34 Dinosaur Presents for Kids of All Ages

By Lewis
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Kids often really like dinosaurs and so it can be lovely to buy them gifts with a dinosaur theme. It can be a bit overwhelming though, to know what to choose. We have therefore put together a list of dinosaur-themed gifts that we feel will appeal to lots of children. We have chosen a range of different items so that there are things that will appeal to children with different tastes. We have also made sure that they are different prices too, as we realise that some people will have more money to spend than others. It should mean that it will be easy to find a gift.

34 Gift Ideas for Children Who Love Dinosaurs

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Art and crafts can be a great way to get kids being creative. This set is based around dinosaur models so the children get to paint three large and six smaller sized dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all different types and it comes with an apron, base to make a scene with them, paintbrush, eggs, decoration stone and trees, and two sets of paints. Once painted the dinosaurs can be put into a scene and played with.

Dinosaur fans will like these coloured nightlights. There are four different dinosaur designs to choose from which will look 3D when the light is switched on. There are also different colours to pick from and the light comes with a remote control to change the mode and to dim the light. It takes 3 x AA batteries but has a USB power connector too which could be better. It comes boxed so easy to wrap.

Dinosaur fans will be able to get lost in a dinosaur world with this playset. There is a play mat with a dinosaur park printed on it and it also comes with nine dinosaur action figures and five trees. The dinosaurs are all different types, which makes it more fun to play with them. It all comes with a plastic carry case so it can be kept together and stored but also carried around.

Lego is a popular toy and this Jurassic World themed set will be enjoyed by dinosaur lovers over the age of seven years of age. It comes with a research vehicle that has a net shooter, 2 detachable drones and a removable mini-lab with accessories. There are also three mini-figures and two dinosaur toy figures. There are cute accessories such as drone remote, tranquilising gun and needles and dinosaur eggs.

Melissa and Doug have put together this dinosaur stamp set in a wooden tray to store them in. It comes with eight stamps which are of seven dinosaurs and a volcano. It comes with an ink pad as well and five coloured pencils. Children will have fun stamping the designs onto paper and then colouring them in so that they can create their own fun scenes. For kids aged 4-8 years of age.

Dinosaur lovers will enjoy wearing these dinosaur-themed pyjamas. They are black and have skeleton dinosaur pictures on them with a moon. The long-sleeved top has two large dinosaurs on it and the long trousers have lots of smaller ones. They are black with white print and come in sizes for kids aged 2-10 years old. They are made from 100% cotton so they are really soft and comfortable to wear.

Kids that like dinosaurs and trucks will really enjoy this item. It is a truck which has slots to transports a big selection of animals including dinosaurs. There are 12 animals in total, a tiger, rhino, crocodile, lion, elephant, leopard and 7 different dinosaurs. They are all brightly coloured and fit in their own slot in the back of the truck which is 38.2 x 7.9 x 11.6cm in size.

Kids that like dinosaurs will get really excited when given this tub of plastic dinosaurs. They come with a playmat and scenery pieces as well as 14 dinosaurs. When put together the children will be able to act out all sorts of fun stories using the mat and figures. The animals are 5-14cm in size and so great for little hands to play with. The playmat is A4 size. For kids aged 5 years and older.

Projectors can be fun to play with and this one includes 24 images of dinosaurs for children to take a look at. There are 3 slide discs to look through which all have dinosaur pictures on them. It gives really clear pictures up to a metre wide and can be focused using the lens head. The projector can also be used as a nightlight so can be a great item to have in a kids bedroom.

Fleecy blankets make lovely gifts for children to snuggle in to or have on their beds. This one has a dinosaur design which means that it will appeal to children who are fans of them. It also glows in the dark so is extra fun. The dinosaur print is cute and in a cartoon style. The blanket is 120 x 150cm so a great size for using on a bed as well as for more general use.

