35 Disney Themed Gift Ideas for Kids

By Lewis
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A lot of kids really like Disney and you might like the idea of buying them Disney themed gifts. However, it is not always easy to know what Disney gifts you should be buying for them. We have therefore put together a selection for you to look at. We hope that this will mean that you will more easily be able to find the most suitable gift for the child that you have in mind. We have chosen different types of items at different prices so that you will have a really high chance of finding the most suitable thing for them.

Present for Kids Who Love Disney

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Dressing gowns can be useful items to have and children will look really cute in this Lion King themed one. It is gold/yellow in colour and the hood has Simbas face on it with 3D ears. It has a yellow and white striped lining which is turned up on the cuffs of the sleeve. It is available in sizes for children aged 18 months – 14 years of age. It is made from ultra-soft fleece and so will be lovely to wear and really warm.

Ravensburger has put together this Disney Princess memory game. The idea is to remember where the cards are so you can turn over a pair. The cards feature the Disney princesses such as Ariel, Belle and Cinderella. There are 48 cards in total and they are good quality so the game can be played lots of times. The game is suitable for children aged three years and above and comes in a sturdy box.

If you are looking for school bags then this Frozen set could be just the right thing. There is a rucksack and a small bag in the set and they both feature the two princesses from the film. The backpack has one large main pocket and measures 30cm x 24cm in size with adjustable straps. The smaller bag can be used for keeping pens and pencils in and it measures 18 x 10cm in size with a zip around the top and a top carry handle.

Disney princess fans will enjoy this set of 18 nail polishes. Each bottle is shaped like a skirt and the lid features the picture of one of the princesses. There is Cinderella, Aerial etc. There are different colours to choose from as well such as pink, red, purple, blue, green and yellow. The nail polish is very easy to remove as it will peel off and it is gentle on the skin.

If you are looking for a swimming costume then this Disney one could be ideal. The top part of it has pictures of Disney princesses on it and there is a red tutu skirt. It comes in a selection of sizes for girls ages 2-10 years of age. It is made from a polyester blend material and is elasticated so that it fits really well. It has adjustable straps on the back so that the top stays comfortably in place.

Art sets can make great gifts as they get children away from screens and using their imagination. This one is Frozen inspired with a picture of the main characters on the case and the phrase ‘Lead with courage’. Inside there are felt pens, paints, crayons, pencils and scissors, a sharpener, a rubber and a ruler. They all have places in the case so they will be kept neat and tidy when not being used.

Belle fans will like this Styling head. It is the head and shoulders of Belle with lots of long hair. She comes with a comb and thirteen hair accessories which can be used to put her hair into lots of different styles. It will allow girls to try out lots of different styles and have fun. There are options of choosing other Princesses as well so you can pick the one that is the recipients favourite one.

Art packs can be a lot of fun and this set has a range of Disney princess themed items. There is a make your story set with 8 colouring sheets, 8 pencils and stickers, a set with two colouring pads and pencils, a sticker pad with scenes to decorate, a carry along colouring set with crayons and a create my own story with stickers. The bundle will keep kids entertained for a long time.

Disney princess fans will like this sticker book. It has lots of pages with different scenes and stickers to use in the book to make the scenes more decorative. It includes Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine. Everything is in full colour so it is really attractive to kids and they will enjoy playing with the book and using their imagination to make fun scenes using the stickers.

Girls will love wearing this hat, scarf and glove set as they have a Frozen theme. They are blue in colour and the hat has a picture of the two princesses on it with a pom pom. The scarf has a small picture on it and the gloves have ‘Frozen’ on them. They are made of a polyester acrylic blend and they are really comfortable. There is an alternative design with double pom pom hat, snood and gloves.

Kids like diaries and this one has a Disney Princess theme. The cover has sequins on it which change the colour of the cover when you brush them in different directions. The picture on it is a crown. The box also has a pen which writes in ten different colours in it, as well as some stickers. The book is 22 x 15cm in size and it could be used as a general notebook as well as a diary or a journal.

Backpacks are really useful things for kids to use when they are at school as well as at home. This one has a Disney princess design so it will be a popular choice. It has pink trim and the main design is lots of princesses in small print all over the bag. It has a main zipped pocket with a smaller pocket on the front and mesh pockets on the side. It has padded straps that can be adjusted for comfort.

Games can be fun but you normally only get one in a box. This box though has six games in it, all with a Disney princess theme. There is a memory game, dominoes, lotto, happy families, a dice puzzle game and a race to the palace board game. They are suitable for 2-4 players and for children aged six years and older. They feature Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Mulan, Belle and many other characters.

Kids love to wear onesies and this one glows in the dark for even more fun. It has a Toy Story 4 theme to it and is blue and features the character Forky. It is available in various sizes for children ages 2-8 years of age. It is made from 100% polyester and has a soft feel with a fleece-like cosiness. It has a zip down the front, a hood and cuffed bottoms and wrists.

Minnie Mouse fans will like these pretty earrings. They feature the shape of Minnie’s head with a bow and heart on them. They are made from sterling silver and are stamped S925. They measure 8mm x 6mm and come in a gift box with butterfly and plastic backs supplied in a bag. The gift box is really pretty so will not need to be wrapped up and could even be sent directly.

Personalised storybooks can be fun for children and may even encourage them to read. This is a book containing a story about Ariel, Belle and Mulan and it is personalised as the recipient’s name (up to 12 characters) will appear in the story with them. This is a tale of bravery that will encourage the reader to be brave as well. It will make a really special gift for any child.

