26 Presents for People Who Play 10 Pin Bowling

Updated on April 26th, 2021
By Louise
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There are a lot of people these days that enjoy ten pin bowling. There are more and more venues opening around the country and it means that it is likely that someone you know might enjoy playing. If you do know someone then you might be looking for some gift ideas for them that will relate to their hobby. It can be quite difficult to sometimes come up with ideas, especially if it is a hobby you do not share or if you want something original. We have therefore put this list together which we hope will help you to find the right thing for them.

26 Gift Ideas for 10 Bin Bowlers

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This is a wooden bowling set in a wooden box. There are 10 pins and two balls included all made out of the same sesum wood. It is a mini set with the balls being 1.5 inches in size and the pins 2.75 inches. The box is 6 x 3.5 x 3 inches in size with a picture of two pins and ball on the top. It is a very pretty set for playing ten pin bowling at home on a tabletop.

This is a mini wooden tabletop ten pin bowling game. There is a wooden base and there are ten mini pins, which are white with a red loop around the neck. The two balls are silver coloured ball bearings. The base has high sides so the balls should not roll off. There is a launching chute and a backboard and it even comes with a scorecard so you can have a proper mini tournament.

This is a fun wooden bowling set for toddlers. Each of the ten pins is a different animal design in a bright colour. They are each 11 x 3.5cm and there are three small balls which are 4.5 x 4.5cm in size. Each of the pins has a number on so it could be used to help with counting or with adding up, as they could choose to add up the values of each pin to get their score or just score a point for each pin.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which has a ten pin bowling design and the word ‘strike’ on the front of it. It comes in a selection of colours such as black, red, blue, green and purple. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2 -12 years as well as in fits for men and women size small – 2XL. It has a bold white pattern which will really stand out on the dark fabric.

This is a notebook. It is a paperback book with a blue cover which says ‘Ten Pin Bowling Notebook’ on the front of it. Inside it has 150 lined pages. The glossy cover means that it will stay looking good and the 6 x 9 inch size is very handy. The lines inside means that it can be used for all sorts of things. You could use it for keeping scores or other records when ten pin bowling, but it could also be used as a diary, journal or general notebook.

This is a sturdy glass tankard with a handle. It has a picture of a ball hitting down ten pins on it and a leaf design below with space for a message to be engraved underneath. It could be used as a prize for a bowling competition or as a gift for someone that enjoys bowling. It is a pint sized glass so a good size and comes in a blue gift box so ready to give away.

This is a set of bowling ball cleaning wipes. They are made by ‘Wipe n’Strike’ and they are designed specifically for cleaning bowling balls. They have a degreasing formula which dries quickly and removes dirt and oil from the belts and machinery and are non-abrasive. They bring back the natural tack of the ball so it grips better. The bundle has 3 packs in it which each have 24 wipes in them.

This is a pop socket which is black and the bright design is of pins flying in the air with a ball and it says ‘no pin left behind’ on it. A pop socket is a handy thing to help you to grip your mobile device better and it also can be popped out to provide a support, so that the device can be propped up when watching a film or on a video chat.

This is a cute short sleeved baby t-shirt with a ten pin bowling design. It comes in red, black, baby blue, grey, royal blue, fuchsia pink and light pink and the design is of seven pins and a ball. They are available in a range of sizes from 0-3 months to 5-6 years. They are made from 100% cotton and are therefore soft and comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

This is a novelty ten pin bowling set which is inflatable. There are six white pins which are 24 inches high and one black ball which is 18 inches in size. They are great for adults or children to play with inside or outside when the weather is good. They are easy to inflate with a pump or by mouth and deflate very easily too, so can be easily stored flat in between uses.

This is a pair of 3G Kicks bowling shoes which are suitable for men or women. They come in different colour options such as white with blue, purple, red or black or plain black or black with pink or blue with white. They come in a medium width and in sizes 36-40.  They all have laces so they can be fitted safely onto the feet and they have a slip sole on both feet, so they are suitable for right or left handed users.

This is a fun notebook with a bowling theme. It says in it ‘I don’t need therapy I just need to go bowling’ with a picture of two pins and a ball on the front. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 118 lined pages, which means that it can used as a journal, diary or general purpose notebook. It features an exclusive design made by Burywoods Takeover Journals.

