32 Perfect Clinique Gift Sets

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Clinique is a popular brand that produces a big range of different cosmetics. They produce a lot of different gift sets and it could be that you would like to choose one as a gift for someone that you know likes their different types of products. You may find this list handy and inspiring then as you will be able to have a good look at all of the different gift sets that we have chosen and think about which you think will suit the recipient that you had in mind the best as well as suiting your budget as well.

32 Clinique Gift Set Ideas

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Moisture is something that many people lack in their skin and this set contains three products in a box that will help. It includes a 75ml tub of moisture surge – 72-hour auto-replenishing hydration, a 30ml tube of moisture surge face spray – thirsty skin relief and a 15ml roll-on all about eyes serum – de-puffing eye massage. The products will all help to moisturise the face to make it look in better condition.

Skincare systems can be complex but this Clinique one has three steps. There is a liquid facial soap, a dramatically different moisturising gel and a clarifying lotion. All of the products are for combination to oily skin and they come together in a box. This is a useful trial size version so that it can be used to see whether it suits the person before buying full-sized products.

Dry skin needs really careful treatment and Clinique provide this in their box set. It is a three-step system that includes a mild liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion and dramatically different moisturising lotion. All of the products are designed to benefit drier skin. These are all sample-sized products which means that you will be able to try them out and see if they suit your skin before buying larger sizes.

Sensitive skin can react to many products and so it is vital that they are carefully chosen. This Clinque set has items that provide a three-step skin routine for sensitive skin which is easy to stick to and gives great results. There is an extra-gentle cleansing foam, a clarifying lotion and a dramatically different moisturising cream. They all come together in a branded box so are easy to wrap up as a gift.

Normal to dry skin will like these three little soaps. They are part of a three-step daily care program. They provide gentle and effective cleansing for faces that have dry cheeks and oily t-zones. They leave skin feeling fresh, clean and comfortable without drying it out. They are designed to be used twice a day. The box contains three 50g bars of soap which means that you can use a small soap dish and replace the soaps regularly or they could be good for travelling.

Pretty skincare and makeup sets can make great gifts. This is a Clinique spring essentials collection in a pretty floral box. Inside it has a moisture surge overnight mask 100ml, take the day off cleansing balm 15ml, smart spf15 repair moisturiser 30ml, dramatically different lipstick in blushing nude 3g, high impact mascara 3.5ml and moisture surge eye 96-hour hydro filler concentrate 5ml. A great combination of products for the face.

Perfume lovers will like this gift set which has an aromatics elixir perfume spray and a body lotion with the same fragrance. The spray is 25ml and lotion is 75ml and they come together in a bright red gift box. It would make a great gift (especially for Christmas because of the red box) as it looks really good in the box, especially for someone that is a big fan of Clinique and this particular fragrance.

Travel sets can be really handy as you will not have to take lots of bulky products with you. This set has a selection of skincare products and cosmetics in a bright coloured and fun looking cosmetics bag. It includes mascara, lipstick and various skincare products as well. Great for if you are going on holiday, having a few nights away or even for use to touch up during the day or after a shower at the gym or pool.

A skincare set can make for a useful gift. This set of three products comes in a boxed set. It includes a liquid facial soap oily skin formula, a dramatically different moisturising gel and a clarifying lotion. The products are designed to be used one after the other twice a day and they come in sample sizes so that they can be trialled to see whether they give the desired effect.

A boxed set can make a lovely gift and this has three products in the Clinique Aromatics Elixir set. It has a body wash, body smoother and perfume in it. These are tester or sample sizes so that they can be tried out to see whether they suit the skin. It can be lovely to give a mini luxury treat like this so the recipient can try them out and see if they like them.

A pretty gift set can make a great gift and this Clinique wrappings set comes in a pretty box. It has a 25ml perfume spray and a 100ml body smoother. The products are a good size so the recipient will be able to really enjoy them. The box is a pale yellow colour and could be reused afterwards to store collectables or valuables in as well as other toiletries too.

Aromatics Elixir fans will enjoy receiving this trio set. It has an Eau de perfume spray that is 45ml along with a body wash and body smoother with the same scent. It means that they will be able to wash and moisturise and then spritz with perfume and have a complete scent to match. They come in a Clinique branded box so all ready to gift.

All skin is suited to the fresh pressed daily booster with pure vitamin C 10%. It will brighten, even and retexturize the skin. There are four bottles in the box and they are each 8.5ml in size. It is designed so that there is one bottle to last a week. They come in a cardboard box with a Clinique branding. Would make a great gift for someone that enjoys using this product.

Clinique has put together this anti-blemish solution and they all come together in a box and could make a great gift. It includes a 50ml cleansing foam, a 100ml clarifying lotion and a 30ml clearing moisturiser. It will deep clean, unclog pores and treat and clear so that skin looks really great. These smaller sized treatments would be great for travelling or carrying about while on the go and many people find they work really well.

Makeup gift sets can make great gifts and the Clinique one has a trio of products. It has a high impact mascara black which is 8g, an all about eyes reduced circles and puffs 5ml and a take the day off make up remover for lids, lashes and lids 30ml. They are fragrance-free and make a great travel set for carrying around with you when on holiday. Free gift wrap is available.

