29 Gift Ideas for Diwali - Suitable for All Ages

Updated on June 17th, 2021
By Lewis
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Diwali is certainly a time of celebration and it can be a time for gifts as well. It is not always easy though to know what makes a suitable gift. We have therefore found a selection of items that we think will make really great Diwali gifts. We have chosen things that we think will appeal to different people so there should be something that will be suitable for the person or people that you are buying for. We have also picked things at different prices so that whether you have a high or low budget, there will be something for you to buy.

29 Presents for Diwali

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Candles can make lovely gifts and this set are scented so will make the room smell lovely as they burn. There is a set of four and they all come in pretty tins which are highly decorated in bright colours. The four candles all have different fragrances of lilac, lotus, gardenia and jasmine, so all are pretty floral scents. They are made of natural soy wax which is suitable for vegans and will not produce smoke.

If you are buying for a child then they may enjoy this book called ‘The Diwali Gift’. It centres around three monkey characters Suno, Dekho and Jaano who find a lovely package. They are really excited and want to know what it might be and guess things. The book teaches about the ways that Diwali is celebrated in a way that children can understand with lots of bright illustration and even educational material is included.

Candles are great gifts for individuals and families and these are really cute. It is a gift set that contains five little elephant-shaped candles. Each cute candle is 4cm in size and they are ceramic with a coloured candle inside. They each have a different scent – lavender, jasmine, rose, strawberry and lemongrass and they are different colours – purple, green, pink, strawberry and yellow. They come in a partitioned box wrapped in cellophane with a pretty ribbon.

Candles are a large part of Diwali celebrations and so these candle holders could go down really well as gifts. They are very pretty in a leaf design with green, red and gold colouring. They each hold a tealight candle and they come in a box of 4 (candles not included). They are 8.5 x 8cm in size and they will hold one tea light so can be used as diyas for Diwali and for other celebration and for Pooja.

Kids can get really involved with Diwali by using this fun craft set to make sparkling Diwali decorations. There are three items to make. There is a rangoli using foam stencils, a fairy lights lantern using beds and Shubh Labh door greetings that can be decorated. There are clear instructions to make it easy to make the items and they will help families to have fun starting off their celebrations.

Incense burners can be lovely gifts to give and this one is a Buddha statue that has space for incense cones in it. The way it burns means that the smoke will flow down the steps below the statue. It comes with ten cones of backflow incense so that the smoke flows downwards to give a relaxing water-like effect. It is made of ceramic and has gold colouring on it.

Glasses make lovely gifts as they are very useful. These are 17oz stemless wine glasses but could be used as tumblers for soft drinks or other drinks too. The glasses have a very pretty elephant design on them which is the head of the elephant which is ornately decorated. They are dishwasher safe and they come securely packed in a gift box. You get one glass, so will need to order more than one if you are buying for a family.

Notebooks can be useful items to have and so giving them as gifts can be a good idea. This one is a handmade book that has a picture of a Maharaja on the front of it. It is 7 x 5 inches in size and it is held closed with rustic looking twine.  It has 100 pages which are unruled. This means that it can be used as a sketchbook, for doodling, but also for lists, notes etc.

If you are buying for someone that enjoys edible treats then they may really enjoy this hamper. It is a really pretty box which contains various nut based products. They are 12 roasted almond bites as well as pistachios and hazelnuts. They have no preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians. The pretty yellow box has a floral pattern on the hinged lid and could be reused afterwards. The package is 20 x 18 x 2cm in size.

Gifts that have multiple uses can be really great items to give. This is a jewellery box which folds and inside it comes with a selection of treats. There are two pretty tealights that look like flowers in gold holders, some almonds and some Mewa bikes which are made of nuts, liquid glucose, ghee, chocolate and strawberry. The box can then be reused afterwards to store jewellery or other collectables.

A Haldi Kumkum holder could make a lovely gift and this one is metallic and ornate. It has a red floral design with gemstones on it to make it shine on the one side of it. It is sturdy as it is made of metal. It is 3.5 inches in diameter which means that it is easy to hold. It is handcrafted with a traditional look to it and it has a unique design so it is really special.

An ornamental gift can be a really special item to give and this one is a Ganesh ornament on a stand with two candleholders either side and an incense holder. It has stones as well and is all on a wooden base tray. The tray measures 35 x 9cm and the statue is 12 x 10cm. It all comes together in a branded box so it is easy to wrap up before gifting.

Someone with a sweet tooth would really appreciate being given this box of Indian sweets as a gift. There are assorted items included which are all preservative-free and suitable for vegetarians. There are Kajus sweets with cashews, dried fruit and sugar that are made from the best Goanese cashew nuts. There are 35 sweets in total so a generous selection that would suit a family. They come in an ornate box.

