33 Gift Ideas for an 11th Birthday Boy

By Louise
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It is not always easy to choose the right gifts for people and if you are trying to find something for an 11-year-old boy, then you may wonder where to look. We have decided that it could be helpful to have a handy list and so have put together a selection of items that we feel will be suitable for boys of this age. We have picked a big range of items to suit lots of different tastes as well as different budgets. This should mean that everyone will be able to find suitable items to buy for the boy that they have in mind.

33 Presents for an 11 Year Old Boy

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This is a capture the flag game which has light-up pieces. The idea is to play with 4-20 people and run around playing the game. The idea is to steal the glowing orb to win while getting teammates out of jail, protecting your base and sneaking onto enemies’ bases. It comes with 2 glow orbs, 8 jail markers, 5 territory lights and 8 team bracelets. Great for birthday parties or big gatherings.

This is a watch which has digital and analogue time as well as showing the date. It has an alarm function as well as a handy light. It comes in a choice of colours and with a comfortable strap with a buckle that can be adjusted across ten notches to fit any wrist. It is easy to use and is even water-resistant. Great for encouraging good time management skills.

This is a pair of pyjamas for gamers. The long-sleeved top is black with ‘do not disturb gaming mode activated’ written on it in white print. The trousers are black and white tartan. They come in various sizes to fit children aged 9-16 years old. They are made from 100% cotton so they will be soft and comfortable to wear and the elasticated trouser bottoms ensure legs will stay warmer.

This is a Bloxels game where a child can design their own computer game. The idea is to use the board and blocks to build scenery that can then be used, with an app, to incorporate into a platform computer game. Means kids can start to have fun with making their own game rooms, characters and art work for computer games. Comes with a 13 x 13-inch boards and 320 blocks in eight colours.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘I can’t keep calm I’m a gamer’ and has a picture of a handset on it. It comes in a selection of colours and in sizes suitable for kids aged 3-14 years of age. It is made of cotton with a rib crew neck that is taped which means that it is comfortable to wear. It is also machine washable so easy to keep clean.

This is a party game called ‘Soundilicious’. It is a silly board game where the players have to make sounds for the others to guess. There are different levels of play so sounds range from easy to medium and hard. The box is compact and means that the game is portable so that it can be taken to different locations to play along with friends or family members. It is harder and funnier than it might seem!

This is a pair of black jogging bottoms with ‘Fortnite’ written in white down the leg. The tracksuit trousers are available in sizes suitable for kids aged 7-14 years old and have an elasticated waist with a drawstring for comfort and two handy pockets on the waist. They are made from 100% cotton so they are soft and warm and they are easy to wash. They are officially licensed merchandise.

This is a pair of LED light gloves. They will be fun to wear outside in the dark or at a disco as they light up in different colours. They come in two sizes small and large. These gloves are guaranteed to turn heads. They are made from breathable polycotton making them lightweight and they will stretch to fit well. They are easy to use at the push of a button and the battery is easy to replace as well.

This is a set of geodes to break open. It is a National Geographic item and there are ten different rocks sized 1 ¼ – 2 ¼ inches in diameter which can be broken open to reveal the pretty crystals inside. Safety goggles are also included. There is also a 16-page booklet which is full colour and has all sorts of detailed information about how they are formed. A great STEM gift for kids.

This is a fun football which fits in a pocket. It comes in a choice of colours and is made up of different panels which allow it to be rebuilt to change its shape. This means that it can be used to make a football, rugby ball, frisbee and more. It is really strong but will not cause damage if it hits things. It comes in a box so is easy to wrap as well.

This is an RFID starter kit which comes in a box to hold all of the components. There are loads of parts included which can fit together without any soldering. There are 49 interesting projects that you can do with all of the items included and they all have a circuit diagram and tested code to go with them. They all use C computer language which is a useful one to learn how to use.

This is a metal pin gadget art toy. It is basically a Perspex fronted frame with metal pins that can be pressed in to make shapes, It can be used to make artistic looking pictures or just for general fun. It measures 18 x 13cm and can easily stand up on a shelf to display the imprint and is light enough to be moved around to play with. Comes in silver or rainbow colours.

This is a special lamp which gives a 3D illusion of a pair of headphones when it is switched on. It has a remote control which can be used to change the colour of the light, light mode and brightness but it also has a handy touch control as well. It is fun to play with as well as being a useful gift. It can be powered by USB or battery.

This is a 3D printing pen which comes in a red or black colour. It is suitable for use for all sorts of fun craft projects. It comes with different coloured filament and has finger protectors to stop the user burning themselves as they use it. It has different speed and temperatures setting and there is a screen displaying this information. It does not clog up and charges using micro-USB.

This is a build your own microscope kit. It contains all of the parts needed and once completed will make a fully functioning microscope that has 30x magnification. It has slot together pieces, so no need for glue, which are made from sustainable cardboard. It also has three specimen trays and a detachable viewfinder so that you can look at items and then take it apart to pack away when not needed.

This paperback book by Pete Johnson is called ‘How to Train Your Parents’. It is a funny book about a kid who has ultra-competitive parents since moving house and is not too keen on it. Then he meets a girl that has trained her parents to ignore her and he has to decide whether to take her advice and do this or whether he wants things to stay as they are!

