28 Perfect Gifts for a Plumber

By Lewis
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Plumbers are known for tea, tools and of course lots of hard work! We have compiled a list of suggestions for gifts for the plumber whether a family member, friend or maybe even as a retirement or leaving gift from the company they work for. With novelty gifts such as mugs, clothing and even a bottle stopper in the shape of a plunger or super helpful gifts such as pen that can be used as a spirit level or a magnetic wristband to keep those items the plumber needs easy access to and gifts that make work easier such as knee pads and work trousers. There are also some items that would make wonderful gifts that the recipient will hold dear.

28 Gift Ideas for Plumbers

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The perfect gift for the Plumber who loves his cup of tea in the morning on the way to his first job of the day. This travel mug is silver in colour and will keep hot drinks, hot and cold drinks, cold. With a large capacity of nearly four hundred and fifteen millilitres the text on the mug says ‘this is (with arrows pointing upwards) what an awesome plumber looks like,’ in a mix of colours.

The ultimate mug for the Plumber in your life who has a birthday coming up! This mug can be personalised with the Plumber’s name which will then lead onto the text, ‘World’s best plumber!’ An illustration of a wrench and a plunger against a blue puddle. The text is in a mix of black and red type whilst the mug itself is white. The mug stands at ninety five millimetres with a capacity of just over 10 fl oz.

A humorous and novelty gift for the plumber who loves their trade! Available in fits for both men and women with a range of sizes from small to triple extra large. The T-shirt comes in a selection of colours including black, navy, blue, red and dark grey. The text on the front of the T-shirt is in white type refers to the attractiveness of the plumber in a funny context.

An uber cool pen set consisting of two identical pens, one to put behind the ear and the other to write with! These pens are multifunctional in that not only do they write but they also measure, indicate how even something is, can be used to work a smartphone or tablet and can also act as a tool for tightening or untighten something. This set comes delivered in a lovely and stylish gift box with a soft fabric surround.

For those colder mornings, this beanie hat will certainly warm up their head. The beanie hat comes in black, grey and blue with type on the front suggesting that the plumber’s day consists of eating, sleeping, working and repeating in a mix of white and red text. The text is embroidered onto the beanie hat. Made from a synthetic fabric this beanie hat comes in one size.

A notebook for the Plumber to jot down shopping lists, quotes or even a to do list. The notebook is a mix of a dark green and olive green colour with white type which depicts the following wording, ‘A truly amazing plumber is hard to find and impossible to forget.’ A hundred pages of squared paper is included in this notebook. The length of the notebook is approximately twenty three centimetres with a width of fifteen centimetres.

A nifty little gift for the Plumber! This wrist band is magnetic and allows for those screws and other bits that are needed or have just been found to be attached to the wrist band. There are also a couple of handy compartments to store small items. The wrist band is chiefly black with orange sections and some yellow stitching. The length of the wristband is approximately thirty three centimetres with a width of nine centimetres.

These work trousers are perfect for the busy plumber. In a mix of black and dark grey, these work trousers are available in a wide range of sizes from a size twenty eight inch waist to size thirty eight inch waist and in a selection of lengths. Made from a mix of durable natural and synthetic fibres, these work trousers will keep the plumber in your life warm and protected whilst they work.

Not only a fashion accessory but a practical bit of kit! This beanie hat comes with an LED embedded into the front of the hat. Available in one size but with expansion room, you can choose from an array of fabulous colours, such as black, khaki, orange, pink, greys, blues, greens and brown. The light can easily be charged and will provide around ten hours of light on a charge.

Another cool novelty mug for the plumber who loves a cuppa. On the front of the mug in a mix of black and white text is the sentence, ‘I’m a plumber – to save time let’s just assume I’m always right!’ The mug itself is white and made using a ceramic type of material. This will make the perfect stocking filler, Father’s Day or Birthday gift for the plumber in your life.

A brilliant concept with this T-shirt that uses Dictionary terminology to better understand the role of the Plumber! Made using a mix of natural and synthetic fibres, this T-shirt is available in fits for both men and women. With a wide range of sizes and colours, on the front of the T-shirt, the following text is included – ‘Plumber (noun) – A person who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data by those with questionable data.

This hilariously funny mug will either make the plumber in your life laugh or cry! The white mug has the words ‘I’m a Plumer Plummar Plumar (all crossed out!) – I’m good with pipes! With a capacity of just under four hundred millilitres, the mug weighs just over three hundred and fifty grams. This mug would actually make the perfect Secret Santa gift or to be honest for any other occasion!

Maybe for a retirement gift, or additional birthday or Christmas present, this novelty item will certainly provide some entertainment. This figurine features a plumber dressed in a brown and blue work outfit and holding a spanner and piece of pipe. With his beanie hat over his eyes he is standing on a base of which can be customised with your own words, such as the recipient’s name.

