34 Presents for Cocker Spaniel Owners

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Whether someone in your life has a Cocker Spaniel or not, you cannot help but fall in love with this breed of dog. We have chosen a selection of heart-warming Cocker Spaniel themed gifts for your friend or family member who loves and/or has Cocker Spaniels, so you do not have to. Our suggestions include clothing ideas, jewellery, items for the kitchen, art related gifts, gifts to be treasured for ever more, practical gifts, fun gifts, ornaments and figurines. And even gifts for little ones and of course for adults, both men and women.

34 Gift Ideas for Cocker Spaniel Lovers

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Even the front cover of this paperback book is super cute featuring a gorgeous photo of a Cocker Spaniel. The book covers everything you will need to know before welcoming this breed into your family and home over a whopping two hundred and eighty four pages. When we say everything we mean everything from an overview of different types of cocker spaniels to getting your home Cocker Spaniel proof.

The mind of your loved one will never be far away from their love of Cocker Spaniels with this Cocker Spaniel featured Chopping board. On the front of the board, an illustration of a Cocker Spaniel is featured with engraved text, ‘Every meal you make, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.’ Made from a timber product this item measures three hundred millimetres length with a width of two hundred millimetres.

If anything tells people their loved one is a crazy Cocker Spaniel fan, this tote bag will do it! This bag is a neutral colour with an image of a Cocker Spaniel coming out horizontally from one of the edges of the bag. The Cocker Spaniel has its ears pointing towards the bottom of the bag. A perfect bag for school, college, work, lunch, light shopping or even for a Cocker Spaniel puppy or dog outing!

Perhaps a gift to the friend or relative who loves Cocker Spaniel or even from the Cocker Spaniel fan to a young one! This soft toy is in the shape and design of a Cocker Spaniel dog standing two hundred millimetres high, but you can also choose a Cocker Spaniel puppy at a height of one hundred and sixty millimetres high, or better still both! Suitable for all audiences from one month old!

Not only with a shout out to Cocker Spaniels but this hoodie is pretty cool and will keep the lady in your life warm whilst out on those dog walks. On the front side of the hoodie is the sentence, ‘Crazy Cocker Spaniel Lady,’ with a small image of a Cocker Spaniel, all in white type. The hoodie is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. And whilst you can choose from a selection of colours, our firm favourite is the pink!

The sweetest notebook with a photo of a Cocker Spaniel on the front cover in the snow with the wind blowing his ears and fur and gorse in the background. One the back cover the design continues with gorse standing in snow. There are one hundred and twenty pages of white paper in the book with lines. The notebook measures just over fifteen centimetres in width and just under twenty three centimetres in length.

A fabulous little gift with a lot of love and words that is of course Cocker Spaniel themed! On the front of the fridge magnet are eight dog rules from the Cocker Spaniel such as number six, ‘Barking is the preferred language in this house, although I may let you humans talk occasionally if rewarded with a treat.’ This fridge magnet measure ninety millimetres height by sixty millimetres width.

The perfect gift for a lady in your life who has a Cocker Spaniel or two! This mug is made from Ceramic and has a white base colour. On the front of the mug are the words, ‘ The worlds greatest Cocker Spaniel Mum,’ with lots of arrows and swirly design at the bottom. With a capacity of three hundred and twenty five millilitres, this mug when packaged weighs just under half a kilogram and is of good quality.

A lovely gift, this T-shirt will make one very happy Dad of a Cocker Spaniel! The text on this T-shirt says, ‘The Dogfather,’ with a picture of a Cocker Spaniel next to the text all in white. The T-shirt can be for men, women and youngsters. It is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large and triple extra large for men and women and from ages two to twelve for the young ones.

One for the baker, with a love for Cocker Spaniels! This set includes two detailed biscuit cutters, one with the outline of a Cocker Spaniel and the other with a close up of their head with every feature captured. Perfect for making biscuits and cookies for humans or dogs! These cutters are made from plastic and are white. Each cutter is are approximately eighty millimetres in size.

