1 Year Old Boys Birthday Presents

By Louise
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A first birthday is a big celebration in a little man’s life. Choosing a present can be difficult, so that is why we have come up with gift options to suit every budget and from small gifts to big gifts. We have music, arts and sports covered, toys to sit on and toys to play with in the bath. We have big toys like a bike to little toys like some soft fabric books. There are planes, cars and trains. There are things to learn like the alphabet, numbers, colour recognitions and vocabulary. We are certain that you will be able to find the perfect gift from this list.

35 Gift Ideas for a Boys 1st Birthday

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The stylish attractive looking first bike will make a winning 1st birthday presents for the little boy. With a blue metallic frame, back handles and grey wheels there are two sets of two wheels on this bike. The little one will use his legs to push the bike along and measure 49 cm length by 35 cm height and a depth of 19 cm, weighing just under 2 kilos. This bike has a comfortable seat and can be used inside and outside.

A little boy should have at least one car related gift on their birthday, right?! The conventional wooden car toy features four small cars, of which one is yellow, orange, blue and green. The idea is when the young boy pushes the car off the parking spot at the top of the toy, the car will move down the different levels by itself using momentum and of course gravity to reach the bottom.

The cool and colourful Xylophone will encourage music making by the little one. The keys feature ABC and 123 and are brightly coloured on a background colour of light blue. There are also three balls included of which are blue, yellow and red. An orange and purple tool to ‘hit’ the keys and the balls into the respective holes. Surprisingly no batteries are required for this toy.

This quirky and exciting activity toy will provide hours of entertainment whilst learning. There are many activities on this toy including bead counting, and things to slide and spin. The shape of the toy is based on an elephant with a trunk and feet all in blue and a purple tail. Eighteen cm wide and twenty five cm length, the toy has a total height of thirty nine cm when erected.

This T-shirt is the perfect gift for the one year old boys birthday. In Navy on the front of the T-shirt the words ‘This is what an awesome 1 year old looks like,’ with a pair of hands doing the thumbs up gesture on either side of the ‘1,’ all in white. There are two sizes available for the 1 year old boy, either 12-18 months or 1-2 years. This T-shirt can be customised with the name of the little one on the back.

This cool and audience pleasing toy will be loved by the birthday boy. With six eggs, which are coloured green, red, pink, orange, purple and yellow, the top of the egg which features a face with a colour relating the egg can be removed and switched around. When pushed down in the yellow box that the eggs come in, they will make a noise. This is a great opportunity for babies to learn about matching colours.

This contemporary hoodie in navy is a fabulous gift for the one year old. With text on the front suggesting that the birthday recipient is one pretty amaazing one year old. Great quality, this hoodie will keep the little one warm in the winter months and looks great. The one year old boy will love seeing the smiles on the faces of his family and friends who will love his cuteness.

This interesting toy features a monkey at the top where the balls are inserted. Below are multiple layers where the baby will watch and learn how the balls travel downwards using the different layers. Made from plastic this toy can be used in lots of different environments such as the bath or beach. There are two balls included which are blue and purple and yellow and orange.

This eye-catching toy in a blue green colour is in the shape of a Baby Dinosaur. The baby Dinosaur will move forward and go in circular movements when activated with the idea of the little one going after him. He also plays music. Made from Plastic, three triple A batteries are required. This toy is sure to leave your little on in fits of giggles alongside providing some development.

This baby puzzle containing 60 puzzle pieces which when pieced together will form a very brightly coloured stripy Zebra, stripy Tiger, Blue Hippo, Pink Elephant, Brown Monkey and a Golden Lion. Made from carboard and by the reputable brand Galt Toys this toy is well designed and hard wearing. It will provide lots of fun whilst learning about animals in the wild. The little boy will love playing with this puzzle.

The Fire truck is on every little boy’s birthday and Christmas list. With a cheery face this classically red coloured Fire Truck features sirene and a tail-lift. Aside from pushing this truck around to their hearts content they can also listen to music and learn about shapes. This toy measures fifteen cm long by 12.5 cm height with a width of 10 cm and requires three double A batteries.

This bright yellow duck toy is not a bath duck but a very cool toy. Made from wood and nontoxic paint. The width of the duck is 18 cm and height 16.5 cm with a depth of 2 cm. The idea of this game is to pull the red thread using the threading tool through all the wholes on the duck. An intricate game it will teach the little one sewing techniques amongst other skills.

This backpack is adorable. In the shape and design of a monkey, the back pack is primarily blue with little monkey pink paws showing through the bottom of the bag. Midway there is a pink monkey face with ears and arms and a little green and white flowerhead above his face. This is against a background of blue stripes. The straps are blue and adjustable for a perfect fit for the little man.

This sweet polar bear themed lamp, can help the little one get to sleep more easily and will give the room a warm glow. Measuring 11 cm high with a width of 8.4 cm and a depth of just under 9 cm this light is made from silicon. This light can be powered using the two CR2 batteries that are included or via a USB cable. You can choose from multiple colours and patterns that will provide a soothing ambience for your baby.

A train needs to be on the first birthday agenda. This brightly coloured train in blue, red, yellow and blue shows an illustration of the train driver in the window. As the train is pushed along the three balls, orange, purple and green are moved around on the top of the train. Durable and a good size measuring twenty five cm height by twenty two cm length.

This customary wooden toy is not only enjoyable to play but also encourages the little one about identifying different colours and matching them up. There are four sticks that are coloured green, yellow, blue and red and a unit where the same colours are shown next to an opening. The idea of this game is for the little boy to match up the sticks and place into the respective openings.

This exciting toy looks uber cool as well as providing lots of entertainment. The green mushroom has eight mini mushrooms on top all with different numbers and colours that represent a learning opportunity. There is a control in the centre of the big mushroom. With a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 11 cm this toy requires three double batteries which are included.

