28 Gifts for a 10th Birthday Girl

By Louise
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When you need to buy gifts it can sometimes be useful to have some help. This is the reason why we have decided to put together this list with ideas in it. We have put together a range of items which should appeal to lost of different ten-year-old girls and they also have different prices This means that whether you have a high or low budget, you should still be able to find a gift that will suit you as well as for them. We have picked all sorts of things that we think are unusual, original or unique so you should be able to find something different.

28 Presents for a 10 Year Old Girl

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This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on the front of it ‘limited edition made in 2010 vintage all original parts’. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years old as well as adult sizes S-3XL. They come in a selection of different colours so you can pick one that will be right for the recipient. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that they are soft and comfortable to wear.

This is ‘The Don’t Laugh Challenge’ book. This is not just an ordinary joke book but the idea is that the kids will take turns in competing. They will tell each other jokes, act things out and generally try to make the others laugh. Each time the manage to get a laugh then they get a point. It is a fun game to play with friends or family and could even be used during online video chats!

This is a pretty bedding set. It has a pink, purple and turquoise marble effect print on it which looks really pretty with a sparkle and glitter effect. The bedding set comes in single and double and comes with a duvet cover and one or two pillowcases (two with the double). It is made from soft, breathable fabric which is hypoallergenic and durable as well. It will not shrink when washed in the washing machine.

This is a set of butterfly wall stickers. They are available in different colours and there are 36 in the set. They come in different sizes and in different designs. Each has a small magnet so that it can stick on a fridge but also a sticky dot so it can be attached to any clean and dry surface. They can be used in a bunch together or spread out so they will make a really versatile decoration.

This is a tie-dye kit. It comes with lots of items so that it can be used to dye up to 36 projects. There are protective gloves, rubber bands, dye packets and squeeze bottles so that you can easily use it to dye lots of different items such as t-shirts, pillowcases, scarves, hankies etc. It has full instructions with it which means that it is easy to get started.

This is a wall sticker with a name on which can be personalised. It is designed to go in a children’s bedroom and has a pretty butterfly design along with the name on it. It is available in different sizes so you can choose the one that will be the most suitable for the space. It also has a choice of colours. It comes with full instructions so you can apply it to the wall with ease.

This is a digital alarm clock which comes in a choice of colours. It is rectangular and has a really clear display. It has a snooze function so that you can set the alarm to ring again in five minutes if you do not want to get up immediately. You can set two alarms for different times. It has a USB port for charging it up and it will last for 7-10 days on one full charge.

This is a personalised door name plaque. You can have any name put on it so it will say ‘[name]’s room’ on it. You can choose any 99 letters to go on it, so it can be used for lots of other purposes as well if you wish.  It is made from mirrored acrylic so it will look really special when it is stuck on a bedroom door. Will make a special gift for a ten-year-old girl to put on her bedroom door.

This is a pair of dancing fountain speakers. They have lights and liquid which will move to the beat of the music so they look really great and give a fun disco effect. They are powered by the music playing device using USB so you will not need to charge them up. They come in a choice of black or vivid pink and are boxed so easy to wrap up as a special gift.

This is a wall sign which is pretty turquoise and pink colours with a mermaid scale look to it. It is wooden and has a hanging loop on it. It says ‘Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid then always be a mermaid’ in white writing on it. It measures 30 x 20 x 1cm in size and has a distressed look to give a shabby chic/vintage feel.

This is a set of hair chalk. There are ten different colours and some of them are glittery. They show up well on light coloured hair and the colours can be mixed and blended or used as they are. They are washable and temporary but they will last for quite a while. They could also be used as face paints and so are really fun to have and to use.

This is a set of glitter tattoos. There are over 27 stencils that can be used and you can use just one colour of glitter with each or mix them up. The designs include things like stars, lips, animals, hearts etc. They can be fun for a child to play with on their own or together with family or friends. They come with four sparkly glitter colours to pick from and can last up to 7 days.

This is a bedding set which comes in different sizes. It is a blush pink in colour with a glittery panel on it. It comes with a duvet cover and pillowcase in the single size and two pillowcases in the double size. It is made of 100% polyester and therefore is soft and comfortable and so will give a great night sleep as well as looking good. It can go in the washing machine and tumble drier so is easy to keep clean.

This is a heart-shaped light which comes in different shapes and colours such as a pink or white heart and white star design. It is LED and is battery or USB powered. It is a bright light and also looks nice which means it would be great for a bedside lamp or desk lamp and would look pretty as well as being practical and useful. It is 22 x 6 x 40cm in size.

