34 Presents for a Males 18th Birthday

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Buying gifts for male teens can be pretty tricky and when they have a milestone birthday, such as when they turn 18 it can be even harder. Giving them money may just seem unmemorable, so you might want to get them a gift to go with it or just a gift instead.  This way they will have something that they can keep or at least that they will enjoy for a while. We have therefore put together a list of items in the hope that you will be able to find something that will suit them and you. There are a range of things at different prices, so hopefully there will be something that will work.

34 Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Males

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This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘It took 18 years to get this awesome’ with some thumbs pointing upwards on it. The shirt is available in sizes small – XXL and in a big selection of colours including black, white, blue, green, yellow, red, orange and purple. They are made from 100% cotton or a cotton and polyester mix and so are really comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

This is a pint glass which has a message on the front of it. It says on the front ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ and has 3 stars below it. It is 9 x 16 cm in size and is in a standard pint glass shape. It would make a great gift for an 18 year old, as they will be able to start drinking for the first time and so having their own glass to do it from will be a great gift for them.

This is an 18th birthday survival kit. It is a small organza bag measuring 13 x 18cm, which is filled with 13 small gifts. The bag has a laminated card attached to it which explains the significance of every gift inside. It is a sentimental gift and a good price as well, so something you could give together with a card or other gift or just great for someone with a low budget.

This is a personalised print, which is all about the day the recipient was born. There is room to put their name on it and it has their date of birth and then information about what happened on that day. Things like – on this day, famous people born on that day, number ones and news in the year they were born. It is an interesting item and comes in A4 or A3 size.

This is a personalised coaster. It says a name of choice at the top then ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ and has the date below. It is white with blue and red print on it and it measures 9cm x 9cm. It is made of hardwood so it will last well and protect the surface underneath it and it is also non-slip. The top is glossy, so it will wipe clean if needed. It comes in a protective sleeve.

This is a photo album designed specifically for an 18th birthday gift. It says ‘Happy 18th Birthday’on the front and has other messages on it too in white, black and foiled writing. Inside you will be able to put a selection of photos in for them, perhaps documenting their first 18 years or you could leave it blank for them to fill with pictures from their party or other memorable times.

This is a stainless steel hip flask, which is 11cm high by 9cm wide and 2cm deep. It has a hinged lid, so that the lid stays attached to the flask when drinking and therefore it cannot get lost. On the front it says ‘18th Birthday’ with some stars around it. It comes in a presentation box, so it looks good and is ready to give away as a special gift.

This is a special black leather bracelet, which has thin coils of twisted leather. It has some metal detailing such as: a clasp and including a pendant which can be engraved for free with a name and the number 18. It is designed to fit a wrist between 18-21cm. It comes in a presentation box, so it looks really special when you give it as a gift. It even comes with free shipping.

This is a metal key which has the number 18 on the part you would normally put into the lock. It has a heart shape at the top, which has a white satin ribbon tied on it. Inside the presentation box, which is an elegant grey colour, it says ‘Happy 18th Birthday’. A great keepsake which is 7xm x 1cm so the size of real door key, which could even be attached to a keyring before giving it away.

This is an engraved bottle opener. An appropriate gift for someone who is going to be the right age to be allowed to drink. You can have any message engraved on the bottle opener and it is on a keyring, so it can be easily carried around if the recipient wants to always have one handy or that they can pop in a drawer at home to use when needed.

This is an engraved pocket watch. It has ’18’ engraved on it and you can also choose a personalised message to go in it. It is 45mm in size and the quartz movement is powered by a battery. The face of the watch is mother of pearl and the main watch is a silvery metal. It comes in a presentation box, which means that it will look really lovely when being given as a gift.

This is a set which includes an engraved pint glass and bottle of cider. The glass can be personalised and say ‘[name]’s cider Happy Birthday love from [names]’. The glass is 80mm in diameter and 180mm high and comes with a choice of drinks, so you can pick the most appropriate. The glass and the bottle come in a black or blue silk lined presentation box, which will give it all a very elegant look.

This is a pair of socks which are one size. They are mainly black with yellow stars on and have blue on the top elastic, toe and heel.  Near the top they say ‘Simply the best 18 year old’ on them. They are a fun novelty gift and also practical. They are machine washable and made from 58% cotton, 20% nylon, 14% polyester and 2% elastane. They come with free delivery.

This is a pair of cufflinks which are made of solid brass but silver in colour. They are unusual because they are round and have a gear knob design on them. They are 17mm in diameter and have a rounded dome shape, which looks smart and elegant but the gear lever print makes them fun. They come in a presentation gift box, so great for giving as a present to a car lover.

This is a glass plaque to personalise with your own message and you can choose either stars or hearts to go underneath. It is a great way to give someone who is turning 18 a sentimental or loving message. The plaque measures 8 x 8 x 2 cm in size and comes in a black gift box, so it will be a small and cute gift that will not take up a lot of room but be a lovely keepsake.

This is an interesting wooden sign which measures 19cm high x 29cm wide and 2.5cm deep. It is the number ‘18’ and it is plain white but comes with a pen (which can be held on the plaque, using the special holder). The idea it that the recipient will collect messages and signatures from people on the wooden plaque, as they can write on it using the pen. A unique idea for a gift.

This is a shot glass which has a blue square printed on it with a black striped border and ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ in the middle written in black and white. It is a great 18th birthday gift, as the recipient will be legally allowed to drink, so getting them something booze related can be very apt. It is also rather pretty and would look good being used or displayed as a keepsake.

