31 Presents for People Who Keep Fish Of All Types

Updated on September 1st, 2021
By Louise
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If you know anyone that keeps fish or wants to then you may like to buy them a fish related gift. You may be a bit stuck for ideas though and this is why we have put together a selection of gift suggestions in a handy list for you to look at. They vary so you should be able to find something that will be suitable for the person that you have in mind. They are also different prices which means that you will be able to find something that will fit in with the budget that you have set.

32 Gift Ideas for Aquarium Owners

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If you want to know more about different tropical fish species then this book could be very useful. It allows you to easily identify the different fish as well as select the right ones. It is suitable for beginners as well as those more experienced in keeping tropical fish. It has information about the fish and the size it reaches, what conditions it will prefer such as tank size and dietary requirements.

A book on keeping fish can be a great idea as a gift for someone just starting out. Knowing how to care for fish will mean that the fish that they have are more likely to survive for longer. This is on freshwater fish and is easy to understand and great for beginners. It has information on equipment, filtration systems and choosing fish. It has information about what to do if you fear your fish are not in the best of health with disease information along with treatments.

If you want a fun gift for someone that keeps fish then this journal could be it. It has a white cover with ‘calm down and fish-keeping’ written on the front of it in black. It is a 120-page journal that is 6.9 inches in size. It can be used for all sorts of purposes such as a planner, journal or general notebook. It will certainly be a useful book and fun at the same time and makes for a great budget gift.

A fish tank will really stand out with these LED lights. There are different size options so you should be able to get some that will fit well with the tank that you have in mind. They are super bright and will last at least 50,000 hours. They are very efficient and low energy and work on freshwater and marine tanks. They have extendable brackets so that they can more easily fit on tanks. It goes on the outside.

An aquarium heater can be a useful item to have and this one has a precise temperature probe for great accuracy. It comes with an indicator light so you can easily see if it is heating or on standby and it shows the temperature. It has a controller on the cable, so you can change the settings without having to put your hand inside the tank. It will automatically switch off when removed from the water.

If you want to buy a filter for a fish tank then this one can be worth considering. It using a cutting edge design and has a powerful motor that gives constant pumping power and pressure that endures over time. It is precision-crafted and runs quietly. There are ergonomic AquaStop valves with raised lips that operate really smoothly. It has a unique vertical pre-filter cartridge to give better filtration.

Fish tank decorations can make a big difference to how it looks. This selection of twelve items can be great fun to add to the tank. There are six coral plants and six different coloured jellyfish, all made from plastic. The plants are all different shapes and colours to add lots of interest. The jellyfish has a cord and sucker to attach them to the edge of the tank but still allow them to move freely.

Having some plants in your aquarium can make it look really good and this set also includes a rock. The set is intended to fit a 5-15 gallon aquarium. The plants come in green, purple and red and are all bright. There are 12 plants that vary in how they look and they are made from non-toxic material that is suitable for fresh and saltwater. The plants have a heavy bottom so they stay in place.

Children that keep fish will enjoy this special journal called ‘My First Fish Tank’. It is a specialist logbook where they will be able to note down things like water tests, water changes, fish behaviour, cleaning etc. There is also a space for notes and to sketch a picture. It has a simple design and is suitable for children of all ages. It has a matt cover, is 6 x 9 inches and has 118 pages.

Aquarium lights can make it easier to see the fish inside. This one is LED and has a handy timer control. It is mains powered and has a dimmable feature so you can choose between different brightness levels. It is suitable for photosynthetic corals although the new tank and corals will need to be slowly acclimatised to the light by slowing increasing the intensity and exposure. Has a remote control.

A salinity refractometer could be a useful item for someone to have if they keep fish. It is for saltwater tanks to make sure that the water is at the correct salt levels for the fish. It is more efficient than a hydrometer but still a good price. It is easy to use with a section in the front to collect the water sample and then a display scale through the eyepiece to make the checks. It has a good grip handle to prevent it from slipping out of the hand.

A fish tank starter set like this could be useful for anyone new to keeping fish. This contains a glass tank that is 18 litres in size. It also comes with 500g of stones to go on the bottom, a background poster, a fish net, filter pump and a plastic plant. All that is needed to add is the water and then the fish. Might be wise to grab them some fish food to go with it too!

A new fish keeper could benefit from the Marina 360 aquarium. It is a 10-litre tank that has a remote control to control the lighting inside it which is red, blue and green. It has an integrated filtration system and an efficient water circulation pump. The tank is round which means that it will work well on a coffee table or other position where it can be seen from all directions.

