29 Presents for Fortnite Players

By Lewis
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Fortnite is a popular game with players young and old. If you know a fan of the game, then you might like to buy them gifts that are related to the game. If you do not play yourself then you may have no idea where to look or what to buy. This is why we have put together this list so that you will easily be able to find something. There is a range of things at different prices which means that you should be easily able to select the right item and find something at a price that you can afford.

29 Gift Ideas for Fortnite Players

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An alarm clock can be a great gift for kids, not only to get them out of bed but also so they learn to tell the time. This one has a fun Fortnite theme as well. It has an LCD screen with digital time and snooze function and also displays the date and temperature. It is 8.5 x 8.5cm in size and a cube and needs 4 x AAA batteries to operate it.

T-shirts are handy gifts and kids will love this one that has a character doing Fortnite dance moves on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 7-16 years of age and it is red in colour with black print. It also says ‘Fortnite on the sleeve. It is made from 100% cotton so it is soft and comfortable to wear and it is machine washable. It is an officially licensed product.

Monopoly is a great game and kids and adults both like it. This is a special Fortnite edition which is the same property trading game but the locations are based on the game and you have to earn chips rather than money to stay in the game. It also comes with different outfits that you can choose to play with. It is suitable for kids aged 13 years and older.

A lamp can be a handy gift for a child to have in their bedroom or on their desk. This one gives a cool 3D effect when it is switched on and shows the Fortnite Battle Bus. It can be powered by battery or USB. It comes with a remote control that you can use to change the colour and the mode of lighting as well as to turn it on and off.

Children will always find backpacks useful, particularly for taking to school. Fortnite fans will really like the multi-coloured one which has a Fortnite design. It has a main zipped pocket and a small pocket on the front. It has padded straps to make it easy and comfortable to carry and a breathable back. It is 37cm x 28cm x 10cm in size and is an officially licensed product made for F & F stores.

Nerf guns are great fun and this Elite Dart Blaster has a Fortnite theme. It has a detachable barrel and comes with 6 official Nerf Fortnite Elite darts. It has an internal clip for firing up to three darts in a row. The darts are foam and have flexible hollow tips so they are safe for kids to use as long as they are at least eight years of age.

Fans of Fortnite will like the themed stationery set. It has a 15cm ruler, HB pencil, 4 coloured pencils, sharpener, eraser and notebook. There is also a pencil case included to keep the items in. The items all have a Fortnite theme and come inside a box so they are all ready to give away as a lovely gift and will be really easy to wrap up. Great for home or school.

A hoodie makes a great gift as kids love staying nice and warm. This one is grey and has ‘Fortnite’ on the front in bold, black writing. It has a kangaroo pouch pocket on the front and drawstrings around the hood. It comes in sizes suitable for kids aged 7-15 years old. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester so is soft to wear and warm and comfortable but will not stretch out of shape.

Remote control toys can be a lot of fun to play with and this Fortnite ATK vehicle with rubberised wheels will be a hit with fans of the game. It can fit up to four 4 inch action figures inside it and it has game authentic lights and sounds. It comes with Drift who is wielding his Stop Axe harvesting tool and golf club bag. It is an officially licensed product.

Kids might even look forward to going to bed if they get to wear these Fortnight themed pyjamas. They have a short-sleeved top and long trousers and the top has short-sleeves which are blue, with a grey body and a picture of Loot Llama on which says ‘I’m full of surprises’. They come in sizes suitable for children aged 7-15 years of age. They are officially licensed merchandise.

Boys that are fans of Fortnite will love this pair of boxer shorts. One is black and the other grey and they have ‘Fortnite’ written on the elastic at the waist. They are available in sizes for boys aged 11-14 years of age. They are stretchy and comfortable with elasticated waists and are made from cotton. They are suitable for machine washing so easy to keep clean. They are officially licensed.

Fortnite fans will like this single duvet set which is reversible. It has a duvet cover which is 135 x 200cm and matching pillowcase which is 48 x 74cm both with a Fortnite theme. It is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is really easy to wash and can even be tumble dried and needs minimal ironing. Will therefore be a hit with parents as well as children!

Tracksuit trousers are a popular choice with many boys and Fortnite fans will like these as they have the word ‘Fortnite’ down the one leg. They are available in either black or grey and in sizes to fit boys aged 7-14 years of age. They have an elastic waist so are comfortable and handy pockets in so can be used for sports but also as pyjamas or loungewear. They are 100% cotton.

A collectable figure can go down a treat as a gift and this one is Skull Trooper from Fortnite. It is made by Pop! Games and comes in a box which not only makes it easier to wrap but means that it could be left inside as a collectable or taken out to be played with or displayed. It is made from 100% vinyl and is 7.62 x 7.62 x 9.53cm in size.