This is a set of three motivational prints. They are bright and colourful words on white backgrounds and say ‘believe in yourself’, ‘dream big’ and ‘be kind’. They come in two size options and are unframed which means that they can be hung up like posters or you can choose frames to put them in which will match the room that they will be going into. Great for a kids bedroom.

This is a nail varnish set. It comes with three pots of nail polish, a nail dryer, nail separators, false nails, nail file and glitter gemstones and nail stickers. There are lots of accessories meaning that lots of different creative patterns can be put onto the nails so not just a colour but all sorts of fun embellishments as well. It all comes in a box so easy to wrap up as a gift.

This is a tracksuit for kids. It is black and neon pink in a funky camo type pattern with other colours also available. It comes in various sizes suitable for girls ages 2- 13 years of age. The top has a hood and zipper down the front and the trousers have a drawstring waist, pocket on the back and elasticated ankles. They are great for jogging or exercise as well as loungewear.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘eat. Sleep, dance. Repeat’. It is available in a selection of colours and sizes suitable for children aged 2-14 years of age. It has a classic fit with a club collar that is taped so is comfortable to wear. It is made of cotton so it is really soft as well. It is machine washable so really easy to keep clean.

This is a notebook which says on the front ‘I am 10 and this book is about me’ and it has a blue cover with planets, hearts, clouds and rainbows on it. Inside the book, there are lined pages which means that it can be used as a diary or a journal. It could also be used as a general notebook. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and therefore is easily portable to take to school or other places as well as easy to store at home.

This is a ‘Would You Rather’ game book. It is a book full of silly scenarios and situations which kids, their friends and their family will really enjoy and find funny. There are 200 scenarios with some that are thought-provoking, others that are funny or exciting. There illustrations on each page as well. A fun book to encourage game playing and conversations between friends and family with no winners or losers.

This is a notebook which has yellow, blue and pink stripes. It comes with a pink pen that has a pom-pom on the end. The book measures 25 x 25 x 2cm in size and it has 200 coloured pages of glittery rainbow paper with a ribbon page divider. The pages have no lines so they can be used for doodling as well as writing and they could be used to stick things in such as photos, stickers etc.

This is a set of lipstick style erasers. Each comes in a plastic pot that looks like a lipstick but instead of the lipstick, there is an eraser inside that winds up and down as you twist the bottom. Each has a different fruit theme. There are 4 in the set and they all have cute designs. They will be a pretty addition to any desk or pencil case and great to use at home or at school.

This is an art set which contains many different items. It includes 36 watercolour pens, 24 colour pencils, 24 crayons, 24 oil pastels, 12 paint blocks, 20 paper clips, a ruler, scissors, paintbrush, sharpener, eraser, sponges and stapler. Everything has its own slot in the case so it will all be kept neat and tidy. It is a fun set for any child who likes to colour and paint especially if they enjoy mixed media.

This is a friendship bracelet kit. It contains everything needed to make a selection of different bracelets. There is a loom to weave with and different coloured threads to use. There are also beads that can be used to accessorise them. The bracelets can be worn or given away and they will be both fun to make and to wear afterwards. They come in a box so nice and easy to wrap up as a gift.

This is a sweatshirt which says ‘#selfie’ in really large letters on the front. It comes in a selection of colours and the lettering stands out brightly on all of them. There are various sizes available for children between the ages of 2 and 13 years of age. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and has ribbed cuffs and hem. It is nice and warm to wear as well as soft and comfortable.

This is a smartwatch with a 1.54-inch touchscreen which can do two ways calls, has an SOS flashlight with a music player, camera and alarm. It also has games that can be played but parents can limit the amount of time that is played with it. There is no need to download apps, it has everything that they need to use with it. It has a pink and black strap with a buckle that will keep it firmly in place.

This is a rechargeable HD digital camera which can take stills and videos. It comes in different colours and is a compact size. It has a screen so that videos can be played back and watched and photos viewed. The battery can support 60 minutes of use on one charge. It has good resolution and can be fitted with an SD card to give it good storage capabilities. It has a timer, anti-shake and face detection capabilities.

This is a set of oddsocks with a fairy tale theme. There are six socks in the set which all match but none are complete pairs. They are pretty pastel colours with rainbows, unicorns and butterflies on them. They are size 9-12. It is trendy to wear unmatching socks but this set will also mean children do not have to try to find a matching pair as it will not matter.

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