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Who doesn’t like the luxurious feel of the bath filled with gorgeous scented bath bombs? For that special someone in your life who loves the bath bomb experience, we have put together a selection of what we think are the best bath bombs available and that your loved one will adore. Bath bombs also have purpose, whether helping you to relax in the evening, to wake you up in the morning or to take the stresses out of the day and to keep your skin moisturised. Scents that are plant based, floral, herbal and that have been organically sourced and that are vegan, we have it all. Whether the bath bombs are for the lady or gentleman in your life, we have you covered and even have bath bombs for children.

Luxury Bath Bomb Boxes and Gift Sets

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A bath bomb set with another cake theme. This gorgeous bath bomb set features seven bath bombs in the shape of donuts, cup cakes and slices of cake in pretty colours such as purples, blues, pinks, yellows and greens. With mixture of different yet all alluring scents such as herbal, floral and fruit and are suitable for all ages even the very little ones. This gift comes in a presentation box that is charmingly illustrated.

A set of twelve fizzing bath bombs with six different varieties. Each type of bath bomb is made to make the recipient feel better, such as Lavender to take the stresses of the day away. Every bath bomb is circular in shape with the colour of the plant that it originates from, for example, purple for Lavender. Small parts of the plant feature in each bath bomb. Again, a bath bomb set that is also suitable for vegans.

A set of twelve bath bombs which derive from organically sourced ingredients. This bath bomb set is suitable for the man or woman in your life and even children. There are six types within this set with two of each type included. Each bath bomb has a cool name such as ‘Lovely Cupid.’ With a ray of colours, these sweet smelling bath bombs, are wrapped individually to keep each bath bomb smelling sweetly.

For the luxurious night in, this bath bomb set comes with a scented candle. There are four large bath bombs in this set, with different plant based aromas. The bath bombs are green, purple, blue and pink in colour and comes in a stylish multi-coloured presentation box. Each bath bomb measures six centimetres in diameter. Organically sourced, with cruelty free testing and vegan, these bath bombs will make a wonderful gift.

This is a massive set of bath bombs, with a total of twenty bath bombs. Two of each kind are included in this set in an array of colours. Stylishly designed, each type of bath bomb included in this set has a purpose, whether it is to provide the best start to the day or the most relaxing night’s sleep. This set of twenty bath bombs comes delivered in a box with a boldly coloured top.

An unusual but totally glorious bath bomb set, containing two bath bombs that is suitable for adults and children alike that will leave them feeling like they are floating! One of the bath bombs has a white outer layer and the other a blue outer layer, in the shape of a cloud. When exposed inside there are multi coloured, rainbow coloured bath bombs making for a rainbow coloured effect in the bath.

One for the Christmas stocking or gift, this bath bomb set includes two bath bombs, two moisturising bars and cleansing bar. One bath bomb has a Father Christmas in line with the Christmas theme. Whilst other contents of this set are in the Christmas colours of red and white, whilst another one is plain white, and another pink with a ribbon on top whilst the soap bar looks like a bar with Allsorts in!

A superb set of a whopping fourteen bath bombs, with two of each variety. A mass of colour, this set comes in a lovely box with a multi-coloured background and illustration of a ribbon. Each bath bomb consists of a herbal blend to make you feel more relaxed, more chilled or more revitalised. This bath bomb sets really does give the luxury to bath.

This is a wonderfully packaged gift and contains five bath bombs with a small soap bar in the shape of a rose bud. This set can be gifted to all age ranges. Each bath bomb has a diameter of four and a half centimetres and come in vibrant colours. The outer packaging consists of a metal container in the shape of a flower head with an incredibly pretty floral design in purple, pink and blue on the top of the container.

A very snazzy present to gift your loved one or friend. A bath bomb set comprising of twelve bath bombs featuring plant based scents with two of each type. The bath bombs are a mix of blues, purple and yellow, a blue and yellow, a pink, an orange and white, whilst the last one is a pink and white mix. Not only does this set come in an elegant Royal Blue coloured presentation box but is also then placed into a stylish gift bag.

This distinctive yet adorable bath bomb set will make a great gift for the little girl. With three bath bombs each one is the same as the other. They are in the shape of a fluffy white cloud with a face on it. Underneath the bath bomb are the colours of the rainbow, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. When the bath bombs are in the bath, will turn it into massive multicoloured water feature.

A very classy bath bomb set featuring three gorgeous bath bombs. There is purple bath bomb with white frosting containing red and purple hearts, a bright blue one that has white frosting with one large purple heart illustrated inside the frosting and the last one that is pink with a pink rose bud in the white frosting. Made wholly from pure ingredients and is handcrafted, this bath bomb set will make a fabulous gift.

The ultimate bath bomb Christmas gift set. This set come in a bag type container made using natural fibres with the words, ‘Santa says relax,’ on the front of the bag. Inside are seven bath bombs featuring Christmas colours such as red and white, Christmas themes such as Xmas pudding and trees, and lots of sparkle and glitz. These bath bombs are designed to fizz and to create the most lavish bathing experience.

A Christmas themed bath bomb gift set that is very snowy! With two bath bombs and three moisturising bars included in this set, the person you are gifting this set to will absolutely love it. With lots of white and different shades of blues, this set shows snowflakes, snow people and snow balls. This set comes in a blue box with snowflakes of different sizes depicted and a blue ribbon.

An incredible gift of twenty five bath bombs with three strips for making lots of bubbles. There are also a couple of packs of sun-dried parts of a beautiful and well-known flower included. Some of the sweet smelling scents include coconut and vanilla, strawberry, Gardena and Honeysuckle. A black presentation box with gold text finish off this classy gift that has the Wow factor.

