29 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Hamsters

By Lewis
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Most people know someone that likes hamsters. Whether they have them as pets or just really like them, then they could be big fans. If this is the case for someone you are buying a gift for, then you might like to get them something that is hamster related. You may wonder though, where to start looking for gifts like this. Luckily we can help as we have found lots of different types of items that all have a hamster theme that you might wish to give as a gift. So please take a look through our list and you will be able to choose the right gift for them.

Great Presents for Hamster Owners

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Hamster owners might really enjoy this sign which says ‘Beware of the hamster’ and has a photo of a hamster on it. It is made from plastic which is strong and durable. It is UV coated so it will not fade in the sun. It has a white background with a black border and black and red writing. It can be used inside or outside. There is an ‘x’ in each corner to guide you when hanging up using nails or screws.

Keyrings can be useful items to give so that keys can be found more easily but they can also be decorative. This is a pair of keyrings which have stuffed hamster toys on them one in grey and white and the other in brown and white. They are 17 x 7 x 5 cm in size which means that they are dinky and cute. They would make lovely bag charms or could be displayed or carried in the pocket.

Pencil cases are really handy and this one is cute as well. The design looks like it is denim with a hamster peeping out through a hole in it. It is made from durable polyester and has a smooth zipper on the top so it is easy to open and close. It has a high-quality print and it measures 8.66 inches long x 1.77 inches wide and 4.33 inches high.

Pens make really useful gifts and these all have a hamster design. There are eight pens in the pack, 2 of each design. They all feature a hamster and are different colours – grey, yellow, pink and purple. The pens write with black ink and are gel pens which are really smooth to write with. They have a fine tip which is 0.38mm and they are 20.5cm long and they take refills so can be reused.

Mugs make really useful gifts and this one has a Hannah Dale picture on it of a cute hamster. The hamster is easting a jammy dodger biscuit and its cheeks are all full up. There is also a biscuit pictured inside the mug. It holds 11oz of drink so a normal-sized mug. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and therefore a very practical item to give away and hamster lovers will really like it.

A bag is a really useful item to receive as a present. This one has ‘my Patronus is a hamster’ on it and has a picture of a hamster on a magic wand. It is a cute bag great for hamster lovers who also like Harry Potter. It comes in lots of colour options and is 42 x 38cm in size with a long handle so it can be carried over the shoulder.

T-shirts make useful gifts and this one is suitable for girls aged 2-12 years old and women sizes S – 3XL. It is short-sleeved and says on it ‘Just a girl who loves hamsters’. It comes in a selection of different colours and it is made from a cotton and polyester mix so it is soft to touch and therefore comfortable to wear. It is suitable for machine washing and tumble drying so is easy to keep clean.

Kids will love this cute talking hamster. It is a stuffed plush toy, so great for cuddling and it will repeat things that you say in its own critter voice. It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries and just needs to be switched on to imitate the voice. It will also shake its body when it is talking or it is touched and move its head. It is 5.7 inches tall.

If the person you are buying for is someone that has a hamster then they may like this set of wooden hamster chew toys. There are different types of toy such as watermelon balls, bell roller, dumbbell, unicycle, square block with rope, bell swing, rattan ball, climbing ladder, seesaw and molar string. It will keep them entertained, healthy and active and will help them to grind down their teeth as well.

Mugs are very useful gifts to give. This one is white and it says on it ‘beware crazy hamster lady’ and has a picture of a hamster with sunflower seeds. It is 10oz in size and is white ceramic and works for all type of drink. It is dishwasher and microwave safe which means that it is really practical to use as well. The design is printed on both sides.

A necklace can make a good gift and this one is funny too. The pendant is round and has the shape of a hamster running round in its exercise ball. It says ‘crazy hamster lady’ on it. It is made from stainless steel which means that it has an attractive shiny silver colour and will not rust or tarnish. The pendant is 2.2cm and the chain is 43 + 5cm in size so can be altered in length.

Games can be lots of fun for children and this one is called ‘Hamster Race’. This idea is that the hamsters race around the track and have to pick up the cheese and tip up the seesaw and ride the wheel. The last hamster on the wheel will win. It is made by Johan Adams and comes boxed. For 2-4 players aged four years and older. Fun for all kids, especially hamster lovers.

Bags can be useful to give as a gift. This one has a picture of a hamster on it which is eating and has googly eyes. It can be used as a pencil case or for make-up or other things. It is 22 x 13cm in size and has two inner zipped compartments which are covered by a white flap that has the picture on it and is secured by velcro. It is mainly black in colour.

If you are buying for someone that has a pet hamster then they may like this hamster maze. It is a fun wood maze with various holes in for them to crawl through and explore. It has 16 entrance holes and 13 compartments for them to enjoy. It is 25 x 25 x 7cm in size. It has a plexiglass cover so you will be able to watch them playing inside and it will be nice and light for them.

