35 Presents for a 9th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on February 17th, 2021
By Eve
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The ninth wedding anniversary is all about pottery and copper alongside kisses and hearts of course. We have strived to find a selection of gifts that are suitable for all couples whether for gifts to one another or from their friends and family. We have novelty gifts, keepsakes, personalised gifts and original gifts like an Asian tea set and vase from Bali. Included are cards to send the happy couple, photo frames, ornaments, artwork to hang or stand, mugs, hobby gifts, containers to store things in, date dice and even a survival kit. Whatever they like, we are quite sure we have the perfect gift suggestion for them.

9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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A novelty gift for the couple celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary. In white ceramic, the black text on the first mug is ‘9 years of being Mr Right,’ whilst the black text on the second mug is ‘9 years of being Mrs always right!’ The mugs measure ninety-five millimetres high with a diameter of eighty millimetres. These mugs are delivered in separate gift boxes.

Perhaps for a new hobby or an activity your other half already enjoys, this comprehensive set includes everything for the budding clay sculptor. This set includes every conceivable tool with over thirty instruments alongside a smart bag with carry handle to keep the tools securely stored. A black fabric apron alongside separate sleeves to protect the arms when sculpting completes this set.

This card features one of the traditional gift choices in celebration of the ninth anniversary. This card depicts two people illustrated in the theme of pottery stood on grass and holding hands. Lots of hearts and flowers surround them. The black text is ‘9 years together,’ and ‘Happy Pottery Anniversary.’ The background colour of this square card is a light green and measure approximately 15 cm width by length.

A fabulous gift for the husband to keep their ‘stuff’ or important items tidily stored. Made using a brown faux leather material features a breakdown of the nine-year marriage into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds along with features of the marriage such as love, laughter and friendship. When put together this square tray measures approximately thirteen and a half centimetres width by length.

A pair of incredibly stylish mugs that are made from chinaware and in a cone shape. Off white these mugs measure one hundred and five millimetres high and ninety-five millimetres at the top of the mugs and fifty millimetres at the bottom of the mug. On one mug the word ‘Mr’ is features in black text whilst on the other mug the word ‘Mrs.’ Beautifully presented a lovely present to gift the happy couple.

Another gorgeous card but this time for your lovely wife on your ninth wedding anniversary. On a white background, the words ‘Happy Pottery Anniversary – 9 years,’ in black text and a beautiful red balloon with six white hearts depicted inside the balloon. This card is in a square shape and measures about fifteen centimetres wide by fifteen centimetres length. This card will be gratefully received.

This gorgeous figurine will make the perfect anniversary gift for the couple celebrating their ninth anniversary or for each other. This style is called ‘modern’ and features a husband and wife in a loving pose with the man putting his arm around his wife the husband and wife holding hands. The couple are sat on a rock. This gift comes beautifully packaged in a paper type box.

A unique and unusual ornament featuring two elephants with their trunks intertwined. One of the elephants is grey whilst the other is white. This figurine symbolises the marriage as two people whose lives are joined together. The height of the ornament is around two hundred and fifty millimetres. Made from stoneware this gift is synonymous with the nineth wedding anniversary celebrations.

A cool gift and useful tool to help decide what to do on those ‘date nights.’ These two dice are made from a silver type metal. On each side of the dice is an activity, such as board games, movie night, watch the sunset and perhaps the best one ‘devices off, just chat.’ Instructions come with these dice to help you choose activities for date night whether a short date or long date.

This novelty hip flask comes in two sections in recognition of the husband and wife and allow them to choose a different drink from each other should they wish. Made from a durable grey looking metal, one part of the hip flask has ‘Mr’ written on it whilst the other part ‘Mrs.’ When one both parts are together the height of this item is one hundred and ten millimetres.

A cute pair of aprons for a spot of cooking together. These soft fabric black aprons feature pictures of cooking utensils such as a pizza cutter, spatula, spoon and fork, in white. On one apron is the word ‘Mrs.’ and on the other the word ‘Mr.’ both in white text. There are handy pockets on these aprons to hold equipment for cooking or personal items. This item comes in just one size.   A lovely gift for the couple celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary.