Awwwww Peter Rabbit! This adorable little Peter Rabbit finger puppet book will make bedtime reading fun. Over fourteen pages, with beautiful illustrations and big letters, there are holes on each page where Peter Rabbit the finger puppet can pop up and bring a smile to the little ones face. A sturdy book with easy going reading this gift will bring two worlds together – Reading and Puppets.

This crazy and busy toy will make a great gift. The brightly coloured orange Monkey with his tongue hanging out has two green hoops, one on each arm, which double up as wheels for the little one. There is a button on the monkey’s head and when used will move the monkey and who will make strange noises. This toy will leave the birthday boy one happy boy.

This bumper set of five toy cars are captivating with a green, yellowy orange, blue, red and purple one! All these vehicles have different designs such as a police car and recovery truck have been made to look like little monsters. Perfectly sized for little hands. Made from materials safe for children, these toys can be played with at home, in the car, on a plane and will provide a great distraction!

This cute little penguin has the sweetest little face and is ready to hang out with his new best friend for bath time fun. By rotating the arms of the penguin, he will start gliding through the water. Measuring thirteen cm length this penguin is a lovely blue colour with a yellow nose and black flippers and a red scuba glasses. The little boy will have so much fun with this adorable penguin.

Another birthday must have, this Mega Bloks gift will go down a treat. Mixing quality playtime with some learning, when made up this set features a train with engine and two carriages. On most bloks one letter from the Alphabet is depicted. If your little one wants a change, they can also make a train station from the bloks. Great quality product synonymous with this reputable brand.

What an amazing gift for a first bithday! Their first computer filled with fun things to do and learn. In the shape of an apple, with the body outline in yellow and green outline for the stem, the keypad is filled with colour and illustrations and activities to do. Melodies, words and number are all included. Measuring approzimately 19.5 cm width by 18.5 height, this toy will see the little boy for a fair few years.

This lovely Airplane will give the little one the opportunity to have lots of fun whilst role playing. There are two different settings, the first will introduce the little one to the alphabet and numbers whilst the second mode will play airplane related sounds. Three 1.5V batteries are required for this toy that are not included. This hardwearing toy will be an enjoyable gift.

This Big Boys Chair will not only be a welcome and comfy addition for the little boy in their bedroom but also comes with lots of activities to keep him entertained too. The sofa is a bold yellow whilst the feet that it stands on are blue. The activity centre can be personalised by the little one’s age with activities on the arm rest, on the seat and even in the seat! There is a choice of packaging options too.

A pack of six soft fabric books will keep the little guy entertained for hours. The first book is all about letters and features a back to school theme on the front, whilst the second is about sea animals showing water and algae, the third Fruit with a big water melon, the fourth number with lots of digits on the front, the fifth Farm Animals with a Farmer on the front and the last one all about food with a lollipop on the front.

This cute play set will give the baby an introduction to farm animals. With base colour of yellow, the pop animals include the traditional farmyard animals, a chicken, sheep, pig and cow whilst underneath each animal an illustration to the purpose of each farm animal. For example, eggs from the chicken and milk from the cow. By chooising from the different knobs on the bottom rung of the toy will bring up a different animal.

They start so young these days! This is the little one’s opportunity to have his first mobile phone which will help them develop communication skills through role play. In addition to the ‘normal’ phone keypad this toy also plays melodies and can also be used interactively to ‘operate the TV!’ Due to the size of this toy it will travel well, keeping little ones occupied when in the car. This toy requires two triple A batteries.

A cuteness alert for this gorgeous bath time set of Turtles who are awaiting swim time in the bath. Brightly and boldly coloured these adorable Turtle will amuse your little boy and bring the fun to bath time. When wound up, by moving the turtle arms in a clockwise direction, they will glide in the bath. Of course they can also be used in the paddling pool in summer time.

This unusual but very cool gift introducing the little one to different materials and textures such as a buckle and button. The items are laid out well for easy access by little hands and visuals. With a detachable strap it also makes a great accessory for the little to take out as their man cub bag. Educational and fun, this will occupy your little one for some time.

This enormous doodle mat will provide hours of fun and with no mess! Measuring one metre by nearly two metres, the aqua nature of the pens means no stains! Up to four children can doodle away at any one given time. There is even an instructional guide explaining basic drawing concepts, included. Once they have done their drawings, over a few minutes the drawing will fade and they can start all over again.

This cute Octopus is happy or sad dependant on which way you have chosen. One side is blue and an unhappy face whilst the other is purple and a smiley face. This is a great way for your little one to start to understand feelings and perhaps communicate when they are sad or happy. This toy is approximately 14 cm length by 14 cm width so a good size for little hands.

A race track with cars! Every little boy’s dream gift. Four toy cars are included in this set and are also pastel pink and teal. Unlike other race tracks this one does not take up too much room as it has a vertical layout. The cars start from the top then drop-down levels until they reach the bottom. The their is a track printed on the side to give it a really cool look.

This home phone toy is brightly coloured red with lots of green and other bold colours such as yellow and blue. With a traditional number pad there are plenty of role play opportunities alongside basic Maths and melodies amongst other learning to be done. This toy required three double A batteries which are not included. This toy will make a lovely gift for the youngster.

A lovely looking Giraffe in the traditional yellow spotty colours, he has blue feet and red horns and is wearing a blue tie. There are six balls included which are a mix of red, yellow, green and blue Sitting nearly forty-six cm high, the little one can feed balls to the Giraffe that will go down the tube inside the Giraffe until they come out the bottom. Four double A batteries are required for this gift. This toy will have the little boy in fits of giggles.

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