30 Gift Ideas for Card Trick & Magic Fans

By Louise
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If you know someone that really likes magic, whether they like doing tricks themselves or learning about them, then you might find our list of card trick gifts could be useful to you. We have put together a list of different tricks suitable for different ages, in the hope that we will be able to inspire those that are looking for some unique gift ideas. We know it can be tricky finding the perfect gift, which is why we hope that our list will be able to help you. We have found things at different price ranges too, so there should be something for every budget as well.

30 Presents for Card Trick Fans

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This is a set of DMC Elites magic cards. They are in a green colour and poker size but the deck is marked. This means that they can be used for doing all sorts of different magic tricks with. They are suitable for use by a beginner and use the Optical Marking System, which is unique to these cards and there are full instructions on using the markings included. They come in a really smart green box.

This book by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue and is called ‘Card Tricks: The Royal Road to Card Magic’ and comes in a hardcover or Kindle edition. The authors are magicians and the book has 100 different card tricks that can be done with a normal pack of cards. They are all classic tricks which have been around since the book was written in the 1940’s or even before. They each come with clear instructions and pictures to help out.

This is a gift set tin called ‘Fifty Greatest Card Tricks’. It comes with a deck of Marvin’s Magic cards, five packets of magic card props and instructions to be able to carry out the fifty classic tricks. They are suitable for children as well as adults starting out with learning how to do various card tricks. The gift tin looks great and makes it an ideal gift for a magic fan.

This is a set of optical illusions. It is a family flash card game and the idea is that you look at the clue and reveal the optical illusion and try to guess the answer. It is suitable for families as children can play it and it is a handy pocket size so can be taken in the car, when visiting, on holiday or just played at home with the family.

This is a set of playing cards that have been marked for use in magic tricks. There are instructions in the box which explain the markings as well as 4 tricks to learn. The deck comes in a box with ‘Empire Playing Cards Bridge Size’ on the front so they look really authentic and no one will guess that they are marked for the purposes of doing magic tricks with them.

This is a special magic trick called shrinking cards. It has the accessories needed for this specific trick. The idea is that the audience are shown normal sizes cards and then they shrink before the eyes! Even with a close view the audience will not be able to see how it is done once it has been practised carefully.  A fun trick to learn and it even comes with free delivery.

This is a book called ‘Foolproof Card Tricks’ by Karl Fulves. It contains 183 tricks which are all easy to learn. They have illustrations as well to make it easier to understand what needs to be done. It is a great book for those learning or those wanting to extend their range of tricks. Tricks vary from using card telepathy, coins, telephones and other props, so there is a good variety.

This is a DVD by Ryan Matney called ‘Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks’ and it includes a lot of beginners tricks to get someone learning. It helps you learn how to build your self esteem and charisma when performing and then to entertain lots of people with the tricks that you learn. It includes twelve tricks, which are very carefully demonstrated so it is possible to learn how to perform them yourself.

This is a Cartoon magic card trick. It was a trick that was performed on Britain’s Got Talent and is actually really easy to do and so great for kids or beginners. It is a great way to impress people and there is a QR code for a video tutorial, so it is really easy to learn how to do it. Great also for those who are just curious as to how the trick works even if they do not want to perform it.

This is a fun white mug which has all sorts of card references on it. There are numbers and letters in black and red as well as the card suits too. It is a fun mug that would make a great gift for anyone that likes playing cards, as well as those that like magic tricks with cards. It is a bright and cheerful cup and would be a practical, useful and fun gift for anyone.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Pick a card any card’ with a picture of 4 Aces on it. It comes in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, heather blue and purple and in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years old and adults size small – 2XL. It is made from a polyester and cotton mix, so it will not go out of shape but also feels soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a fun hoody which is navy with a drawstring around the hood and front pocket. On the front it says ‘pick a card any card’ and there is a picture of someone holding cards. It comes in sizes small – XXL and it is made from 100% cotton. It is easy to look after as it is machine washable and the design is quality screen printed, so should not wear off or fade easily.

This is a remote control card fountain. It is a fun item which can be used when performing card tricks or any other sorts of tricks. It will look like the cards are moving by magic when you discretely use the remote control to operate it. It is also used for performing the magic trick where you will ask a person to sign a card, pop it in the fountain and it will magically shoot their card up into the air. It uses poker sized Bicycle branded playing cards.

This is a box of D&D magic item cards. It is a set to go with the role playing game. There are 294 durable, laminated cards in the set for a hoard of magical weapons, armour and other wondrous items. They have games statistics on one side and a picture of the item on the other. They are designed for the dungeon master to equip their villains with or to give as rewards to the players heroes.

