31 Gifts for Dart Players - Suitable for All Ages!

Updated on February 23rd, 2021
By Louise
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Who can resist a game of darts? Not just for the traditional club player but also for the feature in a home or focus of a party game, darts can be fun and not just competitive! From actual dart sets to scorers and boards, oches and accessories such as: dart organisers, to clothing such as: a T-shirt, hoodie, socks and a cap and keyrings, a mug, books and even bedding plus games. You will find the perfect gift here for the dart player of all abilities or as affectionately known as, the dartist or fan. We have got you covered.

31 Gift Ideas for Darts Fans

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The ultimate gift for the darts player wanting to play darts for fun. The darts have a specifically made material to enhance grip on the dart and durable shafts. With 12 darts and a choice of blue or red mix polyester flights, this set includes over a staggeringly 100 pieces including spares. Manufactured using a mixture of metals this set comes in an attractive red and black presentation case.  Aesthetically pleasing you can’t go wrong.

Made by a well-known and respected darts brand Winmau, this board is produced using an iron composite. The width of the dartboard is 45 cm with a depth of 3.8 cm. The actual area of play is over a 34 cm diameter. This set comes with fittings and fixtures to attach the dart board to a wall or other structure. Aesthetically pleasing you cannot go wrong gifting this dart board to a darts enthusiast.

This darts wallet will make a great little gift for a Dart’s competitor. Incredibly stylish, the outside of the wallet is black whilst the inside is red. This wallet is lightweight and makes for a great little storage option, that can carry a set of darts, flights, and more in different partitions within the wallet. This wallet can even be attached to your belt with an adhesive strap located on the outside.

This organiser for dart’s players will make an impressive and thoughtful gift. With various sections, that can store darts and other darts related accessories, this item has been designed by the renowned brand, Winmau. The height of this storage unit is 9 cm with a length of 30 cm and width of 22 cm. Great quality this useful hub is made from leather. Another innovative and incredibly useful gift option.

Another complimentary gift for for the avid dart’s player, whether a ‘just for fun’ player or a professional. This impressive mat measures 3 metres in length and weighs only approximately 2 kgs. Made using quality felt this mat is ‘odour-free,’ this mat is well packaged in a smart box featuring the faces of darts champions. This gift will make the darts player an incredibly happy one.

Aimed at the competing darts player of all levels, this is an extremely special gift. Approved and actually utilised by the highly esteemed Raymond Van Barneveld, this dart is made from a rare but exceptionally tough composite and is made using cutting edge mechanisation. A remarkable quality product this dart comes in three different sizes which are 21G, 23G, and 25G. The ultimate gift!

A fantastic gift for the aspiring darts players. Suitable for both girls and boys over three years of age and even adults, this dart board would make a great addition to the office, at fayres and for family fun and can be used both inside and outdoors. With a diameter of 45 cm, this board uses safe magnetic darts, and twelve darts are included. It can be easily affixed with the metal hook and tape measure that is included in this set.

This digital scorer will add a professional look to the darts player’s set up whilst saving on the hard work of adding up. It can also be used in a competitive environment and be used for choosing the winners in raffles. You can choose which mode you want whether practice, multi-player or individual play and additionally has a handicap system. Not only will it calculate scores but also detail a history of scores and analyse throw data.

This gift will delight the competitive or serious darts player, playing to win. Available in two weights, 27 grams and 30 grams and this 3-piece Darts set is made using a tough and durable composite. With a comfy grip, solid feel and well balanced aerodynamic design, these Sidewinder darts are made by a trusted brand, Red Dragon. This set also includes flights and stems and comes in stylish packaging.

An incredible gift to light up the darts players Dart board. This mains operated and easy to install system, set light up areas on the dartboard, that traditional light sources will not and without shadows. This professional system is not only durable and solid, but the lights are super bright. The set includes the actual band of one hundred and twenty-three Light Electrical Diode lights, four magnetised supports, an electrical connection with a British and European attachment, and the power supply and set up guide.

This exciting set of dart shafts, dart flights and dart O-rings consist of large 135 pieces and will thrill the dart player of all levels making a marvellous gift. Composed from a hard wearing and light aluminite composite material, the shafts come in a mix of blue, red, and black. The flights come in a mixture of colours and designs, including the Union Jack, neon green and black, and a patterned skull design.

An organiser for darts will help keep the dart’s player organised and their darts in place. Hard wearing and high quality made from transparent acrylic, this organiser has a capacity for up to 18 darts. The stand is a simple design with the brand name, Unicorn written in black on the front of the item. This stand will become an essential piece of the dart’s player set-up.

A professional surround that will be a pleasing gift for the dart’s player. Made by the renowned brand, Winmau, there are two options available. The first option displays the brand name and logo in white on a black background with the wording ‘The force behind Darts,’ at the bottom of the surround. Whilst the second option, depicts the brand logo in blue against a black background with the wording ‘Welcome to the Man Cave,’ on the surround.

A lovely gift for the dart’s enthusiast or for the ultimate party game. High quality, durable and long-lasting, this large digital dartboard scoring is easy to install against a wall or other structure and is easy to use.   Included in this set is the dartboard, twelve darts and thirty dart flights. With twenty-seven games and two hundred and two scoring choices this dartboard can be used by the individual or for hours of family fun.

