31 Eid Presents for Kids of All Ages

By Lewis
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Eid can be a great time for celebration and you may also buy gifts. If this is the case, then you may wonder what might be a good gift to give. We have therefore put together a list of suggested gifts that we think that kids will like getting for Eid. There are all sorts of things on the list and we feel that there should be enough suggestions that everyone will be able to find something for the child that they have in mind. We have picked things at different price brackets too so that there is something to suit every budget.

31 Childrens Gift Ideas for Eid

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Kids love to construct things and this Kaaba building set will not only be fun for them to play with but help with Islamic celebrations too. The model includes the interior pillars and black stone in the Eastern corner and consists of black and yellow bricks with some details in white, grey and gold. It has 325 pieces and has full instructions. It is suitable for children over four years of age.

It can be fun for children to count down the days to Ramadan and this calendar makes it easy for them. It has a pretty design and there are 30 small pockets on it and you can fill them with little gifts such as sweets or toys. It comes with some yellow stars which can be stuck on particular dates of interest. It is 35 x 50cm in size and is made of felt so it can be reused.

These wall stickers glow in the dark which can make them fascinating to children. They have the 99 names of Allah on them and so not only will they be fun, they will be interesting and educational as well. They are self-adhesive and they are able to stick to any clean and dry surface. Each is about 10 x 5cm but they will vary due to the size of the words.

This is a fun set of bags that are clear but have a Muslim boy or girl on them. They are mainly see-through so it is easy to see what is inside. They are designed for putting toys or treats inside and are great for party bags or family celebrations so that children can have a lovely treat. They measure 28 x 18cm in size and there are 10 in the pack.

This set of balloons would be great for an Eid celebration. They spell out ‘Eid Mubarak’ and have a moon and star balloon too. They come in the choice of rose gold or gold and they are made from foil. They are about 40cm in size and they come with ribbon to hang them up. They come flat so they will need to be inflated before they can be hung up.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will really enjoy this sweet selection. They are great for kids as there is a big selection of different kids treats. They are all suitable for vegans as well and they come in a brown kraft box so could be sent directly. The sweets include: Refreshers, Vimto, Stinger, Swizzles whistles, Swizzels fizzers, Drumstick, Dip Dab, Skittles, Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Fruity Pops and Rainbow Drops.

Stickers can make great gifts for kids and this all has an Eid theme. There is the option of buying four or two sheets of stickers and there are 11 stickers on each sheet. They vary in shape and size from 15mm to 44mm and they have different designs on them. They are professionally printed on sheets that are 95 x 190mm in size. They are a great budget gift that will provide lots of fun.

Games can provide lots of fun and many of them can teach as well. This Madinah Salat fun game will help to teach children about the five daily prayers. It can be played by all of the family and it encourages everyone to take it in turns and to answer questions so that they can learn. It can be an easier way to teach than to just talk about it as they get to have fun at the same time.

It can be lovely to have lots of decorations and these hanging lanterns and moon and star bunting can be great for many occasions including Eid. They are brightly coloured and you get five lanterns in total and they hang on a string that can stretch to two meters. They are made of cardboard and so can be reused. They will look great on a wall in any room of the house.

A string of prayer beads could make a lovely gift. These are adjustable and have 99 6mm Tasbih beads in a bracelet. They come with inscriptions of the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ in Arabic text. They come in a choice of colours such as gold, green, black, red or blue. They are made from pure and natural resin. They would make a lovely and very special gift for any child.

A selection of Baklava could go down really well as a lovely gift. This selection has two layers of bitesize treats. It is a premium selection of oriental deserts and is vegetarian, halal and glucose-free. It has five different varieties which are made using traditional methods without additives. They come in a tin which is 16c x 16cm and 5cm high. It looks really lovely and would make a lovely treat to give as a gift to children or adults.

If you want to give out sweets then it can be great to have some really pretty sweet bags to put them in. These are striped and are 5 x 7 inches and you can customise them You can choose the colour of the stripe that you wish to have and the printed text to go on it. The bags already say Eid Mubarak and have a pretty skyline on then and you can choose up to 60 characters to add to it. You can also choose how many bags you would like to receive.

A tin of Turkish Delight could make a lovely gift. This selection has five different types in it. They are all double roasted pistachio and you get strawberry, pomegranate, coconut, pasha and a double pistachio flavour. There are five pieces of each, so a large amount for sharing or for savouring over a long period of time. They come in a really pretty tin which will provide ample protection in transit.

Jigsaw puzzles can be great fun for all of the family. This puzzle has 1000 pieces which means that it will be quite a challenge. It is 75 x 50cm in size when it has been completed. It is carefully cut so the pieces are all well-formed and will come apart and place together easily. There is a letter logo on the back which means that you can check whether it has been completed correctly.

Bookmarks make useful gifts, especially for anyone that really likes to read. This bookmark is 16.5 x 4cm in size and it has a silver finish with a pretty design and a black tassel on it. It is made of 2mm thick wood and the pattern is engraved into it. It has pretty calligraphy writing on it. It could help to encourage children to read, perhaps if given along with a book that they will enjoy.

