31 Cosplaying Gift Ideas

By Louise
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You may know someone that enjoys doing cosplay, but it may be something that you are not familiar with. If this is the case, then you may be interested in our list of gift ideas for those that enjoy it. There are all sorts of ideas in the list for additions to outfits, complete outfits or other items that will help them to totally immerse themselves in being a particular character. This means that if you want to buy them a gift that will appeal to them and embrace their hobby, you will be able to pick something from this list.

31 Presents for Cosplayers

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This is a fun cosplay wig. There are different colours and style to choose from and they include many different character wigs such as Enoshima Junko, Celestia Lundenberg and Komaeda Nagito.  They are adjustable as there are hooks inside which you can use to adjust the cap to fit well and so it will fit a head of 54-62cm circumference. It is made from synthetic material which can be styled.

This is a cosplay outfit for women in the style of a sailor maid or school uniform. It has a black skirt and white blouse with black and white stripe detailing and a black bow at the neck. There is a sailor-style bib on it as well.  It is size small which 6-8. It is one piece – an all in one dress. It would be ideal for fancy dress, acting, parties, Halloween or cosplay.

This is a set of ladies’ underwear. The top says on it ‘come here Daddy’ and on the knickers, it says ‘please’. They come in white or black with pink writing on them. The top has adjustable spaghetti straps and knickers are low rise. They come in sizes S-XL and are made of polyester and spandex which means they have good stretch and are comfortable to wear. They could be used for cosplay, fancy dress, role play etc

This is a hoodie which is black with blue and red on it. It has blue one size of the hood and on that sleeve, it says ‘half cold and the other side of the hood is red and says ‘half hot’. It comes in sizes S-5XL. There are other tops with different designs on, all with a unisex Japanese anime cosplay theme to them. They are long-sleeved so will be warm with a drawstring around the hood.

This is a girl’s dress in a sailor moon style. It has a blue skirt and white top with a red bow at the neck and blue and white stripes cuffs with a blue bib at the back. It comes in sizes suitable for girls aged 6-14 years. There is a mid-blue and a dark blue option. It is above knee length and made of 100% cotton so it will comfortable to wear. It is suitable for parties, fancy dress, cosplay and Halloween.

This is a pair of knee-high boots. They are red and black and have a side zipper to get them on and off. They are made from PU leather and Xcoser metal logo. They are comfortable to wear, with a square heel and are easy to care for and they are available in different sizes. They will put a great finishing touch to a cosplay, anime or other costume which require some boots like this.

This is an astronaut costume for women. It is an all in one jumpsuit and comes in either white, orange or blue. It has black detailing and badges on the front and sleeves. It is available in sizes XS – XXL and has a zipper on the front to make it easy to take on and off. It could be used for all sorts of occasions such as parties, Halloween, cosplay or a costume party.

This is a paperback book which has a black cover and says on it ‘Just a girl who loves cosplay’ with a picture of two girls dressed up on it. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 100 pages which are all white with black lines. This means that it is a really handy notebook that you could use for all sorts of things such as journaling, as a diary, for notes or to take to school, college or work.

This is a t-shirt which is yellow and says ‘It’s not Rael’ on it. It is an unofficial copy of the shirt the Russel wears in the Saturnz Bars video. The words are embedded in the fabric so they will never wash out or fade. The fit is suitable for men or women and it is available in sizes S-XXL. Great for anyone who is a fan or for cosplay purposes as well as general casual wear.

This is a Harry Potter style tie. It is dark red with gold stripes and so would look right to be the tie for the Gryffindor house. It is 145 x 6.5 x 0.5cm which means that it is a size which is suitable for most 7 – 13-year-old children. It would look great as part of a Harry Potter, Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger fancy dress or cosplay outfit.

This is a cute headband which is a pair of bunny ears. They are white and fluffy with pink centres but there are other colour options available as well. They are made of cotton so they are soft and comfortable and they are also durable which means that they will last a long time. They are lightweight which means that they can be worn for long periods of time as well.

This is a set of arm warmers. They come in different striped designs. They can be worn as fingerless gloves, to keep you warm but also as part of an outfit such as for fancy dress, cosplay or Halloween. They are 14 x 3.5 inches in size and they are made of acrylic so are comfortable and warm. They have a thumb hole, which keeps them in place but are fingerless.

This is a set of face and body paint. It has 16 different colours and is suitable for sensitive skin. It also includes 24 reusable stencils and three brushes in different sizes. They are water activated and dry quickly which makes them easy to use and they last a long time with a strong tint that will not fade or crack. They can be washed off with wet wipes or soap and water.

This is a set of latex elf ears. They could also be suitable to create a look as a goblin, fairy or other mythical creature. They are soft and comfortable to wear and they will not change shape so they will be able to be reused. They are available in 5 x 10.5cm or 5 x 12cm sizes and they can be attached to the ears with eyelash glue. They will make the perfect finishing touch to mythical dress up, Halloween or cosplay outfits.

This is a Bane mask for adults. There are different colours to pick from and they come in one size which will fit most adults and older teenagers. It is made from latex and it is roomy around the mouth to make it easy to breathe. It can be used for dressing up and parties, role play and cosplay. It is a high-quality mask so should last a long time and be able to be reused a lot of times.