This is a book by Jimmy Jones called ‘Funny Jokes for 11-Year-Old Kids’. The book has a big collection of different types of joke such as riddles, tongue twisters and knock knock jokes with something for everyone. They will be popular with kids of this age and are all family-friendly so parents and siblings will enjoy them as well. Jokes include – Where is Dracula’s Office? The Vampire State Building!

This is a hooded dressing gown with a Manchester United theme. It is black with red edging and has a club badge on it. It also comes in red with black edging. It is available in sizes suitable for children aged 3-14 years old. It is made from 100% polyester and is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a half elasticated back and a tie belt with pockets on the front.

This is a mini drone which can be controlled by hand. It is green in colour and is a mini quadcopter in a UFO shape. It will detect objects and fly away from them which will reduce damage. It is easy to control by just switching on, throwing in the air and using hands to direct it. It will fly away from obstacles so hands can be used to direct it away.

This is a hoodie which is great and has a coloured Super Mario design printed on the front which features Mario, Luigi and Toad and the rest of the gang. It is available in a few designs and different colours as well as sizes suitable for children aged 3-12 years old. It is 93% cotton and 7% polyester so is soft and comfortable to wear but will not stretch out of shape. The hood and long sleeves will mean that it is warm and cosy as well.  It is official merchandise.

This is a pair of football boots which come in black or red. They are available in sizes 3.5 and 10 and they are suitable for boys or girls. They have a TPU wear-resistant and anti-slip rubber sole. They have a mesh inner for improved breathability. They have a gum rubber sole which will last well. They have a lace-up closure which means that they can be fitted safely and securely.

This is a special kit that you can use to build and code a robot. It has all of the parts to build three types of robots and code them up using various programming languages. It is aligned with the school curriculum so will teach kids useful skills that they will need. It also has free access to a learning platform with over 500 hours of projects and digital content.

This is a magnetic pen that writes with black ink. It can be modelled into various shapes using the rings and balls that it is made of. This means that it can be a great fiddle toy to be used when working on different projects. It comes in a gift box so ready to give away as a fun and useful gift. It is made from metal so it will last a long time and is a multi coloured chrome colour.

This is a book by the astronaut Tim Peake called ‘Hello, is this Planet Earth?’ It is a collection of over 150 photographs that he took when he was aboard the International Space Station. It also has a personal commentary including an explanation of the title which comes from what he said when he misdialled on the phone when calling earth from the ISS. There are pictures of cities, the northern lights, oceans, mountains and deserts. A wonderful book for space enthusiasts of any age.

This is the Yes No game which is an interesting game where the contestant is not allowed to answer yes or no to any of the questions. It is a quick-fire game where players will ask each other tricky questions which would often be answered with a yes or no response to try to catch them out while they are playing. Comes with a bell to ring when they mess up.

This is a Nerf dart gun with a Fortnite theme. The gun looks like one of the blasters from the popular computer game. It comes with ten darts which can be blasted using the motorised gun (as long as there are batteries fitted!). It has a ten dart clip as well and two flip-up sights to make it easier to aim as well as an acceleration button to power up the motor.

This is a winter beanie, neck warmer and glove set. They come in different colour options but always match. The scarf and hat have a thick fleece layer so they are really warm. The gloves also have a thick warm lining too. They are stretchy and elastic and so designed to fit adults and older children of all sizes. The gloves have three fingers designed to work on touch screens.

Practical jokes are really enjoyed by some children and you are buying for a boy that loves to do pranks then they will really enjoy this kit. There are plenty of fun things for them to fool people with such as A fake smashed glass illusion, prank insects, whoopee cushion, fake poo, fake sick and nail through the finger. There are 15 in total and there are instructions included on how to use them.

This is a fun set of socks. Socks may not seem like fun but these come in a burger box and the socks are patterned so they look like the burger in the box. There are two pairs of socks and they will be fun to wear. They are 80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane and they are printed with burger, bun, onion, gherkins etc so they look really authentic.

This is a three-wheeled smart car for kids to code. It needs to be put together and can be connected with a Raspberry Pi and battery to make it go. There is a detailed tutorial and python code that you can use to use with it. It comes with all the necessary parts to build the vehicle only and the link to tutorials and codes to run it once you attach it your own raspberry pi.

This is a fun game which is part table football and part air hockey. It is called by Klask and you use a magnetic handle to defend your goal but you have to avoid magnets and try to score at the same time. It is a fun game that comes fully assembled and ready to play. It is also a portable size so can be taken anywhere to play with it.

This is a light-up football. It has two high quality LED lights located inside the football and it will light up and glow when it is kicked and it will switch off after 30 seconds of not using it. It is really bright and great for playing in the dark. It comes with a ball pump and a spare set of batteries so there is everything you need to get it ready to play.

This is a pair of gaming socks. They are black and printed on the feet is ‘I’m gaming’ and ‘do not disturb’ with a picture of a handset. The socks are made of 100% cotton and so are comfortable to wear and also warm but breathable. They are one size and they will stretch to fit most sizes of feet. They are funny and casual and are short so will work well in trainers.

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