31 Gift Hamper and Basket Ideas for Men

Updated on April 20th, 2021
By Lewis
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Buying gifts for men is not always easy. They can be tricky to buy for but a hamper gift can be a way around it. This because they will get a selection of items and therefore will be more likely to have things that that they will like in it. They will also feel really spoiled when they receive something like this. This is why we have put together a list of a selection of different hampers so that you will be able to choose one that you think will suit the man that you have in mind. We have varied the types of hampers, the size of them and the price so that you will find a suitable choice.

Gift Hampers and Presents for Men

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Beer drinkers who enjoy snacking will like this beer and snacks hamper. It has two bottles of small brewery beers in it and then seven different bar snacks. The beers are Nottinghamshire pale ale and best bitter. The snacks include pork scratchings, roasted pistachios, hand cooked crisps, wasabi peas, onion flavour bread sticks and vinelli baked dough bites. They come in a gift box ready to be sent directly to the recipient.

A mixed hamper can be an interesting thing to give. This one has edible treats and practical gifts. It has a Little Trees car air freshener, car glass wipes, air freshener spray and a mini toolset. The edible treats are Nobby’s dry roasted nuts, McCoy’s crisps flame-grilled crisps, Yorkie chocolate bar and a Toblerone. They all come in a recyclable card box and inside are wrapped in tissue paper.

Men who like to get lots of protein, perhaps because they are trying to build or maintain muscle mass may enjoy this high protein hamper. It has a selection of snacks that all have high protein content. There are Mountain Chips Bangin BBQ flavour, chocolate candy protein flapjack, oatein cookie chocolate flavour, protein peanut butter boost ball, Belgian white chocolate crunchy coated, protein chips, hazelnut and nougat bar, natural protein snack bar and coconut fudge cake fudge protein ball.

Men will feel really pampered with this hamper. It has a selection of toiletries in it. There are two soap slices, a mint shower gel, lemongrass and black pepper body lotion and a bath blaster which looks like a hand grenade and is a black pepper and rosemary bath bomb. The items have essential oils and natural butters to leave the skin soft and smooth. They are hand made products, not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans.

Men who like to be groomed will like this set. It has an Ice Blue man Eau de Toilette 100ml size in a bottle with a silver lid that is presented in a sealed box. With it is a manicure set that contains a selection of items such as scissors, nail clippers, tweezers and nail file. They come wrapped together in a plastic wrap with a pretty bow on so they are ready to send off directly to the recipient.

Men with a sweet tooth will enjoy this retro sweets hamper. It has a huge selection of sweets with 42 different types included and they are all retro flavours that they will remember eating as children. There are Jelly Beans, Drumsticks, Parma Violets, Jazzies, Double Dip, Candy Necklace, Curlywurly, White Mice, Wham, Refreshers, Flumps, Sherbet Fountain, Dairy Milk, Jawbreaker, Fizz Wiz, Fizzers, Softies, Love Hearts, Fruit Salad, Rainbow Drops and more. They all come in a branded box.

Diabetic men will appreciate this treat hamper of sugar-free products. It contains all sorts of sweet treats and extras – there are coconut cookies, chocolate chip biscuits, chocolate flavoured wafers, milk chocolate bar, a cocoa cookie with vanilla cream, cappuccino and cream sweets and a box of English breakfast tea. They come together in a gift bag which is blue and white stripes and says ‘man gift’ on it with tissue paper inside – all ready to give away.

Cocktail lovers will appreciate this fun hamper. It has two bottles of Strawberry Daiquiri together with snacks to go with them such as a plain and orange Lindt Lindor chocolate bar, three-pack of Ferrero Rocher, a Mini box of Lindt Lindor truffles, Cambrook sweet chilli peanuts and cashews, Cambrook caramelised peanuts and a packet of Strawberries and cream gourmet popcorn. It is all wrapped in lovely packaging so ready to be sent directly to the recipient.

Rum drinkers will enjoy this mixed hamper. It has a 5cl miniature of Black Kracken spiced rum, 5cl miniature of Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, Merchant’s Heart ginger ale, Coca-Cola signature mixer, Jamaican rum and raisin fudge and Walkers sensation oven-roasted peanuts. So there is the rum, mixers and snacks to produce an all-round experience. They all come in a branded box with black tissue and wood wool.

