30 Presents for a Females 18th Birthday

Updated on September 6th, 2021
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It can be quite difficult to buy gifts when people have a milestone birthday. You know that they will get a lot of things from different people and this might mean that you want your present to stand out. It can then be tricky to know exactly what to get. We have therefore put together a list of items, so that you have some ideas of things that you could possibly get. We hope that you will find it really useful and will be able to use it as inspiration, so that you can find a really great gift. There is a big selection of things at a range of prices.

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This is a compact mirror which has a silver colour to it which is shiny and pretty. It is engraved on the top with ‘18th birthday’ and has some butterflies also on it. Inside there is a mirror on each side, so whichever way it is opened it will be able to easily see in the mirror. It measures around 7.8 x 7.2 x 2.4cm and so can easily slip inside a pocket, handbag or drawer.

This is a novelty roll of loo roll. It is mainly white and printed with what looks like a round road sign with a red circular outline and the number 18 in the middle in black. It is 10cm wide and has a 250cm length. It is a really different idea and so is likely to be a gift that they will not get from anyone else. It comes wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it clean and looking good.

This is a porcelain heart shaped dish. It is made by East of India and it is white in colour. In the middle it says ‘Eighteen’ and has a heart printed on it. It comes in a pretty gift box which has ‘18’ on the lid. It is 5.6 x 5.4 x 1.8cm in size and comes with free shipping. It is a pretty little gift, that would look nice on a dressing table or bedside table.

This is a set of 8 jars filled with different types of sweets. The small plastic jars each have a sticker on with a symbol, number or digit on and put together they read ‘big[heart]18[heart]’. Inside the jars are retro sweets such: as bubble gum balls, dolly mixture, cola bottles, fried eggs, jelly beans, bonbons, fruit salad and shrimps. Great for someone with a sweet tooth who likes retro sweets.

This is a glass key in a plush presentation box. The key has gold coloured detailing on it and the top of it is in a heart shape and there is a sentimental message inside the lid of the box which measures 14.4 x 10.8 x 6cm. It says ‘Congratulations you’re eighteen and now you hold the key. For you the happiest times there are, throughout the years to be.’ A keepsake gift idea.

This is a wooden box which is hinged and in a size that you can put a bottle of wine or champagne inside it. It has a message on the outside which says ‘2002 vintage year Happy 18th Birthday, aged to perfection’. It is a unique gift which will make the bottle that you are giving look so much better than putting it in a gift bag. Then they will also have a keepsake box that they can use to store other things in.

This is a key in a presentation box. The key is solid metal and has a heart shaped top with the number 18 on the part that would go into a lock. The top is tied with a ribbon and the key is inside a grey gift box. Inside the box it says ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ and underneath it says ‘celebration keepsake key’.  It measures about 7cm x 1cm so is about the size of a front door key.

This is a photo album with an 18th birthday theme. It is cream coloured with silver and gold foil and black writing and pictures on the front. It says ‘Happy Birthday 18. Wishing you a wonderful day that’s perfect in every way, congratulations and best wishes! Many happy returns’. It measures 18.5 x 18.5cm and it can be given full of photos with memories from the last 18 years or empty for them to fill up themselves.

This is a mini photo frame. It is in the shape of the number ‘18’ and it is at the bottom of the 8 that is there is space to put a photo. The frame is mainly silver coloured (it is made of stainless steel) and has diamante crystals around the side of it. It measures 5 x 8cm and so has room for a really little photo, which you could print and put in or leave for them to put on in themselves.

This is a word art print which is a heart shape. It has a selection of words in it and you can choose up to 10 words, so you can include a name and 18th birthday or other relevant things. You can choose what colour the writing will be. It can also comes in different sizes such as a greetings card in A5, A4 or A3 and you can choose to have it framed or unframed.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which is available in black or white. On the front it says ‘causing chaos since 2002’. It comes in sizes small – XXL and is made from cotton. It is a crew neck t-shirt with a classic fit and would make a fun gift for any girl turning 18. A useful gift that they can wear and then could be kept as a keepsake as well, if they wish.

This is a bangle bracelet specifically designed as an 18th birthday gift. It is a silver plated bracelet which has a pendant on it, which is round and has an inscription on it which is the number ‘18’. It is 55mm so it will fit a petite wrist and it opens on a looped clasp that opens nice and wide to get it on and off easily. It comes in a pretty gift box, so it makes a really special looking gift.

This is a rose which comes with a stand. There is a choice of blue, pink or purple rose and they all have a gold stem and green leaves. They come with a stand which is made from see through Perspex and a cardboard box which says ‘Love’ on the front. They are made from real roses and the petals and leaves have been resin preserved and then gold dipped like the stem.

This is a tote shopping bag which says on it ‘Made in 2002 limited edition’. It is made from ethically sourced ring spun organic cotton and has a natural cotton colour (or there is the option of white) with the writing printed on in black. It measures 15 inches high and 16 inches across and is therefore suitable for carrying shopping, a sports kit, college books or great for days out.

