30 Gift Ideas for Easter Sunday

By Louise
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Easter is a time when we traditionally give gifts to some people. It might be chocolate eggs but often we might want something a bit different. We have come up with a varied list of gift ideas that all have an Easter theme so that you will be able to choose something that will work for the person you are buying for. There is plenty of variety so you should be able to find something that works for their personality as well as for your budget. This means that you should be able to find something suitable for everyone you are buying for.

30 Presents for Easter

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It can be good to give children a gift that is not chocolate for Easter as they often get too much. This Brick Headz Easter Bunny could go down well as an alternative. It is a Lego set which is designed specifically for children aged ten years and above and includes a detachable carrot and bucket. It also comes with two buildable Easter eggs and flowers in fun and bright colours.

This is a shape sorter suitable for toddlers to use. It is a yellow egg box which has six eggs inside it. They have different silly faces on them and when they are opened up they each have a different coloured chick inside. It can help toddlers to learn colours and also they can match the colour of chick up with the colour of the face on the egg. Made by Tomy.

Kids like being creative and these Easter Egg stampers can really help to harness their imaginations. There are 12 in the set and they all have different pictures when they stamp. They are 3.4cm x 4.3cm and they have a print surface of about 2.5cm. They have patterns such as flowers, rabbits, lambs, Happy Easter, carrots, bees, chick, Easter eggs etc. They are self-inking when you close them and fun to use.

Lovers of Lindt chocolate will love this gold bunny and family in a hutch. The box is designed as a hutch and inside it are two medium and three small gold bunnies each made with delicious Lindt milk chocolate with a total weight of 130g. The larger ones have the characteristic red ribbon and bell around their necks which can be rung. The only problem is that they might be too cute to eat!

Plant pots are often handy to have and these cute pots are shaped like eggs and all ready to paint and then to plant spring plants in. There are four in the set and they are 8cm x 8cm each and made from plain ceramic. They can be painted with acrylic paint, paint pens, glitter etc and then a coat of varnish will need to be put on top to preserve them and make sure that the pots are waterproof.

Many people associate Peter Rabbit with Easter and this plush toy will therefore go down a treat. It is a cute small toy which is 16cm high and made form a cuddly plush fabric. It has a blue jacket with yellow buttons as per the story by Beatrix Potter with brown fur and a white tail. Makes a lovely alternative to chocolate for an Easter gift and it will last a lot longer too.

Sylvanian Families are popular with lots of children and this playset has an Easter theme. It includes Snow Rabbit baby, a large basket, three Easter eggs, sweets and a little chick. The sweets and chick fit inside the eggs. They are great for pretend play for an egg hunt of other imaginative role-play games and will fit in with any other Sylvanian Family sets the children might have or can be played with on their own.

These pull back racers can create lots of Easter fun. Each racer is a carrot shape and has a rabbit riding inside it. Each one is 7.5cm long and there are 4 in the pack and they are all the same. They are great fun for having family bunny races and to hide as part of an Easter Egg hunt. They are brightly coloured and made from durable plastic so should provide lots of fun and laughter.

Baking at Easter can be lots of fun and many people enjoy making Easter cookies. These are more fun with these cookie cutters in Easter-themed shapes. There are 11 in total and they are all made from stainless steel. There is a pair of rabbit heads, flower, 2 butterflies, carrot, duckling, two eggs and two rabbits. They can also be used to cut fondant icing or marzipan for shapes to place on a Simnel cake or for cutting sandwiches.

This is a fun game which involves throwing rings over bunny ears. There are two pairs of bunny ears which are inflatable. They can be worn on a head or left on the floor and the coloured rings are thrown at them. The idea is to see who can get the most rings over the ears. There are 12 rings in different colours and it also comes with an air pump.

Kids can have so much fun making and decorating things and these Easter-themed wooden scene kits could be lots of fun for them. They are made from 3mm plywood pieces and easily slot together. There are two different designs in the pack one with a bunny, easter eggs and carrot and one with a chick with a flower and eggs. The idea is to colour them with paint or pens and then put them together to display.

An Easter game can be a lot of fun and kids will love this Easter bingo. Each bingo card has a selection of Easter-themed pictures on it and there are 20 bingo cards included for use at parties. There are 40 caller items and 4 winners certificates also included. You might have prizes or just play the game for fun. Great game for all ages of children and parents too!

Brain teasing games can be great for kids and these sliding puzzles are cute as well. Each has an Easter theme with two bunnies a chick and lamb on them and they are 6.3 x 6.3cm in size. They are a lot of fun for children to use to pass the time and the cute images make them more attractive too. The idea is to slide them around to mess up the picture and then see how quickly you can get it back again.

You can celebrate Easter in style with this funny front door Easter wreath. It has a pretty ribbon garland but in the middle are the legs and ears of a white rabbit as if he is wedged in the door. The bunny can be shaped to look how you wish. It is 55 x 40cm in size and will thrill guests as they come to your home. It could also be used as a decoration inside of the home which might be better if the weather is wet as it is made of cloth.

