28 Gift Ideas for a 15 Year Old Girl

By Louise
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If you are looking for a gift for a 15-year-old girl, then you have come to the right place. We have a list of gifts which vary a lot but we feel will all be suitable for girls of that age. We have found items at different prices as well, so there should be something that will suit your budget as well as the taste of the person that you are buying for. It is not always easy to find something original but hopefully, by looking at this list, you will be able to find just the right thing for them.

28 Presents for 15 Year Old Teenage Girls

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This is a bedside lamp which is also a Bluetooth speaker. It is a touch lamp and also can be used as an alarm clock, so great for having by the bed. It is colour changing but also has options of one colour and a lower brightness to use as a nightlight. It has a rechargeable battery which lasts for 12 hours if music is played continuously and it fully charges by USB in 4-5 hours.

This is a necklace with a crystal on it. There are different colours of crystals to choose from and they are cubes and the chain fits on either side. The chain is 925 sterling silver and the crystals are from Swarovski so they have lovely reflective colours. The chain is 45cm with 5cm extra if you need it and the crystal is 0.8 x 0.8cm in size. It comes in a gift box so no need to even wrap it up!

This is a makeup brush set. It has 16 different brushes in it and comes in a choice of colours. There are large brushes as well as more precise one and they are made with synthetic fibres to give a high definition finish. They have different shapes as well so are suitable for contouring, blending, shading and highlighting. They have a wooden handle which allows a good grip so they can be easily controlled.

This is a word art birthday card or print which can be personalised. It has the number 15 on it which is made out of words and you can choose words that can be included in the picture. You can choose to have a card or a larger sized print, that they could frame as a keepsake. You can also choose what colour the print is in so it ends up being a very personal item to give.

This is a brown coloured A5 notebook which is leather bound and has a picture of a princess on the leather with a butterfly pendant on the leather tie which keeps it closed. It has rings inside to hold the paper, which is plain and therefore pages can be easily removed, replaced or reordered. The papers are 18 x 26cm in size and the leather case is 20.5 x 27.5cm in size.

This is a makeup mirror which is free-standing. It has 24 LED lights around it so that it is easy to see when you are using it. It also has a 10x magnification detail mirror as well. It is battery operated and as the lights are LEDs, they will last a long time. It has a white or black plastic stand and is 12 inches in size so it is easier to see the whole face in it at once.

This is a pair of cool pyjamas for teenage girls made by The Pyjama Factory. They are black and there is a short-sleeved top and shorts. On the top, there is a white square and inside it says ‘no one cares Paris Couture’ on it. They are available in various sizes suitable for girls ages 11 – 16 years of age. They are made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Fifteen whole years of being awesome’ on it. It comes in different colours and in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years and well as adult’s sizes small – 3XL. It is made from polyester and cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and will not stretch out of shape. It is machine washable and can go in the tumble drier.

This is a pretty set of LED lights in the shape of roses. There are LED beads and each has a rose-shaped lantern on it. They are 215cm in length and they have a remote control to operate them whether you can turn them on and off and choose a flashing or constantly lit mode. They are battery-powered which means that you can put them wherever you wish.

This is a bottle of perfume. It is Vera Wang’s Princess and you can choose different sized bottles. The bottle is really pretty as it is a heart shaped with a crown-shaped gold lid on it. The bottle is a pink/purple colour so it looks really feminine and special. The perfume has a fruity and floral scent with base notes of amber and vanilla. A gift that would make a 15-year-old feel really grown up.

This is a pack of Rimmel nail polish. There are 12 bottles in the set and they are all different colours. It is 60-second polish, which means that it will dry really quickly. There are different types as well as colours such as glitter, super shine, Rita Ora and Flip Flop. It will be a mixed batch but each one will be different and so it will make a fun gift for a girl that loves to paint her nails.

This is a vanity cosmetic storage case. It has a sturdy aluminium frame and so is durable for travel purposes as well as general use. It comes with 60 items included in it which include lots of different types of makeup, nail polish and brushes. It has eye shadow, lipstick and blusher as well as pencils, transfers and a pedicure set. The case is 18cm x 25.5cm and 9.2cm and is full of items.

This is a special facial cleansing brush. It can remove makeup but also treat blackheads and exfoliate the skin. There are different sponges and brushes to use so that you can get different treatments. It will unclog pores, deep clean and scrub the skin, removes makeup, oil and dirt to reduce acne and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive with five different beauty treatments available that can be done with facial cleaners or essential oils.

This is a sterling silver necklace which has a pendant on it which has a letter shape. The pendant is 1.5 x 0.7cm in size and the chain is 45cm in size. It could have the initial of a name, surname or birth month, whatever you think would be most appropriate. It comes in an elegant gift box and is therefore all ready to give away as a special gift.

