30 Presents for Eid, Suitable for All Ages

By Lewis
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Eid is a time of celebration and it can be lovely to give gifts as well. It is not always easy to know what sorts of gifts to buy for this occasion though and so we have put together a list to help you out. We have a selection of different items that we think will make great gifts. We have chosen different things because we know that people have different tastes and so you will want gifts that appeal to that. We have also picked gifts at different prices as we know that different people will have different amounts of money to spend.

30 Gift Ideas for Eid

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It can be lovely to send a greeting as a gift and this LED lamp says ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ on it and so not only passes the message on from you, but when displayed can pass the greeting on to others. The lamp is powered by LEDs and it has a remote control which will change the colour and select different functions. It is made of high-quality acrylic and ANS and is powered by 3 x AA batteries.

Mugs can be really useful and this one has a pretty mosque design and says ‘Happy Eid’ on it. It is a white ceramic mug and the printing is in black and green. It is 10oz in size and is microwave and dishwasher safe so very convenient to use and clean. It is suitable for hot and cold drinks. It is printed on both sides so suitable for left and right-handed people.

Eid is a time of celebration and feasting and so it can be great to have some lovely food to eat and share with others or to give away. This tin of Turkish Delight is handcrafted in Turkey and so will be a popular item to give. There are 25 pieces in the tin and they come in five flavours. There is original double roasted pistachio, strawberry, pomegranate, coconut and pasha.

Children and adults will enjoy counting down the days of Ramadan to Eid using this countdown calendar. It has pretty mosque pictures at the top and there are stars on it. The stars can be stuck on the calendar to help to mark the days as they pass. It is made of felt which is bright and colourful and soft to touch. It has hanging loops to attach it to a wall.

Those that enjoy displaying ornaments will appreciate this one. It is a moon and star with a pretty Islamic building on it. It is made from wood and it says ‘Eid Mubarak’ on it. It is 15cm high and 15cm across and so does not take up lots of room but is big enough to stand out. The carved design means that it looks good with a light behind it when the room is dark.

Books can be lovely things to give to children and this one is called ‘Aminah and Aisha’s Eid Gifts’ and is a Kindle book. It includes a timeline of the daily Islamic habits during the last days of Ramadan leading up to Eid, so helps children to understand expected manners, behaviour and hadiths. It helps children to also build up their excitement as they get close to celebrating Eid.

Baklava is something that is traditionally eaten at family celebrations and this pack has been adapted so that it is suitable for vegans. It has the normal rich sweet filo pastry layers with chopped nuts and syrup but made with vegan ghee. There are different varieties included such as Boukaj, pistachio, almond, asabeh fingers and colschor. There are 25 pieces and they come in a pretty gift box with ribbon.

Necklaces can make lovely gifts and this one is made of wood. It has lots of dark wooden beads and a pendant in the same wood which says ‘Allah’ in Arabic. The pendant is 3 inches in size and flat on the back and the chain is 36 inches in size. It comes in a gift box and so it is all ready to give away as a lovely gift when celebrating different occasions such as Eid.

Stickers make fun gifts as they can be used by children or adults to decorate different things. This is a set of stickers designed for celebrating Eid. There are two sheets included, so 22 in total and there are three smaller which are 15mm and eight larger designs which are about 40-44mm in size. Great for sticking around the home, on books, in diaries and even on clothing. There is the option of buying four sheets.

Kufi hats can make great gifts for men. This one comes in a selection of colours, so you can pick the one you feel will suit them the best. It also comes in various sizes so you will need to know the precise head measurement before buying. It is made of thick fabric and is a comfortable fit. It has a unique design based on Muslim prayer hats from Thailand.

Eating candy is a great way to celebrate Eid and so this candy box set can be very useful. It is a pretty gold colour and 5 x 5 x 8cm in size. It says ‘Eid Mubarak’ on it as well. It is square when opened out but comes flat so it stays in good condition in the post. Once open it can be filled with all sorts of tasty items such as candies or chocolate. It comes with ribbons to decorate it.

Bluetooth speakers are growing in popularity as gifts but this one is different. Not only can it play music of your choice, but it also has a built-in function where it can recite verses of the Quran, with different speed settings and 18 language options, which will help listeners to learn it. It is also a lamp and so is great for beside the bed. It has touch control and so it is really easy to use.

Decorations can make celebrating more fun and so this set of balloons can go down well. They are foil and you can choose from gold or rose gold colours. There is a crescent moon and star balloon and the others are letters spelling out ‘Eid Mubarak’. The balloons are about 40cm high and come with a straw for deflation so they can be reused and ribbon to hang them up.

A lovely gift set can go down really well when given as a present. This one contains a prayer mat, Surah book and tasbeeh beads. There are different colour options available. The prayer mat is an adult size that is lightweight but strong, so handy for carrying around and has different designs depending on the option that you choose. The beads are of great quality as well. Everything comes in a gift box with an elegant ribbon.