This gorgeous tea or coffee set dependant on your preference features two cups with lids and two long handled spoons. The first mug features a pink marble design with the word ‘Mrs’ in gold joined up type and a red kiss above the text. The other mug is in a grey marble pattern with ‘Mr’ also in a gold type with a black moustache above the text. All this alongside some beautiful packaging for the wonderful couple.

An exceptional gift choice, this teapot set originates from China where it has been handcrafted. Within this set is a tea pot with two customary bowls to drink the tea from. This set will bring another dimension to drinking tea and you can drink all types of tea using this teapot. This set is an unusual purple colour and comes with its own storage case. A pottery based gift in line with the ninth wedding celebratory theme.

A sweet and novelty sign perfect for the married couple celebrating nine years of marriage. This sign is grey and in the shape of a heart. On this sign is the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ in red and a little couple holding hands with hearts. The black text below says ‘3,285 days together … but who’s counting??’ A winking face and another couple of hearts complete the illustrations on this sign. A lovely reminder of the ninth wedding anniversary.

This vase made from pottery will be a fabulous gift for your wife or to the married couple. Made from the artisan brand ‘East of India,’ where products are handcrafted in Bali, this pretty white vase features black stems and flowers with the word ‘handpicked’ at the bottom of the vase. Great quality and very elegant this vase is once again in the anniversary theme of pottery.

The sixpence is synonymous with good luck. These six pence sits in a gift box with the front of the box featuring a copper coloured heart. Copper being another material known for the ninth wedding anniversary theme. Inside the heart are the words ‘9th wedding anniversary,’ with the words ‘Lucky Sixpence,’ in a banner below the heart and Copper at the bottom. This gift can be personalised to feature the couple’s name at the top of the box.

A gift that will ensure the 9th wedding anniversary is never forgotten. This set includes everything required to take a mould of you and your loved one holding hands which will then result in an ornament that can take pride of place on your mantlepiece. The whole process takes just a few hours. A highly unusual and wonderful opportunity to create your own keepsake.

A lovely wooden box that will make a fabulous complimentary gift to that bottle of wine or bubbly or on its own. Made from a timber product this rectangular shaped gift can be personalised with the details of your wedding day on the front of the box. Inside is a soft fabric material to keep the bottle secure and safe. A lovely gift for the couple celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary.

This is a delightful gift where the words of your first dance on your wedding day are illustrated along with the first names of the married couple. You can choose from three different sizes either A2, A4 or 30 cm by 40 cm. Other choices include whether you want the item framed or not and if so, what type of frame from a choice of several but with one of the options being copper, this surely has to be the only choice.

This set includes two white mugs and is a great gift choice for family members or friends who are celebrating nine years of marriage. This gift can be personalised with the couple’s surname. Below their name is a pink coloured banner with an outline of hearts and the words ‘Congratulations on your 9th Wedding Anniversary.’ These mugs come packaged separately in black boxes and are ready to wrap.

A lovely set of keepsakes for your other half on your special day. The card is square measures approximately one hundred- and fifty-millimetres length by width and is super busy with black and red text with lovely wording and lots of red hearts. The fridge magnet and keyrings are similar in design, with different wording. A gift to tell your loved one how much you love them.

Based on a rock that has originated from a lovely Cornish cove. A mould of the rock has been taken and made into a silver-coloured metal memento for your other half. The words on the rock says, ‘You are my rock – 9 years,’ in a black text. This history of this rock and an overview of the process is included with this gift. Packaged in a cardboard box, this gift just needs wrapping.

A beautiful card to send your daughter and son-in-law in celebration of their ninth wedding anniversary. Purple themed, the purple text on the card is ‘Daughter and Son-in-law – Congratulations to a special couple nine wonderful years,’ whilst the grey text says, ‘on your pottery wedding anniversary.’ The background colour of the card is a lightly patterned soft grey colour. With a purple envelope this card is ready to write and send.