Craft beers can be fun to give as it can be the case that the man gets something new to try. This set has three bottles – Freedom Pils which is golden and bittersweet, Freedom lager which is light and crisp and Freedom Helles which is pale and floral. They come with a selection of snacks – Mr Filberts dry roasted peanuts, The Snaffling Pig co Pork Crackling and Savoursmiths somerset cheddar and shallot crisps.

Port drinkers will appreciate getting this full-sized bottle of Taylors First Estate Port Reserve. It is boxed alongside a 125g selection of assorted Belgian chocolates which are dark, milk and white chocolate. They come together in a black gift box nestled in wood wool to keep them safe in transit. You can add a personalised gift card so it can be sent directly and they will know who it is from.

Bomb cosmetics have put together this fun hero bath gift pack. It has a fizzing bomb blaster which is spherical with ‘pow’ on it and metallic stars, a nourishing bath cleanser which has ‘zap’ on it, two cleansing soaps with a superhero design and a cleansing shower gel all enriched with essential oils and natural butters. They come gift wrapped with superhero inspired wrapping paper and a bow. They are cruelty-free and hand made.

Vegans will enjoy this hamper which has been put together with a selection of treats that are all suitable for vegans. There are lots of different items such as rice cakes, popcorn, energy balls, crisps, nuts, sweets, peanut butter and a can of drink. Many are famous brands and there is a selection of sweet and savoury snacks to suit different moods. They come in a card box with tissue inside.

Men who like to be well-groomed will appreciate this bath set. It includes lots of different items in a wooden tray. There is a 100ml hair and body wash, 100ml beard wash, 60ml charcoal face scrub, soap, 100g muscle soak bath salts, face towel, comb, scissors, 50ml hand cream, 95ml face moisturiser, 95ml charcoal face wash and 95ml shower gel. They are all presented really nicely in the reusable tray.

Bacardi lovers will enjoy this gift set. It contains a full-sized bottle of Bacardi white rum together with some chocolates. The chocolates are an assortment of white, milk and dark Belgian truffles and they come together with the bottle in the box. The box is an elegant black gift box with wood wool to keep the contents safe inside. There is the option to add a personalised gift card if you are sending it directly to the recipient.

Many men enjoy trying different craft beers and so they will appreciate this set. It has five different beers which come together with a branded beer glass as well as a snack. The glass says ‘Beer Hawk’ on it and is short-stemmed and the snack is a packet of luxury pitta chips. The beers include pale ale, lager and session IPA so there is a good selection so it makes a great tasting box.

Gourmet food lovers will enjoy this food hamper which is presented in a stack of pretty gift boxes which are all reusable. Inside there are many different sweet and savoury items such as oatcakes, lemon drizzle melts, chocolate fudge, smoked almonds, pickle, strawberry jam, chutney, honey, marmalade, earl grey tea, chocolate caramels, medium roast coffee and flapjacks. They are all luxury branded items and they look really special in the blue and silver gift boxes tied up with ribbons.

Lovers of old fashioned sweet treats will enjoy this hamper bag. It has orange chocolate waking sticks, mint chocolate walking sticks, fruit jellies, mixed nut brittle, liquorice pipes and chocolate cigars. They all come in retro-style packaging which looks luxurious and classy as well as a lot of fun. There is a choice of an alternative selection if you prefer which has honeycomb, coconut ice and three types of fudge.

Vegans will enjoy this mixed treat hamper. All items are suitable for vegans and they include sweet and savoury products. There are fruit jelly bears, smoky paprika baked corn snacks, sweet chilli nuts, pecan pie snacks, chocolate orange bar, popcorn shed butterscotch gourmet popcorn, hazelnut cookie dough, chocolate-coated mallowout bar and raw chocolate buttercups. The snacks all come inside a branded box and you have the option of including a gift message.

Mancave have put together this set of grooming essentials for men which they call ‘The Survival Set’. There is a lemon and oak shower gel, caffeine shampoo, willow bark face wash, original moisturiser, olive stone face scrub and texturizing hair paste. They are suitable for vegans and therefore cruelty-free. They come in a branded gift box so are ready to be sent directly to the recipient or handed over with no need to wrap.