This is a ‘Me to You’ brand Tatty teddy in a box. The teddy is soft and cuddly and has a blue nose and patches on it. It is holding a key which has a ribbon around it and the number 18. It measures about 18cm and will make lovely keepsake gift for any 18 year old girl. A cute gift idea which will please any girl that loves soft cuddly toys.

This is a wine glass charm which has been specifically designed for an 18th birthday gift. It has a silver plated heart charm on it which has a diamante and the word ’18th’ on it. It also has pink and clear Swarovski crystals on it. It will make a lovely gift on its own or to accompany a wine glass or bottle of booze, A great way to celebrate them being old enough to start drinking!

This is a fun keyring which has two pendants on it. One is circular and says on it ‘Happy 18th birthday’ and the other is rectangular and says ‘OMG! I’m an adult now!’ on it. They are both made from stainless steel, so they will not tarnish or rust and are attached to the ring. Therefore they can be used for keys or as a bag charm or just a keepsake.

This is an 18th birthday survival kit. It is a small organza bag which is filled with nine small novelty gifts. On the outside of the bag is a laminated card, which explains the meaning behind each of the gifts. For example: ‘sweets – to make your 18th birthday extra sweet’, ‘sword – to fight the signs of aging’ and ‘bubble gum – to celebrate with some bubbly’. A fun novelty gift which could end up being their most unusual present.

This is a tumbler which is engraved. On it, it says ‘2002 limited edition vintage aged to perfection’. It is a lowball glass, perfect for spirits or soft drinks as it measures 9cm in diameter and is 9.5 cm tall. It has a platinum metal print on it and so looks really luxurious. It comes in a pull cord pouch with a velvet sheen in a cardboard gift box so makes a really lovely looking gift.

This is a wish jar specifically designed as an 18th birthday gift. It comes with a reel of 100 tickets with a pen and these are the wish tickets. The idea is that you write your wishes on the back of the tickets and pop them in the jar. The jar measures 10cm x 20.5cm x 10cm. It comes in a cardboard box so it is all ready to present to someone as a lovely keepsake gift.

This is a coaster which can be personalised.  At the top you can have a name of your choice. Under it, it says ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ and below is the date of the birthday. It is made of hardwood which is non-slip and will protect the surface underneath and has a glossy surface so it is easy to keep clean. It measures 9cm x 9cm and comes in a presentation wallet.

This is a book called ‘Time to Grow up and Handle Your Sh*t! A Guidebook for Young Adults’ written by Bridget Higgins. This is a gag book for young adults, so that they can have a laugh – not a serious guidebook. It has all sorts of silly suggestions and hopefully this will make them realise that even though they have become an adult they will not have to always take life that seriously!

This is a pretty digital alarm clock with a unicorn on it. It is also a lamp and can be used as a nightlight. It is very easy to set the time and alarm and means that the recipient will have no excuse for being late for college or work! It is a fun and pretty gift too and will brighten up any bedside table. It comes with a charging cable, but could be used with batteries if required.

This is a hipflask which is made of stainless steel with a pink leather wrapping on the outside. It can be personalised with the age of the recipient, which will be printed inside a floral part and underneath a message perhaps Happy Birthday, something inspirational or who it is from, all on the pink leather part. The lid is attached, so that it will not get lost when you take it off.

This is a lucky sixpence in a presentation box. The box says ‘Happy Birthday 18 lucky sixpence’ on it with a balloon design and the writing is in bright colours. Sixpences are supposed to bring good fortune and wealth to the keeper, so it could be a very welcome gift. It comes in a protective plastic case, which measures 50mm x 50mm and it sits in a black cushion interior, but can be removed if required.

This is a special glass square which can be engraved and given as a keepsake. It can have any personalisation up to 25 letters on each line with up to 3 lines, so it is a perfect way to give a message to someone on their 18th birthday. Underneath you can choose a star or heart design. It is free standing and measures 8 x 8 x 2 cm and so is really cute as well. .

This is a pair of novelty socks. They are black in colour with blue on the cuffs, toe and heels. On it there are lots of yellow stars and also some writing which says ‘simply the best 18 year old’. They are designed to fit shoe sizes 6-11 and they are unisex and machine washable. They make a great novelty gift and are cheap and have free delivery so could be a great addition to another gift.

This is a special pillowcase which can be personalised. It has a picture of a key with a red ribbon on it and says ‘Happy 18th’ and then you can add a name of your choice and a message underneath. It is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and measures 50 x 75cm, so will fit a standard pillow. It would make a lovely keepsake gift that could last a lifetime.

This is a family tree ornament with six hanging photo frames. The photo frames are 8.1 cm x 5.6cm and can be tied onto the tree and you can choose pictures to put in it. It could make a lovely sentimental gift for a special birthday, such as when someone turns 18. They may appreciate having a set of family photos, particularly if they will be leaving home to go to university.

This is a special drinking cup/mason jar. It is glass with a handle which is pink and says on it ’18 gorgeous’ and has a black screw top  lid with a pink and white striped paper straw through a hole in it. It is dishwasher safe and can be reused lots of times. It comes in a presentation box, so is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

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