A cute animal themed set of six bath bombs specifically for the little ones. In bright and bold colours, each bath bomb has a figure on the top, a duck, a whale, a shark, a penguin, a hedgepig and an elephant. Each scent is one that a child will recognise with all scents being of everyday fruits. Not only will the little one love the animals, the scents but also all the foamy fizz.

This set of bath bombs look good enough to eat. With six bath bombs and three different scents all of which are fruit, and colours. Each of the bath bombs is in the shape of a donut. There are two pink, two blue and two yellow bath bombs. This set is suitable for all ages and comes in a pink box which also illustrates the bath bombs included within this set.

Another gift suggestion for a Christmas stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. Included in this set are four bath bombs. The first one is a snow flake, a Christmas tree, a star and stocking, all in their traditional Christmas colours, with all scents being fruity. This bath bomb set comes packaged in festive styled packaging with a black background with a scenic scene of festive pine trees covered in snow.

An adorable set of twelve bath bombs that are all in a heart shape and come in a range of gorgeous colours. Each bath bomb is dainty and small than that of the average bath bomb and can therefore be used on a daily basis should the recipient wish to. These sweet smelling bath bombs will without be a hit. A great little gift for your friend or loved one.

One for the little ones who love a pamper session as much as they love unicorns. This gift set comes with six different bath bombs, with each one coming with an individual piece of unicorn themed jewel, such as little rainbows that can be used to tie their hair up with. There is a blue, red, orange, yellow, purple and green bath bombs each with their individual fruity scent.

A truly gorgeous gift for a Birthday, Valentines or Anniversary. This is a set of six bath bombs all with the beautiful aroma of one of the most popular and loved flowers in the UK. There are two of each purple, light pink and a darker pink. All this in a stunning pink presentation box with a pink, white and blue floral design on the front of the box and the words, ‘Stop and Smell the flowers.’

A gift set containing all the ingredients for the person you are gifting to create their own bath bombs and with social conscience. With plant based scents this set is suitable for children (with adult oversight) and adults. All the ingredients come in a box measuring approximately 24 cm length with a width of around 17 cm and depth of 9.4 cm. The box is coloured in yellow and pink and a list of what is included in the set.

One for your friend or loved one who loves the outdoor life. Each bath bomb has a floral theme. With a similar base colour, each bath bomb has some petals with purple, pink, blue and yellow. This gift set of four bath bombs, comes in a box decorated with flowers and birds. The packaging measures one hundred and nine millimetres length by width with a depth of fifty three millimetres and a weight of quarter a kilogram.

This bath bomb set looks like Black Magic from the offset and the bath bombs definitely look and smell good enough to eat. Some are in the shapes of cakes whilst others are in the shape of confectionary. But each of the seven bath bombs are not edible and are a mix of fruit, spice and floral scents. This bath bomb set comes in a black box with a red ribbon. This gift set is also ethically sound.

This bath bomb set consists of six bath bombs with a divinely fruity scent. Each one is a light purple in colour and is approximately one hundred and twenty grammes in weight. When packaged, this gift set weighs one kilo and measures thirty one centimetres in length, with a width of twenty three and a half centimetres and depth of eleven centimetres. This gift set is presented with simplicity.

A gift for Easter! This bath bomb set contains six bath bombs all in the shape of an egg. Each bath bomb has a different gorgeous scent and is beautifully decorated with a base colour with a different coloured swirly design The purple bath bomb has a gold design. This set comes packaged in a blue box with the words, ‘Happy Easter,’ and an Easter egg design around the text. Simply Egg-tastic!

A massive set containing sixteen bath bombs with different scents, colours and shapes. The bath bombs include floral scents like Rose, herbal scents such as Mint and spices such as Cinnamon. There are pink bath bombs, two tone purple and cream bath bombs, the classic round bath bomb and heart shaped bath bombs. The bath bombs come delivered in a presentation box that is purple with the brand name and text, ‘Love me, Love my taste.’

One for the man in your life. A bath bomb set that consists of a bath bomb, cleansing bar, and some traditional bath salts, a couple of small candles and an item to bath with. This set is presented in a blue gift box with a dark blue paper with a simple gold floral design and a narrow piece of gold material. A perfect pamper gift for a Birthday or Christmas or for any other occasion.

A super bath bomb gift set for boys and girls over the age of three years old. Included in this set are six bath bombs of which each one has a different figure within the bath bomb such as a frog, sea lion and boat. There is a blue, green, dark pink, light pink, purple and green bath bomb that all fizz on entry into the water. Each bath bomb smells delightful and comes packaged with care in a box with a design that will relate to children.

This bath bomb set is another one that looks good enough to eat, as it comes packaged in the classic sweetie container. There are twenty small bath bombs that are a mix of white, light pink and a darker pink. Each one smells wonderful. With smaller bath bombs within this set, this means a little bit of luxury every day rather than waiting for that special occasion to be lavish.

A bath bomb set for Christmas for the little ones. This set includes nine fizzy bath bombs, with each one with a different colouring and scent. All the scents are derived from plants. Within the bath bomb the youngster will find a figure inside that is related to the festive period. The bath bombs come delivered in a box with a design on Santa on the front and baubles and ginger bread men on the sides.

A really cool bath bomb for the boy! In the shape and design of a games controller, this blue bath bomb features buttons and embellishments that you would expect to see. This bath bomb smells heavenly and this item is ready to gift as it is. As a novelty gift or the young boy or man that loves a spa session and gaming, this bath bomb really is the perfect gift.

A classy, yet simple styled bath bomb gift set including six bath bombs which are mega huge at one hundred and seventy five grams each in weight. Despite being individually wrapped in black and white, each bath bomb has a different scent and comes with its name on top of it, such as, ‘Drama Queen.’ This set comes packaged in black and white striped box with the brand name and logo on top of the box.

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