34 Presents for Baylis and Harding Fans

Updated on September 7th, 2021
By Eve
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Baylis and Harding make a big range of different gift sets and they can be really good to give to different people. We have put together a list of some of the different sets they offer so that you will be able to look through and get an idea of the different things that they offer. You will then be able to find the one that is most suitable for the person that you are buying for. There are items suitable for different skin types and uses and this means that you should be able to find something that you will find to be perfect to gift to the person that you have in mind.

34 Baylis & Harding Gift Set Ideas

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Hand care is important as hands get exposed to the weather, rough treatment and are washed a lot. This Baylis and Harding set has a gentle hand cleanser and then a hand lotion to use afterwards so hands get cared for. They are both 300ml and in pump top bottles so are easy to use. The scent is jojoba, vanilla and almond oil. The set is suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.

A hand care set can make a lovely gift. This one has two bottles which are 300ml in a matching verbena and chamomile fragrance. There are notes of lemon verbena with basil and sweet jasmine as well as rosemary and sage. One is a hand wash and the other a hand lotion so hands are cared for as well as delicately scented. They come in pretty packaging with a ribbon.

A pretty toiletry set can make a really lovely gift. This one has five items in it and they all have a Royale Garden fragrance which is rose, poppy and vanilla. Included in the set there is a body wash, shower crème, soap, body butter and body lotion. They all come together in a pretty gift box with a ribbon which means that they are all ready to give away.

Baylis and Harding have put together The Fuzzy Duck Cotswold Collection. This gift set has three of their items which are all moisturising hand cream with different scents. Each comes in a 50ml bottle and the scents are wildflower meadow and woodland bluebell. The tubes are small so they can be popped into a bag or drawer to be used whenever needed.  They come together in a box so are easy to wrap up as a gift.

Luxury gift sets can be lovely to give as presents. This one is a Cranberry Martini pamper set and has five items in it all in a sparkly box. There is a 300ml body wash, a 150g soap, 130ml shower crème, 300ml body lotion and 100g body butter. The wash products gently cleanse the skin and then the others can be used to moisturise leaving a delicate fragrance. They are suitable for vegans.

A mini stack giftset looks lovely and the items inside this one are great too. It comes in two boxes on top of each other and tied with ribbon. Inside there are bath soak crystals, hand cream, body lotion, body wash, shower crème and a body polisher. The boxes are keepsake ones so they can be used for storing other items once the toiletries are used and they look pretty.

If you are buying for someone that likes Jojoba, vanilla and almond oil then they will enjoy this set. It has six different items in it including a 150g cleansing soap, 100g bath soak crystals,130ml luxury shower crème, 300ml refreshing body wash, 300ml luxury bath milk and 130ml moisturising body lotion. They all come with matching packaging in a coordinated box with ribbon. They are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.

Hand care sets can make great gifts as we are all washing our hands more and they need moisturising as a result. This pair of items is a 500ml hand wash and hand lotion so you can gently cleanse and then moisturise to care for your hands. They both have a white tea and neroli fragrance and are in matching bottles with a display rack so they can be neatly stored. They are not tested on animals.

A mix of toiletries can make a lovely gift for the recipient to be able to pamper themselves with. This one has a lovely selection of items. All with a mandarin and grapefruit fragrance, it includes a 300ml bath milk, 300ml body wash, 100g bath soak crystals, 130ml shower crème and 150g soap to gently cleanse the skin. There is a 130ml body lotion to moisturise it after washing and drying.

Baylis and Harding have put together this gift set which includes a scented candle. It has a wildflower meadow scented refreshing body wash and a woodland bluebell luxury shower crème and moisturising hand cream with it. They are all presented in a pretty box. The candle has a wildflower meadow fragrance and is designed to be burned while relaxing in the bath using the other products. Suitable for vegans.