For the dart player or fan these socks will make a great stocking filler. The socks are black but featured on the bottom of the socks in red is the wording ‘Do not Disturb’ with an illustration of a dartboard on one sock whilst on the other sock the words ‘I’m watching the Darts.’ Made from good quality natural material, these socks have a luxurious feel with effective grasp.

This uber cool mug will make a fabulous accessory for the darts fan or darts player. The white mug features the wording ‘Bulls Eye’ in blue against an illustration of a dartboard and two darts in the traditional colours. The handle depicts a dart in red, black, and white. With a volume of 350 ml this mug is made from Ceramic, this quality mug will be never far away from your darts fan.

This trendy T-shirt will be a perfect addition to the darts fan wardrobe. With a choice of 5 colours either black, blue, red, dark grey and light grey, these T-shirts are available for children from ages 2 to 12 years old, and for men and women in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, 2XL, and 3XL. The words ‘No darts without farts’ in white are featured alongside a traditional dartboard and darts.

Another cool stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for the budding darts player. This quality metal keyring has a width of 3.6 cm and a length of 7 cm and weighs just 30 grams. The keyring features a classic dartboard design. This keyring comes in a well packaged and attractive presentation box. Your favourite darts player will love this snazzy keyring.

This black leather wallet will make the dart player happy, as their love for the sport will never be far away. Made to order, the customised dartboard is illustrated on the front of the wallet with three darts with yellow flights hitting the score ’20,’ which are not produced en masse but on an individual basis. This wallet is presented in a lovely looking metal tin. It is also possible to get this wallet personalised.

Toilet Darts – so that the dart player never needs to be too far away from a dartboard! This toilet darts set will make a perfect gimmick gift! This set includes a dart board that can be affixed to the inside of the door, three Velcro red coloured balls and a ‘Do not disturb sign,’ featuring the words ‘Target practice in progress’ with a dartboard design for the outside of the door and a darts mat.

For the darts player or fan who also likes to cook! This one size apron is made from natural material and comes in three different colours, black, blue, and pink and illustrates the wording ‘Darts Legend in the Making,’ in white on the front of the apron. Made to order it is suitable for both men and women. The apron has a material fastener, and the length of this apron is 87 cm with a width of 60 cm.

This unique bedding will stand out in the darts fans bedroom. The duvet set comes in four sizes, single, double, queen and king with all sizes including two pillow cases and a duvet cover. The bedding is white with a dartboard design in the classic colours, featured on the front of the bedding. Of high quality this soft and comfy bedding will make a great gift for the young dart’s fan.

Whether this cushion features in the most-loved armchair or in the man cave, this gift will make a firm favourite. This square shaped cushion measuring 40 cm width by 40 cm in length is made of a sound quality material. The cushion has a natural-coloured background, whilst on the front of the cushion the word ‘Beware’ is printed in a blue box and ‘Crazy Darts Man’ with 6 darts surrounding this wording at the bottom; and of course the obligatory illustrated darts board.

If you are looking for a matching set for a family member or friend who loves darts, this fridge magnet matches the design of the cushion above. Measuring 5.8 cm by 5.8 cm this magnet has a natural-coloured background, whilst on the front of the cushion the word ‘Beware’ is printed in a blue box and ‘Crazy Darts Man’ with 6 darts surrounding this wording at the bottom and of course the obligatory illustrated darts board.

Containing all the information and data you could want about the PDC World Championships for the 25 years dating back to 1992 right through to 2017. With 256 pages, this book is filled with data about each Championship, such as players’ wins and losses and scores alongside photos and recollections, this book will keep the dart’s player and fan entertained for hours.

Another book for the dart player but this time for the budding dartist. This ninety-six paged paperback written by an experienced dart player and author, covers everything you need to know about darts from – etiquette, historical development and game rules to beginner moves, an overview of paraphernalia and how to develop as a darts player. Highly informative and a great place to start.

Every darts player or fan will know of Eric Bristow as one of the greatest, if not the greatest darts champion. This book will make a welcome gift. It tells the story of the great man’s eventful youth and how darts gave him the career he not only needed but thrived on.  Containing 368 pages, this book is a tell all autobiography by the great man himself.

This super cool hoodie is a must have for the darts player or fan. Available in five colours – black, navy blue, royal blue, dark grey and light grey, this hoodie is suitable for men and women and comes in sizes, small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. The design on the front of the hoodie depicts an eagle flying over a contemporary darts board and the word ‘Champion,’ beneath the design.

This fashionable and good quality cap will make a great wardrobe accessory. Multi coloured on the front with black mesh on the back of the cap, the front also features a classic dartboard design with a three-dimensional effect. Perfect for either men or women who love darts, this cap is comfy and can be securely fitted on the head using press stud fasteners.  A great gift for the darts fan.

Produced by the renowned brand Winmau and promoted by professional darts player and champion, Michael Van Gerwen this darts set includes fifty pieces from the three darts weighing 18 grams each to shafts and flights and so much more. Aimed at beginners and those new to the sport this stylish set and packaging uses Van Gerwen’s play colours of yellow and black.

Promoted by the player and multiple times World Champion Phil Taylor, this darts set is aimed at the experienced player. This high specification and quality set includes: three darts barrels, three shafts, three flights featuring Phil Taylor and three 3 cm nickel points. This darts set comes in three different weights – 22-gram, 24-gram, and 26-grams. This set provides exceptional grip and enables greater balance.

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