A great work or day-to-day item of clothing for the plumber. This hoodie is suitable for men and women and is available in a wide range of sizes from small to five extra large and colours. You can choose from blues, greys, black, red, pink and purple with some hoodies being a two tone colour whilst others are just one colour. On the front of the hoodie stands the text, ‘You’re looking at an awesome plumber!’

With a little bit of a reference to the plumber’s love of hot drinks, this T-shirt comes in different fittings that are suitable for men, women and youngsters, maybe for the family apprentice?! The colours that you can choose from, range from blues to greys and black and purple. The text on the front is a mix of white and yellow type and says,’ It takes a lot of coffee to be a plumber.’

A cute little gift for the Plumber. This coaster can be personalised for your nearest and dearest who is a plumber with their name. You can also choose from some variations in hair colour. The top of the coaster is an off white colour with an illustration of a plumber in a brown work uniform and cap, holding a blue plunger and his nose. Underneath the drawing are the words, ‘World’s best plumber.’

This super cool mug changes colour dependant on the temperature of the drink being poured into the mug. On the front of the mug is text that makes reference to the beholder of the mug being a pretty good plumber! The hotter the drink the lighter the colour of the outer part of the mug. This mug weighs four hundred grams with a capacity of just over three hundred and ten millilitres.

One for the technical plumber, this popsocket makes watching stuff on their phones easier and more comfortable. The design of this popsocket depicts a white skull with lightening either side and the text, ‘It cannot be inherited no can it ever be purchased – I have earned it – Blood sweat and tears – I own it forever, the title Plumber! Definitely one for the plumber proud of their trade.

A quirky gift for the plumber who enjoys a glass of the good stuff, whether red, rose or white wine. This bottle stopper is in the shape of a plunger with the cup section in red and the bottom part, a light timber colour. With a diameter of three and a half centimetres and length of five and a half centimetres, this wine stopper will be sure to be conversation opener at a dinner party or gathering!

This is truly one hysterical gift for the Plumber who is family or a friend! The mug is white and made of china with a black rim around the top of the mug and for the handle. There is a depiction of Donald Trump on the front with his trademark, ‘OK’ hand gesture. The text says, ‘You are the best plumber – Very Special – Very Talented – Really Terrific – High IQ – Other Plumbers? Fake news – Believe me!’

For the Plumber who is used to getting a hard time of it from his friends and family and has a great sense of humour! This T-shirt extends to the hands and is suitable for both men and women and available in sizes from small to double extra large. You can also choose whether you want the T-shirt in black, navy, a bright blue or dark grey colour. The words in white, say ‘Education is important but Plumbing is more importanter!’

A really cute gift for the aspiring plumber, perhaps the child of a plumber or even boyfriend or girlfriend! A very sweet brown soft toy bear in a sitting position with a white T-shirt and the words, ‘the greatest plumber ever,’ in a mix of red and black text. It is suitable from ages three months old and older and measures twenty centimetres high with a thickness of fifteen centimetres.

An artistic gift that would make a really cool gift for the Plumber who appreciates art? Made from a silver coloured hard material there is an outer and bottom surface with plumbing parts making up the shape of a person. This sculpture weighs nearly four hundred grams with a height and depth of fifteen centimetres and width of fourteen centimetres. A quality and heartfelt gift that will be treasured.

A trendy T-shirt with short sleeves. Available for men, women and young ones, these T-shirts can be chosen in colours such as white, red, green grey, blue and black. The design on the T-shirt shows a mix of pipework in blue and orange with the type, ‘Pipe Whisperer!’ This T-shirt comes in sizes small to triple extra large for men and women and from aged two to twelve for the plumbing enthusiasts waiting for their apprenticeship to start!

This sign will look fab inside or outside near their parking space depending on how brave the plumber is! You can choose from a selection of sizes and adhesive styles. The sign itself is an off-white colour in a vintage style with the words, ‘Plumber Parking only – All other will be crushed,’ with a two way arrow. All writing is in red. This gift will definitely make the plumber feel empowered.

An uber cute and sweet baby grow for mummy or daddy’s little helper. The baby grow is short sleeved and made from natural soft fabric. It is available in white with black writing or white with black writing. The writing shows the words, ‘Future Plumber!’ You can choose from a range of sizes including newborn, three months, six months, twelve months, eighteen months up to twenty four months.

An interesting ornament that features a plumber on a toilet with a cistern and hand pull all made from intricate metal pieces such as nuts and bolts. In a mix of copper and silver coloured metal. The figurine measures twenty four centimetres high with a depth of twelve centimetres and width of six centimetres. This gift can be personalised with a message on a plaque measure 4 cm wide and 2.5 cm high.

A T-shirt that every plumber can relate to! With short sleeves, on the front of this T-shirt, the varying rates that the plumber charges is outlined. For example, £100 per hour is the standard rate going up to £125 if the customer watches, £150 if the customer helps, £200 per hour if the customer worked on it first and a whopping £250 if the customer tells the plumber how to do the work! Very funny!

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