This is a rug with a ten pin bowling design on it. The rug has a blue background and the picture shows six white pins being hit over by a red ball. The rug is round and is 35 inches in size, although there are different sizes available to choose from. It has a non-slip backing with plastic spots which will help it to grip to any surface that is underneath it. It is easy to clean by vacuuming or spot cleaning with cold water.

This is an apron with a picture on it of pins and a bowling ball. The apron comes in a selection of colours – red, royal blue, fuchsia pink or black. It is a full length apron which measures 87cm and has a width of 60cm with waist ties so it can be adjusted to fit most waist sizes, It is made from 100% cotton and has a good quality print. It is therefore useful for cooking BBQ’s or DIY tasks.

This is a pair of cufflinks. They have a pin from ten pin bowling on each of them. They are made from a silver coloured metal and have an easy to use, twist clasp fastening. They come in an organza bag, so are all ready to gift to someone who loves ten pin bowling but also wears dress shirts with a need for a pair of cufflinks. They come with free delivery.

This is a duvet cover set which has a picture of a bowling strike on it. It has a dark blue background with white pins and a red ball. There are different sizes available – a twin, full, queen or king and each has a duvet cover and two matching pillow cases. It is made from 100% polyester and will therefore not shrink when it is washed. It is also wrinkle resistant, stain resistant and will not fade.

This is a magnet which has a photo on it of a bowling pin. The pin is white with two red stripes on the neck and in the background we can see the end of a ten pin bowling lane which is blurred. It has a glossy printed design and is 5.7cm square. It is slim and plastic and has a magnet on the back, so that it can be used to attach things to a fridge.

This is a poster with a ten pin bowling theme. It is black and white and shows a solitary pin in the foreground with the ends of ten pin bowling lanes blurred in the background. It is A2 size which is 42cm x 59.4cm. They are printed on 280gsm satin gloss photo paper and stocked in a UK warehouse, so they ship quickly and for free. They arrive all ready to be framed.

This is a pair of two round coasters. They have the same design on them which is a photo of a solitary white ten [in bowling pin with a blurred background of a bowling lane. They are 9cm in diameter and 4mm thick. They will provide protection for the surface they are on from hot or cold drinks and they have a cork back which is also non slip and will not scratch.

This is a cushion cover case with a bowling theme. You can opt to buy just the case or with a filling inside and it comes in a choice of colours – blue, black, pink, yellow, green or grey. All have the same white printed bowling design on which has seven pins and a ball. It measures 41 x 41cm in size and has a zip opening, so it is easy to pop in the filling or take it out for washing.

This is a book which is available as a paperback or kindle and is called ‘Tenpin Bowling Basics: Discover Top Tips and Practical Advice’. It is a beginners guide and includes a history of the game, an explanation of the rules and guides on how to choose a ball and buy shoes, There is information about styles and grips, adjustments, how to throw a hook, finding your strike ball and picking up spares.

This is a bowling score book which has a black cover with the words in yellow and a picture of a pin on the front. Each double page is set out, so that you can record the details of your session. Information such as date, location, game type, other players, lane, equipment used, results etc. It will allow you to look back and see what you have scored in the past and think about what you might need to do to improve.

This is a book called ‘Bowl Like a Pro’ by Paul Murphy. It contains information for beginners and intermediates. It gives some information about the author and their personal history, benefits of the sport and then goes on to describe equipment such as balls and shoes and how to maintain them. There is also information about finger grip, techniques and strategies as well as adjustments that can be made to improve your game.

This is a wall sticker which is available in either white or black and shows a ball and pins on it. It is self adhesive and measures 46cm x 50cm and can be fixed to any smooth and flat surface. The adhesive on it is designed so that it can be removed easily without causing damage to the wall behind. There are full instructions included on how to use it so that you get the very best effect.

This is a baseball cap which says ‘I’d rather be bowling’ on it in black with a white background. The main part of the cap is either red, blue or black depending on which one you pick. It has a padded front panel and mesh sides so that it is cool to wear. The large peak keeps the face shaded from the sun. It is made from polyester with a snap fastening which can be adjusted to size.

This is a tote shopping bag which says on it ‘born to bowl forced to work’. The bag comes in a big selection of colours such as blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, green, white and grey and it is 42cm x 38cm and capable of holding 10 litres. It has long handles so it can be carried on the shoulder. It is made from 100% cotton and can be hand washed.

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