If you want to gift someone a treat for their feet then this could be just the thing. It has a 100g foot soak and a 140ml foot lotion to help to relax and revive tired feet. There is also a pair of faux fur mile slippers included in the set. The products have a sweet mandarin and grapefruit fragrance and they are black and white in colour and the slippers are white. They come in a pretty box with a ribbon.

A fun box set can make a great gift and this one is in Baylis and Harding’s Fuzzy Duck series. There is a 300ml hand wash in a Gin and Tonic scent which gently cleanses the hands and there is a Sloe Gin moisturising hand and body lotion as well. They come together in very pretty festive packaging and tied with a red ribbon. They are not tested on animals and suitable for vegans.

Someone who cares for their hands will enjoy receiving this pretty gift set. There is a 70g tub of hand soak crystals and a 50ml hand and nail cream with a nail file. They all have very pretty packaging with a rose poppy and vanilla scent and the nail file has a pretty design on it as well. They all come in a pretty gift box with a tag on that you can write a personal message on.

If you want to gift a man a toiletry set, then this could do the job. It is a 300ml hair and body wash with 200ml shower gel in a black pepper and ginseng fragrance. They have stylish black packaging and come in a matching black box with a red stripe. They are great for any man that likes to be spoiled and they are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Sweet mandarin and grapefruit is a classic fragrance and all of the three items in this gift set have that scent. There is a 300ml refreshing body wash, 200ml luxury shower crème and a 200ml moisturising body lotion. They come together in a stylish gold box tied with a black ribbon so all ready to give as a present. All of the items are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Anyone that likes the fragrance of roses will like this gift set. It has four items in it, all with a delicate rose fragrance. There is a 200ml shower crème, 150g soap, 50g bath soak crystals and a 200ml hand and body lotion. They all come in an elegant gift box with a rose design on it. All of the products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

A pretty gift set can make a lovely gift and this one is a stack of two boxes tied up with a ribbon. Inside the boxes are various products with a jojoba, vanilla and almond oil fragrance all with matching packaging. There is a 100ml bath crème, 100ml shower crème, 50ml body lotion, 50ml hand cream, 50g bath soak crystals and a nylon body polisher. A lovely pamper set.

Toiletries and a candle can make a lovely set for pampering. This one has a lime basil and mint fragrance and includes four items. There is a refreshing body cleanser, shower crème and hand cream together with a candle all with the same refreshing scent. They come in a pretty gift box. The product’s scent is inspired by the urban barn where the company was founded over fifty years ago.

Men enjoy being pampered and therefore could enjoy this gift set from the Fuzzy Duck. It includes three shower essential – 300ml hair and body wash, 300ml shampoo and 300ml shower gel. It has a ginger and lime fragrance to leave a clean and revitalised feeling. It has a subtle woody base with amber and cedar with top notes of lime and ginger with a long-lasting scent. Suitable for vegans.

This winter wonderland gift set can make for a very cosy treat. It includes a pair of soft slippers made from faux fur in a pretty cream colour and also a selection of toiletries. There are gin and tonic foot soak crystals, mulberry and mistletoe moisturising foot lotion, sloe gin cleansing soap and gin and tonic refreshing body wash. The box has a beautiful design featuring winter foliage. Not tested on animals.

This shaving set for men from The Fuzzy Duck will make a great gift. It has a wooden shaving brush with 100ml shaving cream to create a barbershop experience at home. The shaving cream has a cedarwood and wild sage fragrance which is clean and masculine. They come together in an elegant box with buff-coloured packaging and a retro-style map design showing the location of The Fuzzy Duck Inn in the Cotswolds.

Cranberry martini is a lovely fragrance and this gift set has lots of products with this scent. There is a 25g bath crystals, 50ml hand cream, 100ml body wash, 100ml shower crème and a body polisher. All of the items come inside two square boxes which are presented on top of each other and tied with ribbon. They have an elegant look, so great for gifting and they can be reused afterwards.

