32 Gifts for a 17 Year Old Girl

By Louise
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The seventeenth birthday is a special birthday, the year before they officially turn an adult, the year they can register to vote and the year when they can start learning to drive a car. We have chosen a selection of gift suggestions that we know your seventeen-year-old family member or friend will love. We have hoodies, pampering, hair and make-up sets, perfumes, head phones, jewellery, art work, bags and purses, bedding, and novelty gifts and even a lamp and watch. These gifts will all contribute to making that special birthday, the best birthday ever. You will not fail to find the perfect gift here.

32 Presents for 17th Birthday Girls

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This lovely bracelet features the numbers ‘1’ and ‘7’ in Morse code which is perfect for a seventeenth birthday present. It is made from a silver alloy for the pretty beads whilst the band is made from treated fibres.  The bracelet can be adjusted and will fit wrists sized between sixteen and twenty-six centimetres. The delicate yet durable bracelet is presented alongside the Morse Code and in a presentation case.

This beautifully designed mug is available in two sizes with either a capacity of 11 fl oz or 15 fl oz. On both sides of the mug the following words are depicted – ‘You are absolutely the very best 17-year-old in the whole wide world,’ in black against a white background. Yellow stars, red hearts and black squiggles surround the text. Made from Ceramic the birthday girl will cherish this gift.

This trendy gym style bag measures 44 cm length by 37.5 cm width. The bag is white with the words ’17 years old Girl’ written in black. Made from synthetic fibres, this bag can be used for going to school or college, going to the gym, going into town at the weekend with friends, for taking kit to sports activities and other hobbies or even for just general use. A cute bag.

This handy sized compact mirror features the words ’17 years old Girl’ on the front outer part of the mirror that is metallic material. There are two real mirrors inside on either side. Easy to open but with a secure locking mechanism, this mirror is in the shape of a heart and measures 7 cm in width, 6 cm in length with a depth of 0.8 cm. A sweet gift for the 17-year-old birthday girl.

This stylish and useful set will make a lovely gift for the seventeen-year-old and their parents! No more excuses for nail polish stains on bedding and clothing! Made from natural fibre, this square cushion even has a pouch for keeping nail files and other related kit and a specific area where polish can be stored securely reducing risk of spillages. The cushion features pink flamingos on a turquoise spotted background.

This thoughtful and decorative gift will have the seventeen-year-old speechless. This gift is personalised for the birthday girl and features the number the number ’17’ made from words that are meaningful to the recipient. You can choose from sixteen two tone colours, for example, the pink will use a mix of hot pink and baby pink throughout the words. The size of the word art can also be customised with the choice as to whether you want it framed.

This gorgeous set will make the birthday girl, an incredibly happy girl with a pampering session whether with friends or for a night in. Included in this set, that are all full sized, is a mascara, clay mask and a water-based cleanser and all presented in an elegant presentation box. Made by the prominent brand L’Oréal, you cannot go wrong with this gift set that is suitable for all skin types.

The cute key ring will make a perfect birthday gift for the seventeen-year-old. With a diameter of 2.5 cm the front of the key ring depicts a car tax disc that can be personalised with the date of her birth or birthday date, her name and a message. The ‘car tax disc’ has number ’17’ at the bottom and is primarily pink and white with black text.

Wow! This exquisite bag is something else and will make a truly amazing 17th birthday gift! Made from artificial leather, this roomy bag can be used as a shoulder bag, an over the body or as a traditional handbag. Available in four colour choices with black, dark grey, light grey or pink this bag features an intricate design on the front. The bag has a number of different sections to organise belongings.

This pretty toiletry bag with several useful compartments can be used to organise toiletries at home or to use when travelling. Available in three designs: plain black, light pink with whole flowers and a light pink with flower heads. Measuring 20 cm height by 24 cm width and 13 cm depth this bag has a lot of capacity. A useful but lovely looking gift. You can not go wrong.

This beautiful and personalised necklace will make the perfect gift for the seventeen-year-old girl. There are two options available. The pendant is made using a silver alloy whilst the sparkly jewel is either zirconium or multi-coloured topaz, and the chain is coated using a silver compound. The pendant is personalised with the birthday girls’ initial and measures 2.4 cm in length with a width of 1.35 cm.

These unusual green pearl earrings are absolutely stunning and will make a statement. In addition to green they are also available in Gold and White Pearls. The backs of the earrings is made from a silver compound whilst the pearls originate from the respected and renowned brand Swarovski. Captivating these green pearls earrings relate to change and personal development which for a seventeen year old is incredibly meaningful.

A very apt gift for the teenage element of the seventeen-year-old! This hoodie is made from quality materials ensuring a comfy experience. The hoodie is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large and triple extra-large and a whopping eight colours. You can choose from black, greys, blues, maroon, purple and pink. On the front of the hoodie there is white text ‘All I need in life – Food, Sleep and Wi-Fi,’ with a relevant illustration for each activity.

This gorgeous purse will make the sweetest gift. Made from synthetic material, this purse features a two-tone colour scheme with an incredible fifteen styles to choose from. The one shown is baby blue on the outside and baby pink inside, with a gold heart on the front of the purse and the words ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Since 1991.’ The opening clasp is also gold. Compartments within the purse allow for organisation of cards, coins and notes.

This irrestible hoodie comes in one size and is longer than most traditional hoodies coming down just below knee level and has a super sized pouch to match. This hoodie is available in five colours, black, blue, dark grey, pink and light grey and made using synthetic fibres which creates a luxurious feel. This hoodie will be sure to keep the teenager warm and cosy on those winter nights … and days whether as loungewear or nightwear.

