33 Presents for a 1 Year Old Birthday Girl

By Louise
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Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a birthday present for a one year old girl but not with our suggestions. We have personally selected over thirty gifts for you to choose from. You can choose from clothing including that obligatory tu-tu, a backpack, activity toys, traditional wooden toys, musical toys, bikes, bathroom toys, pull along toys, robots, books, a telephone, dolls and prams, musical gifts and even a rocking horse.  A gift list for a one year old would not be complete without of course ‘the Hungry Caterpillar.’ We have large toys and little toys and ones for every size of budget.

1 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

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This cuddly, chatty soft toy will bring lots of fun and learning opportunities! This cute little puppy will provide so much fun and entertainment for the little one. With a brown body and blue eyes, and when pressing the pads at the end of her hands and feet will open up a whole new world of colours, music, words, melodies on themes such as letters, figures and patterns.

Whether the picnic is an outdoor event in the sun or indoor event in the living room, this classic shape sorter comes with an option to purchase with or without batteries. With a beautiful picnic carrier, that has a pink face on the bottom and blue carry handle. Inside cutlery, plates and food items are all included all plastic of course. This toy measures 22 cm width by 17 cm height and 15.8 depth. This toy will make a perfect little gift for the 1 year old.

Another take on the classic shape sorter but this time with a high tea party and with plenty of other educational opportunities. This set includes a chatty tea pot, two cups and a cake stand with 5 cakes, one yellow, blue, green, orange and red. A great gift that will keep the little one occupied for some time whether on their own or playing with friends or family.

This absolute timeless classic ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar!’ Is there anybody who can’t remember reading this uber cool book. This board book is a little different to the classic book as it is a set of four books each with a learning theme, colours, animal sounds, numbers and words, and of course all with the infamous illustrations. A total of forty eight pages over the four books this will make night-time reading fun.

This lovely looking pink bike should be the first bike for the little one year old girl. Made by trusted brand Bammax, this bike requires their little feet on the ground giving them balance they need at that age whilst learning the actions. The length of the bike is 49 cm with a maximum height of 35 cm by the bars and 24 cm, at the back and a width of 19 cm.

This cute set of noisy eggs made by the renowned Tomy baby brand Toomies will be loved by the little one in your life. Stored in a brightly coloured yellow egg box, there are six eggs, one orange, yellow, purple, green, red and pink with egg heads that can be colour co-ordinated or swapped around. Made from plastic and suitable for ages one year to three years, this will keep the one year old entertained for years to come.

This super trendy T-shirt is a ideal present for the one year old. Available in three base colours either light blue, red or navy, the white text on the front of the T-shirt says ‘I can’t keep calm I am only 1,’ with an illustration of a cake again in white above the text. Great quality and made from only natural fibres, this will make a great gift for the one year old’s birthday.

These four wooden boards with animal design, come in a box and a bag for storing the pieces when open. Each board measures 15 cm by 15 cm and feature a ladybug, a butterfly, a teddy bear and a crab. This game is similar to a very basic jigsaw puzzle and will be suitable for children aged between one and three years old, so another gift that will see the little one through a few years.

This classic walk along old skool toy telephone will make a great gift whilst enabling the little one to develop their verbal and motor skills. Multi-coloured toy made by the reputable children’s brand Fisher Price, the toy is made from plastic and is suitable for young ones between the ages of one and six, so plenty of years of fun to be had with this toy.

Who needs a trip to the Fair with this whack a mole toy? This multi-functional toy will give lots of entertainment to the little one alongside learning opportunities such as letters, numbers, colours and music. This toy can also be tuned into a musical nightlight when the lights go off. The three double A batteries needed are included. The toy has a green bottom with red activity area and a bear at the top that the child hits to activate the toy.

The cute set of baby socks will make a lovely little gift. With an incredible fourteen pair of socks, these will fit little ones feet between the ages of one and three years old, so lots of wears. Each pair of socks is of an individual design and colours and range from blue gingham, red stripes, pink spots to cute rabbit and butterfly designs. Made from natural fibres this is a very cute set of socks.

What little girl’s birthday is complete without a baby doll? This sweet baby girl made from soft materials, is dressed in a beautiful outfit with matching removeable hat of light pink, dark pink, and turquoise hearts. Beautifully packaged, this baby girl will help develop talking skills and role play. Measuring thirty cm height, this baby doll will truly make an unforgettable gift.

This crazy Beat Bella from Fisher Price comes with the dance and move option or dance and move option with a story book. Made from plastic and suitable for babies from 9 months up to three years old. This gift requires two triple A batteries that are included. With buttons everywhere that will lead to melodies and spoken words, this toy is bright and multi coloured.

The super cute back pack is a birthday must-have. Suitable for youngsters aged one and two years old this bright pink, rabbit styled back pack measures 21.5 cm height by 19 cm width with a depth of 7.5 cm. The front of the back pack features the rabbit with the famous ears, in a mix of dark and light pink, with black eyes. There is also a cute design at the top of the bag with the word love and some hearts.

No one year old’s toy box would be complete without a playmat. This yellow playmat is styled on traditional black and white piano keys with an activity centre above it. This toy makes lots of different noises such as noises animals make, like dogs and frogs, and lots of tunes. With a length of 72 cm and width of 28.5 cm, you will need three double AA batteries for this toy which are not included.