Dinosaur toys can be great fun. This one has a dinosaur target that is 12.8 inches tall with his mouth open and the players have air pump guns which they use to shoot either orange or yellow balls into its mouth. The balls are foam so they will not hurt or damage anything and the shooters are durable and brightly coloured. The dinosaur will keep score and cheer when a shot hits the target.

Kids will enjoy this t-rex excavation kit. It is a fun archaeological dig kit where children can use the chisel, hammer and brush included to dig out the dinosaur skeleton. The block can have water added to it to make it easier to free the dinosaur from it. It comes out in bits and instructions are included on how to put them all together to build the dinosaur model which they can then display.

Fans of dinosaurs will enjoy using this torch to project pictures of dinosaurs onto walls or ceilings. There are 24 pictures and they can easily be viewed in a dark room. The pictures are up to a meter in size and the end of the torch can be twisted to bring them into focus. It can also be used as a normal torch if required. The batteries are included and it comes on a card.

Kids love to wear hoodies as they are so cosy and warm and dinosaur fans will like this one even more because it has dinosaur spines on it and a cute dinosaur picture on the front. It comes in kids sizes suitable for ages 1 – 7 years of age and is made from 100% cotton so will be lovely to wear. It is long sleeved with a zip down the front and a hood. It has blue sleeves, an orange body and grey hood, cuffs and waistband.

Children that like dinosaurs will enjoy playing with this fun dinosaur headlamp. It has a plastic T-rex face on the front which lights up in the eyes and inside the mouth when it is activated and also makes a roaring sound when it is first switched on. The light can be handy to use when reading in dim conditions or doing arts and crafts or when outside in the dark.

Kids that like playing with dinosaur-themed toys will enjoy this racetrack. The track itself is green and has a tunnel that is a dinosaurs head. It comes with lots of small pieces to clip together to form it. There are also trees, and dinosaur figures toys to put around the track. To ride on the track there are 2 military-style off-road vehicles and a cool dinosaur car. The track can be built in different shapes and the dinosaurs and trees can be placed in different places.

Hooded towels are great for kids to help them to dry their hair and body at the same time and feel snug after a bath or shower. This one has a fun dinosaur head on the hat and is green in colour. It is 30 x 50 inches in size so will be suitable for children ages 1-6 years of age. It is made of 100% cotton so is soft and thick, so it is absorbent and it will wash really easily.

T-rex fans will enjoy playing with this model. It is 21 x 12 x 6cm in size which means that it is portable and can be taken places. It has lots of fun details and is hand-painted so it looks good and made from high-quality materials so it will last a long time. It will encourage imaginative play and they will be able to use it in water, sand etc as the colour will not come off.

Children benefit from having watches because it encourages them to learn to tell the time. This one is fun because it has a green strap with a dinosaur design. The strap is 3D and fun to touch and play with and it is adjustable so it fits the wrists of children aged 3-8 years of age. The clock face is analogue and it is bright and has ‘to’ and ‘past’ on it as well as the minutes marked out to help children learn to tell the time.

Rucksacks are handy for kids to use when they are visiting people, for picnics and for school. This one will be popular with dinosaur fans as it has a cute dinosaur design and spines on it. It is made from polyester and nylon and is mainly navy blue. It has a big zipped pocket which can hold lots of things. It is 30cm high and 25cm long so great for younger kids aged 3-8 years of age.

Sweatshirts are handy gifts to give kids as it saves their parents buying them so many clothes but kids do not always like to get clothing gifts. This one though has a brightly coloured dinosaur print on it and so it will appeal to kids. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 1-7 years old and it is long-sleeved and made from 100% cotton. It has a crew neck so is comfortable and easy to get on and off.

Plush toys are a hit with lots of kids and dinosaur lovers will like this one. It will be a hit with parents too because it is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is 30cm in size and it is cuddly and soft and filled with soft fibre. It has embroidered eyes and nose so it is suitable for younger children as well. They will enjoy using their imagination to create stories with it as well as cuddling it in bed.