This novelty gift is a survival kit for the couple celebrating nine years of marriage. The gift container measure one hundred- and thirty-millimetres width with a height of one hundred and eighty millimetres and includes items such as love hearts, a pencil, a safety pin and coffee. On the paperwork include a list of all items included and their meaning with the title ‘Our 9th Anniversary Survival kit.’

A gorgeous anniversary card whether to your other half or from friends or family. This white card features the words ‘Happy Pottery Anniversary – 9 years,’ in gold text. The illustration depicts a half-filled glass of bubbly with silver liquid and silver and white hearts filling the rest of the front of the card. This square card measures one hundred and forty-eight millimetres length by width.

This mug set will make the happy couple celebrating nine years of marriage smile. Whilst both ceramic mugs are white, the first mug has a blue handle and blue pattern with some blue text and the second with a pink handle and pink pattern with some pink text. The text is ‘Married for 3285 days and counting – Happy 9th Anniversary.’ These mugs come delivered in a container ready for gifting.

This stylish and beautiful gift will take centre piece in the lucky couple’s home. With a white frame or other coloured frame from options available, the next layer is white card that depicts tiny butterflies and diamantes shapes. The inner part of the artwork can be personalised with details of the first names of the couple and the date of their anniversary. It also features the words ‘Pottery Wedding Anniversary’ with a small brown pottery piece.

An ivory-coloured candle standing at approximately one hundred and thirty millimetres high with a diameter of seventy millimetres. The candle can be personalised with the first names of the couple, the names of the people gifting the candle and a message. The wording already present says ‘Congratulations – 9 years – ninth anniversary – 2010 – 2019.’ The text in a mix of brown and black.

This pair of mugs are exactly the same, just one for each half of the couple. The text on the mugs says, ‘9th Wedding Anniversary,’ with the outline of two hearts. The writing and illustration are black on a white background. The mugs made from pottery in line with the ninth anniversary measure one hundred and eight millimetres high with a width of seventy-five millimetres. Packaged in a container ready to wrap.

A sweet penguin themed card for the happy couple in celebration of their ninth wedding anniversary. The card is a mix of a white and pink pattern with the words’ Wow that went quick! Your 9th Wedding Anniversary – Congratulations – On Cloud Nine,’ in black text with a pink outline. There are two extremely cute penguins in the centre of the card holding hands.

Whether for the husband or wife this pretty pottery piece for storing rings will make a lovely gift. This round ceramic dish has a diameter of nearly one hundred millimetres. In black text on the front of the dish are the words ‘Happy 9th Anniversary,’ with a picture of a black tandem bike and a red heart shaped balloon coming from the bike handles.

Another set of mugs to choose from. This pair of mugs are made from pottery and have a white background colour. On the two sides of the mugs features an interesting black pattern with a black band going through the centre of the design. Within the design is a white circle with the words ‘9th Anniversary depicted in the centre. The mugs have a height of 95 millimetres and a diameter of 80 millimetres.

This wooden stand celebrates the ninth anniversary with a breakdown of the nine years into days, weeks and months and loving and meaningful words. A man and woman walking arm in arm is also shown on this artwork. This item measures fourteen and a half centimetres length by width with a diameter of just under three centimetres. A lovely present to gift your other half.

This is truly an exceptionally beautiful gift and keepsake. This framed artwork features a tree in a copper colour reflecting the ninth anniversary, with the first names of the couple and date of their anniversary in cute little silver coloured hearts. Diamante flowers and butterflies complete this design. Customisation options include colour of frame and whether you would like LED lights added.

This photo frame for the celebrating couple could come with a photo of your choice or left blank for them to choose. The top of the frame has the words ‘Pottery Anniversary,’ whilst the middle section is where the photo can be inserted and bottom section for your own words. This frame can be personalised with two lines of text such as the couple’s name and date of anniversary, for example.

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