28 Gift Ideas for Fencers

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy fencing and if you know someone that likes or teaches fencing then you might like this list. We have put together a selection of items that we feel will appeal to fans of fencing. There is a range of items which means that you will be able to look through them and find something that you feel will be suitable for them and will suit your requirements and budget as well. Then when you want to buy them a present, you will be able to look at the list and easily find things that you will be able to buy them.

28 Presents for Fencers of All Ages and Skill Levels

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This is a drawstring bag which says on it ‘Fencing because other sports are just pointless’. There is a choice of colours of bag and the print is always white and red. The bag is made from 100% cotton and has a white drawstring. When the bag is closed, the drawstrings will act as carrying handles so you can wear it as a rucksack. It can be sponged clean if necessary.

This is a notebook which has a black cover and says on it ‘Fencing is the best sport ever training & competition’. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 120 pages. The paper inside is white and lined which means that it can be used for putting all sorts of things in such as using it as a diary, journal or notebook. It is a useful size to be able to carry around if necessary or to easily store in a drawer or on a desk while not being used.

This is a 50p coin with a fencing theme. It is part of the London 2012 collection of coins, where there were different 50p coins produced for the different sports taking place in the Olympics. This is coin no 11 which represents Fencing and it is in original packaging with a backing card and protective cellophane wrapper. It is a collector’s item and in mint condition and would make a great gift.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says ‘Fencing all other sports are pointless’ and has crossed swords pictures on it. It is available in fits suitable for men and women in sizes small – 3XL and in a selection of colours. It is made from a polyester and cotton mix fabric which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and will not stretch out of shape. It is easy to wash as well.

This is a chest guard used for fencing. It is suitable for men and women and covers and protects ribs, sternum and breasts. It is strong and can be used for many different sports where these parts of the body are targeted. It is white and comes in different fits for men and women and different sizes so that you can pick the one that will fit you the best.

This is a medal hanger for fencers. It has the word ‘fencing’ on it with figures fencing on it. It is made of stainless steel which means that it is strong and also will not rust or corrode. It has wall fixings to make it easy to hang up. It is 3mm thick and has room to display up to 18 medals. A great way to proudly show fencing achievements.

This is a fencing cord cable. It is an epee cord which has a concise design which means that it will work with different brands of swords. It is high quality and durable which means that it should last a long time and work well. It has high sensitivity as well, so it will react well during practise or during a game. Made by Rayauto Sport with one cord per order.

This is a pair of fencing socks. They come in plain white or white with a blue design on them. They are elasticated and compression style made from high-quality cotton. They come in sizes XS-XL and they have a classic design. They are wear-resistant and will feel very comfortable to wear. The white colour matches fencing outfits and they are a long length so they cover the legs well.

This is a storage bag for a fencing helmet. It is black with white piping and has a sturdy grab handle on the top. It is made of high-quality fabric and can help to protect the mask from dirt and dust as well as keeping safe from being scratched. It has a double zip fastening so it is easy to access the mask but it will be kept securely inside.

This is a special reaction ball which can be used for sports training. It is 9cm in size and is knobbly which means that when it is thrown on the floor it will bounce in an odd direction. This varies every time and so by throwing and catching it, you will improve your reaction times as you will have to move about in different directions. It includes full instructions for use.

This is a fencing glove. There are different choices depending on whether you are left or right-handed. They are made from high strength cotton and artificial leather so that they are comfortable and safe to wear. They are sturdy and durable and can be used when practising and when taking part in matches. They are waterproof and non-slip so that you get a good grip of the sword all of the time.

This is a pair of non-slip fencing shoes. They are white and blue and have a protective toe cap. They are made of wear-resistant material so that they will last a long time. They are breathable so that the feet will not get too hot. They protect the foot, providing support as well as comfort with a rubber sole which provides good cushioning. They come in a selection of sizes.

This is a personalised word art print. It is a silhouette of a fencer which is all filled in with words which are printed in black ink on a white background so really stand out. You can provide up to 30 words to be used such as a name, date and things relevant to the recipient. It is printed on high-quality A4 sized paper and so is an easy size to frame.

This is a supportive cup for men and boys to wear when fencing for protection. The athletic groin guard comes in sizes small – XXL and has a stretchy four-way mesh to make it comfortable to wear. It has a comfortable waistband and cup retention straps so it stays in place. The vented mesh means that it is breathable so it is more comfortable to wear as it will help to regulate temperature better.

