33 Couples Engagement Presents - Ideas For All Budgets

Updated on May 25th, 2021
By Lewis
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When a couple gets engaged it can be lovely to buy them a gift so that you can celebrate with them. It might be that they are having a party and you want to give them something or that you just want to send them something to show your joy and approval. It is not always easy to know what to buy them though and so we have put together a list of items that we feel would make lovely gifts. We have picked a range of items so there are things that will suit different tastes and budgets, so there should be something that everyone likes.

33 Gift Ideas for a Couples Engagement

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Personalised prints can make really good gifts and the recipients will feel really spoiled with them. This word art print has a heart shape and can have names, a date, personal message etc on it. It is available in different sizes and with or without a frame so you can choose the most appropriate including a card. They come on photo grade paper and you can choose different colours for the print.

An engaged couple might really appreciate this special wedding planner. It is a spiral-bound book which has a pretty cover and inside is split into sections to help everything to be planned properly. So it includes sections on budget, wedding party, reception and ceremony as well as dates to do things, guests, specifics about the service and reception and venues and supplier information. A great alternative to a wedding planner.

If you are buying the couple a bottle of something to celebrate with then a gift box could make it look really special. This one has a hinged lid and on the top says ‘Est 2021 Congratulations on your engagement’ on the top of it. Inside it has a satin-lined base to keep the bottle safe and secure inside. The bottle is not included so you can choose the one you feel they will like.

Aprons can be really handy for all sorts of uses such as cooking, baking, BBQs, arts and crafts. This pair is designed for a couple so could make a great engagement gift. One says ‘Mr Right’ and is black with a chefs hat and moustache and the other says ‘Mrs always right’ and is white with black and red writing with a chefs hat and lips. There are other designs available as well.

Couples saving up for a wedding may like this Tatty Teddy wedding fun moneybox. It is from the Me to You Signature Collection and has a picture of two teddies in a heart on it. It is made from quality ceramic and as a coin slot in it. There is a rubber bung in the bottom so that the money can be removed It comes in a matching gift box.

Word art prints are contemporary and fun and this one is the shape of a man on one knee proposing. Beside that picture it says ‘He asked..she said yes!’ and it has the couples names and below it, a calendar with the proposal date circled on it. It is available in different sizes and you can choose words to be put into the word art part as well as personalising the names and dates.

Photo frames make lovely gifts for those that like to display pictures in their home. This one is a glass frame and has the word ‘Engaged’ on the top of it in diamante crystals. The frame holds a 15 x 10cm photo and it is 19 x 19cm in size including the outside of the frame. It has a stand so that it can be placed on a shelf and will be self-supporting. Comes in a box.

Couples that like to display ornaments will like this romantic elephant pair. There is a grey and a white elephant and they have their trunks intertwined. They are 25cm tall and 8cm wide and deep, are made of ceramic and make for a sentimental and romantic gift. They come in a branded box so they are easy to wrap up as a gift before giving away to the engaged couple.

A pair of mugs can be a useful gift to give as well as a romantic gesture to offer a matching pair. This set has one mug with ‘Mr’ and one with ‘Mrs’ on it. The mugs are pink and grey with a marbled look to them and the writing is in gold. They come with lids and long spoons which are also gold in colour. They are 14oz in size and they come in a fabric-lined gift box.

Cushion covers can be useful and these have a romantic theme. They are both white with red print. One shows a stick man on a bicycle blowing heart-shaped bubbles and the other shows a woman with a balloon and the hearts are moving towards her. They are 45 x 45cm and have invisible zippers so it is easy to put an insert inside. They would look good on a sofa or bed.

Champagne glasses can be a fitting gift for an engagement as it tends to be celebrated with some bubbly. This pair would be great for the couple as they say ‘newly engaged’ on them with some hearts. They are 23cm high with long stems and the text is in silver. They come in a fabric-lined gift box that says ‘on your engagement’ on the lid, so all ready to give away.

Couples that like sentimental ornaments will enjoy receiving this romantic sculpture ornament. It is 27 x 9 x 8cm in size and shows a woman and a man intertwined in an embraced. It is white and black in colour so would match most rooms and has a contemporary feel to it. It would be good for an engagement present but also for a wedding or anniversary. It has felt pads on the bottom so will not scratch the surface it is on.

Most couples enjoy a drink and so glasses can make a great gift. These are 14oz wine tumblers bit could be used for all types of cold drinks, even soft drinks. On one it says ‘Mr Right’ with a top hat and moustache and the other says ‘Mrs Always Right’ with a lipstick print. They are printed with non-fade ink and they will easily wash by hand without the design peeling away.

It can be good to buy useful gifts for an engagement celebration as the couple might be setting up home together but romantic gifts are lovely too. This combines both with two mugs that each have some hearts and a 3D cat on them. When pushed together the cats will kiss. They are made of ceramic and they are microwave and dishwasher safe so very convenient to use and keep clean.

Prints can make lovely memory gifts and this one has two cute penguins on it. On their tummies, the initials of the couple can be printed and there is a red heart between them. The print is 12 x 10 inches in size and it comes in a frame so it is all ready to either hang on a wall or stand on a shelf as it has fixings for both. You can choose unframed if you prefer and there are two frame colour options.