This is a performance close up pad for using when doing magic tricks. It is 16.5 x 13 inches (or 42 x 33cm) and it is blue, red, black or gold. It has a velvet top surface so that it works well for cup, coin or card work. It will help them to show up when performing. It has a neoprene back to stop it slipping and it is crease free and washable.

This is a three sided card magic mirror. It is a special gimmick for using when doing card tricks and also doubles as a close up mat as well. It folds up to A4 size and so can be easily carried. It is light, thin and is also shatterproof and will really help any magician, when they are practicing their various tricks to ensure that they are doing them correctly.

This is a magic trick which allows any signed card to go to a spectators wallet. It is a repeatable trick and it is used in any deck of cards. The idea is that someone signs a card and then takes out their wallet and the card is in there. They will shuffle the deck and then the card will appear elsewhere. It is a fun trick which is made in India and comes with a DVD to show you how it is done.

This is a book called ‘Easy-to-do Card Tricks for Children’ by Karl Fulves. It has thirty tricks included that are simple enough for children to master such as mind-reading feats, a card mysteriously rising from the deck and many more and there are instructions and diagrams to help. There is also information on preparing and manipulating cards as well as what pattern to use when you are performing the different tricks.

This is a book called ‘Expert Card Technique: Close-up Table Magic’ by Jean Hugard. It has lots of different sleights and tricks, which were previously only known to card experts. There are things like passes, palming. False shuffles, false cuts, changes, crimps, jogs, reverses, rear palms and more. There are 341 altogether with 318 illustrations to help the readers understanding of the exact positioning of fingers and hands that is needed for each one.

This is a copy of ‘Encyclopaedia of Card Tricks’ Revised and Edited by Jean Hugard. It is a 1940 hardback book which has advanced card tricks in it. It is not for a beginner but a great addition to a card trick library for someone that already knows the basics and wants to expand on the tricks that they already know. It even helps you to develop your own tricks.

This is a set of two decks of extremely durable and waterproof deluxe poker cards. They are made of plastic and each has 52 cards and two jokers, so can be used for playing any games. They are long lasting and this means that they can also be handy for practising card tricks, as they are unlikely to wear out as quickly as standard cards and also are very smooth which makes them easy to handle.

This is a magic hole punch card. It is a special piece of equipment used for magic tricks. The trick involved putting a hole in the card and then seeing the hole jump to the other side of the card. The trick involves asking a person to sign a card and making a hole in it that they can see through – using the punch supplied. Then the magician is able to move that hole to the other side of the card in a blink.

This is a special picture frame which changes the colour of things. In the frame there is a black and white picture, but as you pull the picture out it magically becomes coloured. It is a really easy trick to play but impresses the audience easily and so is really good for children and adults that are learning magic and a good way to draw in an audience before doing more complex tricks.

This is a pack of Bicycle playing cards for the rising card trick. It is made in the USA and is a trick deck but also a regular deck of poker playing cards too. It is very simple to perform. Someone in the audience chooses a card and it rises from the deck. The gimmicks supplied are sturdy, so they will not break easily and there are also instructions and a link to a video, so it is easy to master the trick.

This is a floating card trick which is made by Tenyo Magic. The idea is that you show the deck and someone select a card which they place face up, then the card starts to float upwards and you can even remove the card under it. Then it slowly returns and you can spread out the deck again. A fun trick that will have the audience baffled and so will be great to perform!

This is a card shuffler tool which can be used at home for card games. It is lightweight and sturdy and it will shuffle two decks and is hand cranked. It is quiet and really easy to use and can be used when playing all sorts of games, but can also be used when doing magic tricks as well. So it could be a useful thing to give card magicians as a gift and it even has free delivery.

This is a MagicPro set of cards with a DVD to explain a card trick. The trick involves asking a spectator to select a card which then disappears from the pack and reappears in the pocket of the magician and then multiplies. It is a fun trick to learn and there is also a velvet bag which you can put it on. For adults and children over the age of 7 years.

This is a set of Bicycle playing cards but they have some special properties. The 52 cards which are poker size has completely black faces. This means that they can be used for certain tricks which require this type of card and you will be able to find various tricks in books and online which will use this type of card – there are no instructions or tricks enclosed just the cards.

This is a set of specialist throwing cards. They are plastic and the idea is that the cards are designed in such a way, so that when they fly through the air they make a sound that sounds like a cry of a banshee. They can be used as part of a magic trick routine or just on their own. The cards comes in a box and they come with a handy drawstring bag.

This is a modern flap card. It is an intermediate level trick and the card can quickly be flipped so that you see a different surface. This particular card can be flapped twice so there are three different appearances to it. It has a court card face and blue bicycle face and you get the one card in the pack. It flaps quickly with a unique locking system and has a seamless surface.

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