Craft activities can be a great thing to do with children during the holidays so that they can pass the time creativity. These cross stitch easter eggs could be great fun and will teach them a useful skill as well. The kit has wooden Easter eggs and embroidery thread, ribbon and a plastic needle. The idea is to embroider the egg and put a ribbon on the top and it can be hung up. There are five in the pack.

It can be really cute to dress babies up with an Easter theme. This knotted romper suit could be just the thing. It comes in blue, grey or white with a bunny design. It is available in sizes for babies ages 0-24 months. There are six buttons on the legs to make it easy for changing as well as two on the neck to make it easy to get on and off. It is made from 100% acrylic.

Finding a dairy-free Easter egg is not always easy but this Moo Free one could go down well. It is dairy-free and gluten-free as well as being suitable for vegans. It is a cocoa egg which has white cocoa drops and vegan mallows inside it. It is palm oil and soya free too. It weighs 80g and comes in a pretty box which makes it easy to wrap up.

Masks can be a lot of fun, both for general wear and for role play. These have a fun Easter theme and they are all ready to decorate. They can be coloured with pens. Pencils or paint and glitter, sequins etc can be added to make them look really special. There are eight masks and they are all different and they are between 16.5cm and 18.5cm in size with elastic so should be able to fit most children.

Kinder chocolate is favoured by a lot of children because it is creamier than some other types. This pair of Kinder milk chocolate bunnies will go down well with fans of the brand as they have a delicious hollow milk chocolate shell with milky white lining. They are 55g each and look really cute with a bunny design on them both shaped in the chocolate and printed on the foil. A great alternative to a traditional Easter egg.

If you are organising an Easter egg hunt then you will need some baskets. This one is a lovely white colour with blue bunny and cord and the bunny has an adorable white fluffy tail. It is 10 inches high and about 10inches across although it has a tapered design so the diameter varies. It is great for an egg hunt but also for decorating a home at Easter or using as a gift bag.

White chocolate is something which some people really enjoy and if this is the case for someone that you know, then you might like to give them this white chocolate Easter egg. This is a Cadbury White Oreo easter egg. It is a creamy white chocolate shell with crunchy Oreo biscuit pieces in it. There is one in the box which is 220g. It is wrapped in a gold foil with purple writing.

An Easter ornament can really brighten up a home and this one is fun too. It is a gnome doll which has bunny ears. It is made from soft polyester and will look cute among other Easter decorations. It will stand up by itself on a shelf or desk. It is 23cm high and 9sm wide so not too large to stop it looking really cute. Would make an unusual gift.

If you are looking for something useful to give for Easter then this mug could be it. It has a picture of a unicorn with bunny ears on it and it can be personalised with a name to make it unique. It is 10oz in size and it is pink inside and pink on the handle too. It is suitable for use for hot and cold drinks and is dishwasher safe.

Crafting can be lots of fun and this egg spinner can help to create really pretty Easter eggs. The spinning machine makes it easier to decorate the eggs all round. It comes with 8 markers that you can use to make all sorts of designs on them. It also comes with toy eggs so that you can draw on them. You can also use it to decorate real eggs as well.

It can be lots of fun to dress up when it is Easter time. You can feel the part with these fun bunny ears. This is a set of two and they have a white fluffy band and ears with pink insides. They are foldable and flexible so easy to carry and store. They are one size and suitable for adults or children. Each ear is 6.5 inches long and the width is 5.3 inches.

Socks can be a great idea for a gift and these have an Easter theme. There are three packs and they are all different. They are size 4-7 so should fit most ladies. One has an Easter egg and house pattern, one has chicks and the other eggs. They come in a gift pack and can be washed easily in the washing machine. They are a cotton blend fabric and so will be soft and comfortable to wear.

Cadbury’s Crème Eggs are something that many people really adore. If they do then this 10 pack will go down really well. They have Cadbury milk chocolate on the outside with a thick and creamy fondant centre in white and yellow to look like a real egg. They are each 40g so a little sweet treat. This big pack is great to give to a family to share as there will be enough for them to have at least one each.

A brooch can be a lovely gift and this one has an Easter / spring theme but could be worn at any time. It has a moon with blossoms and a bunny rabbit sitting on it. It is a cute design. It comes with a gift bag and so is all ready to give away and could be worn on a coat, hay, scarf, jacket, blouse or even be put on a bag.

If you want a gift for someone that likes to do Easter crafts or decorates their home for Easter then these mini chicks could be a good idea. There are 12 in the box and they are yellow and fluffy. They can be used for decorating cakes, putting on an Easter tree or using for any sort of Easter themed crafts. There are different designs to choose from. Suitable for adults and children over the age of three years.

Dogs should not miss out on the fun at Easter and therefore this Easter-themed dog toy kit could be a great gift for them. It has four different toys in it – a ball, duck, rabbit and carrot. They are made from cotton rope and they are roughly 14cm in size on average. They can help to clean the dog’s teeth while they play with them and are suitable for different sized dogs.

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