25 Gifts for DIY Enthusiasts

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy doing a bit of DIY. Whether they paint a few rooms, put up shelves or refurbish a whole part of their home, there are different things that a lot of people will do around the home. This means that it is very likely that you know someone that gets involved with this sort of thing and you might like to buy them a gift which is related to this. This means that you might want to buy gifts which are related to DIY and this is where the list that we have compiled can help you!

25 Presents for DIY Fans

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This is a 71 piece household DIY set which has pink and black handles. It has a selection of tools which should provide everything needed for common DIY jobs. It includes Allen keys, pliers, spanner, hammer, spirit level, hand saw, spring clamps, tape measure, ruler, tri square, screwdriver and driver bits which all come slotted into a handy and strong case to keep them all tidy and easy to transport.

This is a Collins Complete DIY Manual. It is a handy book which has a strong hardcover and covers all sorts of things for beginners and even professionals. It is in-depth and up to date as well as being user friendly. Covers everything from decorating and repairs to electricity and plumbing. It is full of illustrations and photographs to make it easier and there is even information on energy saving.

This is a Haynes ‘Women’s Home DIY’. It is presented in a contemporary and fashionable style written in a chatty and approachable way. It has lots of information about general household DIY with step by step photographs and easy to follow instructions and there are even difficulty ratings for each of the projects. It has information about the home, decorating, flooring, windows and doors, plumbing and electrics as well as problem-solving.

This is a book called ’52 Random Weekend Projects’ by Grant Thompson. The author has a popular YouTube channel and he has put together the book including exciting projects such as a mousetrap handgun, mini solar scorcher, air vortex cannon, bottle cap party whistle, ninja stress balls, tablecloth parachute and many more. They are broken down into different levels of difficulty with advanced sections as well as those for beginners and intermediates.

This is a contour gauge with a lock. There are two included, one that is 25cm and one that is 12cm. They are used to help with making accurate cuts and are commonly used in carpentry. It can be used though for cutting, tiles, laminate, wood and vinyl flooring to size. They are made from ABS plastic so they are durable and they also have a double lock. Makes it easy to duplicate any shape.

This is a set of household tools, It includes items that are useful for general repairs such as screwdrivers, hammer and wire cutters. They would be a useful starter kit for a toolbox or for someone needing a few things when first moving into their own home. They all come in a plastic storage box which means that they will all be easy to store together in one place and be kept neat and tidy.

This is a special magnetic wristband. You can attach small items to the powerful magnets such as screws, nail, nuts and bolts. It means that they are easy to find and you can easily carry them. They are particularly useful for when you are working up a ladder and need items close at hand. It has a hook and loop closure which allows it to be easily adjusted to fit different sizes of wrist.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in fits for men and women and sizes small – 3XL. It says on it ‘If I said I’ll fix it I will there is no need to remind me every six months’. It comes in a choice of colours and it has a classic fit. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which means that it is soft and comfortable as well as easy to wash.

This is a mini spirit level keyring. It is a fun gadget and it is 40 x 14 x 14mm in size. It is green in colour with an easy to use spirit level indicator on it. It is a handy portable item which can be attached to keys, belt or a bag so that it is always available when you need it. It is a novelty fun item but will show the recipient that you recognise their love of DIY.

This is a personalised tape measure. You can send in any photo and have it put onto the tape measure. It is 5m long and has a black and white case. It will make a fun gift for anyone that uses a tape measure a lot and needs a new one. It comes with a cord on it so that it can be attached to a belt or bag or hung up when stored.

This is a builders mug which has a drill shaped handle. It says ‘Caution builder at work’ on it with pictures of various tools and it is made from ceramic. It comes in a gift box which looks like a toolbox and even says ‘builders tools’ on it. It would make a fun gift for any builder or DIY enthusiast and even comes with a PG Tips tea sachet so they can make themselves a builders tea right away!

This is a milk chocolate DIY toolset. It has a selection of shaped chocolates including a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, pliers and a saw. There are different types of chocolate used for different parts – so a mix of milk and dark chocolate so they look more realistic. It is great tasting chocolate and makes a great novelty gift for someone that loves chocolate and DIY. Comes in a box so easy to wrap up.