If you would like to help children to learn more about the Quran then this Junior Quran Challenge game could be a great idea. It is a game that will allow children to have fun and learn at the same time. The questions are all taken from the Quran and the idea is that children will learn all sorts of things while they enjoy playing the game. There are 200 questions.

Incense can make a welcome gift and this Dukhni Oud Bakhoor variety box has 20 pieces as well as a burner with a rainbow design. The scents contain botanical extracts, essential oils, spices and resins to produce a complex aroma. They can be placed on the burner with a tealight underneath and they will release the fragrance without any smoke. This is a great starter set for anyone without a burner.

A pretty hijab can make a lovely gift for a girl. This one is black and has a flower design on it. It is made from viscose which is soft and breathable. It is also lightweight making it comfortable to wear and it is fast drying. It is 50 x 30cm in size and it will fit girls ages 2-6 years of age. It has elastic under the chin so that it fits really well and will stay in place without being annoying.

A travel prayer mat can be a really useful item to give as a gift. This one has a zip pocket so it can hold items such as a Quran, tasbih or your mobile phone. It has a pretty design and it is also padded so that it is comfortable to use. It is waterproof as well which means that it can be used whatever the weather and having a portable one is not only handy for travel but so that you can take your own to the mosque for hygiene reasons.

Children really enjoy looking at books and this one is called ‘But…Who is Allah?’ By Machar Karroum and Tanja Varcelija. It is a picture book about a boy who is curious about Allah. It is useful to help parents to start to introduce their children to Allah with a positive and comforting message. Islamic terms are used to help children to get a better understanding of things they may have heard their parents saying but not fully understood.

Children enjoy puzzles and this wooden one will help them to understand the Arabic alphabet. The idea is that each letter will fit into its own space on the wooden board. It helps children with starting to recognise the letter shapes and will give parents an opportunity to tell them what they are called to start their interest and learning in this area. The letters are brightly coloured to make it more fun.

If you are making a cake then you might like a special cake topper. This one is golden in colour and has ‘Eid Mubarak’ in Arabic on it. It measures 15 x 10cm in size and would make a really lovely finishing touch to a large cake. It has a pointed prong so that it can be carefully pushed into the cake so it will stay securely in place and it will look really great with a selection of other decorations on the cake as well.

If you are making cookies to give away as a gift or as part of a celebration then this cookie stamp could be handy. It has ‘Eid’ on it which means that you can stamp that onto each cookie. It is designed to work on cookies that are 6 to 8cm in size and can be pressed into the icing to make the indentation. They could also be used on any size of fondant icing to decorate it before going on cakes.

Craft kits can be great for children. They will keep them occupied and they can learn at the same time. This one has lots of different activities which are centred around Ramadan and Eid. There are paper cut-outs to be decorated and it comes with hanging ribbons so they can be hung up as decorations and glitter that can be used to make them sparkle. There is a selection of different designs.

Cake toppers can help to finish off a selection of cupcakes and make them look really attractive. These have a crescent moon and star design in gold glitter and come on a cocktail stick so they can easily be secured into a cupcake. There are ten in the pack and the cocktail stick is 14cm. There are other designs available too, so you could get a few packs and make your cakes look really amazing.

Having a pretty tray to serve food on can make a meal really special. This one is 40 x 30cm in size and it is made from wood and has a circular back which is mirrored. The tray has a crescent and star design and the mirror has Arabic printed on it. It will make your home-baked goodies look really special and it is very easy to assemble by slotting together once it arrives.

Boys will love receiving a prayer hat as a gift. These are soft touch skull caps so they are really comfortable to wear and they come in different colours. This means that you can pick one that you think that they will like. It is knitted with a delicate pattern in the knit and is made from a cotton blend material. They are a regular fit and should fit boys and men as they will stretch slightly.

Batchar Karroum has put together this book for children to teach them about Ramadan. It follows the story of Laila who wants to learn more and so explains the concept in a way that is easy for those living in Europe or America where not everyone follows the same traditions. It explains the relevance of the practices that go on during Ramadan such as not wasting and giving to charity.

A Bluetooth speaker can be very useful and this one is different as it has an Arabic word on it and recites the Quran with translations as well. There is a remote control so that it is easy to move from piece to piece. It can also play MP3s as well. It comes in blue, black or silver and would be a great addition to any child’s bedroom. It is powered by a battery.

Balloons can make really great decorations for any celebration. There are designed specifically for Ramadan. There is a crescent-shaped one in gold, two purple stars and two circular balloons with Ramadan written on them. The balloons are made from foil and so are really shiny. They can be inflated and then deflated which means that if you are careful you will be able to reuse them year after year.

Children will find praying more fun using this specially designed children’s prayer mat. It has a fun picture on in a cartoon style. It is made from soft polyester so it will comfortable to use and it has a woven dot backing which means that it will not slip. It is a size which is suitable for children aged up to nine years and is a unisex design for boys or girls.

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