Kids that like dinosaurs and cars will really go for this item which is a transforming car that forms a dinosaur on wheels. It is suitable for kids aged 3-7 years old and it has flashing lights and sounds to make it even more appealing. It comes in blue, green or red and will even change direction if it detects an object in its way when it is moving along. Takes 3 x AAA batteries.

Kids will like seeing this journal and planner which has their name on it. It will be personalised for you and has a name on the front as well as a picture of a dinosaur. It is a 53-week planner (undated so can be started at any time) with an 80 sheet notebook section. Inside there is a ribbon with a dinosaur pendant on it that can be used to mark the page that they are on.

These dinosaur cars will make unusual gifts. They come together in a pack and they will move along and change direction when they bump into something. They are 5 x 5 x 3.8 inches so great for little children aged 3 years and older. The small size means they are portable too. They need 2 x AA batteries. They have sound and flashing lights which makes playing with them even more fun.

Children that like dinosaurs may enjoy this set which has four dinosaurs and a tool kit to take them apart and build them again. Children can have fun using the electric screwdriver to undo the screws and take them apart and then put them back together again. There are easy instructions to follow and the child can choose to use the manual screwdriver or the battery-powered one (so ideal if the batteries are flat!)

Nightlights can be really helpful to help children to feel safe and secure at night. This one will do just that and it will be entertaining too as it is in the shape of a dinosaur popping out of an egg. It has different colour settings and colour changing modes and the brightness can be changed as well so the perfect conditions can be chosen for the time of day and mood of the child.

Kids that like dressing up will like this dinosaur explorer costume. It has a safari vest and hat and there is also a bug and dinosaur handbook that they can use when exploring. The items will fit children aged 3-7 years of age. The vest has 4 pockets so they can keep a notebook, pencil, the leaflets from the pack, magnifying glass etc in them. The hat has a string that can be tightened to keep it in place.

Anyone that love dinosaurs might like this t-shirt which comes in sizes suitable for children and adults. It has a picture of a T-rex holding a heart on it and says ‘Sorry ladies I love dinosaurs‘ on it. It comes in a selection of different colours and is short sleeved and has a round neck. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix so it will keep its shape but still feel comfortable and will wash well.

Children that enjoy art will like this 2021 colouring calendar which has a dinosaur theme. Each page has a drawing with a dinosaur on it in a scene and the idea is that children will colour it in. Even if they do not use the calendar they may relish the idea of colouring in the pictures. Each picture is different and they are printed on high-quality paper. It measures 8.5 x 11 inches in size.

Bath bombs can be enjoyed by adults and kids. These are fun for children as they are a dinosaur egg shape. They are 3 inches and there are 6 different vibrant colours. Inside each of them is a dinosaur toy that will come out when they dissolve in the bathwater. The pack also includes history cards with information about the dinosaurs. They come in a branded box with six different coloured bath bombs in them.

Slime is something that most children really enjoy playing with. This is a kit that has lots of different coloured pots of slime as well as foam beads, fruit slices, glitter, fishbowl beads and glow in the dark powder to use with the slime to make it even more fun. There are also 12 mini dinosaur figures in the kit so children can have fun making slimy dinosaur scenes. The slime is non-sticky and mess-free.

Little children will enjoy this fun dinosaur-themed toy. It is a set of wooden dinosaurs in bright colours. The idea is to pile them up so that they all balance. It takes a lot of patience as they will fall down if they are not carefully placed. They can also be played with creatively using dinosaur-themed games. They are all different colours and different dinosaur types so can be used as a teaching aid.

School bags are something that most kids need and this one is lots of fun for those that like dinosaurs. It is orange and in the shape of a dinosaur type monster. It has adjustable straps so that it is comfortable for them to use. It is designed to be suitable for smaller children aged 3-8 years of age and is 11.8 x 10.6 x 6.3 inches in size. It is water-resistant and light to carry.

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