This is a hoodie which is white and has a picture of two fencers on it which is an artistic sketch. It has a rainbow coloured drawstring around the hood and a kangaroo pouch pocket. It comes in sizes S-3XL and is made of polyester which feels comfortable and is stretchy, so it fits well. It is suitable for everyday wear during all of the year and is warm and cosy.

This is a fancy dress outfit which is retro fencing or equestrian armour. It is available in just one size and in a selection of colours. It is made from PU leather and is comfortable to wear and has a buckle closure on the sides and well as having buckles along the base. Great for wearing for a costume, Halloween, fancy dress party, role play, stage props or things like this.

This is a fencing vest which comes in sizes available for adults and children. It has long sleeves with an adjustable loop between the legs to make sure that it stays safely in place. It is made of strong fabric that will keep the wearer safe and protected from a sword. This is a top for a right-handed player. It is white in colour with a red logo on it towards the bottom.

This is a long-sleeved t-shirt for babies aged from 0-3 months to 2-3 years of age. It says on it ‘Fencing because other sports are just pointless’ and comes in a selection of different colours such as pink, blue, red, white and black. It is made of 100% cotton which means that it will be nice and soft on baby’s skin. It is unisex and printed using high-quality vinyl that is child safe.

This is a sleeveless vest which comes in either black or white and says on it ‘fencing because other sports are just pointless’. It has a scoop neck and is a long fit and comes in sizes XS – XXL. It is lightweight and made from polyester which means that it is cool to wear. It is suitable for machine washing which means that it is really easy to keep clean.

This is a wall sticker which is a figure fencing. It is black in colour and measures 58 x 106cm in size. It is self-adhesive and will stick to all sorts of surfaces that are clean and smooth such as wood, metal, tiles and plastic as well as painted walls. It is easy to stick up to decorate a wall, perhaps in a bedroom and to create a fencing theme in a room.

This is a set of four round coasters. They each have a picture of fencer on with a black background. They have a glossy surface which means that they can be wiped clean. They have a 1mm cork back so that they do not slip but protect the surface that they are on from scratches as well as from heat or cold. They are 9cm in diameter and 4mm thick.

This is a fencing metal vest which comes in the choice of a foil lame or sabre lame. It is sturdy and durable so will last a long time but also is a metallic fabric which means that it is wear-resistant too. It is comfortable to wear with skin-friendly fabric and comes in sizes suitable for adults and children to wear. It has professional finishing so it looks good as well as providing protection.

This is a fencing sabre mask. It is grey in colour and available in a fixed or detachable style. It has an inner lining which can be removed for washing or airing to keep it fresh. It is high strength with extra padding on the chin and forehead to protect the wearer. It can be adjusted to make sure that it fits snugly on the head and comes in sizes XS-XL.

This is a book called ‘Learning Fencing: A Training and Activity Book for 6 to 10-Year-Olds’ by Jatrin Barth. As the title indicates this is written for children and therefore the style is easy to understand and there are plenty of illustrations inside it. It will give children a selection of fun activities to have a go at including completing drawings and answering questions so it is partly an activity book as well as including useful information for fencing training.

This is a mouse mat which has a picture of someone fencing on it. It is A3 size so can also be used as a placemat. It is waterproof which is handy, so it can be wiped clean if necessary. Will look good on a table or a desk and can provide a great surface to put things on such as a mouse or computer or plates and cups. Would make a fun gift.

This is a keyring which has a bottle opener incorporated into it. It is made of see-through acrylic and the part above the bottle opener has a picture of a fencer on it. It will be very useful, so you can attach it to your keys and you will always have a bottle opener available to use when you need it. It also will look good to anyone who enjoys fencing too.

This is a trophy which is 8cm in size so small and has a figure fencing on it with the word fencing. It can be engraved with up to 60 letters ready to award to a person to celebrate their fencing achievements. You may want to put what the award is for, a name or both on it. It is also available with no engraving if you would rather have it blank.

This is a special fencing target. It has five targets on it so that you can try out fencing techniques on your own. There are different colours and designs so you can pick the one that you think will suit you the best. It is filled up with a shockproof sponge and made of hard-wearing material so that it will last a long time. It has suction hooks to mount it.

This is a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of two people fencing in front of a sunset. It is a 1000 piece puzzle and is 75 x 50cm in size when completed. It would make a fun gift for someone that enjoys doing jigsaws and is a fan of fencing. On the back, there is an alphabet printed so that you can turn it over to check that it has been done correctly.

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