33 Baileys Gift Set Ideas

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A lot of people really enjoy drinking Baileys and giving them a gift set can be a great way for them to enjoy their favourite drink. There are quite a few different gift sets available and you may feel that you would like to have a range of them to look at before you choose which might be the best one for the person that you have in mind. We have therefore put a selection of them together in a list so that you will be able to take a look and choose the one that you think will suit the person that you are buying for.

33 Presents for Baileys Lovers

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Chocolate and Baileys make for a lovely match. This selection includes three different items. There is a set of Baileys Mini Delights which are liquor chocolates, a Baileys truffle bar which has a Baileys flavoured centre and a Baileys Tipple and Treat which is a Baileys miniature with Guylian caramel chocolates. Together they will make a very welcome gift with a good selection of different Baileys themed items included.

A pretty box set can make a great gift. This one has a Baileys miniature in it as well as a selection of Guylian caramel chocolates. The silky smooth and creamy liquor goes very well with sweet and creamy chocolate so these will be a very tasty match to enjoy together. Anyone that enjoys decadent treats, both with regards to chocolate and alcohol will really enjoy this set.

Glasses are a great addition to a bottle, to give together as a gift. Therefore, this boxed set containing a 20cl Baileys bottle together with two glasses makes a good gift. There are two glasses with one bottle in the set. The glasses have the Baileys logo on them in gold, so they work really well together with the Baileys. They come in a branded box so are really easy to wrap up before giving away.

There are Baileys treats galore with this set of items. There is a pack of Baileys chocolate mini delights which are chocolate balls that are filled with a Baileys flavoured centre. There is also a boxed set which contains a bottle, glass and chocolates. The bottle is a Baileys original miniature bottle and it comes with a glass tumbler that has some chocolates inside it. The treats all work well together and will be enjoyed by any Baileys and chocolate fan.

Baileys hot chocolate can be an extremely decadent treat. This set will provide everything that is needed for this. It has a Baileys branded mug with a hot chocolate sachet, a packet of mini marshmallows and a miniature bottle of Baileys which is 5cl. It will make a lovely treat for anyone that is a big fan of chocolate and Baileys and will be a warming and delicious drink to savour.

A selection of Baileys miniatures and treats are available in this pretty bag set. There are three bottles which are 5cl and they are an original flavour together with an orange and coffee flavour one. There are also three Irish cream flavoured truffles, so there is one truffle to enjoy with each bottle of drink. The set will be ideal for anyone that wants to try different flavours of Baileys and also enjoys chocolate truffles too.

Anyone that enjoys Baileys and chocolate will enjoy this gift set. It includes a selection of treats. There is a box of Baileys flavoured chocolate truffles, a box of Baileys chocolate twists and a miniature set. The truffles are 135g and they have a round chocolate shell with Baileys filling. The chocolate twists are light and creamy wafers with Baileys ganache inside them. The other set is a miniature bottle of Baileys with glass and Guylian caramel chocolates.

Heart truffles are included in this gift set. It also has two Baileys miniatures one is original and the other is coffee flavoured. There is also a logoed glass included which has a pretty pattern on the bottom of it. There are also two heart shaped truffles included as well which have gold foil on them. They come together in a branded box and are an officially licensed product.

Baileys fans would be thrilled to receive this hamper gift set which includes a big selection of Baileys chocolates. There is a chocolate selection that includes 12 milk, dark and white chocolates with Baileys truffle inside them. There is also a pack of truffles that have a crisp milk chocolate shell with a Baileys truffle centre. There is a Baileys original truffle bar and a salted caramel bar. There is a pouch of Baileys mini delights and a 50ml miniature bottle of Baileys.

A mini rose design chest is the pretty gift box that contains these two Baileys products. There is a 250ml bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream and a packet of Baileys salted caramel mini delights. The mini delights have a chocolate shell and there is a caramel centre with a hint of baileys. The pretty keepsake box will make the gift extra special and can be reused for other things.

Baileys can be enjoyed together with a scented candle. This box set is designed for a quiet night in and has a scented candle and chocolate bar in it. The candle comes in a glass jar with a pretty ribbon tied around it. Beside it, there is a very special chocolate bar. It is a chocolate truffle bar and the filling has a Baileys flavour to it. A really relaxing and indulgent treat that comes in a Baileys branded box.

Chocolate and Baileys can make a fantastic pairing and this hamper set has plenty of both. There are five different items included – Baileys chocolate selection box, Baileys chocolate mini delights, Baileys chocolate truffles, Baileys chocolate salted caramel block and Baileys chocolate truffle bar. They come packed in wood wool with a premium sleeve on the box and free gift message available as well as gift wrap options if you want to send it directly.

Romantic gestures can be lovely whether given to a lover, friend or family member. This set includes a Baileys strawberry and cream egg, as well as a chocolate rose. The egg is white chocolate with strawberry pieces and Baileys Irish cream as well as some strawberry flavoured hearts. The chocolate rose is hollow and is the From You to Me brand. Both of them come in branded boxes. Together they make a lovely gift.

Gifts can be made more special if they come inside a special gift box. This Baileys themed gift comes in an antique style mini chest which looks great. Inside there will be a 350ml bottle of Baileys Irish cream and it comes with a pack of Baileys salted caramel mini delights. They are chocolate shells filled with a salted caramel and Baileys flavoured centre. A lovely and special gift for a Baileys and chocolate lover.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this cut crystal glass tumbler can have any engraving up to 30 letters on it so you can include a name or short message on it. To make it even more special, it comes together with a miniature Baileys bottle. They come together in a board gift box, so look good together and are all ready to send as a gift or to wrap up ready to hand over.