The even better dark spot collection from Clinique could make a great gift. It comes with three items and a makeup bag to store them in. It has a 30ml dark spot corrector, a 15ml skin tone correcting moisturiser and a 15ml dark spot correcting hand cream. They also have SPF protection built into them. They all come with a cosmetic bag that will fit in a selection of products.

Many people like to have a selection of different colours of lipstick and so they will like this trio. It has three different shades all in red tones, but a mid red, pinkie red and browner red. They all provide long-lasting lip colour which means that they will not be used up quickly. The three lipsticks each come in a silver holder and they are packed together in a branded box so easy to wrap up ready to give away.

Skin needs protection and therefore Clinique has put together this daily defenders set. It contains a 7-day scrub cream in a rinse-off formula, an age defence eye cream SPF 20 and a daily moisturiser SPF 20. They are all designed for very dry to dry combination skin. They come together with a yellow makeup bag so that they can be easily stored and they are supplied in a box so they are easy to wrap as a gift.

Clinique Happy is a popular brand and this is a set of three products in this range. It has a scent with a hint of citrus, wealth of flowers and mix of emotions.  There is a bottle of perfume spray which is 50ml. a tube of body cream which is 75ml and a perfume rollerball which is 10ml. They come together in a gift box with a ribbon on it.

Clinique for Men has this starter kit which should help men to decide whether the products suit them and their skin. This one has a 30ml tube of face wash, 60ml tube of cream shave and a 15ml tube of maximum hydrator. They all come together in an elegant black gift box and would therefore make a great gift and you need not even wrap it up or if you choose to it will be nice and easy!

Men with oily skin will like this Clinique for men gift set. It has a selection of products that will help their skin. There is a 30ml oil control face wash, a 60ml cream shave and a 15ml oil control mattifying moisturiser. They all come in very masculine looking black tubes with white and grey writing and inside a black gift box which will look very elegant when given as a gift.

Men with oil-prone skin may benefit from this Clinique for men set. All of the products are travel size, so great for holidays, trips or just for testing it to see if it works. It contains an oil control face wash, cream shave and oil control mattifying moisturiser. They come packed together in a branded box so they are easy to gift wrap before giving away as a gift.

Oily skin needs special treatment and Clinique for Men have put together this custom-fit oily skin kit. It has oil control face wash 200ml, face scrub 100ml, anti-age eye cream 15ml and oil control mattifying moisturiser 100ml. The four products work together to help the skin to look its best. They come together in a branded gift box and they are all full-size products so there is plenty to try out.

A man that enjoys the fragrance of Clinique Happy for men will enjoy this gift set. It has a bottle of the cologne scent together with a body and hair wash in the same scent and an exfoliant face scrub. All of the items come in a branded orange and grey box so they are either really easy to wrap up or can be handed over just as they are.

This face treatment boxed set has enough products to last for seven days. It includes seven packs of fresh-pressed renewing powder cleanser and a fresh-pressed daily booster with pure vitamin C 10%. The idea is that the treatments will brighten, even and retexturize the skin. The products are suitable for all skin types and come together in a branded box which means that they are easy to gift wrap before giving away.

Clinique moisture surge hydrating supercharged concentrate comes in 15ml tubes and so does not last very long. This is a batch of four of them which means that they will last a lot longer. So, if the person that you are buying for uses this product then they might really appreciate getting a good supply of them. They are good value for money when you buy them like this.

Skin can often need day and night boosting and so with this set of items you will be able to provide that. It has two Clinique fresh pressed daily booster with pure vitamin C 10% and there is an overnight booster pair as well. This is a great way to buy a batch of these products which will last a long time and offer good value for money and will go down well as a gift for someone that uses them regularly.

Someone who likes the Clinique moisture surge overnight mask will love receiving these as a gift. It is a three-pack of the 30ml sized tubes. It is a great gift idea for someone that likes to use this product regularly as the will be able to get a lot of use out of them and they will last them a long time. They do not come in a gift box though so you may want to wrap them up or buy a gift bag to pop them in.

Fans of the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion will love this pair. They are both the same lotion but one is a 200ml pump and the other is a 50ml tube. The smaller tube could be used for travelling or carrying around in the bag or keeping in a desk at work. The other could be kept at home in the bathroom or the bedroom. They make a useful pair.

Lip gloss is something that many people like to wear a lot and this set of ten different shades gives you a great chance to try lots of different types. Clinique has put together these travel-sized ones which have a different colour at each end which means that you can use them as samples and try them all before you commit to a larger size. They are 2ml each.

Lashes are something that need looking after and this Clinique lash power set has everything you will need to do this. It has a moisture surge eye 96-hour hydro-filler concentrate 5ml, a lash power mascara with long-wearing formula 6ml and a quick liner for eyes 14g. They come together in a branded box which means that they will be really easy to wrap up before giving as a gift.

Clinique has put this face powder and makeup brush together in a really pretty box set. The face powder is blended and it adapts to your skin and lasts a long time giving an even and matte finish. The brush, has an elegant silver case and will allow you to apply the powder much more easily. The items come together in a pretty box with a flower and leaf design.

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