It is important to choose the right sort of fish food to keep pets healthy. This one from Aquarian is for tropical and temperate fish. It comes in flakes and there are different sized packs to choose from. It contains vitamin C and E which help to support optimal growth and keep fish active, bright and healthy. All colourings are natural. The fish will need to be fed a small amount, twice a day. The pot and lid are recyclable.

Cleaning a fish tank is never much fun but this siphon and gravel cleaner can help. It is a hand syphon pump that will allow you to replace the water in your tank very quickly. You can also filter through the gravel to remove any food, waste and toxins that are within it so that the tank and water will all be cleaned very quickly and efficiently and the filter prevents small fish from being sucked up.

A fish owner with a sense of humour will enjoy wearing this sweatshirt. It says on the front of it ‘Just one more fish I promise’. It comes in a choice of colours and sizes and has a unisex fit. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is comfortable and easy to wash, but it will not stretch out of shape and it is machine washable.

An automatic fish feeder can be a useful item for someone that forgets whether they have fed their fish or who is on holiday or too busy to be able to do it. It has a special moisture-proof design so the food is kept dry. It works for any dry, loose fish food. It is very easy to fill up and program with the appropriate feeding times. It is powered by batteries which are included.

It can be fun to have some ornaments in a fish tank, both for you to enjoy looking at and for the fish to enjoy swimming around or in. This one is 6.3 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches in size and is made from resin and plastic so it is durable and non-toxic. It is in the shape of an old car so is lots of fun and will be a talking point for people looking at the fish tank. It comes with a bubble tube, for more fun!

An air pump is something that fish tanks need and this one is suitable for 10-500 litre sized tanks. It has five different levels and is very powerful. It is easy to control and is also quiet as it has an internal muddler. It is small as well so will not take up a lot of space. It energy saving and does not take a lot of power to work it.

If you are buying for a child then this selection of plastic fish could be a fun item for them. They are really good for pretend play and there are 24 of them. They are all different bright colours and are 4 x 3 x 1cm in size. They will be a great decoration for a fish tank (although they will float!) and they are made of premium plastic which is durable.

It may be important to keep an aquarium at a specific temperature and if this is the case then this aquarium chiller could be useful for you. It has a powerful temperature cooling system and provides a constant breeze from the fan. It will enable any excess heat to be dissipated. It does not consume much lower and makes little noise. It also has an adjustable base so can be used to add oxygen to the water.

It is important to keep a fish tank clean and this is not always easy. However, these special aquarium brushes could make a really great gift as they make it really easy to clen the glass. They are double sided and thick and can remove algae really quickly. The handles are long with the brush being 40cm long in total and it is also non-slip so it will not drop into the tank even if it gets wet.

eeping a fish tank in good order will be easy with this set of tools. They are all very long and there are straight tweezers, curved tweezers, curved scissors, straight scissors and a spatula. They can be used to delicately clip water plats and remove and move items in the tank. The long length means that you can do it without placing your hand in the tank and disturbing the creatures in there.

A garden aquarium can be a really fun feature and it is more interesting than a pond because it is easier to see the fish and other creatures inside. This one is 134 x 134 x 51cm in size and it has two large viewing windows on two sides so you get a clear view. It comes in three colour options and is made of wood with a custom made box welded liner inside.

Cleaning a fish tank can be really tricky and this special aquarium cleaning glove has been designed especially for it. It means that it is much easier to reach all of the corner of the tank and parts of the pump as well as plant leaves and decorative items. It has a surface that will make removing the algae easy but it will not scratch the glass or other items.

If you know someone that is a fish fanatic then this t-shirt will make a fun gift for them. It says on the front of it ‘Just one more fish I promise’ and has a picture of fish on it. It is black with short sleeves and comes in sizes for men or women. It is made from 100% cotton and has a classic fit with a round neck. It is machine washable.

If you are buying for someone that wants to breed their fish then these fish tank dividers could be useful. They can be used to divide the tank into sections to separate off certain fish to encourage them to breed. They could also be used to put on the bottom filter to increase the water permeability of the filter material. They could also be used to separate fighting fish.

Gravel can be used to make the bottom of a fish tank look more attractive. This type is a natural desert pebble colour and is 2-4mm in size. There is 10kg in the pack and it will not harm the fish or change the chemistry of the water. It can also be used to secure plants and ornaments on the bottom of the tank. There are other colours available.

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