Everything a girl needs to practice the application of make up and experimenting to develop her style. Presented in a very cool metal container that can be reused, this set includes brushes and other implements to prepare for the application of or to prepare for make up in addition to eyeshadows, blushers, nail polish, lipsticks, lip liners and eyeliners. This make up set is literally bursting with make up. A seriously ‘Wow’ factor gift.

Another super cool hoodie for the seventeen year old girl. Available in extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large and triple extra-large, you can also choose from eight different colours: black, navy, purple, maroon, pink, grey, blue and brown. The text on the front of the hoodie says ‘A little bit dramatic’ in white writing. Great quality with the traditional pull string hooded part and pouch, this fabulous hoodie will not disappoint.

An incredible fifteen make-up brushes are included in the brush set. This brush set comes in rose gold or silver and a lovely container to store the brushes. The black outer box is stylish with the name of the brand on either a rose gold or silver background colour dependant on your choice of colour. Suitable for all skin types and unlikely to cause any reaction these brushes are also vegan friendly made without any harm or testing on animals.

This beautiful make up and beauty bag will make a lovely gift. The bag is available in two colours, black and beige, and three sizes, small, medium, and large. The bag can be personalised with the birthday girls’ name on the front of the bag. The joined up pretty text is in sparkly gold on the black bag and glittery silver on the natural bag. These bags are great quality and long-lasting.

From the renowned and respected brand Hollister that produces items for teens and young, this perfume is no exception. This spray Eau De Parfum perfume comes in a red orange outer box and red orange bottle with a pink opener and brand name and logo on the bottom of the bottle. In addition to the 100 ml bottle, it comes in two other sizes which are 30 ml and 50 ml. This light floral and fruity fragrance will make a fabulous gift.

Every young lady needs a good brush set. This detangling brush and comb set is perfect for getting those hard to reach and remove those impossible knots. Available in three gorgeous colours which are rose gold, pink and orange and blue and purple this set is suitable for all hair types and works quickly on dry hair and wet hair. This set is presented beautifully in its presentation box.

This elegant fairy light set will brighten up the young lady’s bedroom whilst recreating happy moments and remembering thoughtful words with up to sixty photos and cards being clipped on to it. Battery operated, there are one hundred light emitting diodes on this set. It is easy to fasten to the wall and comes with twenty traceless nails, the unit for storing batteries and sixty fasteners. All you need is some batteries and gift wrap to complete this thoughtful gift.

This trendy bag for the seventeenth girl will keep her personal items such as their phones and purse more secure with this over the body bag design. With adaptable straps this style of bag also means hands are kept free when shopping and can be inconspicuous. The bag is black with the Converse logo and name printed on the bottom of the bag. This bag with different sections allows them to keep their personal items in specific place and easy to reach.

This unique set of face masks allows the teen to adapt their treatment regime to different parts of their face dependant on skin type. There are three face masks included with a volume of thirty millilitres each.  The pink tube is the ‘glow’ facemask, whilst the green is ‘detox and blue ‘youth.’ This will truly keep the seventeen-year-old occupied for hours and a gift they will love.

Not only is this watch functional by monitoring fitness movements, counting steps, recording sleep patterns that can also be used to add up daily calories consumed, but it is also water resistant. The watch is also available in three lovely colours – black, blue, pink and purple and has the ability to synchronise with their mobile phone. Easy to set up, use and charge this watch will put a smile on the birthday girl’s face.

A lovely gift for the seventeen year old activist. Included in this gift set is a Citrus hair and body wash, Cucumber face cleanser, Mint Walnut body scrub, a Citrus face and body lotion, and Papaya and Pineapple face mask that are all kind to the young person’s skin. This gift is presented beautifully in a wicker basket with a pink gingham inner part. This set is produced without cruelty to animals, respectful to animals in the sea, contains no microbeads and is Vegan.

A seventeenth birthday just would not be the same without a classy perfume and nothing ticks that box like this Beyonce fragrance. Fruity and floral, this highly rated perfume comes in three sizes 15 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. Even the bottle that the perfume comes in looks stylish. It is a uniquely shaped bottle in purple. Just below the opening is the name ‘Beyonce.’  This Eau de Parfum will truly make the seventeen year old’s birthday a very happy day.

This laptop will make the ultimate seventeenth birthday present! and if hot pink is not their colour it also comes in black, an electric blue and white. Great quality and easy to use this will keep the seventeen year old entertained for hours whether its connecting with friends on Facebook or undertaking research for homework. This laptop also comes with a bag to store the lap top in, an independent mouse with its mat and headphones. This truly is one very cool birthday gift.

These nail polishes will make a super little gift for the seventeenth birthday. The set includes six sparkly nails paints with these colours – gold, silver, orange, red, blue and green. Quick drying, each varnish contains 0.34 fl oz and the bottle has a height of 10 cm.  They will have so much fun experimenting with these colours either on their own or at their birthday party!

This noise cancelling, wireless headphones will make a special gift! These headphones allow the recipient to connect their devices that they play music on via Wi-Fi or via a cable if they prefer. They are also a compact option as they can be folded away. Other features include comfy earcups and quality sound. They are available in eight chic colours including rose gold, yellow gold and purple.

This classy and stylish bedding set is available in both single and double sizes. The single comes with one pillow case and a duvet cover whilst the double comes with two pillowcases and a duvet cover. The bedding white with the design featuring the words ‘lash out’ in gold with a set of eyelashes below the writing. The design is the same on both the pillowcase/s and duvet covers.

This precious wall art will serve as a reminder to the teenager, as it sits on their bedroom wall, how loved they are. The words written on this piece of art are, ‘Always remember you are braver thank you think, Stronger than you seem and, loved more than you know.’ It is available in three sizes from A0 which measures 91 cm length by 61 cm width to A4 size, 31 cm length by 20 cm length. This is truly a beautiful gift.

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