Colour Brain is a fun game and this is a special Disney edition. There are 250 crafty questions and teams of adults vs children have to see if they can answer the questions using the colour cards in their hand. There are questions from over 20 Disney films so great for kids who love the films as it will give them a chance to beat the adults who may not have seen them.

Kids will always need pyjamas and if you can find some that they really want to wear then it might even encourage them to go to bed on time! This cute pair feature a blue short-sleeved t-shirt with Mickey mouse on and a pair of red shorts with white buttons like Mickey wears. They come in sizes for kids aged 1-6 years old. They are made from 100% cotton so they are really soft and comfortable to wear.

Charm bracelets make lovely gifts and this one has a Mickey and Minnie mouse theme. It is a 16cm chain with an extender piece so should fit all children’s wrists. It comes with a number pendant and you can choose the one that matches their age. It also comes with a star pendant. There is a Mickey and Minnie bead and three other themed beads as well in a silver colour.

Craft sets can be extremely useful for keeping kids entertained and they find them fun. This is a Frozen themed one and there are 50 pieces in it. There are 12 paints, 12 colouring pens, 12 crayons, paintbrush, mixing tray, 6 drawing pencils, 2 HB pencils, eraser, sharpener, 15 cm ruler, scissors and a great artist pencil. The sheets will get them started and then they can use the materials in other sketchbooks and colouring books.

Lilo and Stitch fans would enjoy wearing this Stitch onesie. It is light blue and has a hood with ears and a picture of Stitch on the front. It comes in sizes for kids aged 7-13 years old and is made from polyester with a zipper down the front. The material is really soft which means that the child will feel really warm and cosy when they are wearing it.

Girls will love this Minnie Mouse pyjama set. The trousers are red with white dots and the top is white and has a picture of Minnie with her name above it and has red cuffs and neck. They come in sizes suitable for children ages 18 months – 8 years of age. They are made from 100% cotton so they will be really comfortable to wear which will be aided by the elasticated waist and cuffs.

A mug can be a great gift as it can be really useful and this one is even more fun because the child can paint it first. It has a Frozen II theme and comes with a selection of paints that will work on the mug. The mug has a picture on it so the child just has to colour it using the paints. There are five colours of paint – orange, lilac, white, purple and black as well as a brush.

Lego is a popular toy and this Little Mermaid Lego set will be a hit with Disney fans. It features a floating boat, pier with an arch, make-up mirror and revolving dance floor. There are five characters as well – Princess Ariel, Prince Eric, Flounder the fish, Max the dog and Sebastien the crab. It also comes with accessories such as saxophone, bone and treasure chest with a ring, jewel and trident.

Travel sets can be a handy thing for kids to have for going on holiday or to stay with relatives. This set have three pieces to it and they all have a Disney Toy Story 4 theme to them. There is a wheeled trolley bag which is 36 x 28 x 12cm, a backpack which is 33 x 25 x 9cm and a drawstring bag which is 40 x 31.5cm. This means that the bags could be used for school and PE kit or they could be used for sleepovers etc.

Fans of Disney Cars will enjoy this book as it can be personalised. The child’s name can be inserted into the story as well as on the front and with a message on the title page. The story is fun and with the child’s name in it, it means that they will feel involved in the story and it will encourage them to read along and look for their name and to get more excited about reading.

Kids will enjoy playing with this portable playset. It has a Frozen theme and will open up so that they can play with the characters from the film. It is made by Disney and it has three micro dolls of Iduna and two of Elsa as well as 3 Lego figures of Olaf, Nokk, and Earth Giant. There are stickers included to decorate it with and there are full building instructions included.

Pop-up Pirate is a classic game but Disney fans may prefer this Frozen version which is a pop-up Olaf. It features Olaf in a barrel and the ides is to push the snow-themed tokens into the barrel to try not to dislodge him. The hole that makes him pop up with change every time so the game will be fun to play over and over again. It is made by Tomy.

Plush toys can be lovely items for kids to cuddle up to. This is a 35cm classic Mickey Mouse. He has a friendly face and cuddly arms and is suitable for children from a few months old. There are different sizes available as well so you can choose smaller or larger ones depending on what you think will be suitable and which will work with the budget that you have set.

Walkie Talkies can be fun and a much cheaper alternative for parents to mobile phones. This set both feature Buzz Lightyear on them and they are simple to operate as long as the batteries work. You just press the button and talk. There is an on/off indicator as well. They will work indoors or outdoors. Suitable for kids over three years of age. They are an officially licensed product and come on a cardboard back.

Lego Duplo has put together this fun Toy Story 4 set. It features Buzz (with detachable wings) and Woody with a train. It has 21 chunky pieces that are easy for younger children to put together. It also has a lasso, bank vault, bricks decorated as money and a wanted sign so once it is built children can play a fun game with it and create scenes from the film.

Kids that like the film Cars will like this truck toy with a Cars theme. It has a large car transporter truck as well as Lightning McQueen. They both can be pushed around and therefore they can be a lot of fun to play with. They are also other accessories that you can buy separately to add to the fun. It is suitable for kids aged three years and upwards, particularly Cars fans!

This Buzz Lightyear toy is an interactive talking model. The chest can be pressed to hear over 30 sounds and phrases. The toy is made of plastic and is fully articulated so that it can be put into different poses. A button on the chest will release the wings and it will also make the wing lights come on. If you have another interactive character they will sense each other and talk to each other.

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