This grey coloured metal charm is in the shape and design of a Cocker Spaniel and will be a lovely gift for the lady or girl with a charm bracelet who adores Cocker Spaniels. The length of the charm is just under one centimetre and the width one centimetres along with a depth of half a centimetre. This small charm is exceptionally detailed and comes with a ring that will attach to a charm bracelet.

A lovely way to capture a love for all things creative and love of Cocker Spaniels. This colouring book is also perfect for children too from the age of ten years old. The colouring book has sixty two pages of outlines of cocker spaniels going on holiday to destinations such as New York and Paris to colour in. The size of the colouring book is two hundred and nineteen millimetres wide with a length of two hundred and fifty nine millimetres.

A wonderful gift for the friend or loved one who loves Cocker Spaniels, to cherish. The artwork features the outline of a Cocker Spaniel with the inside consisting of words relating to how your loved one feels about Cocker Spaniels or perhaps what he or she means to you.  You can choose the size of the print and whether you want it framed or not along with the colour of your choice. And the final selection that needs to be made is those all-important words.

A T-shirt with an unusual design but is of course Cocker Spaniel themed. The T-shirt is of a unisex design and fit and is also suitable for the younger generation too. The design on the front of the T-shirt shows a Cocker Spaniel in the colour of the T-shirt, with ice capped mountains in the background against a sunset in varying coloured lines from dark orange to light yellow.

This China mug will make the first morning cup of coffee the most enjoyable with a picture of an adorable Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel is black with deep brown eyes and can be found on both sides of the mug. With a capacity of two hundred and ninety five millilitres, this mug measures 9.4 cm tall and a width of 8.2 cm. It weighs two hundred and eighty grams.

A gift that will be treasured and can be displayed in a prominent place in your loved one’s home. Made from a high quality and durable material, this figurine is in the shape and design of a Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel is brown and white. The height of the Cocker Spaniel ornament is one hundred and ten millimetres with a length of one hundred and fifty millimetres and depth of fifty millimetres.

An item of jewellery consisting of a chain of which you can choose from different lengths and pendant in the shape and design of a Cocker Spaniel. Using a shiny grey metal for both the chain and pendant, you can choose from a chain length of 41 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm and 56 cm. The pendant is incredibly detailed and measures approximately half a centimetre tall. A must for the Cocker Spaniel fan.

This cushion cover features the cutest Cocker Spaniel dog and can be personalised. The square and large cushion shows the head and neck of the Cocker Spaniel and is black with a red collar against an off-white background. Next to the bottom left corner of the cushion is a circle with the words, ‘Happiness is being loved by,’ and inside the circle you can put the name of your choice.

An exquisite large scarf that can also be used as a shawl for those cooler days. The pattern on the dark grey scarf is of course Cocker Spaniels in lighter grey and white colour scheme. Made from synthetic fibres, this scarf is huge at one hundred and eighty centimetres long and ninety centimetres wide. This will truly make a lovely gift for one of your favourites who loves Cocker Spaniels and elegance.

A fun and practical gift! This key ring is so very cute and has three pendants coming off the main ring. The first is a beige plaque with the words in a light grey, ‘Proud owner of an enthusiastic, lively, loving loyal … Cocker Spaniel, with the brand name and a pawprint underneath, whilst the second depicts a black smiling Cocker Spaniel with his ears up and the last one is the brand name and logo.

A gorgeous gift for the garden, for the person in your life who loves Cocker Spaniels, for holding hanging baskets of flowers or other items. This black metal holder has an ornamental design and at the top shows a Cocker Spaniel running. This item measures three hundred and seventy five millimetres long with a height of three hundred millimetres and weighs nearly one and a half kilograms.

A beguiling ornament in the design of an incredibly cute Cocker Spaniel puppy that can be put on display inside the house or outside in the garden. The Cocker Spaniel puppy is black and white with brown eyes and is in a sitting position looking intently at something. Made from a hard wearing and durable material, the ornament weighs half a kilogram. A truly wonderful and thoughtful gift.