This is a set of hair chalks that can be used for dressing up, cosplay etc. There are 12 different colours in the pack and they are blendable so many different colours can be made. They are rich and creamy and work on different hair colours and types. They are non-toxic and they will last a long time. They are easy to apply and will last for up to 3 days and can just wash out with normal shampoo and water.

This is a girl’s Princess Elsa costume from Frozen. It has a white and blue dress, gloves, tiara, earrings, wand, necklace and ring which all match. There are other colours of outfits available as well. They are available in various sizes suitable for children aged 2-9 years of age. The dress has an A-line style and is sleeveless. It is made from polyester and cotton so is soft and breathable.

This is a clown costume and it has a waistcoat and bow tie which are yellow with spots on in various sizes in red, orange, blue and green and it also comes with a red nose and multicoloured wig. The waistcoat is made of polyester and is soft to touch and the nose is a comfortable sponge. It is all one size and the bowtie is 24 x 17 cm, waistcoat 57 x 50cm, the nose is 5cm and the wig has a flexible hairnet so it fits most sizes.

This is a ladies mask for cosplay or dressing up. It is 100% handmade silicone and it has a real skin texture and looks soft and realistic. It is hypoallergenic and the mouth can be opened for talking. It has a soft touch like skin and looks and feels realistic. Can easily be matched to a wig and eyelashes and it can even have makeup applied to it if required.

This is a Princess Anna Frozen dressing up outfit. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2 – 10 years. It has a green dress with a wand, tiara, earrings, necklace ring and gloves. It comes in a selection of different shades and styles. The dress is made from cotton and polyester with a lining inside it. It has a puff sleeve and the skirt part is really long and elegant.

This is a pair of round metal-framed sunglasses with coloured glass in red or yellow. They have plastic lenses which are non-polarised and they provide UVA and UVB protection. They have soft silicone nose pads and a lightweight frame which means that they should feel comfortable to wear. They are great to wear as part of a hippie outfit, music festivals, summer parties or for other dressing up or cosplay.

This is a cosplay costume wig which is blond with some plaits in a Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen style. It is synthetic and soft to touch and looks natural. It has adjustable straps inside so that it fits really well to most head sizes. Would look good as part of many outfits for fancy dress, costume parties, Halloween or cosplay. It could even be worn for casual, daily wear as it looks realistic.

This is a vintage style headpiece. It is in a flapper style and covers the forehead in a 1920’s style. It has crystal rhinestones on it so will catch the light. There are different styles to choose from, some with pearls and some without. It is one size and will fit most heads, being kept in place with hairpins. Would look good with any 1920’s outfit to wear for cosplay, fancy dress, Gatsby parties etc.

This is a Ghostbusters accessory kid for cosplay, fancy dress or Halloween outfits. It has a pair of grey bubble elbow pads, a pair of black chemical gloves, a yellow tint hose with connector and a grey military belt with 2 fobs and a hose connector loop. The set will fit together with a boiler suit to make the wearer look like one of the main characters from the film.

This is a men’s metallic shirt with a button-down front. It is available in sizes L – XXL and comes in silver or gold with short sleeves and a collar. It is made from polyester and spandex which means that it has some stretch and is comfortable to wear. It has a slim fit and would look good as part of a cosplay outfit, for nightclubs, parties or other occasions.

This is a women’s red devil costume. It is a red jumpsuit with black cuffs and an orange flame detail on ankles and wrists. On the hood there are horns and there is a small, red tail on the back which is forked. It has a zipper down the front. It is XL in size and could be worn as a onesie for sleeping in or loungewear but also for fancy dress, cosplay or Halloween.

This is a pair of leather bracelets. They are purple in colour and one says ’yes’ on it and the other says ‘sir’. The lettering is in a gold colour so it really stands out. They have a pop stud fastening which is also in a gold colour. They will fit most sizes of wrist and will go with many outfits and could be used on lots of occasions including nightclubbing and cosplay.

This is a onesie with a character on it. There are different designs such as the Cheshire cat, Eeyore and a unicorn. The characters face is printed on the hood. It is made of comfortable fabric and so could be comfortably worn in bed or for loungewear at home. It could also be used for a costume, perhaps for cosplay, fancy dress or other occasions. They come in sizes S-XL and are unisex.

This is a white mug which says on it ‘I love it when my wife lets me cosplay’ on it in black. It is a sturdy mug with a chunky ‘c’ handle which is really easy to grip. It can be used for all sorts of drinks – hot and cold and would make a very practical gift as well as a humorous one. Probably best for a wife to give to her husband!

This is a clown outfit based on the clown from It by Stephen King. It is grey with frills around the neck, sleeves and ankles with red pom poms on it. It is a scary outfit and once the face was made up could give someone a real fright! Would be great for Halloween, scary fancy dress or even cosplay. The outfit is standard or XL and includes trousers, top, neckwear and gloves.

This is a children or adult’s gangster accessory set. It includes a hat, glove and dark glasses. The hat has a plain hatband and comes in black or white and there is one sequined glove and one pair of dark, metal-rimmed sunglasses included. It is one size and would work for someone wanting to look like the King of Pop or take on a gangster appearance for a party, evening out, karaoke or perhaps cosplay.

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