Pens make great gifts as they are always useful. This one is mainly black with a see-through section that has a picture of a hamster eating heart-shaped carrots in it. The pen writes with black ink and it is a ballpoint. It has a soft finger grip to make it comfortable to write with and also a clip to attach it to a pocket or a book. It is a fun pen to give to a hamster lover.

Gym bags are handy, not just for gym kit but they could be used for swimming kit or other sportswear, school PE bags, shopping, storage etc. This drawstring bag has a picture on it that looks like there is a hamster peeping out of it. It is polyester and is 34 x 41cm with drawstrings that double up as handles to carry it with. There are other designs available as well.

Water bottles are a great alternative to buying disposable bottles. This one is white and made of metal. It says on it ‘crazy hamster lady’ with a cartoon picture of a hamster on it on one side. It has two black lids, one is a sports cap for easy drinking and the other is a carabiner so that it can be attached to a bag or belt more easily. Hand wash only.

Lego Friends is a popular brand and this set has a hamster playground so is lovely for children that like hamsters. The set includes a spinning hamster wheel, a hamster car, a hoop for the hamsters to jump through and a motorcycle. It comes with a mini-doll figure – Olivia and three hamsters – Rumble, Harry and Molly. It is a cute set for children aged six years and older and contains building instructions.

Aprons can be extremely handy for all sorts of activities such as cooking, baking BBQs, arts and crafts. This one has a really strange picture on which should make people smile. It is a hamster riding a dinosaur who is in space, walking on decorated ring doughnuts. It is a very strange picture but fun at the same time. It is 100% polyester and so is really easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Hamsters will love being gifted these hamster tubes or pipes. They are made of high-density plastic which is sturdy, but easy to take apart for cleaning. It is see-through so you can watch them through the pipe. There are plenty of air gaps. The pipes can fit together in different ways so you can make different fun designs for your hamster to play in so that they are entertained.

A mouse is an item that we all have with our computers. We are likely to just think of them as something we use rather than fun, but this animal-shaped mouse is a lot of fun. There are different animals to choose from including a purple hamster design. It is a small cordless mouse designed for small hands and to use with a computer or laptop. It is 105 x 73 x 40mm in size and has a rollerball on the top.

A phone grip is a very handy to help you more easily keep hold of the phone and it can also be used as a stand when watching films or videos or when using video chat. It is black and has a picture on the top of a hamster and it says underneath ‘world’s best hamster mom’. It will really make a hamster owner feel special to get this as a gift.

Hamsters will really like to be given this bed as a gift. It is a bear shape, so has ears and looks furry and is round and has a hole in so the hamster can go inside and be comfortable. It is a coffee colour and small enough for a Syrian dwarf hamster to fit inside. If the hamster chews it, it might be best to take it away though, it will depend on if your hamster is likely to do this, whether you feel it will be suitable.

Sweatshirts make for a cosy gift and this long-sleeved one says ‘hamster mom’ on it and has a cartoon hamster with shades pictured on it, in front of a rainbow coloured background. It comes in a choice of five different colours and in sizes small – 2XL in a classic unisex fit with a twill-taped neck. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is machine washable.

Hamster lovers will really enjoy using this cute mouse mat. It shows a hamster breaking through the mat and it has a really cute little face. It is a photograph. The mat will be handy for using under a mouse so that the desk is protected from the movement of the mouse and the mouse has a nice smooth surface to work on. It will also brighten up the desk space.

A coaster can help to protect a surface from a hot or cold item such as a mug or glass. They will be needed to protect furniture and therefore make a great gift. This one has a white background with a picture of a cartoon hamster on eating sunflower seeds. It is 9 x 9 cm so a great size for most cups and glasses. It has a hardboard backing which means that it is durable and a gloss finish which means that it can be wiped clean.

Kids and some adults will love this t-shirt. It has a cute cartoon of a hamster in a star and says ‘I {heart} my hamstar’ on it. It comes in children’s and adults sizes and is short-sleeved and available in a selection of different colours. It has a classic fit and is lightweight and made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric. It is machine washable and can go in a tumble drier.

Hamsters need lots of exercise and that includes outside of the cage. It can be tricky though as they are very small and could easily get under furniture and get lost. Therefore hamster balls tend to be used and therefore make great gifts for hamsters. This one is 12cm and you unscrew one part, gently pop in the hamster or encourage it to crawl in and replace the opened part and it can roll around the room.

Personalised items can make really thoughtful gifts. This mug is white and says ‘I {heart} my hamster’ at the top and then there is a space for a photo of the hamster and its name. You will need to send in a picture and the name and then the mug can be printed for you. It is 9.5 x 8cm in size and it comes in a gift box so ready to give away as a special gift.

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