27 Presents for Girls 16th Birthdays

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Birthday gifts can not always be easy to buy. We want your gift to be really special and for the person getting it to really appreciate it and therefore it can take time to choose the perfect gift. This is why we have put together some lists of gifts to help inspire you. This one is for buying birthday gifts for girls that are turning 16. This is an important birthday for many girls and so it can be lovely to buy them a really special gift. Our suggestions include a big range of items which will appeal to girls with different tastes.

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This is a 100% 925 Sterling Silver necklace for a 16th birthday gift. It has a heart shaped pendant which has “Sweet 16” within. There is also a Birthstone attached separately on the chain which gives it an elegant look. The size of the pendant is 1.8cm , the chain Length is 45cm and it weighs 3.38 grams. It comes with free delivery and is in a gift box and so it is all ready to give away as a really lovely gift.

This is a lovely sweet hamper specifically designed to be given as a 16th birthday gift. It has a special 16th birthday print inside the lid. Inside the hamper there are bags of different types of sweets such as Jazzies, candy sticks, chocolate footballs, cola bottles, Drumstick lollies, flying saucers, Tangfastics, Moams, bubble gum, pick and mix, Refreshers, Lovehearts etc. There is a big selection of different sweets, so there will be something to please everyone.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in a big selection of different colours such as: black, white, yellow, blue, green, orange, red, yellow and purple. On the front of it, it says ‘It took 16 years to get this awesome’ with some thumbs pointing upwards. It comes in sizes small – XXL and is made from a cotton and polyester mix, so that it is comfortable to wear. It has a regular fit and machine washable.

This is a mug which is mainly white with pink and a cream print on it, the mug is 80mm diameter and 95mm high. It has a cake with candles at the top and says ‘Keep Calm [name] you’re only 16’. It is a lovely personal present which will be really special for any girl and is also useful so they will make use of it a lot. It is dishwasher safe as well.

This is a photo frame which is silver coloured and has ‘Happy 16th Birthday’ written on it. It is 5 x 3.5 inches and can fit a landscape photo in it. It can be given with a photo inside or without so the recipient can choose one that they would like to put in it. It is a very low price and comes with free delivery, so makes a great budget gift idea.

This is a keyring with a selection of pendants on it. It has a chain with a main pendant which is a crescent moon with the number 16 hanging inside and on the moon it says ‘I love you to the moon and back’. On the chain there are three pendants. One is a little heart which says ‘made with love on it’. There is a wing and opposite an angel which says ‘made for an angel’ on it. The circle pendant is 30mm and the other charms are 11mm and they are all silvery coloured metal.

This is a drinks coaster which can be personalised with word art. There is the number 16 which is made from lots of words including ‘Happy Birthday’ and a name of your choice. At the bottom you can also add a message which might say who it is from, for example, It is 10 x 10 cm and has a white background with words in a choice of silver, blue or red.

This is a special charm bracelet for a daughter’s 16th birthday. It has a selection of beads on it and three charms. One charm is the number 16, one is a heart with the word ‘daughter’ on it and a gemstone and the other is a heart with stones on it. All of the gemstones, including those on some of the beads are clear and the bracelet and beads are silver coloured.

This is a rose gold coloured tumbler which says on it ’16 & fabulous’.  It is made from stainless steel and is 20oz in size. It comes with a metal straw and a cleaning brush for the straw.  It also comes with a lid to prevent spills. This will help to keep drinks hot or cold for longer periods of time. They all come boxed which means they are ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a lovely necklace with a heart shaped pendant. The pendant has ‘Sweet 16’ written on it and has some flowers printed around it. It is a locket so it is hinged and opens up and pictures can be put inside it. It is made from 925 sterling silver and comes with a chain which is 18 inches long. A lovely keepsake gift for any 16 year old girl that loves jewellery.

This is a pillowcase which can be personalised. It is white in the background with pink and black writing on. At the top it says a name of choice then ‘est:’ with a sate of choice and underneath it says ‘Happy 16th Birthday love from [name]’. It has some pink stars around it. It is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and measures 50 x 75cm. A useful and thoughtful gift idea.

This is a Tote bag which is a natural 100% organic cotton in a natural colour and says on it in black ‘Established 2004’. It is 15 inches wide by 16 inches tall and has long handles. It would be a great gift and useful for sports kit, days out or shopping.  This would make a great gift on its own or for using as a reusable gift bag.

This is a white wooden plaque which is freestanding and says ‘Happy Birthday’ on it in black. It comes with a pen that can go in the special holder which is in it. The idea is that the pen can write on the white surface and so the birthday girl can use it to collect signatures and messages from people, perhaps those attending her birthday party or visiting her for her birthday. It measures 33 x 22.2 cm and makes a unique gift idea.