Engagement cards need to be special and this one pops up to form a romantic scene of a couple embracing next to a bicycle under a blossom tree. The front of the card is purple with a white picture of them on it and inside there is the pop-up centre and still plenty of room to write a special message as well. It is 14 x 14cm when closed and comes with a white envelope.

Couples that enjoy drinking wine on picnics will like this special cool bag. It has a section to put in a wine bottle to keep it cool as well as a section where two wine glasses can be safely stored. It could be used for other bottles as well and will keep item hot or cold for 5-7 hours. It is made from high quality polyester and is durable and lightweight measuring 38 x 20 x 10cm in size with a carry handle.

If you are looking for an unusual gift then you might like this engagement ring photo frame. It is circular with the frame having a ring design. It is 13 x 11 cm and inside there is room for a 9 x 6 photo (which needs to be round). It is made of metal so looks shiny and has the words ‘just the beginning’ written on it. It has a black velvet back with a stand so it can be displayed on a shelf.

Word art prints look contemporary and they are also really appreciated when they can be personalised. This one shows a man proposing and there is space under it for names of the couple to be put. The print comes in A5 or A4 and is framed on a white wood-effect frame with safe acrylic glass that will not easily break. It is printed on high-quality satin photo paper.

Keyholders can be really handy for people who often lose their keys as they will always know where they are. This one is in the shape of a house with cutouts of a man and woman. Those cutouts are keyrings that are attached to the keys and then they can be placed in the spaces, when the keys need to be put away. It is 10 x 10cm in size and white.

If you are looking for a novelty gift then this survival kit in a can could be ideal. It is a tin which has a selection of small gifts in it. It comes with a card that explains how each of the gifts is significant and will help the person being given it to survive the engagement. It is available in different colours and is 10 x 6cm in size. The tin could be reused afterwards.

Engagement gifts could be an opportunity to give items that will prepare the couple for their wedding. This one is a cake knife and server which are designed to be used for a wedding cake. The knife is 33.5cm long and the server 27.5cm long. They can also be personalised with the names of the couple and date on them. They have stainless steel blades and imitation crystal handles and come in a gift box.

If you want a budget gift then this could do the trick. It is a wooden plaque which has a chalkboard heart and says ‘days until we say ‘I do’’ and the number of days can be filled in. It has a floral pattern in the corner. It is 200 x 100mm in size and is made from PVC with holes drilled in the top that twine can be threaded through to hang it up.

Ornamental candles can make fun gifts. This one has a personalised message on it. It says ‘congratulations on your engagement’ and you can choose names to go under it and a message to go underneath such as who it is from or even a phrase over three lines. It also has a picture of a diamond on it. The candle is a pillar candle and is white and 11.5cm tall and 5.5cm wide.

Couples’ sets can make really cute gifts. This is a couples cooking set that has two aprons, chefs hats and oven gloves with a potholder. They are black and white and say ‘The Mr’ and ‘The Mrs’ on them. They are great fun and the apron is 32 inches long and 27 inches wide so should fit most people. They are made from cotton and polyester so are durable and machine washable.

Paired gifts can be romantic and appropriate for an engagement, like this pair of champagne flutes. They may also be lovely items that couple can use to celebrate with. This pair has a simple hand-cut design with Swarovski crystals. They are elegant, long-stemmed glasses and the design adds simple interest without being over the top. They come in a gift box which is branded and is navy, yellow and gold.

His and hers items can be fun things to give and this is a pair of mugs that can be personalised. They have a beauty and the beast on them and a space to put a name on them. The design is on both sides of the mug so work for left and right-handed people. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and they come in a double-walled mug box.

Personalised gifts can help to cement a memory and this print could be hung up forever. It has names and the occasion and date as well as a map marking the location. So, it will include the names of the engaged couple and where they got engaged and the date they were engaged. It comes in a choice of two sizes (A4 or A3) and you can have it framed or unframed.

Scrapbooks make really great gifts as they can be used to store memories. This one is black with a heart on it and has lots of plain black pages inside. It can be used to stick in cards, photographs and other memorable items. It has pages that are 9.7 x 7 inches in size and so has the space to hold 120 4 x 6-inch photographs. It has a hardcover with a lock.

Notebooks can be very handy and this one is spiral bound and says ‘Groom’s book of jobs to do’ on the front of it. It is a hard-backed cover and so the pages inside are well protected. Inside there are lined pages which makes it easy to write down lots of lists, dates and other information. Could be something a woman may like to give to her husband to be or it could be paired with a similar notebook for the bride to be and one given to each of them.

His and hers gifts can be fun and useful and this is a phone stand for two phones. It is made from bamboo with a shelf for each phone that has space for the charging cable to go through. It is a tabletop stand and made from plywood which has a warming colour. There are even him and her icons to show whose phone should go where. It is 24 x 12.7 x 20cm in size.

If you are looking for a novelty gift then this rubber duck pair could be the thing. There is a male and female duck and they are dressed in wedding outfits. The male has a top hat and jacket with bow tie and the female has a necklace with a veil on. They are 10 x 6 x 7cm in size and they come together as a pair. They are likely to raise a smile and would look good in a bathroom.

Mugs are useful gifts but funny ones can be great to give. If you are buying for a sweary couple with a sense of humour then they might like these. The mugs are white and made of ceramic and one says ‘he’s a c*nt’ and the other says ‘she’s a moody c*nt’. They have a high gloss finish and are dishwasher safe. They are packed in a strong box for protection.

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