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Updated on May 24th, 2021
By Eve
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There are many people that like Elemis gift sets and if you are looking to buy one for someone then you have come to the right place. This is a list of different sets by Elemis so that you will be able to see what is available and choose the one that you think will be most appropriate for the recipient that you have in mind. We have picked different sizes of sets with different types of products in order that you will be able to find something that will suit them the best. We have things at different prices too so that they suit different budgets.

20 Beautiful Elemis Gift Sets

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Travel kits can be really handy as you do not have to carry too many items with you or you can try out small versions of products. This Elemis set has a 50ml soothing apricot toner, 100ml sea lavender and samphire bath and shower milk. Pro-collagen cleansing balm, cellular recovery skin bliss capsules, pro-collagen marine cream and pro-collagen oxygenating night cream. They come together with a travel bag in a presentation box.

A trio of pro-collagen heroes make-up this set. There is a 30ml pro-collagen marine cream SPF 30, 15ml pro-collagen marine oil and 15ml pro-collagen advanced eye treatment. They deliver a morning to night time skincare routine which will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The items all come together in a gift box so are easy to wrap up before giving away as a gift.

Pro-collagen products are a popular choice and this pair has a rose oleo extract in them and smells delicately of rose as well. There is a pro-collagen rose cleansing balm which is super cleansing and a pro-collagen rose facial oil that soothes. The formula is for all skin types even delicate and sensitive skins. They come together in a presentation box that is ready for wrapping up or looks pretty without the need for gift wrap.

Stars of the show is the name of this Elemis set. There are seven items included in the pretty box. You will get a 50g pro-collagen cleansing balm, 15ml pro-collagen eye revival mask, 15ml pro-collagen super serum elixir, 100ml pro-collagen marine cream, 5ml collagen insta-smooth primer, 30ml pro-collagen overnight matrix and a luxury cleansing cloth. The products help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrating to give a smooth and glowing skin.

Oxidant rich products can be great for the skin. This trio has a cica calm cleansing foam, facial oil and cica calm hydration juice all in an Elemis superfood range. They work especially well for dull-looking complexions and they will help to cleanse, calm and then hydrate the skin. The skin will have an outdoor fresh glow after using the products which have oxidant rich superfoods and actives in them. They come together in a gift box.

Candles can make lovely gifts as they can produce a calm and relaxing environment in a room. This one is a frangipani glow candle by Elemis. It is aromatic with scents of coconut, ylang-ylang and vanilla. It comes in a red container with the candle inside and it warms, soothes and uplifts and the fragrance will last even after the candle is extinguished. It comes in a very pretty box.

Men do not like being left out and so this travel kit could be a great gift for any chap. It has a selection of smaller sized products which could be taken on holiday or used to sample and they come with a travel bag. Included there is a 50ml deep cleanse facial wash, 50ml skin soothe shave gel, 15ml pro-collagen marine cream, 100ml sharp shower body wash, 20ml instant refreshing gel and 14 dynamic resurfacing facial pads.

A dream team trio certainly sounds attractive and here Elemis have put together a selection of their best pro-collagen products. There is a pro-collagen marine mask that is anti-ageing, a pro-collagen marine oil that is anti-wrinkle and a pro-collagen overnight matrix wrinkle-smoothing night cream. They are designed for any skin type that is starting to show signs of ageing. They come together in a pretty gift box so all ready to give away.

Award-winning products are always great to try, such as this pair. There is a pro-collagen neroli cleansing balm which is 105g and a pro-collagen marine cream which is 50ml. They come together in a box with a cleansing cloth. The idea is to use them together each day to clean, nourish and hydrate the skin. The box is pretty so you will not really need to wrap the product although if you choose to, the shape will make it nice and easy.

Dry or dehydrated skin will appreciate this skincare kit from Elemis. It contains a gentle foaming facial wash, peptide 4 night recovery cream-oil and a rehydrating ginseng toner. The items all help to gently resurface the skin to give a smooth and even texture leaving the face feeling smooth. They are designed to use every morning and the moisturisers will help to keep skin feeling and looking good. They come in a zip-up bag.

Showers will be great fun with this Elemis duo. There is a 300ml bottle of skin nourishing shower cream and a 200ml tube of skin nourishing body cream. They have extracts of oat kernel and wheat germ to promote satin soft, supple and healthy skin. The products veil the skin in a cocoon or milk protein so cleanses while it enriches. They will help to replenish even the driest of skin and nourish it too.

Buying as a bundle can save money so it can be worth doing. Here you get a balancing lavender toner and a dynamic resurfacing facial wash. The products work together to even out the complexion and help the skin to feel fresh, comfortable and hydrated all through the day. The wash is purifying with vitamins and nutrients and the toner has lavender, quillaja wood and sweet betty flower to balance and soften the skin.

It is important to treat your skin well and this trio of products will do just that. There is a rose petal enhanced cleanser to remove makeup and skin pollutants which cleanses, soothes and calms without dehydrating, a gentle rose exfoliator and a rehydrating ginseng toner that will rebalance pH levels, preserve natural oils and leave a radiant and hydrated complexion without using alcohol or harsh detergents. All products are from Elemis.

Skin care is made easy with this bundle of Elemis products. There is a biotec skin energizer day cream along with a cleanser. The cream harnesses the patent-pending bio-energy complex of encapsulated zinc and copper to revive the complexion. The cleanser is energising and deeply cleanses with a fresh and invigorated appearance. The cream enriches with electrolytes, anti-oxidants and water plantain peptides which hydrates and nourishes as well as cleansing.

Treat someone to this very special cream and cleansing balm. It is an Elemis pro-collagen marine cream together with a pro-collagen cleansing balm. These are clinically proven and instantly hydrate with an anti-ageing effect as it smooths skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. They produce a more even complexion and a fresh and hydrated feeling all day. Just use the cleansing balm first and then follow with the marine cream.

Men can be treated to these special Elemis products formulated for their skin. There is a deep cleanse facial wash and daily moisture lotion. The wash is purifying and is suitable for all skin types and refreshes and revives the skin. The moisturiser is a hydrating day lotion. So, use the products together in the morning, cleansing the skin and then applying the lotion to provide a more even, fresh and comfortable complexion all day.

This bundle for men can be a great way for them to treat their skin. It includes a 200ml ice cool foaming shave gel which helps to provide a really smooth shave without irritation. The lather helps to hold moisture on the skin to give a smooth shave. The pro-collagen marine cream is 30ml and it will help to smooth the complexion and make it feel hydrated. It reduces wrinkle depth by up to 78%.

Luxury can be a great way to start each day and you will experience that with this pair of Elemis products. There is an Exotic frangipani monoi shower cream and a frangipani monoi body cream. The shower cream is luxurious and skin-friendly with a gentle, natural lather that cleanses without stripping the skin of oil. The skin feels soft and supple with a light scent of frangipani flowers. The body cream will condition and soften the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Having a good complexion can really improve confidence and so this pair of Elemis products could be worth a try. There is a superfood facial oil and a pro-collagen marine cream in the pair. They are suitable for all skin types and will help to even out skin tone, hydrate the skin while leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable all day. The trio of seaweeds in the oil help to make the skin feel really good.

Night and day creams can really help the skin to look great and therefore this pair could be worth a try. There is a 50ml tub of Elemis pro-collagen marine cream ultra-rich which is formulated for dehydrated skin. It will protect skin from ageing while nourishing, firming and smoothing it. The 50ml pro-collagen oxygenating night cream will help the skin to regenerate and it will help to smooth and nourish cleansed skin.

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