This is an illusion lamp. It has a black base with a Perspex top which when lit, looks like a three dimensional guitar. It has different colours and modes to choose from where it can flash or remain one colour. It can be charged using a USB or takes 2 x AAA batteries. It has remote control or a touch button. It comes boxed and would make a great gift for someone that loves music.

This is wrapping paper specifically with an 18th birthday theme. The paper has stars and the number ‘18’ all over it in different bright colours. The pack includes two sheets of paper as well as one matching gift tag in white. A great way to buy paper for a present, as if you go to the shops in town you might end up with the same paper that everyone else uses!

This is a personalised guitar plectrum. You can choose the text that gets put on it, so you can choose an 18th birthday message, inspirational quote or something like that. It is 30mm x 25mm and comes in a presentation case, which has a magnetic clasp to keep it shut. It looks like a really great gift for someone that plays a stringed instrument such as a guitar, banjo or ukulele.

This is a silver coloured photo frame which has a message under the photo window. The window is in landscape and you can choose whether to put a photo in it or leave it empty for them to choose a picture. Under the picture window it says ‘Happy 18th Birthday’. The frame measures 22 x 16 x 2.6cm in size and on the back there is a support, so it can be stood up on a shelf and also a hanging attachment, so it can be put on a wall. It even has free delivery.

This is a fun notebook as it has a picture on the cover of two llamas one is white holding a stick with a star on and under it says ’me’ and the other is a brown llama bowing down and it says ‘Other 16 year olds’. The notebook itself is 6 x 9 inches in size and has a matte finish cover. It is a useful item which is lined, so it can be used as a diary, journal, notebook etc.

This is a bifold wallet in brown leather. It has a rustic look and opens out to reveal 8 card slots, 2 cash holders and an ID window as well. It has an RFID blocking lining as well, which means that the contents are kept safe and secure. It has an ultra slim profile too which means that it easily fits in any pocket. It measures 4.7 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches.

This is a fun gift which is a novelty pen that writes in blue.  It is white with a red front and some silver detailing. On it is written ‘All I got for my 18th birthday was this sh*t pen’. It is written on one side of the pen so it can be hidden if necessary. It is a fun gift and has free delivery, so it could be great to pop in with a card.

This is a coaster which is white with black and blue writing on it. It says ‘Happy 18th Birthday you are now 6574 days old, 157785 hours old, 9467086 minutes old , 568025136 seconds old but whose counting’. It is made from sturdy wood, which will protect the surface it is on and is non-slip, but the printed surface is glossy and so it can easily be wiped clean. It measures 9cm x 9cm.

This is a personalised chocolate bar. It is a 110g bar of Galaxy milk chocolate with a printed paper wrapper. It says on it ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ at the top with lots of poo emojis underneath it and at the bottom has a name of your choice. A delicious gift that is a great keepsake. It comes with free delivery as well, so makes a great budget gift which will go down really well.

This is a keepsake wooden box, which can be personalised. It is a hinged wooden box which is 17 x 17 x 7cm with a clip closure. It has a name on top of the ‘Happy Birthday’ then ‘18’ under it, there are lots of stars and then there is space for a personal message and to put who it is from. It will fit 6 x 4 photos or any other keepsakes.

This is a wooden heart plaque, which has a hole in the top with twine through, so that it can be used as a gift tag. On it there is a sentimental message to a son from his mother. It is 10 x 10cm and makes a great gift to hang around the neck of a bottle, which is something that could be a great gift for a boy turning 18, as he will be able to legally drink.

This is 18th birthday bunting. The triangle pieces are black in the background with ‘18’ in gold and gold, silver and bronze circles around it. It measures 29.5cm x 3.9cm and will therefore make a great decoration for an 18th birthday celebration.  This would work inside or outside and really help to set the scene for a party or just to make the birthday boy feel special.

This is a personalised acrylic gift tag. It is a rectangular shape with a pointed top and can have a personal message put on it – It will say ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top then you choose the name to go underneath. It says ‘18th’ under it and then ‘love from’ and you can choose the names. It has a hole in the top which is threaded with white satin ribbon, so that it can easily be attached to a gift.

This is a long sleeved hoodie which has ‘MMII Veni Vidi Vici’ on the front of it. MMII is the year 2002 and the Latin means ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. The hoodie is available in black, navy, charcoal, grey, maroon, purple, sapphire, white and royal blue and in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.  It has a pouch pocket and is made from ethically sources, ring spun cotton.

This is a special 18th birthday wish jar. The jar is 12 x 21 cm in size and it comes with a reel of 100 wish tickets. Wishes are written on the tickets and they are placed inside the jar. The jar has a metal lid which screws on. It comes in a presentation box with a pen, so it is all ready for the recipient to use as soon as they open it. On the lid of the jar it says ‘18th Birthday’.

This is a birthday cake topper which says ‘Happy 18th’ on it. It has long prongs on it, so it can be poked into the cake but be higher than any other decorations or sweets that are on the cake. It is gold and glittery, so it will really stand out. It measures 6.3 inches wide and 5.1 inches tall and the prongs are 3.2 inches high. This will add the finishing touch to any 18th birthday cake.

This is a tote shopping bag. It comes in white, red, black or natural coloured fabric and printed on it says ‘Made in 2002 18 years of being totally awesome’ in black or white. It is 38cm wide and 42cm high and has long handles, so it can be carried on the shoulder. Great for a sports kit, books, shopping or carrying things on days out. It is made from 100% cotton.

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