This is a DIY clock. It is made up of a selection of stickers so it is up to the recipient to stick it on the wall. There is a separate part for the clock centre and the numbers. It is black with a modern look and silver hands which stand out. It needs a single battery and is 60cm in diameter. It is suitable for sticking on any wall as long as it is smooth and it should not damage the wall behind.

This is a leather tool belt which has lots of different sized pockets. It is very handy for carrying tools of all shapes and sizes around. It is made from Buffalo leather so is really durable and the double stitching makes it really strong. It has reinforced rivets on the stress points as well. There is an adjustable waist fitting which means that it can fit snugly around most waists.

Wrong picture This is a special notebook which is laid out so that you can plan DIY projects. It has overview pages and then there is a page for each task where you can write out all of the details of the project as well as including sketches, steps, materials etc. It is 22 x 28cm in size and there are spaces for 70 projects of different sizes as well as room for your own notes.

This is a multi-angle ruler which can be used for all sorts of jobs. It is made of durable metal and so will last well and is 5mm thick. It will not rust either and is sturdier than a plastic alternative. It is folding and can be moved to different angles to create shapes easily. It has inches and centimetres marked on it and they are laser engraves so will not fade.

This is a wooden plywood model which comes ready to be assembled. It forms a mechanical 3D musical box and there are precut stencilled pieces which are easy to remove and then put together in order according to the manual instructions. It has 51 pieces and will take up to an hour for an adult or teenager to build. When completed it is 8 x 8 x 5 cm in size.

This is a DIY kit to make your own wooden clock. It has an instruction booklet and when completed it will make a mechanical model which has a carved body. It comes with plywood pieces which are laser cut and easy to assemble without having to use any glue. It will take about an hour to build it and then it will be able to be admired by others once it is done.

This is a precision screwdriver set which comes in a portable case, It includes 64 bits which include two for iPhones. The bits are made from chrome vanadium and the screwdriver head is magnetic and is good quality. It has bits for repairing watches, game consoles, laptops, wearables, tablets and other devices so a very a useful set of items. The case is impact resistant, compact and lightweight so easy to store.

This is a plastic contour gauge which is 10 inches in size. It is made from tough and durable ABS plastic and is lightweight but sturdy and well built. It has an inch and centimetre-scale on it and the sizes are marked on both sides. It is simple to use and very convenient and time-saving. It is a useful tool for all sorts of modelling and makes cutting much easier.

This is a universal socket which can be used for most nuts. It can automatically adjust to any size of item between 7mm and 19mm and will remove screw, bolts, nuts and other objects as well. It can be extremely useful, especially if you do not have the correct size that you need. It is well made and will not slip and is strong so that it will last a long time.

This is a digital laser measure. It can measure a single distance as well as making continuous measurements, area, volume and indirect Pythagoras measures from 0.05 to 40m. It can add and subtract distances as well. It is very portable and can easily fit in a pocket. It has a 4 line LCS display and measures very accurately and is easy to grip with easy use buttons. It can store and recall data and even has a spirit level built-in.

This is a pair of novelty socks with a pattern of different tools. They are in size 6-11 so will fit most adults and are blue with yellow toe and cuff and red heel and the print includes a drill, saw, screwdriver and hammer. They are 65% bamboo and are therefore really soft and comfortable to wear but the elastane in them will also allow them to stretch and fit well.

This is a multi rasp zinc alloy hand planer. It is designed for perfect precision woodworking. It is made of a zinc alloy and has a manganese steel blade. It is designed to be operated with one hand. It is 275mm long with a 41mm blade and is 90g in weight. It is a useful tool for anyone working with wood, whether they are making new things or restoring so that they can get items perfectly smooth.

This is a Bosch compact jigsaw. It has a 500w motor and can cut up to 70mm in depth. It has a switchable air blast function which ensures a clear view of the cutting line at all times. It has a low vibration and has a linear mass balance as well as ergonomic soft grip. It is easy to change the blades and so this can be done in seconds, has a cable guide and hanging hook.

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