This is a pair of Remington ceramic hair straighteners. It has a digital temperature display with five settings between 160-230 degrees Celsius. It heats up quickly in 15 seconds and has an auto shut off. It has special sensors to measure the hairs moisture levels so that it can set the right temperature which will protect it from damage. They have ceramic coated plates which are infused with keratin and almond oil.

This is a Panasonic hairdryer. It provides fast and powerful drying and it has a motor which is 2500W which means that it dries really quickly and so it saves time. It gives a precise and smooth finish as the ions will coat the hair with moisture to leave hair smooth and frizz-free. It has a gentle temperature so that the hair and the scalp are protected for damage.

This is a boosting moisturiser made by The Body Shop. It is a 50ml which contains Vitamin C glow-boosting moisturiser. It is a face cream which is designed specifically for dull, tired and grumpy skin and so it would be a perfect fit for many teenagers. It has an aloe vera scent and is a lovely product to use which will help the skin to glow and look great.

This is a manicure set made by Ferryman. It comes in a case and contains everything you need to use to keep nails tidy. It is in an attractive rose gold colour and the items have high-quality stainless-steel cutting parts. They are designed for hand, foot and facial care so they can meet all of your beauty needs. The case is a portable size s you can take it anywhere with you.

This is a Sanctuary Spa gift set. There are many items all inside a bag. There is a salt scrub, moisture burst face wash, hand cream, body scrub, body wash, luxury bath float, ultra-rich wet skin moisture miracle, heel balm and an emery board. The bag is 24 x 29cm in size and has a pink and orange pattern on it and a carry handle. The bag can be reused as a wash bag once the items are used up.

This is a bath bomb and scented candle gift set. It has 4 bath bombs which are all different and infused with essential oils and are rose, lavender, tea tree and lemon. There are 2 scented candles which come in tins. They are made from soy wax which burns cleanly and are nectarine blossom & honey and vanilla & coconut. They will provide a lovely atmosphere while sitting in the bath.

This is a half dome-shaped bangle which is round and really shiny. It is made from sterling silver and comes in different widths and diameters so that you can choose the one that is the appropriate size. It has a safety chain on it which means that if it does come undone there is little chance that it will fall off. It comes in a gift box or bag, ready to give away.

This is an Asus VivoBook laptop which comes in several colour choices. It comes with a one year licence of Microsoft 365 installed and has access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It has 64GB eMMC storage with 4GB memory. It has a 14-inch display 1366 x 768 pixels and has Windows 10 Home in S mode. Would make a very welcome gift to help with schoolwork, college, university and beyond.

This an Apple iPad Air 2 which has been renewed. It is available in 32Gb or 64Gb options and has a 2048 x 1536 pixel screen resolution. It is LED-backlit and has a touch-sensitive ‘retina’ display with an anti-reflective coating and a ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint sensor. It has 2GB RAM and a 1.6Ghz Apple A8X processor. Would make a very welcome and useful gift. This is pre-owned and restored.

This is a Kindle Paperwhite essentials bundle.Not only does it include the paperwhite itself but also a leather cover in a choice of colours and an Amazon Powerfast 9w power adapter. There are various other options that you choose from as well. It is waterproof and has lots of storage so that you can download lots of books to read. Great for textbooks, revision guides as well as fiction books.

This is a pair of Dr. Matens 1460 original unisex boots. They come in a few colour choices and have the characteristic yellow stitching, Air Wair label on the back and sturdy sole. They are made from leather with laces and are built to last. They come in sizes 3 – 14 and will be a great purchase for anyone whose feet have stopped growing and so will benefit from a quality boot that will last them a long time.

This is a hoodie which says on the front of it ‘A Little Bit Dramatic’. It comes in a selection of colours and sizes for kids aged 7-13 and adults size XS-3XL. They have a kangaroo pouch pocket on the front and the adults sizes have a drawstring around the hood. They are made from 80% cotton and are therefore soft and comfortable to wear but the 20% polyester helps it to keep a good shape.

This is a neon coffee mug which can be personalised with a name up to 15 characters long on it. It is 310ml in size and it comes in Fuschia, yellow or green – each bright neon colours with a white inside. The letters are in white and are engraved on it which means that they are permanent and will not peel off. Makes a fun gift for someone that likes a mug that stands out!

This is a set of art prints which have a fashion and makeup theme. They have pictures of lipstick, eyeshadow, lips and a shoe. They have white backgrounds and the design is in black and red. They are 8 x 10 inches in size and are unframed so that they can either be stuck up like posters or framed in a frame which will match the rest of the décor in the room.

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