This is a personalised coaster. It is white and has some pastel coloured bunting at the top with ‘Happy Birthday’ written underneath. Then there is the number 16 and a name and message under which can be personalised. It is 9 x 9 cm and is a high gloss finish meaning that it can be easily wiped clean with a non-slip wooden back, which will protect the surface it is on from heat or cold.

This is a pair of 925 sterling silver stud earrings. Each pair has a stone and you can choose the one that corresponds to the right month to pick the birthstone of the recipient. Alternatively, you can just pick some which are in their favourite colour or favourite stone. There are lots to choose from and you can pick a round or heart design. The gemstones are not the real stones, but they are the right colour.

This is a t-shirt which is short sleeved and says on it ‘Level 16 complete’. It has a multi-coloured striped pattern with a games console handset pictured on it. The t-shirt comes in different colours such as: black, navy, asphalt, royal blue, cranberry, brown, olive, dark heather, heather blue and purple. It is available in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from cotton and polyester and has a classic fit, crew neck and is machine washable.

This is a set of 16th birthday decorations. There is a pair of balloons which are all foil in a ‘1’ and ‘6’ shape and 40 inches high. There is also two 18 inch heart shaped balloons, two 18 inch star shaped foil balloons and ten 12 inch latex round balloons. They are all in a rose gold colour and can be used as decorations for one or several rooms for a 16th birthday celebration.

This is a jewellery box which would make a great gift for any girl that loves her jewellery. It is 8.3 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches in size and made from synthetic leather with a velvet lining, so it has a luxurious feel to it. Inside the lid there is a mirror and inside there is a removable layer with lots of sections for storing different items of jewellery. There are 4 ring holder slots, 4 small compartments and one large compartment. Underneath this removable bit there are 7 more storage spaces for other items.

This is a hoodie which says on the front of it ‘Established 2004’. It has a drawstring around the hood which is in the same colour as the hoodie. It is available in a selection of colours: grey, black, charcoal, maroon, purple, sapphire, white, navy and royal blue. It has a round neck and a regular fit with a pocket on the front and long sleeves.  It is available in sizes XS – XXL.

This is a wooden heart shaped plaque which says on it ‘Happy 16th Birthday, here’s to 16 years, 192 months, 832 weeks, 5,840 days, 140,160 hours, 8,409,600 minutes, 504,576,000 seconds of being awesome’. It has a design with stars and a streamer around it. There is a hole drilled in the top for hanging it up and it measures 10 x 10 cm so it can also be used as a gift tag on a present.

This is an official ‘Me to You’ Tatty teddy in a box. The teddy is inside a box with its head sticking out of the top and its legs poking through the front of the box. It has a tag on its ear which says ‘16th Birthday’. The teddy is about 18cm and looks really cute. It also has the number 16 on the bottom of one foot, so will make a really lovely keepsake and cuddly gift.

This is a heart shaped trinket box in a silver colour. It has a fully removable lid, so that things can easily be taken in and out. It has ’16 Happy Birthday’ engraved on the top with some decorative swirls either side of the writing. It would make a great container for earrings and other small things and you could always put something inside it when giving it. It measures 7.8 x 7.6 x 3.8cm in size.

This is a fun pair of novelty socks in one size which fits sizes 6-11. They are mainly black but they have yellow stars all over with orange cuff, toes and heel. There is also writing on the leg part which says ‘simply the best 16 year old’. They are made from 58% cotton, 20% nylon, 14% polyester and 2% elastane. A useful and fun gift to give a 16 year old.

This is a personalised bar of chocolate. The bar contains 110g of milk chocolate and the label can be personalised. You can have ‘Happy Birthday [name] aged [age]’ on the front of it. It can also have a personal message on the back. The chocolate is Galaxy, so it is a delicious silky smooth chocolate bar and has that personal touch to make it a very thoughtful present, which will be liked by any chocolate lover.

This is a set of decorations for a 16th birthday. There is a banner, some bunting, confetti and a badge. The banner is white with rose gold foil writing that says ‘Happy 16th Birthday’. The bunting has 11 flags and is 3.9 meters long and each has the number 16 on it. The confetti is 14g and is all gold stars and the badge is 3 inches and says 16 on it with a holographic style colouring to it.

This is a 16th birthday survival kit. It is a small organza bag with a selection of small gifts inside it. Attached to the bag is a card which explains the relevance of all of the items inside the bag. It is a fun and sentimental gift which is really original and should be entertaining for them. Inside there are things such as a party balloon, candle, love heart and smiley face.

This is a 925 sterling silver necklace. It has a bar shaped pendant which has an engraving on it that says ‘she believed she could’ on one side and ‘so she did’ on the other side. It comes on a chain which can be altered to size between 40cm and 45cm. The inspirational message is also written on the card which the necklace is in. It also comes in a jewellery box, so all ready to give as a lovely gift.

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