Lamps can make useful gifts and this one can also be part of your celebrations. It says ‘Eid Mubarak’ on it and it also has a lovely scene on it too. It gives the impression that the picture is 3D and uses LEDs to light it up. The lamp has 16 colour options and different modes which can be changed using the remote control. It takes 3 x AAA batteries but can also work using USB.

Prayer beads can make a lovely gift to give and these are black agate in colour on a very strong cord so they will not break easily. They also have a silver-coloured pendant on them which has long chains with the crescent moon and stars on them. They are 29 x 2 x 1cm in size and they are made from Kuk which is a type of large shell and it is glossy and unbreakable.

Food gifts go down very well with most people. The feasting celebrations that are likely to take place during Eid will probably lend themselves to some sweet treats. This is a set of 3 boxes of truffles made by Monty Bojangles that would make great gifts. Having three boxes means that you can give them to different people. There are different flavours to choose from and each box has 100g worth inside with ten or more individual truffles.

If you are giving money gifts then you may like to have some money cards to give it in. There are 12 in this set so you will have plenty. They all have different Eid based designs on them with bright colours. They each come with a white envelope so you can send them in the post or hand them over in person. They are each 5.7 inches when they are closed with tabs inside to hold the money.

Incense can be a lovely gift to give and this is a starter set that has a burner and different fragrances of incense with a tealight candle. They have exotic flavours and are blended so that they provide a smokeless burn. They will help to scent the home and you will just have to place a piece on the top of the burner with a candle underneath for it to produce its fragrance.

Notebooks can be lovely gifts and this one has a picture of a mosque on with ‘Alhamdulillah’ on the front of it. It makes a lovely positive cover for a book. The cover is blue and yellow and is matte. Inside it has 120 lined pages which are white. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and therefore suitable for popping in a bag, drawer etc for making notes, writing lists etc.

These wooden hanging items can be used either as gift tags or decorations. There are 20 in the set and half say ‘Eid Mubarak’ and the others say ‘Ramadan’. They are pretty shapes with decorative designs and they come with a separate cord to thread through them before use. They could be reused as they are durable and so will last a long time. They could be attached to gifts or hung around the home.

Turkish cotton candy can be a lovely treat and would make a great gift. This set of 12 pieces comes in a tin. There is 250g altogether and it comes in a stylish tin, which will not only keep it fresh but can be reused for storing other things afterwards. If you have not had it before it is worth noting that it is the texture of candy floss but the taste is more biscuity.

Bookmarks can be a great gift for anyone that likes to read. This is a set of five bookmarks which are all different colours and designs. Each of them has a different motivational Hadith on it written in English. Each of them is 17 x 5cm in size and is made of high-quality card with a matt finish. You could give all five to one person or give five people one each.

A Quran gift set can be a really special gift. This one comes in either white, blue or red and the book has a soft velvet cover with Arabic writing on it. It is printed with high quality in Uthman style in Turkey. It comes with a set of prayer beads, which have 99 faux crystal beads to help with remembering the 99 names of Allah and an ottoman tulip pendant with tassel.

A pretty incense burner can make a lovely gift. This one is made of metal with a golden colour. It has a very stable base and the design is Middle Eastern in style. The pattern is floral and the metal is electroplated so that it is really strong. It is 14cm tall and 7.5cm across. It looks pretty and will fit in with most rooms, standing on a shelf, table or desk.

If you want to buy an ornamental gift then this replica Kaaba could be just the thing. It is mainly black with the option of gold or silver detailing. It is available in three different sizes. It is made from resin which is partly covered in velvet and has rhinestone details on it and is painted gold in some parts. It features an Arabic script inscription. It is made in Turkey. A pretty and decorative piece.

Women may enjoy getting this t-shirt. It is short-sleeved with a round neck and on the front has the Arabic word for love with the word underneath in English. It comes in a choice of colours and in sizes small – XXL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix, which means that it will not stretch out of shape and will be soft and comfortable to wear. It is machine washable.

It can be lovely to give cards and this one is really special. It is a pop-up card that has a pretty design inside it which is 12cm tall. The card has a concealed area where you can slide out a white card to write your message. The display could be reused lots of times. It is made from FSC materials and comes with an envelope that has a pretty design on it.

If you want to snack in style then these chocolate covered dates with almonds could be the treat that you are looking for. It is actually a pack of four mixed flavours, although you can also choose specific single flavours if you prefer. This set comes with a coconut, caramel, milk and dark packet but you could also pick just four packs of the same of one of those flavours or orange, cappuccino, cheesecake or mint.

It could be fun to give this countdown calendar as a gift. It has the 30 days of Ramadan marked on it until Eid. It has lots of brightly coloured pockets on it and is made from a soft fabric that will not fade. It is 75cm long by 20cm wide. Each number is on a pocket and you can put a small treat in each one for a child or adult to enjoy every day. It has a hanging hook.

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