Malteasers fan will really love this special hamper of Malteasers branded products. It has small packets of Malteasers as well as packets of Malteaasers mint buttons and a teasers bar. It actually contains- 7 cup hot chocolate drinks, 5 x 37g bags, 100g bag of teasers and 3 x 32g mint buttons. You can have a gift tag enclosed with a message of your choice. They come in a card gift box.

Food hampers can be a real treat. This one has a selection of luxury food and drink items. There is air-popped salted caramel popcorn, dessert chocolate box, lemon biscuits, gourmet marshmallows, Droste salted caramel chocolate roll, black pepper crackers, dry roasted peanuts, hand cooked crisps, strawberry jam, blood orange marmalade, afternoon tea blend and ground coffee. You can add a personalised message if you want it to be sent directly.

Beer fans will like this hamper which is a mix of bottled beers and snacks. It has three bottles of real ale which are from Butcombe Brewing Company and are original beer, Goram IPA and golden ale and they are all 500ml. They come with a selection of snacks – 150g olives et al sunshine rosemary and garlic olives, 110g Mr Filberts applewood smoked mixed nuts and 40g Savoursmith desert salt and vinegar crisps.

Haribo fans will really enjoy this 1kg Haribo hamper gift. It has 40 mini bags of Haribo in mixed varieties which means that they can savour them over a long time. They are presented in a navy gift box with a box so they look great and you can send them straight to the recipient as they will already be wrapped or hand them over without any need to wrap them up.

Chocolate lovers will really appreciate this hamper which is stuffed full of chocolate treats. There are all sorts of different types included. There is a Cadbury Eclairs share bag, Nestle Milky Buttons share bag, Twix, Mars bar, Crunchie, Snickers, Bounty, M&M’s peanut, M&M’s chocolate, Malteasers, Yorkie, Lion bar, Curly Wurly, Smarties tube, Wispa, White Kit Kat, Terry’s chocolate orange bar and Milkyway all in full-sized bars and then a small selection of celebrations chocolates.

Traditional hampers can make lovely gifts and this one has an afternoon tea selection in it. There is a tin of fine afternoon tea, breakfast coffee, Walkers gold classic assorted chocolates, Farmhouse lemon biscuits, Gold crown round whisky Dundee cake, Anna’s almond thins, clotted cream fudge trio, rhubarb and custard sweets, dry roasted peanuts, raspberry jam and blood orange marmalade. It all comes in a pretty box and you can include a personalised message.

If you are looking for a hamper that looks really elegant than this tower of hamper boxes will really impress. There are six burgundy boxes with silver lids that come tied in a pretty bow. Inside the boxes are a selection of treats such a honey roasted nuts, smoked almonds, Belgian hazelnut pralines, dry roasted peanuts, sugared almonds, chocolate-coated peanuts, Belgian caramel praline pieces, chocolate dipped fudge, Russian caramels and chocolate caramels.

Men with beards will appreciate this special beard grooming set. It has lots of very useful items in it. There is a pair of scissors, brush and comb but also lots of products too. There is beard conditioner, beard wash, beard oil and beard balm, so everything is included to keep the beard looking really good. The products come with a storage bag as well and in a box with a free ebook.

Wine and cheese lovers will enjoy this gift basket. It includes a 750cl Altos D Olivia Gran Reserva Catalunya 2007 as well as a selection of snacks to go with it. There is a packet of Verduijns savoury and black pepper wafers, Tracklements fresh chilli jam, Olives et al Rosemary and garlic and a Snowdonia black bomber cheese. A selection which will work really well together. You can add a personalised gift message.

A Galaxy hamper will go down really well with a chocolate lover. In this one there is a pack of hot chocolate for 7 drinks, a smooth caramel 135g, smooth milk bar 42g, minstrels 42g, salted caramel 48g, 2 x ripple 33g, smooth caramel 48g, cookie crumble 40g and smooth caramel 135g. The box has a wicker print on it to make it look authentic and has a silky bow.

A man that likes trying different beers will enjoy this lager of the world hamper. It has 12 different bottled beers that they can try out which come from at least 11 different countries across the world. There is a gift option which will mean that it comes in a bag with a printed message card or you can just send it as it is and it will arrive in a cardboard box.

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