Lights are so important for Diwali celebrations and so giving these candles as a gift will be a great idea. They have a traditional design to look like diyas and they are pots that have wax in them with wicks so they are all ready to be used. You will get ten of them and they are different colours and are two inches in size. They are durable and will last a long time.

Kids will really enjoy some crafts to do and this activity pack can be great fun for them. The set includes card that can be folded up to make colourful divas. They are different colours and even have a paper flame. They are suitable for all ages and abilities so can provide fun for all of the family and then they can be used to decorate the house. They are 18 x 12cm in size.

Food can make a lovely gift especially for celebrations and this sweet and spice hamper could be a good choice for Diwali. It contains a selection of Haldirams savouries as well as sweets. There is Bombay mix, moong dahl, murukku, khatta meetha, with tins of Rasmalai, Gulab Jamum and Radgulla as well as other items. There is also a white metal coin of Laxmi Ganesh Ji in a red gift box included.

If you are giving a gift to someone with a sweet tooth then these Indian sweets could be a great choice. They are Kaju Katli which have an authentic flavour and contain cashew nuts and sugar. They come in a very pretty box which is gold and purple. The box is 400g with about 50 pieces in so there is enough to share with a family. They are suitable for vegetarians.

Decorations can make lovely gifts and the recipient will think of you every time they use it. These are artificial marigold hanging flowers from India. They are 12 inches long and 3 inches wide and they are yellow. They are durable and therefore can be reused and can easily be cleaned by dusting with a dry cloth. They have a hanging loop at the top and a tassel at the bottom.

Traditional Indian sweet treats can go down very well as gifts. This is a box of Soan Papdis which as crisp and flaky and melt in the mouth. They are cotton candy threads with almonds and pistachios and are made with vegetable oil and go well with tea or coffee. They come in a 250g box so there is plenty there to give as a gift to a couple or family.

Tea light holders are a must for Diwali candles and these are really cute. They have dolls on them which are made from wood and cloth and so they look really cute. The tealight holder itself is made from metal which has an ornate design. There are two tealight holders in the set and they both have figures with traditional Indian dress on them. They come without candles, so you can pop some in with them.

Lanterns are very much part of Diwali celebrations and it can be fun to make some as decorations when celebrating. This kit is designed so that children can make brightly coloured paper lanterns. There are 30 pre-cut papers that can be used to form the lantern shapes. It includes an instruction booklet so that children and parents know exactly what to do in order to make them and it also provides decorating ideas.

Good luck gifts can be thoughtful items to give and you may like the idea of this gift coin. It has Goddess Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity and Lord Ganesha the god of success and intelligence on it and so together they provide the promise of a successful future. They are pictured on the silver-coated coin which comes in a red and gold holder which can be opened up to remove the coin.

Lamps can be lovely items to give for Diwali and this one is an ornate tealight holder. It has crystal sides which means that it produces glittery light when there is a candle inside it. It is six inches and has a pointed top with stars cut out of it which can be easily removed to light the candle. It is six inches inside and could be lit on all sorts of special occasions.

This special celebration sweet box has been put together as a Diwali gift. The lid of the gift box says ‘Happy Diwali’ and has a picture of three candles that are lit and resting on an ornate cloth. Inside the box, there is a mix of 32 assorted Lindt truffles in different flavours. It would make a very indulgent gift for a family to enjoy and share amongst themselves or with guests.

Letter racks can be handy things to own to keep the post up together. This one is wooden and has a carving of the Taj Mahal on it with the word ‘India’ on it. It is 3.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide with a depth of 2 inches. It has lots of room for storing cards and letter in it and it will look pretty just as it is as an ornamental piece. It is an unusual gift idea.

A phone holder can make a really useful gift. This pop socket can be stuck on any mobile device and used to help it to be gripped more easily. It can also be used as a stand for a device when watching a video or using video chat. It has a swappable top so you can change the look of it. This particular item is black and has a colourful design on the top which Hindis will enjoy looking at.

Sweets are great treats when celebrating Diwali and this Mawa Peda box will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. The box holds 800g and so there are about 28 sweets in total and they are Mawa white Pedeas and Mawa Kesar Pedas which contain no preservatives. Having so many means that they can be savoured over a long time or they can be shared with family members and friends.

Lamps can make great gifts and this is a pretty lotus flower-shaped one. It is made of metal and has a lovely brassy colour to it. It is 4 x 4 inches across and 1.5 inches high. They have a space in the centre for holding a wick and the oil to burn. They can be used to decorate the rangoli or on shelves or tables around the room.

Incense burners make great gifts and this one is made of resin and is fun to use. It is for backflow incense cones and the design means that the smoke will flow downwards and look like water running down the rocks like a mountain waterfall. It measures 20cm tall, 13cm deep and 15cm wide and will create a really relaxing atmosphere in the room. It comes with ten backflow incense cones.

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