Midnight fig and pomegranate are the fragrance for this gift set. It has four items in it which are a 300ml body wash, 150g soap, 130ml shower creme and 130ml hand and body lotion together with a white flannel. All of the items are red and gold and come in a gift tin which has a pretty red and gold geometric pattern on it and could be reused for storing things.

Roses make a lovely scent for toiletries and this trio has a midnight rose petals fragrance. The set includes a 40g luxury soap in a stylish grey box, 100ml bath crème in a grey bottle and a 125ml body lotion in a pink tube. The skin will be left feeling and smelling lovely after using these products. They come together in a pretty box with a rose design on it. Would make a very pretty gift.

Baylis and Harding have a cute unicorn-themed gift set in their Beauticology range. This one has two stacking keepsake gift boxes and they contain five products. There is a 100ml ice cream Sunday body wash, 100ml unicorn candy shower crème, 50ml vanilla ice body lotion, 50ml mint choc chip hand cream, 25g bath soak crystals and a body polisher. They all have pretty pastel-coloured packaging and make a really pretty gift.

Unicorns are very popular and any unicorn lover will enjoy this unicorn-themed gift set. It has a mint choc chip shower gel, ice cream sundae body wash, vanilla ice body lotion, cookies and cream hand cream and unicorn candy shower crème. It all comes in a pretty pastel-coloured box and each item contains 100ml so the bottles are all the same size. The items are all suitable for vegans.

Mum’s emergency kit is the name of this gift set from Baylis and Harding. It has a selection of rose prosecco fizz fragranced products. There is a 100ml luxury shower crème, 70g hand soak crystals, 25g reviving foot soak crystals and 30ml body butter. They all have pretty pink packaging with a heart design and come in a keepsake tin which can be used to store other items inside.

Fans of sweet mandarin and grapefruit will enjoy this gift set. It has three 50ml hand cream tubes in it all with the same fragrance. The idea is that the tubes can be used in a bag, desk drawer or by the sink so that there is always a hand cream available when you need one. They come in a pretty box with a red ribbon. They are suitable for vegans.

Hand cream is a useful gift to give to many people as the weather, constant hand washing, hand sanitiser gel and other things can dry out the hands. This is a handy set with three tubes so the recipient will never be without one. Each tube is 50ml and has a different pretty design on the tube, even though they all contain the same rose scented hand cream. They come in a pretty box and are suitable for vegans.

A cute toiletry set can make a great gift and this one features an ornamental bath with two products inside it. There is a 50ml shower cream and a 30ml nourishing body butter both with a wild blackberry and apple scent. The packaging and the mini bath are purple in colour so they match well. The bath can be used to store other items once those are used up.

Pamper gifts can be lovely things to receive and this Cranberry martini gift set has a pair of slippers and toiletries to make the recipient feel really spoiled. There is a 100g foot soak and 140ml foot lotion so the feet will get treated well before being slipped inside the faux fur slippers which are soft and cosy. Everything comes in a pretty gift box with a ribbon around it. The products are suitable for vegans.

Travel toiletries can be really handy for a man that is often staying away from home. This set has a 100ml hair and body wash, 50ml shower gel, 50ml face wash and 50ml aftershave balm all with a black pepper and ginseng fragrance which has a fruity spicy top note with a sandalwood and cedar base. They come together in an elegant black and gold gift box. They make a great gift for any man.

You can spoil anyone with this fun pink gin fizz toiletry gift set. There is a 100ml shower crème, 300ml body wash, 125ml moisturising body lotion and 125ml bath & shower gel and they come together with a beach towel in a beach/weekender/shopping bag. It means it makes the perfect collection for taking on holiday. It all comes with pretty white and pink colouring. Not tested on animals.

Men will enjoy this roarsome dinosaur themed gift set. It includes a 300ml hair & body wash and a 200ml shower gel as well as a 200ml aftershave balm. He will be able to stay clean and fresh with soothed and nourished skin after using the items. They all have a citrus lime and mint fragrance and come together in a blue gift box. All items are suitable for vegans.

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