Kids will love using the pencil case whether at home or at school if they are fans of Fortnite. The multi-coloured patchwork design will really stand out. It has a double zip design so that you can keep things in either side which helps with keeping stationery items more organised. It is 21cm long and 10cm high so plenty of room for essential writing material. It is an officially licensed product.

Notebooks can be really handy and this one will go down well with Fortnite fans as it has a Fortnite themed cover which features Cuddle Team Leader and Teknique. It is 210 x 165mm in size and has 80 pages inside which are lined for note-making. Great for use at school or home and for using as a diary, journal, making game notes or general use.  It is official Epic Games merchandise.

Kids who like playing Fortnight might also like this Mega Fort toy. It is a kit so the fort can be built and it also comes with Tricera Ops and Blue Squire figures to play with inside it. There are 28 building materials such as wood, metal and stone to make it from and there are 3 different configuration options to build. It easily clicks together and is suitable for kids over the age of 3 years.

Cushions can look great in kids bedrooms and this one is blue with ‘Fortnite’ written on it so will be a hit with fans of the game and fit into a themed room as well. This one is 40 x 40cm in size and it is really comfortable. It has a really soft cover and inner material that feels lovely too. It is an officially licensed product that will be practical and fun for kids of all ages.

Soft toys can be a real hit with kids and this one is a Llama Loot plush toy. It is huggable and super soft and comes in the bright purple and blue colours that the character is in the game. It is a collectable item but will no doubt be played with. It is 7 inches tall x 6 inches wide. It is an officially licensed product and comes with the official tags on it.

Personalised items can make the recipient feel really special. This is a personalised wallet which can have any name printed on the front of it. It has a big selection of colour choices with the name on top of a white picture with a skyline from Fortnite on it. It will be a big hit with fans of the game and a useful item for them to own as well.

Kids love to snuggle up and so this oversized hoodie could be a big hit with them. It is black and says ‘Fortnite‘ on the front and has a long and baggy style. It is great for snuggling up on cold evenings, wearing a loungewear or even in bed. It is a size that will fit kids from age 7-14 years and it is made from polyester with a fleece finish which is super soft.

Beanie hats are great for keeping the head warm and this one is black with a small ‘Fortnite’ label on and picture of the llama from the game on the turn up part of it. It is made from 100% soft acrylic and will help to keep the wearer warm and cosy. It comes in one size that should be suitable for all kids as it is stretchy. It is official Fortnite merchandise.

Fans of Fortnight will enjoy the Deluxe Battle Bus toy. It is 14 inches in size and it has game accurate details. It comes with a highly articulated Jonesy figure. It has back and side doors that open right up and there is room for 4 figures inside and there are flame and disco lights and music. It requires 3 x AA batteries for these to operate. Is official Fortnite merchandise.

Kids will love this Fortnite themed t-shirt. It is royal blue in colour with a cartoon picture of Rex flossing on it and has short-sleeved. It is available in sizes for children aged 7-13 years old. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it will be comfortable to wear and it is also suitable for machine washing which means that it will be easy to keep clean too.

A door sign can be put on any kids’ bedroom door. This one says ‘Keep put #1 Gamer at work (leave food and drink at door) enter at own risk’. It is black and yellow like a hazard sign and has a picture of a gaming handset and someone flossing on it. It is 20 x 30cm in size and it is made of metal so is durable. It comes with pre-drilled holes in each corner so it is easy to hang up as well.

Kids will love this Nerf blaster which has a Fortnite theme to it. It is a Rusty Rocket and launches foam rockets. The shape is inspired by the game and it is easy to use – rockets can be loaded, prepared and launches in three really quick steps with no batteries required. It comes with 2 rockets which have flexible and hollow tips which are designed to be able to reach long distances.

Swimming trunks are something which most boys need and they will really enjoy wearing these Fortnite themed ones. They have a grey camo type design with figures from the game on it. They also come in a yellow colour. They are available in sizes suitable for boys aged  7-14 years of age with an elasticated waist and a drawstring and they are made from polyester with netting inside. They are officially licensed merchandise.

Notebooks can be popular gifts and this one has a Llama design with ‘Fortnite’ on it so fans of the game will like it. It is A5 in size and has endpapers featuring lots of characters from the game. It has 192 pages and they are lined which makes it easy to keep really neat notes in it. It could be used as a diary or journal or for general notetaking at home or school.

This Fortnite calendar is for 2021 and it has glossy pictures featuring lots of the characters including Riptide, The Scientist, Catalyst etc. It has full-colour artwork as well as space to write in appointments. It is 30.5 x 30.5cm and is a month to view design. It is printed on high quality paper and has a hole for hanging it up easily. It is officially licensed by Epic Games.

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