme, these cufflinks are textured and made from a copper derivative. Each cufflink is square and measures one and half centimetre by one and a half centimetre. Originating from the United Kingdom, this set of cufflinks are presented in a metal container ready for gifting. A lovely gift for your husband on your eighth wedding anniversary that will keep.

A novelty T-shirt for the couple with a sense of humour. The wording on the front of this T-shirt is ‘Level 8 Complete’ with an electronic game’s controller featured in the centre, on a multi-coloured background. You can choose from up to eight different coloured types. This T-shirt is available in both a male and female style and in a wide range of sizes from small to triple extra-large.

This T-shirt can be bought as one or maybe one for each partner in the marriage? On the front of the T-shirt are the words ‘I have been married for 08 years … nothing scares me,’ in a mix of white and bronze writing. Illustrations of hearts and fireworks surround the text. Available for both men and women in sizes small to triple extra-large, there are a huge array of colours to choose from including purple, red, blue and pink.

A keepsake that can be customised. This photo frame has an area where you can insert a photo of your choice, perhaps from the wedding day or leave it blank for the couple to choose one. On the right-hand side of the frame, you can choose what wording you would like, such as the couple’s name and short message from you. The words ‘Congratulations on your 8th Wedding Anniversary,’ are already depicted on the wooden frame.

A gift for the married couple in celebration of their eighth anniversary. A bronze sculpture featuring an undressed lady in a sitting position holding her knee in one hand and her ankle in the other. The height of this figurine is one hundred and sixty two millimetres, with a width or one hundred and thirty two millimetres and a depth of one hundred and ten millimetres.

 This divine necklace will make a wonderful gift for your wife on your eighth wedding anniversary. The pendant is in the shape of an outline of a heart and derives from a bronze type of material. The pendant measures 3.3 cm height with a length of 2.7 cm and depth of 0.2 cm. Whilst the chain measures just under forty-six centimetres in length and is made using a grey coloured metal material.

Another humorous T-shirt to celebrate the eighth anniversary. With the loving words featured on the front of the T-shirt ‘I’ve endured 8 years of living with the loudest snorer and I still love him,’ this is sure to bring a smile to your male partner. Available in a range of colours including black, orange, red, green, blues and greys, this T-shirt comes in sizes small to triple extra-large.

A lovely memento to remember the eighth wedding anniversary celebrations that can be customised. You can personalise with the couple’s surname and date they got married. This square white cushion features the text ‘Mr and Mrs (personalised text) sharing the sofa for 8 years’ with their wedding date below. A circular shape at the top of the cushion has the number 8 in it.

Measuring approximately five and a half centimetres high,7   this bronze-coloured figurine in the shape and design of an Angel. A worry stone can help reduce stress by the person rubbing their thumb over the stone. Discreet and yet perfectly sized, this figurine is intricately embellished and textured. A lovely gift for your other half in memory of your special day.

A gorgeous bracelet in keeping with tradition for the eighth wedding anniversary. The bracelet features bronze Danish love knots with a grey metal type loop that adjoin each knot and that complete this item. This a chunky hard-wearing bracelet. The length of the bracelet is just under eighteen centimetres with a width of just over one centimetre. This bracelet will make a perfect anniversary gift for your loved one.

A popsocket makes browsing on your phone or tablet easier and more comfortable. With a black background, the writing on this popsocket says ‘eight years of marriage and countless beers,’ in a mix of white, red and yellow text. An illustration of two beer bottles and two full beer jugs are depicted in the centre. A fab novelty but useful anniversary gift for your husband.

Another traditional item used to celebrate the eighth wedding anniversary is pottery, making this card super relevant. On the front of the card are the words ‘8 years together – just potty about each other – Happy Pottery Anniversary!’ The card is a pale pink colour with two different pottery items with smiley faces and some read hearts. A square card measuring one hundred and forty-five millimetres both width and length.

This elegant and stylish cheese knife set is something else! A set of three cheese cutters including one to cut soft cheeses, one to cut crumbly cheeses whilst the last one is for cutting harder cheeses. Beautifully designed the handles on these knives are made from bronze and are in the shape of a teardrop. Perhaps the perfect gift for the perfect cheese and biscuits wedding anniversary lunch along with a celebratory glass of fizz.

This stunning bronze coloured, and traditional wall clock is silent.  The clock will look perfect in any room or even outside in a covered space. With a diameter of forty centimetres, this clock is stylish and despite weighing extraordinarily little is made primarily from iron and wood. The fitment required to put this clock up are included with this clock. Using normal carbon batteries are recommended.

A Dr Who themed bronze pocket watch with chain that will be appreciated by your loved one whether they are a Doctor Who fan or not. With a diameter of 4.7 cm and depth of 1.4 cm, the chain can be used to attach the watch to trousers for safety. This pocket watch comes beautifully packaged in a black presentation box where the watch and chain are placed separately and stored securely.

These cute owl earrings will make a lovely gift for the lady in your life with whom you are celebrating your eight-year anniversary of your marriage. Each pair of earrings is handcrafted and made using a classic theme with bronze coloured material. The gift pouch is made from environmentally responsible materials and includes a personal note from the seller and some items to help keep these earrings in pristine condition.

These bronze-coloured candle holders come in a set of two and will look absolutely fabulous on the couple’s mantlepiece. The candles measure sixteen centimetres tall with a width of eleven centimetres at the base and ten centimetres at the top of the candle stand. A protective base can be found at the bottom of the candle stand to protect the surface where they will stand.

A special handcrafted bronze themed gift for your wife. This beautiful rose made from a metal material will last forever and provide happy memories of your anniversary. The rose flower is in full bud and has two leaves coming off the stem and the style. The length of the rose is two hundred and ninety millimetres whilst the width of the flower head is seventy millimetres.

This gift has been created using a rock collected from a Cornish beach. The rock has then been moulded and used to create a silver surface with the text ‘you are my rock 8 years.’ On the front of the rock is the text is a bronze-coloured heart in recognition of this anniversary. Included with this gift is a history of the original rock and the subsequent processes used to create this gift.

This beautifully decorated bird feeder is made from bronze so as to not break with tradition. In the shape of a heart, this bird feeder has a place where bird food can be put where the birds can easily access it. There are two delicate bird decorations on top of the feeder, in two different poses. This bird feeder is easy to put up as it comes with its own fixture.

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