A traditional wooden toy with the aim of the baby to match up the coloured wooden inserts into their matching-coloured opening. The inserts and opening are coloured, blue, red, yellow and green. Suitable for babies from twelve months old. Made using high quality products the length of the product is just over 20 cm with a height of 15.5 cm and depth of 4.5 cm. A lovely little gift.

An uber cool bath time toy where your little one will not only have lots of fun also hone her Basketball skills! The ring is made from inflatable material and is orange whilst the net is red, white and blue. Two secure fasteners are included to stick the toy to a suitable surface. Four mini orange basketball themed balls are also included. This will provide lots of entertainment for the child and adults alike.

This gorgeous toy will make a great gift whilst the youngster finds their Kylie in them and keeping them occupied for hours. In a beautiful baby pink colour, the traditional black and white keys, a microphone and lots of buttons from which they can choose what theme they want such as piano or drums, more or less volume and more or less tempo. You will need four double AA batteries for this gift.

The ultimate never aging pull along puppy! Every little lady should have one of these in her toy box. A Dalmatian looking puppy with a white coat and lots of black spots and a black tail and ears, this cute puppy can be ‘walked’ by the little lady and choose from the array of tunes and noises that the puppy makes. The batteries required for this gift are included in the lovely packaging.

This is literally the cutest scarf, hat and mitten set. In a mix of a baby pink and light brown, the woolly hat in the theme of bear with pink sticky out ears, the nose, eyes and whiskers in black stitching with the mittens featuring paw prints on the underside. This set will be sure to keep your baby warm during those walks or pram rides out in the winter months.

Another caterpillar themed toy this pull along toy is multi-coloured with yellow, blue, green, purple, red, and orange. On Charlie the caterpillar’s back are three multicoloured balls, orange and yellow, purple and yellow and green and orange with a black design on each. which move alongside the head when moved. This toy measures 30 cm long by 18 cm height and 8 cm depth and will provide hours of fun and laughter.

This lovely book with easy to carry handle includes ditties such as ‘One, two buckle my show’ and ‘Hickory Dickory Dock,’ and lots of learning opportunities such as the alphabet and digits and colours. The front of the box features some cute animals. Made from plastic, two double A batteries are required. The dimensions of this book are twenty eight cm length by twenty three cm width with a depth of 4.5 cm.

A perfect outfit for the little one to wear at her first birthday party. With a white body suit, with the number ‘1’ featuring in the centre front coloured in pink and with a gold crown falling off the top of the number. The beautiful pink tutu has a gorgeous satin looking bow and a pink headband with floral and pearl design completes this set. Made using natural fibres, the birthday girl will look like a princess.

This amazing big, yellow comfy arm chair not only provides a great place to chill but also has numerous activities to keep the one year old girl entertained whilst learning.  This gift is available in standard packaging or sustainable packaging but with no price difference sustainable package has to be the only choice. Easy to assemble this great quality toy requires three double A batteries.

The gift includes six books made of fabric for small, delicate hands. Not only do these books provide entertainment but also the opportunity to learn about letters, sea life and food to name a few. Due to their compact size measuring 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm these books can be taken anywhere to keep the little one amused. These books also make sounds. A lovely little gift.

This adorable snuggle dolls includes a beautiful rag doll with brown hair in bunches wearing a green floral dress and pink shoes who is delivered in a pretty pink bag. This doll will quickly become a firm favourite and the birthday girl’s best friend. There are many other types of dolls in this range such as ballet dancers, Norwegian boy and babies meaning you could start building a collection.

These bath time toys won’t fail to make bath time fun! Three very cute looking swimming turtles of which one is yellow and orange with blue flippers, the next two shades of green with yellow flippers and the last one two shades of blue with green flippers. With a width of twelve cm and a length of 11.5, they can of course also be used in the paddling pool during summertime.

This gorgeous comfy fleecy dressing gown will make a lovely gift. Perfect for when the little one gets out the bath or to compliment pyjamas, this baby pink gown features little ears on the hood and a small illustration of an elephant with grey outline and with a heart in the centre on one of the lapels. This gown comes with a fabric belt to tie up the gown.

This sea life themed doodling mat will keep the young ones entertained for a long period of time either on their own or with friends. The doodles disappear within minutes so this mat can be used continuously. It is simple to set up and with no mess! This set comes with three pens and a collection of shapes, stencils and stamps for them to draw around. Suitable for young children over two years of age.

This traditional wooden set includes a wooded (non-sharp) knife alongside wooden food items such as a corn, a tomato, a carrot, an aubergine, an onion and a mushroom is stored in a lovely wooden contained box with the brand name on the box, Jacques of London. The knife can be used to cut vegetables in half along the indented lines which illustrate in the inners of the vegetables . A great learning opportunity.

The cool little steering wheel is safe and fun whilst providing some educational benefits. The toy introduces themes such as feelings, shades, and different forms. It is hard wearing and measures just under twenty seven cm both length and width with a depth of just under dix cm and a weight of just under 600 grams. This toy requires three triple A batteries that are included.

The delicate and elegant looking pushchair makes the perfect transport option for the little girls dolls. With an intricate design in a mix of white and dark and light pink this will help the baby with walking whilst providing lots of fun and entertainment from the activity centre that will play lots of musical melodies and noises. You will need to get three double AA batteries to power this toy.

Wow this impressive rocking horse will really make a great first birthday present. The base of the rocking horse is blue, whilst the actual horse is red with a light grey handle. This toy is multi functional as can also be used as a baby stroller or baby scooter. The length of the horse in eighty cm with a height of seventy nine cm and depth of thirty six cm.

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