Anyone who likes Baileys will enjoy this 12-day advent calendar. Behind every window, there is a miniature bottle of Baileys. Some are the original flavour but there are also some that are salted caramel and some that are espresso crème flavour. The little bottles make a great treat on their own but could also be used to flavour hot or cold drinks or puddings. The box even comes with recipes.

Wine glasses, Baileys and chocolates make up this box set. The glasses and bottle are covered in red non-toxic glitter to make them really sparkle. The bottle is a 70cl bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur. There are also three milk chocolate foiled hearts that are red. It comes in a box with a complimentary gift tag which can be printed with a message of your choice and glass care instructions.

Drinking Baileys can be even more special when it is poured from this sparkling red glitter bottle. It gives the drink a really special touch, but inside it is still the smooth Irish cream whiskey that you expect from Baileys in the original flavour. Inside the box, there is also a pretty red gift bag with some heart-shaped chocolates covered with red metallic foil inside. They both come nestled in wood wool in a gift box.

Red glitter makes this gift box extra special. It contains two stemmed wine glasses which have red glitter on the stems. There is also a 70cl bottle of Baileys Irish Cream original which has also been covered in red glitter to make it sparkle. The set includes a small organza bag which is red, containing three red foiled chocolate hearts. There is also a gift label that can be personalised with your message on it.

A keepsake chest is what these two Baileys gift items come inside and therefore they make for a very special gift. There is a 70cl bottle of Baileys as well as a packet of Baileys mini delights chocolate truffles. They will make a very special gift for anyone that enjoys Baileys and chocolates. The chest measures 30 x 17.5 x 20cm in size and can be reused afterwards for storing special things.

Baileys have put together this salted caramel egg with truffles. The egg is hollow and has a pretty shimmering appearance. Together with it come four gold shimmered square truffles which are hand finished. They come together in a branded box so all ready for giving away or sending directly to the recipient and it is easy to gift wrap as well or to just pop in a gift bag.

Two Baileys treats come together in this set. There is an egg and chocolate hearts. They are both Baileys strawberries and cream flavoured items. The egg is white chocolate with strawberry pieces and liqueur and it comes in a box with three strawberry flavoured chocolate hearts. It also comes with a box of strawberries and cream red foil-wrapped hearts in their own box. They are the same as the ones that come with the egg so there are 12 in total including those.

A pretty star-shaped gift box encloses this Baileys truffle set. There are gold foil-wrapped round truffles inside the box. They are chocolate balls that are filled with Irish Cream liqueur truffle centre. Thy weight 56g in total so enough for a family to have one each or a couple to share a few each. The pretty star-shaped box could be reused or even hung up as a decoration.

Hampers can be a really lovely treat and this one has a mix of items inside it. The items come in a traditional wicker hamper and inside there is a 350ml bottle of Baileys, Taylors of Harrogate ground coffee, 160g walkers pure butter shortbread, 190g Cartwright and Butler Cranberry Crumbles biscuits and three 42g mini jars of Mrs Bridges preserves in strawberry, raspberry & redcurrant and blackcurrant & blueberry flavours.

Anyone that enjoys Baileys will like this special gift set. It comes with a pair of Baileys products. There is a box containing a Baileys miniature, Baileys branded tumbler and some Guylian caramel chocolates. There is also a box of Baileys chocolate twists which are light and crispy wafers filled with a Baileys ganache and then covered in chocolate. The chocolate wafers and caramel chocolates make a lovely addition to the drink itself and the glass can be reused many times.

Anyone that enjoys Baileys will really like this chocolate advent calendar. It has 23 Baileys chocolates in it hidden behind the numbered windows with a miniature bottle as the final gift. The box has a picture of Baileys bottles with a plate of cake and hot chocolate drinks. A delicious treat to count down to Christmas which will go down well with anyone that enjoys chocolates and Baileys.

Strawberries and cream are the flavours of the chocolate hearts in this set. They are milk chocolate with a soft strawberry and Baileys cream centre. They are pretty heart-shaped chocolate truffles wrapped in gold foil and come in a pink branded box that has pictures of strawberries and white flowers on it. It is a 90g box and it contains 9 x 10g truffles which are all identical in shape and flavour.

Hot chocolate is a great drink that many people love and this is an orange hot chocolate set. It comes with a black mug that has a Baileys branding. Together with it comes a miniature bottle of orange flavoured Baileys. There is also a hot chocolate sachet and a mini whisk so you can easily make a lovely hot chocolate drink with an orange and Baileys flavour. You can even add your own whipped cream and marshmallows to make it even more decadent.

Food hampers can make for very special gifts but they do need to have a selection of decadent foods to be really relished and this one has just that. Alongside the bottle of Baileys there are cocktail onions, fine oatcakes, strawberry cremes, English breakfast tea, pheasant pate, preserves, chocolate cookies, Turkish delight and Belgian chocolates in a heart-shaped box. They all come in a vintage-looking chest which can be reused.

Glasses can make a very useful gift as well as being decorative items. This pair of shot glasses are made by Baileys and have the company logo on them. They also have a gold foiled dotted pattern at the bottom of them. They come together as a special set of two and so would make a great gift for a couple that like drinking Baileys together. They fit a shot of Baileys in each one.

Baileys Chocolates now comes in different flavours and styles and it can be fun trying them out. This gift set allows this to happen as it has a selection of different Chocolates in it as well as a pair of glasses to drink Baileys Liquor from. All chocolates are infused with Baileys Original Irish Cream. The tumblers have the Baileys brand on them.

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