A mouse mat that will not fail to put a smile on the face of the owner, in all honesty whether they are a Cocker Spaniel fan or not! The mouse mat is primarily white with a brown Cocker Spaniel puppy coming from the right-hand side in a horizontal position with ears up and smiling and full of mischief and fun. This mouse mat measures two hundred and thirty five millimetres length with a width of one hundred and ninety six millimetres.

A fabulous card for all occasions! This greeting card has a colour photo of a black Cocker Spaniel in a field of crops with his ears completely up, tongue out and smiling! The humorous name of this card is called, ‘What’s going on Ear?’ This square card measures sixteen centimetres length by width. Inside you can write your own words. This card is perfect whether for a birthday or just a reminder that you are there for the recipient.

A special gift for a special person with a love of Cocker Spaniels. This pair of drop earrings in a grey metal shiny material and colour have the models of Cocker Spaniels in great details. The Cocker Spaniels measure one hundred and ninety millimetres high with a width of two hundred and twenty millimetres. These gorgeous earrings are presented in brown shaped gift box.

A gift suggestion for long eared Cocker Spaniels! This water resistant snood is available in a dark colour. The purpose of this snood is to keep your Cocker Spaniel’s long ears dry and free from the wet dog odour, when out in the rain, whether walking or working. The snood goes around the Cocker Spaniel’s neck and one snood is included in this pack.

A stunning piece of art work in a greeting card form! This greeting card has an illustration of the heard of a brown Cocker Spaniel on the front with intricate detail. The card is rectangular and measures 12.7 cm tall and 17.78 cm wide. There is an item for the card to go in, that is brown with a recycled look, meaning all that is left for you, is to write the card and send to your loved one.

A fabulous clothing gift for the woman who adores Cocker Spaniels. This baseball top is made using solely natural fibres and is primarily white with black sleeves. On the front of the top in black text are the words, ‘Leave me alone – I’m only speaking to my Cocker Spaniel today.’ This top is available in many sizes – small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large.

A perfect gift for the car of the Cocker Spaniel fan! This Cocker Spaniel themed air freshener thankfully does not have the odour of wet dog but a rather lovely floral scent. The shape and design of this air freshener is in Cocker Spaniel style featuring an incredibly cute black working Cocker Spaniel puppy with a white bib. Great for travelling in a vehicle or for the home.

A fabulous pair of socks for the man whose best friend is a Cocker Spaniel. This black pair of socks depict an image of a Cocker Spaniel in white with the letter, ‘I’ also in white type and a red heart emoji on the outer side of them. These Cocker Spaniel socks fit men’s shoe sizes from five to twelve. An ideal gift as a stocking filler, Secret Santa or novelty top up gift for any occasion.

An uber cute greeting card with a brown working Cocker Spaniel taking centrepiece! The Cocker Spaniel has his front legs leaning on a black fence. Another amazing feature of this card is that you can choose to personalise the card for your friend or family member with the occasion and their name. The card is rectangular and measures twenty one centimetres in width and nearly fifteen centimetres in height.

An unusual but incredibly thoughtful gift for the one that appreciates plants and Cocker Spaniels. This gift consists of three plant pot feet which fit under the plant pot lifting it off the ground which not only increases the plant life but also add character and attractiveness to the pot. The plant pot feet are in the shape and details of Cocker Spaniels and a brown black colour.

The sweetest baby item for the family that includes a Cocker Spaniel and baby or small child. This T-shirt is suitable for little girls and little boys and has the sentence, ‘My big brother is a Cocker Spaniel,’ in white type along with an image of a Cocker Spaniel, hearts and a pawprint. The top comes in various coloured from pinks and blues and is available in sizes new born to six years old.

This gift suggestions combines a love of Cocker Spaniels with a love of Gin. A beautiful gin glass with a design all around the glass consisting of a number Cocker Spaniels roaming on grassland. With a height of nearly twenty centimetres and a capacity of seventy centilitres this gin glass is huge. This gift comes presented in a black cardboard box with a plain design.

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